January 29, 2023

Antitrust Suit Against Google

Timothy Birdnow

Why now? I suppose they need to restore some credibility as a watchdog, but Facebook has been very very good to the Biden junta and I see no reason why they would do this at this point. There is something we aren't seeing happening here.Why now? I suppose they need to restore some credibility as a watchdog, but Facebook has been very very good to the Biden junta and I see no reason why they would do this at this point. There is something we aren't seeing happening here.

Google Under Scrutiny as US Government Files Antitrust Lawsuit

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Feds Using AI to Strangle Vaccine Dissent

Timothy Birdnow

Our government is waging war on us. Revolutions have been fought over less.

Feds adapting AI used to silence ISIS to combat American dissent on vaccines, elections

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January 28, 2023

Pelosi Video Garners More Questions

Timothy Birdnow

So now the police have finally released the bodycam footage of their call on Paul "Shake that sweet thang" Pelosi and the media is crowing, claiming it proves there was no there there. But is that the case?

Hold your horses, says the Daily Mail:

Why was he smiling and holding a drink? The questions that STILL remain after Paul Pelosi police bodycam footage of hammer attack is released - and all the theories that are now debunked

  • Dramatic police bodycam footage shows the violent attack on Paul Pelosi which triggered a string of conspiracy theories
  • A court ordered the release of the video despite protests from attorneys in San Francisco, who said it could be manipulated to spread disinformation
  • But some questions remain, like why police didn't stop DePape before he struck Pelosi and what happened inside the house before officers arrived
Indeed Pelosi was smiling when the cops arrived, and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

This opens more questions.

I would add if the Left doesn't like conspiracy theories, why did they spin so many themselves against Republicans, and particularly against Donald Trump? And why did the prosecution fight to keep this from being released. Manipulation, they say. But how do we know this tape wasn't manipulated by THEM? And why would it matter if some people in the public manipulated it after they released it when they could just rerelease it and prove them wrong?

This thing still stinks worse than the defecated-drenched streets of the City of St. Francis (fitting that the current Pope shares the name of the city of sodomy and fecal matter.)

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How to Make a Serf

Timothy Birdnow

Brillian essay:

"The women’s rights movement had three goals. First, it got women into the workplace where their labor could be taxed….So, with more women entering the workforce the supply of labor increases and wages are depressed….

"Now couples need to have two careers to support a typical modern lifestyle. We can’t tax the labor in a home-cooked meal. We can tax the labor in takeout food, or the higher cost of a microwave dinner. The economic potential of both halves of the adult population now largely flows into the government where it can serve noble ends instead of petty private interests….

"The second reason is to get children out of the potentially antisocial environment of the home and into educational settings where we can be sure they’ll get the right values and learn the right lessons to be happy and productive members of society. Working mothers need to send their children to daycare and after-school care where we can be sure they get exposed to the right lessons, or at least not to bad ideas….

"They are going to assign homework to their students: enough homework to guarantee that even elementary school students are spending all their spare time doing homework. Their poor parents, eager to see that Junior stays up with the rest of the class, will be spending all their time helping their kids get incrementally more proficient on the tests we have designed. They’ll be too busy doing homework to pick up on any antisocial messages at home….

"Children will be too busy to learn independence at home, too busy to do chores, to learn how to take care of themselves, to be responsible for their own cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Their parents will have to cater to their little darlings’ every need, and their little darlings will be utterly dependent on their parents. When the kids grow up, they will be used to having someone else take care of them. They will shift that spirit of dependence from their parents to their university professors, and ultimately to their government. The next generation will be psychologically prepared to accept a government that would be intrusive even by today’s relaxed standards – a government that will tell them exactly how to behave and what to think. Not a Big Brother government, but a Mommy-State….


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Antifa Riots, Biden Silent

Steven Chase

This week a 'white' terrorist group (Antifa) burned, looted and destroyed a PRIMARILY BLACK CITY (Atlanta) with a majority-black police force.
Why no condemnation from the Biden Administration?
Proof it's all politics, not race.

