November 23, 2023


Timothy Birdnow

From the archives:

Perhaps the greatest vice in our modern world is ingratitude. Nobody is grateful for anything these days, thinking the world owes them. It infects our thinking at all levels, and is at the root of so many of our problems, be they political, social, economic, or what have you.

Just look at, say, the push to forgive college debt; that comes because a bunch of spoiled young people think they are entitled to free college and are ungrateful for the opportunity given them. But not to pick on young people; there are multiple other examples involving people of all ages.

We are ungrateful for the huge bounty of food we enjoy (something few generations have had). We are ungrateful for the benefits of electricity, or easy transportation, or instant communication. We see that as just the way the world is, but in reality these are miracles of modernity, gifts from God.

We are ungrateful for our spouses and families. Many younger people don't want to marry or raise children any longer. They see these great gifts as chores.

We are ungrateful for our system of government which used to allow us the freedom to chart our own destiny. Few countries have ever had that. It's why so many people seek to come to America.

We are ungrateful for our warm homes, our clothes, our clean water. We see all that as our due.

And most of all we are horribly ungrateful to our God. How many attend church services at all? How few realize the number of people who died to give us that right, and who died seeking it. Yet were are horribly ungrateful for the ability to thank the one who gave us this wonderful life we enjoy and believe we so richly deserve.

Ingratitude is at the heart of the rise of socialism, which is ingratitude enshrined as economic doctrine. It is the core of the angry Leftist movements like Black Lives Matter. It is the cornerstone of most anti-Americanism today.

We are a selfish, grasping, greedy, ungrateful lot. Most of us can be characterized by Dickens:

"A squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner!”

While we snicker at this description of Ebaneazer Scrooge, is it really all that different from many of our friends and neighbors in modern America?

Our modern Scrooges covet not gold but free internet and free college and free healthcare. They ask not for shillings but for unlimited wifi. It may be the vehicle of wealth is different but in the end the American public (and indeed the rest of the world) is not much different.

Liberalism/socialism is predicated on envy and covetousness. And to be envious and covetous one must be ungrateful for what one has.

So capitalists are greedy? Perhaps. But how does that excuse your being ungrateful to God and to your country? Does it make anything better for you or anyone? So politicians are corrupt. How does that change your blessings? How is it you can say you don't have anything to be thankful for? They will get theirs in due course; God is just. But you and I will get ours in due course too. We should want ours to be a reward and not a punishment for being ungrateful brats.

Which is what Western Civilization has become. God blessed us tremendously and we have rejected both Him and those blessings. Now we are actively trying to tear them down in some quixotic quest for "equity" which is code for stealing from others what we think is owed us.

Inflation is ingratitude. We are not grateful for our fair share, or for what we have earned. We want more so we print more money. That steals wealth from our children and grandchildren, but we get ours! A grateful people wouldn't do that.

When Jesus cured 12 people of leprosy (then a horrible scourge which led to utter ruin) only one returned to thank Him. Jesus remarked on this astounding ingratitude. But we are even worse now, choosing to reject not just the blessings of God but His very existence because it crimps our style. You can't steal from your neighbors tax dollars while being grateful. You can't abort babies. You can't indulge in deviant sexual behavior. Gratitude requires obedience to standards and norms.

So on this Thanksgiving Day let us ponder the monstrous ingratitude of our times, and furthermore think on the countless blessings we have had bestowed on us by our God. Our problems all stem from our failure to do precisely that. And our hope for the future lies not in political battles or in getting wealthy so much as in our willingness to thank the Almighty for the gifts He has bestowed on us and being willing to accept the gifts he offers without complaint.

At the end of A Christmas Carol Scrooge has to make a choice between being grateful for what he had and using those gifts or continuing to be ungrateful and hording them. His choice is stark; he will die and go to Hell if he doesn't repent. We must do likewise or suffer a similar fate.

