November 18, 2023

What Will the GOP Do?

Daniel Jupp

It’s great that the footage has been released. Sort of.

But we already saw footage that totally explodes the official J6 narrative.

We have already seen that doors were held open. We have already seen that the Qanon Shaman was escorted by police the whole time. We have already seen that many of the ‘terrifying capitol invaders’ just walked around like tourists, even following guide ropes.

We already know that some of the most vocal and aggressive people trying to encourage violence were actually FBI agents.

We already know that Pelosi had a pet film crew there.

We already know that an unarmed female protestor was beaten to death when on the ground and posing no threat, and another was shot in the neck when also unarmed and posing no threat.

We already know that at least one other was probably killed by gas canisters being fired right at him, inducing a medical emergency.

We already know that the highly edited and cherry picked ‘violent footage’ used by Democrats mainly shows what happens when you fire on a crowd to deliberately create panic and mayhem. In most instances, combining welcoming some in with firing on others would very obviously be described as either reckless incompetence or deliberate creation of a riot.

In other words we already know, from evidence already in the public domain, that the whole thing was a set up so that the riot could be used to skip past votes that might question the swift unthinking ratification of a stolen election.

We even had the head of capitol police telling Tucker that it was a set up. That the capitol police were themselves set up in this Reichstag Fire bullshit.

And what has that knowing changed?

Knowing all the above, people who weren’t even there have been sent to prison for decades.

I genuinely think you could find footage now of Pelosi, Biden and Pence saying "this is our Reichstag Fire” or "ok, let’s start a riot then abandon the votes” and it wouldn’t change a thing.

The guilty aren’t ever going to hold themselves to account, are they?

The media aren’t ever going to say "ok sorry, yes, we were part of it and have lied our asses off for years”, are they?

There’s no honest policemen to do anything with any new information from the newly released footage, as far as I can see.

What will the Republican Party do? Tell us they are shocked, write a letter, then if actual action comes to a vote have the usual suspects vote with the Dems?

And zombie Dem voters will just say ‘it’s a nothingburger’ without looking at it.

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Trump Wins in Colorado Court

Timothy Birdnow

Trump wins in court again.

BREAKING: Judge rejects attempt to remove Trump from Colorado ballot

This is the fourth state where judges ruled Trump cannot be removed from theballot.

Of course winning isn't the ultimate objective. Rather, it is draining Trump's coffers and tying him up in endless litigation. victory would just be the cherry on top of the ice cream.

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November 17, 2023

Rasmussen on 2020 Election Fraud

From Rasmussen:

"If the late-counted 2020 mail ballots were Biden's path to victory, why were audits blocked everywhere except in AZ - where voter-volunteer s proceeded to document over 200,000 non-conforming (counterfeit) ballots?

Now witness Georgia, where corrupt officials & judges are still hiding up to 150K of 2020 ballots, many of which were identified in sworn affidavits as likely counterfeit by long term poll workers.

Election fraud renders scientific polling worthless.”

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London Jihad

This from Perry Harrison

The current 'protests' taking place across London should now be considered a muslim uprising. The nation's first 'plastic police' Commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley who pleaded to Hamas organizers, is running a woke police service so utterly unfit for purpose that it has lost control of the capital. Saturdays will now be a permanent 'show of strength' for the revolting muslim population and their 'useful idiots' of the student caucus. Jewish homes, synagogues, war memorials and statues will be targeted and 'no-go' zones tacitly established, where critical journalists, politicians and indeed, law enforcement agencies such as immigration control, will not be tolerated

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It's All Projection

Daniel Jupp

When you look at mainstream media and Democrat descriptions of the Hitler like hell Trump would unleash in a second term, it perfectly describes every single thing they have already done.

Trump will politicise the Department of Justice, the FBI, the courts, and send them after his political enemies.

They say this without the slightest hint of embarrassment, without the slightest flicker of self awareness.

Trump will remove people’s basic rights, and imprison people arbitrarily if they protest or don’t support him.

They say this while many J6 prisoners are still being held without trial.

Trump will start reckless wars and use them to distract from his domestic failures.

They say this after Trump started no new wars and they immediately did so. They say this while the Ukraine disaster continues.

Trump will distort electoral law and destroy democracy.

They say this while they use ballot harvesting, false electoral rolls, repeated and massive electoral fraud, again and again and again.

It still astonishes me that people can be this self blind, but it’s really exactly the same as Muslims talking about Islamophobia.

Fanatics of an evil ideology will always take stopping them hurting others to be harming them.

Fanatics of an evil ideology will always describe what they are doing as things that will be done to them, or things that are being done to them.

I think projection, which used to be called hypocrisy, has to be one of the most fundamental characteristics of the skewed values of the mainstream in our age. It is beyond taking your sins and claiming others do them. It is treating your sins as virtues justified by imagined sins that have never been real at all, from the people you want to destroy.

Tim adds:

The Left knows they are swimming upstream with the People and are terrified of Trump using their most effective weapons against them - with a supportive America behind him. The more leftists scream the more frightened you know they are, and that's why hysteria from them means we are over the target. They know Trump grew up in the bare-knuckle NY real estate market, and he could fight their style if he chooses. They need the RINO style, the surrender with grace approach, from their political opposition.

