April 27, 2023

AI and the Human Heart

Timothy Birdnow

Ed Huneke, an old family friend, asked me about my thoughts on CHAT GPT and other emerging technology. Ed said:

You need to share your thoughts more specifically on AI & chat GPT. I know it's a nascent tool, but your prognosis would be interesting.

Here is my reply: more...

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April 26, 2023

The Return of the ERA

Timothy Birdnow

America is reliving the '70's but with problems of the 21st century.

We are touting solar panels and windmills. We are suffering with sky-high inflation and gas prices. We are seeing rebellious thuggery in the streets. The music isn't as good though.

And to top it off the Equal Rights Amendment is baaack!

Yes, Chuck You Schumer is planning to hold a vote to make the horrible '70's feminist fantasy into a Constitutional Amendment!

Yes, like a bad Dracula movie, the ERA has returned to menace America.

From the article:

"In this ominous hour of American history, the Equal Rights Amendment has never been as necessary and urgent as it is today," Schumer said in a press release on Monday evening. "Recent events like the Supreme Court’s horrible Dobbs decision.

Three more states – Nevada, Illinois and Virginia – ratified the ERA in 2017, 2018 and 2020, respectively.

Now, Sens. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and Ben Cardin, D-Md., are working on a bipartisan resolution that would remove what Schumer’s press release called the "arbitrary deadline" for ratification in the original bill that passed decades ago.

"We are here to stand united, and inch by inch restore, fight for, and expand women’s rights so that the women of today and the generations of tomorrow will not know a future with less access than their mothers had," Schumer said. "The ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment would finally provide a constitutional remedy against sex discrimination – pushing our country one step closer to finally achieving equal justice under the law. It has been exactly 100 years since the first ERA was proposed in Congress. American women cannot afford to wait 100 more."

No doubt they won't require a new vote.

The ERA was a radical idea at the time that would have overturned the U.S. Constitution.

And now it is coming back from the dead.

The sad thing is it will probably fly under everyone's radar again and may well pass this time.

Notice Lisa Murkowsky -  RINO Republican who played fast and dirty to hang onto her Seante seat - is the cosponsor.

We are going to pay dearly for letting her stay in office.

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Timothy Birdnow

The fast way to get Trump assassinated:

"If we put together a unity ticket of Trump and Kennedy it would be insurmountable — we would bring over many of the populists on the Left."

Steve Bannon joins @CharlieKirk11 to discuss the power of a Trump/Kennedy unity ticket in 2024 to take on the administrative state.… pic.twitter.com/xKS6uRkiB3

— Real America's Voice (RAV) (@RealAmVoice) April 25, 2023

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Fox's Carlson Dossier

Timothy Birdnow

Check this; Fox has an "dossier" on Tucker Carlson to use against him.

Yahoo News:

Fox News executivesRolling Stone.
have in their possession a dossier of alleged dirt on Tucker Carlson should he attack the network in the wake of his departure, eight sources at and close to the network tell

When Fox announced Carlson’s departure on Monday, the network presented the separation as amicable. But according to one former on-air Fox personality, the anchor and some of the channel’s top executives are parting ways on "the worst” and "messiest possible terms.” Indeed, in private communications released last month as part of the Dominion-Fox lawsuit, the now-fired Fox host gossiped that one such exec "hates us,” claiming she was covertly working against him and other hosts

What does that tell us? It tells me Fox was planning to fire Carlson all along. You don't compile such a  file for grins.

Anyone remember another "dossier" that was full of lies and used to try to wreck someone's career?  Think about it. I'm sure a name will come to mind soon.

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Media Malfeasance

Lance Sjogren

Glenn Greenwald discusses the sordid history of lies on behalf of the Democrats since 2016.

It is absolutely horrifying how corrupt our media and government have become.

One thing about it: The fiercest critics of Democrat corruption are leftists. Which kind of makes sense. Right wingers take it as self-evident that Democrats are corrupt. The populist left believes the Democratic Party ought to represent their views. And ought to be democratic, honest, and support civil liberties. Because they expect the Democratic Party to be a force for good, they are all the more angry that it isn't.

False CIA Letter—Lying that Hunter Laptop was "Russian Disinformation"—Initiated by Biden Campaign. Plus: Darren Beattie on Ray Epps, Tucker, & More | SYSTEM UPDATE #78

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Tranny Wanted to Shoot Students at School

Timothy Birdnow

Transsexuals seem to be violent haters. Much anger in them, as Yoda would say.