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November 22, 2023

Iron, Undersea Volcanoes, and Climate

Will Steiner

A letter I wrote to the Union of Concerned Scientists:
Oh, please.
A quantitative analysis:
CO2 makes up but .0004 of the total atmospheric gaseous profile. That is .04 of 1%. Almost nothing.
Humans contribute to that number safely 12% and up to 30%, making it even less. .0004 x .12 = .000048 or .00012 if the 30% is used. Those who say most CO2 is due to humans do not understand the math supported physics. For a starter internal combustion engines are at best 30% efficient.
Then we get to the qualitative analysis:
CO2 resides in four quantum states. In the symmetrical stretching phase it cannot retain heat. In its asymmetrical stretching phase it can retain heat. In its two bending phases it can retain heat but only briefly as it transitions through a symmetrical phase. Hence, as a GHG molecule, CO2 is but 50% effective.
Let's do the math supported physics. .0004 x .30 (the bigger estimate) = .00012. Now .00012 x .50 = .00006
And some AGW are predicting catastrophic climate change due to mankind? LMAO. It didn't happen when CO2 levels were 4000 ppm and certainly is not going to happen now. They are fools.
However, there are significant geophysical changes that are taking place and that are affecting climate from the 10+% weakening in the magnetosphere in the last 150 years to the fact that iron sulfides at the inner mantle are separating into their elemental components with the heavier iron moving towards to core..
I stated in my book written in 2010, a weaker magnetic field allows for a much greater bombardment of high energy particles from the sun causing warming, mostly observed at the poles. Research published in 2013, titled, "The Parameterization of High Energy Particles" affirmed my theory.
The University of California has discovered the iron sulfide problem, so much so, the earth is rotating at a faster rate, changing the definition of a day on the atomic clock.
How does that translate to climate change? A faster spinning top, as well as a faster spinning earth will have lesser polar wobble. That, in turn, causes shorter and less severe winters, mostly in the polar regions with the same effects occurring, only to a lesser degree as we move towards the tropics with no real change occurring in the topics.
And that could be a rather permanent climate change to a warmer earth. How much? We do not know.
Sadly, the Laws of Thermodynamics have been all but ignored in the climate change world. And it's extremely difficult to measure from undersea, as the number of volcanic sea mounts tops 19,000 and the number of volcanic vents tops a hundred thousand. And that's a significant number to be ignored. Very difficult to quantify for an accurate measurement. Models simply do not cut it.
And we have seen an uptick in undersea volcanic activity. Note: Undersea volcanic activity has the OPPOSITE effects on climate as do terrestrial volcanoes. Compare what they release, with lots of water vapor, (using the latest Tonga eruption) the real GHG from undersea volcanoes compared to massive particulate release and sulfur dioxide by terrestrial volcanoes.
Undersea causes warming and terrestrial causes cooling.
And there is nothing we can do about that.

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Populists and Autocrats?

Timothy Birdnow

The Left is distraut overthe election of Javier Milei and how it dovetails with President Trump and his campaign.

Trump has long praised autocrats and populists. He’s now embracing Argentina’s new president

Cpuld somebody please explain to me how the author of this piece equates Javier Milei,who calls himself an anarcho-capitalist and says society is better off without a lot of government, with an autocrat? He is the polar opposite.

And when did the word populist became a slur? I was rather under the impression that a democratic republic was governed by the will of the People, hence acting on the will of the People is in fact working according to the design of said republic. It's strange; the Left is ever eager to wax poetic about democracy but when someone who opposes them does so they are sneered at as populists.