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Trillions for Illegals

Timothy Birdnow

Biden's border policy alone has completely bankrupted America.

House Report: Illegals to Cost America Nearly HALF A TRILLION Dollars.

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The Religion of Peace

Bob Clasen

The exact number of Muslims who died in wars with other Muslims in the 20th century is difficult to ascertain accurately. There were numerous conflicts and wars throughout the century in various parts of the Muslim world, and the casualties varied greatly. These conflicts included the Iran-Iraq War, the Afghan Civil War, the Algerian War of Independence, and numerous other regional conflicts.

The Iran-Iraq War, which lasted from 1980 to 1988, resulted in a significant number of casualties on both sides, many of whom were Muslim. The exact number of Muslim casualties in this war is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands, with some sources putting the figure as high as one million.

The Afghan Civil War, which began in the late 1970s and continued into the 1990s, also resulted in a large number of Muslim casualties. The conflict involved various factions, including mujahideen groups, government forces, and later the Taliban, and the total number of casualties is estimated to be in the millions.

Additionally, the Lebanese Civil War, which lasted from 1975 to 1990, saw significant loss of life among the Muslim population in Lebanon. The war involved various sectarian factions, including Muslim groups such as the Sunnis, Shias, and Druze, and the total number of casualties is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands.

It's important to note that these are just a few examples, and there were numerous other conflicts and wars involving Muslim populations throughout the 20th century, including the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

While it's difficult to provide an exact figure for the total number of Muslim casualties in wars with other Muslims in the 20th century, it's clear that millions of Muslims lost their lives in these conflicts. The human cost of these wars has been immense, and the impact on Muslim communities and societies has been profound.

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Gravity Waves and La Nina

Richard Cronin

Not to hammer an issue but the Medieval Warming Period is associated with diminished volcanism. However, the Little Ice Age is associated with greater heating of the Southwest Pacific (due to ocean floor seismic heat). The La Niña conditions of the Southwest Pacific dominated, punctuated by abrupt and strong El Niño conditions in the Eastern Pacific.

A pronounced set of Gravity Waves swept through our section of the galaxy.

"Easterlies converge near the equator and drive surface waters to the west, deepening the thermocline to the west and shoaling it to the east; this allows equatorial upwelling to bring cooler waters on the eastern side. This asymmetry periodically breaks down in the modern-day climate, leading to transient El Niño conditions.”

Abrupt change in tropical Pacific climate mean state during the Little Ice Age - Communications Earth & Environment

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November 16, 2023

China's Great Leap Backward

Carlos Velazquez

China further clamps down on religious "activities."

When we visited China in 2008 and attended a Baptist Church for foreigners only in Beijing, the hall was guarded by policemen who inspected all passports to make sure no Chinese citizen tried to attend the service

"Places of religious activity shall uphold the leadership of the CCP and the socialist system, thoroughly implement Xi Jinping’s ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era ... practice core socialist values, adhere to the direction of Sinicization of China’s religions.”

China’s new law on religion: A great leap backward

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Nothing Changes

Nikki Grace

US bonds revealing once again as the best of the worst and there is flight to safety. Best thing Powell at the Fed did was decouple us from the London Libor.

Everyone has taken the measure of the new Speaker and the profligate spending will continue apace. No reform of Congress.

Financial powers that be now contemplating how to change the laws and rules to make primary dealers also holders of the debt. So into every nook and cranny to keep it all afloat.

Kissing up to China to get them to keep buying. So all the pronouncements that China was done and in trouble.....not so much.....1.5 billion people with a long history and culture and homogeny are never done....

Argentina just defaulted.....a gain....

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Biden Megadonor Calls for War with Russia

Timothy Birdnow

Well lookie here!

War Threatens Ukraine Auto Empire of Biden Megadonor Urging Greater U.S. Role

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War in the Garden of Good and Evil

Jerry S. Rainforth tosses this our way:

"Johnson said he is in complete agreement with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "that this is a fight between good and evil…between light and darkness…and between civilization and barbarism.”

The House speaker called efforts to pressure Israel into a ceasefire "outrageous” and ended his remarks by declaring: "Israel will cease it’s counteroffensive when Hamas ceases to be a threat to the Jewish state.”

290,000 rally in Washington, DC in 'unprecedented show of support for Israel'

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America Held Hostage Day 40

Timothy Birdnow

America held hostage- day 40.

Biden STILL hasn't done anything about Americans held hostage by Hamas.

But Biden tells the hostages "hold on there; we're coming" after only a Biblical amount of time.

Seems to me his coming is a bit delayed. Biden fiddles while the world burns - and so does American flesh.

He has taken no steps at all that I can see to deal with Hamas or to resuce our people. Just keeps pushing Israel to surrender and maybe if he says pretty please Hamas will hand over our citizens whom they have kidnapped.

Jimmy Carter at least attempted a rescue, badly botched but he tried. Biden won't fight. Not in Syria where we are attacked repeatedly nor in Gaza nor anywhere else. The only enemies he sees are average Americans and that SOB Donald J. Trump.