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The Mandarins Want Biden Out

Richard Cronin

It’s obvious. Biden is a liability. The Praetorian Guard (FBI & CIA) plus the One World Order have decided that it is time for his disposal.

Biden's notebooks among items seized by FBI in Delaware home search

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RINO Ronna Re-elected

Jerry S. Rainforth

Arizona Freedom Caucus member and state Rep. Rachel Jones tweeted Friday: "The re-election of Ronna McDaniel was a huge middle finger to those of us who are fired up and ready to win our country back. This is why it's so important to take back our party at the state level! Choose people who are beholden to YOU. Not special interests and lobbyists."

Article III Project Founder and President Mike Davis tweeted: "Very proud of my friend, Harmeet Dhillon, for waging this crucial uphill battle. [Harmeet's] a bold, fearless, selfless American patriot. She said what needed said. She did what needed done. The DC Republican establishment won this battle. But they will lose the war.

With McDaniel reelection at RNC, GOP leadership trio all keep power despite calls for change

Tim adds:

Ugh. I didn't know that RINO was re-elected. How do the RINO's keep their hold on power? We cannot hope to save America without first changing the GOP into a vehicle that actually supports America and not the pocketbook of the Chamber of Commerce and the plutocracy.

If you change nothing, nothing will change. McDaniel presided over a lost opportunity, with the GOP fumbling the Red Wave. Why put a proven loser back in charge of coaching a Super-Bowl bound team?

As Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Across the pond Maurizio Morabito has a thought:

As 90% of Trump’s supporters disagree publicly and vividly with his noncommittal, inscrutable approach leading to the Uniparty candidate retaining her RNC Chair, expect thousands of geniuses repeat the newsmedia mantra that Trump supporters be in a "cult”…

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January 27, 2023

Biden Bans More EV Minerals

Timothy Birdnow

Biden closes off yet more land that holds minerals important to EV vehicles.

From El Zoro News:

"The Biden administration on Thursday announced that it would complete a 20-year withdrawal of 225,504 acres in a northern Minnesota forest area that is home to some of the largest domestic critical mineral reserves."

This shows that the whole EV thing is a red herring and not at all what this eco-terrorist junta wants. IF the truly wanted to convert us to electric vehicles they wouldn't keep tying up the minerals needed to make them.

The Chinese own most of these minerals and Joe Biden is working diligently to guarantee they own them all. Why?

Could it be they want to make us dependent?

After the Second World War the French, tired of fighting with Germany, came up with a novel solution; tie their economy intimately with the Germans so that neither side would dare attack the other.

The result was the European Coal and Steel Community. These industries tied the two rival nations together economically, and it was expanded into the European Common Market, then eventually the political entity of the European Union.

This is the model the Davos crowd, the WEF, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateralists, all the internationalists who celebrate the United Nations are implementing.

And that is why we have so very much foreign trade. We carved the world economy into slices and gave different groups different pieces of the pie. The Indians got call centers and customer service. The Arabs the oil. The Americans got the high tech sector. China got manufacturing . And with each group having their own specified industry they were all dependent on the kindness and mercy of the other countries. Nobody could go it alone.

That was why they were so enraged at "Make America Great Again"; it screwed up the carefully laid plans for world Anschluss. Trump was bringing back industry to the U.S. He was reinvigorating the energy sector here. He was bringing back the 'bad old days" of American hegemony in economics. That could not, would not be permitted.

You can't build a world governing system without "equity" among a league of nations. The resentments and rivalries will tear the fledgling system apart. So what do you do?

You get those with money and power to tie their own hands. That has been done via Climate Change and the green dreams of "renewable energy". It's a scam designed to get us to dismantle our technology so the Third World will be willing to join the new order.

And of course these brights at Davos intend to be the rulers of this Platonian philosopher-king empire. You they can do without.

Literally. They think there are way too many people on Earth and deindustrialization will lead to a slow, steady decline in world population. It can be helped along, with plagues, with bad food, with restrictions on medical care. If it is too costly to raise children people will stop having them. Fertility has always been a coefficient of hope. The MAGA dirt people must be purged of any hope in the view of these best and brightest, so they will stop reproducing and go away.