Hat tip; Lennis Waggoner

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A True Vote

Beverly Mccaul Goff

I was surprised that the conservative was "allowed” to win in a landslide in Argentina based on other recent elections that saw the socialist/communist candidate win in a number of countries. Those countries also saw millions of people take to the streets protesting the election saying it was bogus. Then I read this article that said Argentina went to paper ballots & hand counting and the voters used a photo ID. They had both parties review & agree to the counts before they were submitted. They did that because there were widespread issues in the primary with electronic machines flipping votes! Sound familiar?
Argentina managed to count 30 million paper ballots and have people in both parties attest to the accuracy that same night. It didn’t take a month to count a million votes! Seriously this should be a wake up call to America that it is unacceptable to have an election quarter! Some states have voting 6-8 weeks before an election and accept ballots up to a week after elections and then take several weeks to "count”! I believe had Brazil not used voting machines the China aligned communist they had to pardon from prison to run would have won. I believe Trump likely would’ve won here considering he received the most votes of any president running for reelection. We need to get loud about our tainted election process!

Funny how Argentina managed to count all 30 million of its ballots by midnight...

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Myorkas - You had Better Call them by the Right Pronoun!

Timothy Birdnow

Asif customs and border agents don't have enough to worry about.

Misguided Mayorkas Orders CBP Agents Not to 'Misgender' Illegal Aliens With 'Incorrect Pronouns'

This isn't "misguided" though. It's intentional and designed to make it harder to stop the invasion.

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November 21, 2023

The Trojan Remuda

This from Nikki Grace:

"Here are the facts. Despite decades of government spending on public transportation,

costing untold billions of taxpayer dollars, a pathetic 3 percent of Americans use it to commute to work, according to the Census Bureau. That number cracks 5 percent in just four states — New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Illinois. Nationwide, Americans are 25 times more likely to commute using their personal vehicle than they are to use mass transit"

Tim adds:

That's why they are pushing electric vehicles and the rest of this "green" nonsense; it is to force Americans out of those cars by tricking us into buying them then ending the subsidies making them affordable and at the same time they will probably impose safety regulations driving the price up. Once the gas cars are gone the public will have only one option- public transportation. Then they will move back into the cities and be penned like cattle. That's the overarching scheme, in my opinion. Trojan horses to round up the cattle.

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A Turkey Pardons Turkeys

Timothy Birdnow

So,Joe Biden is pardonong two of his own - turkeys and dirty birds. Strange how eager he is to grant clemency to food animals but he refuses to pardon people at the J6 protests many of whom are still locked up awaiting trial despite not having committed any violent acts and some convicted while not being present at the Capitol self-guided tour.

If Biden really wanted to unite America he would offer pardons to everyone who did notcommitt acts of violence. After all, his party was quite lenient with Antifa/BLM protesters, often raising funds to get them out of jail afterthey rioted.

BTW the turkeys were given the royal treatment including a stay at the posh Willard InterContinental Washington Hotel. I mean, Biden is treating them better than illegal aliens, and I didn't think he was capable of rolling out the red carpet in said fashion for any native born creatures.

President Biden pardons Liberty and Bell, two lucky turkeys: How the tradition began

It's clear Mr.Biden cares more for fowl than for decent Americans.

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Wind Energy Bailout

Timothy Birdnow

You knew it was coming.

US Set To Save Offshore Wind Inflation Costs Wind At Taxpayer Expense

If thesegiant pinwheels were such a great idea why does the taxpayer have to bail them out?

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Another Biden Screw Job

Diane M. Kimura

As with every other aspect of the Biden/Granholm/Kerry/Obama agenda, this new deal is designed to render America subservient to China for its future energy security.

They favor China over US interests and security.

Read it and weep.

DAVID BLACKMON: Another Lousy Deal For America, Brought To You By John Kerry

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Illegal Votes in Texas

Diane Kimura

In Texas, 95,000 non-citizens on the voter rolls going back to 1996, 58,000 of whom have voted in at least one Texas election.