Trans Teacher with Alleged 'Bad Thoughts' About Shooting Students Gets Brutal News After DeSantis Admin Steps In

A transgender teacher at a Florida school was allowed to remain in the classroom despite having told school officials he was "having bad thoughts” and "wanted to shoot some students,” but he was later removed after the state Department of Education got involved this week.

The case involves Ashlee Renczkowski, who until 2021 had been known as Alexander Renczkowski. Renczkowski taught at Fox Chapel Middle School in the Hernando County School District, where his wife, Fawn, also teaches.

On Friday, the state tweeted the end to a story that began on March 24.

In a blue state this sick puppy would have continued teaching until Xi murdered a bunch of kids - then the press would blame it on guns.

This is inevitable; transgenderism is something guaranteed to turn on others.

Anger strikes outward, depression inward. They are flip sides of a coin. And someone who wants to change themselves into something else is clearly suffereing a kind of depression. Self-laothing as you would say. So, what happens when the inward anger isn't sated? It moves outward and is expressed on others.

Frankly a man who wants to remove his own genitalia is clearly in hate with himself. And he will turn that hatred onto innocents.

Bear in mind it's unlikely such a person would be a Christian; they are rejecting God's will. So they are probably atheist, or some nominal religion. And so, why not?

The school officials who let this sicko remain should also be canned. And exiled to Baffin Island.

This is what happens when you put the mentally ill in charge of our children. And trans is mentally ill.

This is a microcosm of the mental illness of Western Civilization, a civilization that now values "diversity" and "social justice" more than the lives of children.

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The Journey

Dean Mellor

"Like pilgrims to the appointed place we tend; The world's an inn, and death the journey's end." ~Dryden

"The pilgrim sojourns in a roach motel, bound in the end for heaven or hell."


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The Closing of the American Mind

Nikki Grace

Tucker recently interview Donald Trump and Robert Kennedy Jr. There will be no news media that will give a hearing or acknowledge any candidate except Joe Biden and his selected opponent. Probably an old Rino from the Repubs. One that has the endorsement of the Bushes and the Cheneys.

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Fox on the Run

Timothy Birdnow

For those of you who are not aware, Fox News is under the influence of one of it's big investors - Black Rock. Black Rock owns 12.4% of Fox as of 2021, and that amount has increased. Along with Vanguard, BL now owns 18 % (and that number may be even higher.)  (See also this.

Rupert Murdoch owns 39% making him the largest shareholder, but he can be outvoted by the board. Black Rock holds 45 million shares of Fox.

AND they also own 60 million shares of Dominion Stock. Dominion is a key owner of both corporations.

So isn't it interesting that Fox News did not fight Dominion but rather chose to settle? And isn't it interesting that they then used this settlement to fire Tucker Carlson and his staff? And isn't it interesting that Dominion saw a 1,142% increase in stock returns after Fox settled with them.

And remember; Fox settled, they did not lose in court.

(BTW Vanguard, one of News Corps' principle investors and Black Rock owner, is heavily into ESG and in fact ditched News Corp stocks at one point as investments for stockholders BUT retains it's shares of the corporation.)

I would also add that Rupert Murdoch is a principle owner of Disney, which has, if anything, moved Leftward since Murdoch took it over back in 2017.)

I don't know if Murdoch has joined Joe Biden in the land of the untroubled mind or if he's got a purpose - or if he's not in charge anymore. We know he's been handing his corporations off to his son James, who seems to want to be part of the big party in the halls of government.

Remember too that Fox called Arizona for Biden and thus effectively handed the Presidency to China Joe very early, when people were still voting. And so now they have settled with Dominion, one of the obvious sources of trouble in the election.

I would add Canada fired Dominion years ago because their machines were not secure.

So...Tucker Carlson was fired for costing Fox money? They have lost more since his departure. No, there is much more going on here.

I suspect Fox lost nothing, and that this was a transfer from column A to column B.

This was, in my opinion, just a way to get rid of troublesome conservatives.

Fox is busily moving to the Dark Side.

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April 25, 2023

Composting Granny

Timothy Birdnow

The People's Republic of Illinois, that great gulag of the prairie, now wants to compost people as if they were stinking leftovers from the back of the fridge.

According to Yahoo News:

At Hennessy’s urging, state Rep. Kelly Cassidy, a Chicago Democrat, tried early last year to push through legislation that would codify natural organic reduction as an alternative to handling human remains.