And these Brights believe Paul Ehrlich's failed "population bomb" theory. They never stopped believing in that '70's hippie stupidity.

All of these things are interconnected. When our government locks up minerals needed to make electric cars, it is done for a real, concrete purpose, one that is not immediately apparent but which was well thought-out by the mandarins of academia and the think tanks that drive the current junta.

Biden and the rest don't give a rat's tiny rectum about electric vehicles; they are a lure, bait for a trap. What they want is to control the movement of peoples and pen them into corrals where they can be handled like the cattle the elites believe we are.

This scheme only works because the Left has complete control of the news media. If we had a real alternative they would be saying this. But Fox news? They'll tell you the what but not analyze the why. And they are about the best we've got, at least with any reach.

This is all about the Great Reset and the dream of erasing America. Mark my words.

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Paul Pelosi Insider Trading

Timothy Birdnow

Paul Pelosi, the prancing geriatric husband to Madam Botox, sold three MILLION dollars in Google stock a month before the DOJ filed suit against the company.

American Thinker has the 411:

Just yesterday the Washington Free Beacon reported that former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul may have used privileged information to cut their losses in the stock market.

Financial disclosure filings that Nancy submitted to the House Ethics Committee revealed that Paul sold 30,000 shares of Google worth approximately $3 million between Dec. 20 and Dec. 28.

A month later, on Jan.24, 2023, the Justice Department and attorneys general from eight states—includingPelosi's home state ofCalifornia—sued Google for monopolizing digital advertising technologies via serial acquisitions and engaging in other anti-competitive practices.

The lawsuit may compel Google to break up into smaller units and have other restrictions instituted.

The news of the lawsuit caused the price of Google's stock to plummet by 6 percent.

This trade is the latest in a string of questionable transactions by the Pelosi couple.

A Washington Free Beacon analysisrevealed that the Pelosi couple have seen their fortune grow to $140 million since 2008, due to Paul's stock trades.

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Canadian Pol: Americans Need a Pay Cut

Timothy Birdnow

Canada's Deputy PM: U.S. Middle Class 'Needs a Pay Cut'

The Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and confirmed WEF goon
Chrystia Freeland has determined that the American middle class "needs a pay cut.”

First, what business is it of hers? Second, maybe it is she who should have her pay cut - to nothing.

Amazing the arrogance of these Progressive Ruling Class types.

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Forgotten Left Wing Terrorism

Warner Todd Huston

Remember the Domestic Terrorist Who Sent Donald Trump Poisonous Ricin? The Biased Media Doesn't

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African Cat Wandering in Ozarks

Timothy Birdnow

Years ago I had brought my two cats to the Ozark Hilton. At night there was some THING outside. It cooed and then roared like a lion. Never did know what it was, but it scared me pretty badly. My two cats were both males; I figured it was some sort of cat that wanted to mate. There seem to be all sorts of strange things down in those Ozark woods!

Leigh's Lost and Found: Wild African Serval cat found wandering ...

 (KY3) - In today's Leigh's Lost and Found, what's probably the most unusual found animal we've ever featured. Imagine people's surprise when an African Serval cat started being seen in Ava. A brave family ended up trapping it and called the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs to take over from there.

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Brain Janitors Mop Away Distinctions

Timothy Birdnow

The AP is trying to erase the word THE from public discourse:

May be an image of text that says 'Tweet AR @AP The Associated ciated Press We recommend avoiding general and often dehumanizing 'the' labeis such as the poor, the mentally ill, the disabled, the college-educated. Instead use wording such as people with mental illnesses. And use these descriptions only when clearly relevant. 08:21 27/01/2023 92.1K Views 121 Likes 21 Retweets 81 Quotes'

So it is "dehumanizing" to say the before mentioning a group? 

This is no idle issue. What it does is erase boundaries between categories, a form of monism that makes everything a part of everything else. (The Nazis were monists, as most of them were neo-pagans following the theosophy of Helena Blavatsky and the German Thule Society.)