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November 19, 2023

The Bankrupt West

John Lees

Whenever you look at a solar farm remember this...
Most solar panels are manufactured in China.
Not in the E.U. or U.S. This being the case, even though both regions have waged war against Chinese imports via the imposition of specially targeted punitive import tariffs.
Even the aluminium that was used to produce the frames is not produced here in the U.K. I can confidently say that because we don't have any aluminium smelters to produce the aluminium.
We did used to have aluminium smelters. But not anymore.
And why not?
Because our energy is too expensive to make it cost effective for us to compete against China.
And why is that?
It's mainly because they source most of their industrial energy from cheap-to-run coal fired power stations.
What do we now have instead of cheap energy. Yes - we have solar farms.
The cruel irony...

Apparently we DO have ONE last aluminium smelter. And it is in Scotland and runs from its own hydropower energy supply. Revealing that it is the grid price of electricity that prevents us from having any others.

Tim adds:

This was all by design.

How was the European Union created? Through a series of economic agreements binding Germany and France together. It was a conscious strategy by France to prevent Germany from rearming and attacking them again. It worked so well the approach has been used by the internationalists to create a world government by tying us all together economically.

China was designated the manufacturing hub. Governments all over the world worked to outsource manufacturing there. The argument used to justify it was climate and environmental. They encouraged businesses to move there for lower labor costs and lower energy costs (by driving up both in the West).

Meanwhile India was chosen for customer service and the U.S. for big tech, with Silicon Valley.

If everyone specialized then everyone would need everyone else. Eventually international agencies would become more important than national governments, and world government would thus be backdoored into reality.

So for the last forty years they have pumped up China and now China is flesxing it's muscle. They only have muscle because we gave it to them as part of a plan to make the world interdependent.

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The Binary Boobs

Michael Smith

The recent veneration of bin Laden by the young and ignorant as some sort of oppressed freedom fighter – especially when cast against historical reality – is really something to behold – but it is really nothing new, there have always been contrarians, people who are infected with Opposition Defiant Disorder, people who disagree with anything and everything due to invented reasons.

Some things I have noticed about these folks:

- Their world is inherently binary – there are only two classes of people, either the oppressed or the oppressor.

- By definition, the person named the oppressor is always evil, the oppressed always good.

- The definitions of oppressed and oppressor are quite flexible.

The designation of oppression is critically useful to radicals and revolutionaries because it can be constructed out of anything at any time. It’s so easy to assert, one would think these revolutionaries have perfected one of those Star Trek replicators.

"Tea, Earl Grey, hot,” as Captain Piccard says.

Examples of this "replicator” wisdom is legion. To wit:

Christianity oppresses Islam simply because it exists and competes with Islam. The Muslim Arabs are oppressed because Jews Israelis won’t agree to be peacefully murdered. Capitalism is oppressive because it doesn’t spread wealth according to an equation approved by envious people. Freedom is oppressive because individuals have different ideas about how to exercise it. White people are oppressive because they created Western civilization. Speaking, writing, and reading the English language is oppressive because it has become the dominant the language of Western civilization and not everybody speaks, writes, or reads it. Success is oppressive because there are people who don’t achieve it.

Oppression is also interesting in that it can be self-declared, and by virtue of the very donning of the cloak of oppression, it makes the "oppressed” a noble victim. Even more interesting is that the mere self-designatio n of victimhood (real or imagined) leads to the definition of anyone who claims to be a victim as a "freedom fighter”.

So, the kiddies are buying into the idea that bin Laden was a noble freedom fighter for the Gazans (there are no Palestinians, that is a fiction) because he wrote a letter and the Great Satan (and the nasty Americans who inhabit it) killed him for that. Remember the only sanctioned violence is that perpetrated by the settler colonialists, all other resistance is defined as terrorism to justify the sanctioned violence – or so we are told by a bright TikTok "intellectual”.

To do what the TikTokers want is to ignore half of the letter when Osama, Peanut Butter Upon Him, writes things that are a bit inconvenient to their new found "wisdom”.