That effort failed, but Cassidy reintroduced the bill and, after a debate that included references to the 1973 dystopian thriller "Soylent Green,” the Illinois House last month narrowly approved the measure, which is now before the Senate.

If Cassidy’s legislation gets enough votes in that chamber and is signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Illinois would become the seventh state in the country to legalize the process. Cassidy has also indicated that she wishes to have her remains go through human composting.

I have little doubt J.B. Pritzker will sign such a bill; he's nothing but compost himself, after all.

So now we are going to turn people into fertilzer.

Soylent Green is People!

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Transgenderims: Women, Minorities Hardest Hit

Dita Sullivan


Gender ideologues employ the "forced-teaming” tactic against Black women in order to shame us into being work mules for their campaign of male sexual privileges that they call "transgender rights.” While these efforts are masked as progressive and inclusive concepts, gender identity ideology is actually intrusive and harmful to women, and uniquely so to Black women. Gender identity ideology erases the unique experiences of women….


It is also incompatible with the fight for women’s rights because it allows men access to spaces and activities designated for women such as bathrooms, sports teams, and housing….
Black girls are another vulnerable subset of the Black female population who have already borne the brunt of gender identity ideology.

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Can Seldom Accept the Truth

"I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.”

Leo Tolstoy

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Letting the Insane Use the Oppose Sex's bathrooms

Willis Eschenbach

It is TRULY BIZARRE that the only men that liberals are pushing to let into women's private showers, changing rooms, jails, and sports are men claiming to have a recognized mental illness [DSM-5 302.85 (F64.9)]

Here's the crazy part. 84% of trans people have not had an operation. And 61% are not taking hormones.

This means the majority are just cross-dressers who now claim that putting on the opposite sex's clothes magically changes their actual sex to match.


Yeah, that's totally legit.

Weird times, friends. Mondo weird.

Tim adds:

And it never occurs to the geniuses running this country that this is based on SELF IDENTIFICATION. There is no official medical diagnosis that results in a special permit or anything. So a rapist gets to use a shower if he claims to feel transgendered that day.

And here is psychobabble about "gender dysphoria" and how it is a psychological norm that must be treated as a norm and not as a pathology.

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Biden to Make War on Africa

Timothy Birdnow

Joe Biden needs a war. His abysmal record will not be something he can run on - or anything else. He clearly plans to run again, and with the multiple disasters he's caused his chances are poor. So....

It's time to send out the troops!

Mr. Biden has now asked for the authority to do just that - and is busily moving intelligence assets and troops into Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti (no ribald remarks please).

The news media has been silent on the matter.

So China Joe is planning on a hot war and will get Americans killed so he has a better shot at being re-elected.

I said he would take us to war back in 2021 and he did, albeith a proxy war with Russia. Now he's going the direct route and for the same reason. He needs a huge, bloody red herring to hide his failures.

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Drop Your Fox and Grab Your Sox

Timothy Birdnow

Fox looks like the Hindenberg disaster!

The $1B dollar man: Fox stock takes huge hit after Carlson exit

I say good!  Fox must be punished for this. They have been systemaitically purging the real conservatives there for some time, and always, always cave to leftist pressures. And to pressures from government.

We have to disabuse them of that. We have to make it clear we will not tolerate betrayal from those who seek our attention - and money.

Fox has served us well in the past, but now seems bent on joining the ranks of the mainstream media. Why should we support that?

Time to change the channel. Newsmax is good. So is Glenn Beck's network. I get NTD, which is a broadcast channel run by the Epoch Times. We don't need to crawl to El Zoro.

Betray us at your peril!

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Timothy Birdnow

"The denial of the existence of God is individual and speculative atheism, the sovereignty of the people is the denial of the sovereignty of God, political and social atheism.
"Men whose whole metaphysics is the darkness of a false mind, and all politics the raging desires of a corrupt heart, have advanced the idea that sovereignty resided in the people." It is a general or abstract proposal; but when one wants to apply it to history or by history, it turns out that the people have never been and can never be sovereign: for where would the subjects be when the people are sovereign? If one wants sovereignty to reside in the people, in the sense that he has the right to make laws, it turns out that nowhere have the people made laws, that it is even impossible for a people to make laws, and that they has never made, and that they do not can never do anything but to adopt laws made by a man called by this reason the legislator: or, to adopt laws done by a man is to obey him; and to obey is not to be sovereign, but subject, and perhaps slave. Finally, if one claims that sovereignty resides in the people, in the sense that the people delegate the exercise by naming those who fulfill its various functions, it turns out that the people do not name anyone, and cannot even name anyone; but that a agreed number of individuals, which we have agreed to call a people, named individually as they please, observing certain public or secret forms which we have also agreed. Conventions are not truths; for human conventions are contingent, i.e. they may or may not be, or be other than they are; rather than truths are necessary, i.e., they must be, and cannot be other than without them cease to be truths . So this general or abstract proposal: Sovereignty resides within the people, has never received and cannot receive any application; therefore it is a mistake. "

LdeB- Theory of Political and Religious Power - 1796.