The intent here is to make it impossible for people to see distinctions. It is those distinctions that are the root of all wisdom when it comes to understanding issues. This monistic salad that we are told to adopt makes understanding difficult if not impossible.

How do you deal with, say, problems involving poverty if you cannot see the distinctions between those who are not poor and those who are?  But that is precisely what they are seeking to do.

And why is the AP the arbiters of language and of kindness? Isn't their job to impart information and not to change emotional views of people?

Precision is what their use of language should be about. Not making people feel good about themselves. If they want to do that they should stop calling themselves journalists.

But of course we know the "journalism" profession is all about emotions and manipulating how people think rather than about precision or reflecting current views. They are propagandists and brain janitors.

Hat tip: Marizio Morabito.

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Pfizer Admits They Helped Create Covid for Profit

Carlos Felix Velázquez

Project Veritas managed to get Pfizer R&D Director to admit that the virus was made in Wuhan and they had a hand in it and its continued mutation for profit.

HT: Bryan Whitaker

Pfizer Exposed For Exploring "Mutating" COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccines Via 'Directed Evolution'

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The Ugliness of Atheism

Timothy Birdnow

On Facebook Mary Kay Barton [posted about a [link=https://bit.ly/3HxTSef?fbclid=IwAR1i3ZmmeMxzVyX-jNGaEWWTiIQ8HXGijUfyh3EYg-nPC4LMJNK-3WhtOQo]pro-abortion statue and about the ugliness of modernism.

I replied:

They hate beauty because they first hate God, the source of all beauty and kindness and joy. So they build monuments to their own monstrosity. Evil walks among us.

An atheistic buffoon named Caleb Lassiter Lassitered out at me:

Your imaginary friend isn’t real. Grow up.

I liked being so well tee'ed up! My reply:


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Coffee Clutch

Timothy Birdnow

They are coming for our coffee now.

Beware; every good thing will be snatched from you by these people.

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January 26, 2023

Chasing Justin

Timothy Birdnow

Canadian despot Justin Trudeau was chased down the street by a mob of protesters after visiting the Bread Bar in Hamilton, Ontario. The protesters were shouting at him as police held them back.

This was the anniversary of the Freedom Convoy.

See it on Youtube here.

I wonder; was this a real mob or was it a setup, like the J-6 "insurrection". Was this a kind of Reichstag fire designed to help Baby Doc Trudeau and crack down even further on what was once a free nation? 

We know leftists like Trudeau will pull stuff like that.

I don't know, but I am happy to see him take some abuse for the tyranny he has imposed on a once gret nation.

Canada went from standing on guard to "Oh Canada, you post a guard, on me!"

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Iran May Have the Bomb

Timothy Birdnow

Iran says it has enough nuclear material for several bombs - and will use them if they feel threatened.

Joe Biden was damned and determined (with the former being the long term trend) to restore the Iran nuclear deal, which essentially acknowledged Iran's right to atomic weapons.

Now we face the real prospects of Iran nuking someone.

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Whites Need No Come to Viking Carving Class

Timothy Birdnow

A free course in Viking spoon carving offered by a Minnesota library is, drumroll please! Only for "those IDENTIFYING as People of Color".

You can't make this up; it's why it appears in NOT The BEE instead of the Babylon Bee.

Remember, it's a class about Viking wood carving but the descendants of Vikings are not invited. Nor the descendants of any other European people.

The outcry against this led them to backpeddle, but the fact is they sought to do this.

What kind of country are we building? The majority is now openly discriminated against and sent to the back of the bus.

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Plastic Paradise

Steve Roten

The ignorance of people who buy the nonsense peddled by leftist totalitarians never ceases to amaze me.

There's a problem with excess plastics. It's everywhere. There is so much plastic waste in the oceans that plastic is found in many of the digestive tracts and bodies of sea creatures. It's filling up our landfills. It's in every trash can and on every road in America. And like most waste and pollutants the accumulation of it is worse in many other places around the world than it is here, but of course they hate America and convince you that it's worse here.


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