Bin Laden was sad "to tell you that you are the worst civilization witnessed by the history of mankind” and to resolve this mosque and state must be unified. He calls for Americans to embrace Islam and sharia law, for women to remove themselves from public and cover up their bodies, get out of the workforce, to stop "your oppression, lies, immorality and debauchery that has spread among you… to be a people of manners, principles, honor, and purity; to reject the immoral acts of fornication, homosexuality, intoxicants, gambling's, and trading with interest.”

America must admit that it brought the world "AIDS as a Satanic American Invention”, that American "law is the law of the rich and wealthy people, who hold sway in their political parties, and fund their election campaigns with their gifts. Behind them stand the Jews, who control your policies, media and economy”, that American destroyed the environment, and the "freedom and democracy that you call to is for yourselves and for white race only”.

Oh, yeah – Americans drink, take drugs and have too much sex and the Jews needed to be exterminated.

It is illogical and ridiculous that the TikTokers, especially the nubile females who post bikini pics and LGBTQers who promote "alternative lifestyles”, are the ones thinking this letter "has shaken their foundations and completely changed their world view” just by reading it.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because bin Laden understood the weak, relativistic minds of the West – he was a master propagandist who understood what buzz words the young morons wanted to hear, and he generously populated this letter with them. He understood how, in the hierarchy of the postmodern mind, he could get the young skull filled with mush to focus on the words that confirmed their biases and forget the parts where he wanted them dead if they didn’t comply.

What is interesting is that the letter was roundly condemned in 2002, after 9/11 revealed its true meaning, but now has found a new relevance and respect 20 years later.

I guess it is a pretty good measure of how dumbed down the kiddies have become.

H.L. Mencken wrote that "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”

That’s what these kiddies deserve, to let them get what they want, and get it good and hard.

But for the sake of the Western world, we must save them from themselves.

Tim adds:

The Left has used these dimwits all along. Remember the Che Guevera t-shirts kids used to wear? He was a vile,evil,loath
some communist but the idiots acted like he wasa hero. Samenow, only the stakes are far higher and these dopes have a bigger platform.

BTW isn't it odd they are  so binary in their moral thinking yet so fluid about things that are actually biological such as sex?

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Debt Service

Diane Kimura

The shocking statistic is that governments worldwide will spend $2 trillion annually on net interest payments in 2023.

This will drag the global economies' GDP growth as $2 tril will not be spent on roads, infrastructure, new projects, or social services for Americans.

Add to that, the hundreds of billions of bonds will mature and will be refinanced at higher rates.May be an image of text that says 'World governments annual net interest payments on their debt $3trillion 2 PROJECTIONS 2023 $2 trillion 1 2001 '05 '10 Note: Data cover general (central, local and state) government. Source: Teal Insights analysis of International Monetary Fund data '15 '20 '28'

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Raiding Newscorps

Timothy Birdnow

Is anybody surprised?

Protesters force their way into News Corp’s NYC headquarters, days after building was highlighted on disturbing map

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November 18, 2023

Partisan Hack in Black

Timothy  Birdnow

Donald Trump is right here:

Judge Arthur Engoron, the most overturned and stayed Judge in the State, and the Racist New York State Attorney General, the most corrupt & incompetent A.G. in the Country (Violent Crime Is Raging!), have FRAUDULENTLY Undervalued my properties, by many times, in order to make me look bad, and make the Judge’s original ridiculous finding of Fraud pass the "smell test,” which it does not. This Judicial and Prosecutorial corruption and misconduct took place BEFORE THE TRIAL EVEN STARTED, & WITHOUT ANY KNOWLEDGE OF THE CASE. Judge Engoron just did what the highly partisan A.G. told him to do. He is her complete and total puppet!

President Trump

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Russo-Ukrainian War Winding Down

Nikki Grace

Apparently peace marches are in preparation in Kiev. Could be very dangerous for people. The dying regime can be very dangerous in its last days.

Tim adds:

The Ukrainian government has turned down offer after offer for peace.
USA Today.

And there is a renewed effort to foster a negotiated settlement.