Tim adds:

"The People" are not a single concrete entity. You can't point to something and say "see the People". It is an abstraction.

I would add it is this notion that was radicalized by Rousseau and morphed into socialism in it's many-headed hydra forms.

When "The People" are sovereign then everything eventually is up to a democratic vote, including reality itself. But of course there is no actual taking of the public view, but rather the view of those who control the levers of power and of influence aka the media and educational systems. All the Sovereignty of the People is is an indirect form of oligarchy. Instead of ruling outright the true heads of society are rather puppet-masters, pulling the strings from the shadows.

The democratic system was workable at a time when the public was spread out and largely ran it's own affairs. But now with government so important a part of everyday life and everyone on top of everyone else we are witnessing the inevitable result of this theory. We now believe we can change reality by education and polling numbers.

Radical individualism does not mean the individual is sovereign over himself so much as that the state guarantees the individual can behave as they choose and be kept safe - even from their own folly. Quite different from true Sovereignty which says you can chart your own course in life provided you are willing and able to deal with the consequences. Modern radical individualism obligates others; it is not individualistic at all. It requires others to play along, hence it is collectivism.

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Tucker's Keynote

Carlos Velazquez

Tucker: "Marshalling facts to change minds doesn't work any more. I know. I've tried it." Also, "We all need to take at least 10 minutes a day to pray for our future."

Tucker Carlson Keynote Address | Heritage 50th Anniversary Celebration

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Nothing New Under the Sun

E. Calvin Beisner

How well this protest by the early Christian Tatian (ca. 110-172) fits our own day! Christians, faint not. We have done battle with such wickedness before, and prevailed.

"And of what sort are your teachings? Who must not treat with contempt your solemn festivals, which, being held in honour of wicked demons, cover men with infamy? I have often seen a man—and have been amazed to see, and the amazement has ended in contempt, to think how he is one thing internally, but outwardly counterfeits what he is not—giving himself excessive airs of daintiness and indulging in all sorts of effeminacy; sometimes darting his eyes about; sometimes throwing his hands hither and thither, and raving with his face smeared with mud; sometimes personating Aphrodité, sometimes Apollo; a solitary accuser of all the gods, an epitome of superstition, a vituperator of heroic deeds, an actor of murders, a chronicler of adultery, a storehouse of madness, a teacher of cynædi, an instigator of capital sentences;—and yet such a man is praised by all. But I have rejected all his falsehoods, his impiety, his practices,—in short, the man altogether. But you are led captive by such men, while you revile those who do not take a part in your pursuits. I have no mind to stand agape at a number of singers, nor do I desire to be affected in sympathy with a man when he is winking and gesticulating in an unnatural manner. What wonderful or extraordinary thing is performed among you? They utter ribaldry in affected tones, and go through indecent movements; your daughters and your sons behold them giving lessons in adultery on the stage. Admirable places, forsooth, are your lecture-rooms, where every base action perpetrated by night is proclaimed aloud, and the hearers are regaled with the utterance of infamous discourses! Admirable, too, are your mendacious poets, who by their fictions beguile their hearers from the truth!"

Address to the Greeks, chap. XXII.

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Return to the Gold Standard?

Guy F. Beebe

Simple question, with untold ramifications, "What would the value of an ounce of gold have to be in dollars if the US wanted to back its currency with gold? According to official numbers, the US gold reserves are about 8,135 metric tons. Now, a metric ton is close enough to a normal ton to make no never mind, so we get...

8,135 tons x 2000 lbs/ton x 16 ounces/lb = 260 million ounces.

Now, for the other side of the coin...2.31 trillion dollars in circulation. close enough to make it 1 ounce of gold should be worth...~$10,00 0.

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April 24, 2023

Trans Moms are Nuts

Timothy Birdnow

An old study from 1991 shows that most transgendered boys have mothers who are, well, nuts. https://pjmedia.com/culture/athena-thorne/2023/04/23/study-shows-mothers-of-boys-with-gender-issues-are-mental-n1689518

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