Biden swore to defend America. He is derelict in his duty.I think that rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.

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November 15, 2023

DOD Buying Russian Oil

Timothy Birdnow

Biden's DOD is buying Russian oil in violation of the boycott.


"The Pentagon is buying petroleum products originally sourced from Russia despite a complete ban on Russian oil the Biden administration rolled out in 2022 meant to cripple the Moscow war machine, according to investigations.

A longtime Department of Defense (DOD) supplier in Greece, to comply with the sanctions imposed in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, told investors it had developed new suppliers to replace Russian-origin products, according to a report by the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) and a Washington Post investigation. In reality, though, Motor Oil Hellas continued purchasing Russian oil rerouted hundreds of miles through a third country not subject to the sanctions, a Post analysis of shipping and trade data showed."


This proves to me that this Administration isn't interested in settling this war (or winning it) but rather wants this thing to burn on and on.That allows the war machine to make money, money, money and at the same time stampedes Congress and the American People into things they would not normally agree to.

It also illustrates the hypocrisy of these people, who want this war but also don't want to take the political fallout from high prices at the pump.

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Biden's Internet Power Grab

Timothy Birdnow

Biden's internet power grab.

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Making Hay While the Sun S"hines

Timothy Birdnow

Never let a good crisis go to waste!

Hochul Says NY Is Conducting Social Media ‘Surveillance Efforts’ To Monitor ‘Hate Speech’

Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Monday that the state is "very focused” on collecting data from social media platforms as part of an effort to counter online "negativity” and "hate speech” after a rise in antisemitic attacks.

So Democrats are going to spy on AMERICANS ostensibly to stop anti-semitism (something not illegal provided it does not move to violence) but in reality it will be used to spy on and harrass conservatives (whom the Left still insists are the Jew-haters despite all evidence that the real anti-semitism is on their side.) The First and Fourth Amendments be damned!

Rahm Emmanuel admonished not wsting crisis. That's what Hockum, er, Hochul is doing here.

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Trump Trouncing Biden in EC

Timothy Birdnow

President Trump would trounce Biden in the Electoral College, according to a new poll.

Ron DeSantis,on the other hand, would be trounced.

According to a Stack Data Strategies poll, Trump would beat Biden 292 to 246.

DeSantis would lose to Biden 359 to 179.

Now, I would take this with a grain of salt. In the last election the left and their pollster allies changed up the game,switching from padding the Democrats(which they did for years to gin up the support) to creating the false impression the GOP would win big so as to suppress Republican turnout. This may be more of this tactic here.

And the Democrats will try to steal this again. They just won a Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin, which will hurt the GOP efforts to maintain fair elections in that state.As close as Wisconsin is the Democrats could steal it easily.

So now is not the time to become overconfident as in 2022. But it is an encouraging sign.

How Biden is even in the running is beyond me; anyone who would vote for him after what he has done to America makes idiots look good.

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Oregonians: Whoda Guessedhard Drugs were Bad?

Timothy Birdnow

Who could have guessed?

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Cooling the Past

James Doogue

This is another example of the BOM 'cooling' the past which creates or exaggerates a warming trend.

Changing the data to fit their theory that increased human CO2 emissions are dramatically increasing temperatures.

Lance Pidgeon

In 1913 this Stevenson screen was installed at Kingscote post office on Kangaroo island South Australia.
It was installed on Monday January 13 of 1913 by Mr W. Long, of the Commonwealth Meteorological Department.
The locals thought it was reading too low in 1930 despite the Stevenson screen being the standard way to measure air temperature. After a hot day in February 1930, 107.1 degrees F (41.7 Deg C ) was recorded from it. The locals were not convinced it had gone high enough to represent the area. Not because there was anything wrong with it but for complicated reasons involving the wind direction and the location of the post office.
If that was a record it was beaten at 109.7 degrees F ( 43.2 Deg C) in January 1939.
Now days the "Highest Daily" recorded there at that same location, Kingscote post office site no 022807, has gone down for January from 43.2 Deg C to 40.6. The highest daily maximum for February has gone down from to 41.7 Deg C. to 41.0. They have gone down to match the data available online. The first year of data from it, 1913 is missing from the BoM website. Only monthly not daily data is available for dates prior to 1957.

Those 1930 locals may have been correct. The more recent Kingscote post office January and February temperatures are quite a bit lower than those recorded at the newer BoM Aero site, 022841 for the January and February readings.

Old site Jan 1999 = 23.9, Jan 2000 =24.0, Jan 2001 = 25.5, 2002 22.3.
New site Jan 1999 =26.3, Jan 2000 =25.6, Jan 2001 =28.2, 2002 24.6.
The highest daily temperature recorded at the newer site is as you would expect if the locals were correct in 1930 and the typical difference between the sites is maintained, just 2.2 degrees higher than the old 1930s record at 45.4 degrees C. Less than the average difference for the entire month of January 2001.

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What do You Call an Elephant?

Timothy Birdnow

Wonder what they call US?

Elephants give each other names — the 1st non-human animals to do so, study claims

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