There was recently a big protest in Budapest against funding the war against Russia. The media failed to cover that here.

Increasingly it looks like Ukraine is crying uncle, or will soon. Zelensky has probably wrung out all the cash he will get.

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Pilates Decimated by Covid Shot

Diane M. Kimura

Pilots Warns of Airline Industry Disaster Due to COVID-19 Vaccines

Captain Shane Murdock, a pilot for more than 40 years, has found official data that back up his claim of impending global catastrophe:

• There was a 272% rise in mayday calls in 2022, with a 386% surge in early 2023 (see chart).

• There was also an unprecedented 126% increase in flight restrictions due to medical limitations.

Murdock thinks some pilots are ticking time bombs and claims many are not declaring ill-health. He said:

"They are not reporting brain fog, heart flutters, and dizzy spells because they don’t want to lose their jobs."

Cpt Murdock thinks lack of action can have only one result. Many planes make emergency landings because of pilot incapacitations. He warned:

"Disasters will occur, and both aircrew and the traveling public will die unnecessarily."

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New Email Shows Fauci Adviser Suggesting He Destroyed Records

Diane Kimura

A stunning email uncovers Dr. David Morens, Deputy to Dr. Anthony Fauci, deliberately avoiding record-keeping of sensitive COVID-19 issues:

• Morens confessed in a 2021 email to keeping minimal emails or documents on COVID-related matters.

• He asked for sensitive correspondence to be sent to his personal Gmail, circumventing official channels.

• Sen. Ron Johnson exposed this email, signaling a potential breach of federal record-keeping laws.

• The revelation followed a request for NIH documents on pandemic handling.

Why was David Morens deliberately avoiding the record-keeping process? Did Fauci tell him to do this?

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A Tale of Two Wars

Lance Sjogren

One thought about the Ukraine war- not on the politics but on the mechanics.

Early on, Russia went on a massive offensive, trying to reach all the way to Kiev, and they got their butts kicked.

More recently, Ukraine went on a counteroffensiv e to retake territory occupied by Russia, and they got their butts kicked by Russia.

So it seems to me the most prominent characteristic of this war has been that offensive warfare has mostly failed, while defensive warfare has succeeded.

Moving on from that nonpartisan observation to a more partisan perspective, I think that fact ought to be encouraging for those who believe the war needs to be settled by peace negotiations. I think the lessons that ought to have been learned by the parties involved is that Russia would pay a big price if it attempts to make further territorial gains, and Ukraine would pay a big price if it makes further attempts to regain territory that Russia has occupied.

My other thought on this is, what if the same principles apply to a war launched by China on Taiwan? My conclusion is that this may bode well for Taiwan. By nature, a war on Taiwan will inevitably be predominately defensive for Taiwan and offensive for China. It seems to me that most likely there will be little or no combat on the Chinese mainland. In fact, the US will probably draw a red line against warfare on the mainland the same way it drew a red line on military action on Russian territory in the case of the Ukraine war. (What's the purpose of these red lines? Presumably a big part of it is trying to avoid the war escalating to WW3 in which the entire world gets demolished.) There are some wild scenarios that might not conform to this template, like if Taiwan is in dire threat of a full-scale occupation by China, they might launch missiles in an attempt to blow up the Three Gorges Dam. I think it's unlikely that it would ever come to that. (but I'm glad that threat exists because it ought to serve as a deterrent for China to think twice about invading. If that dam blows up it would produce absolutely massive destruction of many of Chinas major cities.) How serious is the threat of blowing up the Three Gorges Dam? Some commentary I have heard is that the Chinese would be able to knock out the missiles. But I have my doubts. There is so much corruption in the Chinese military that I tend to side with the school of thought that the Chinese military is more in the direction of a clown show than one of the most formidable armed forces in the world. (However, it is always best for an adversary to err on the side of assuming their enemy is strong, because the last thing you want is discover in a war that your enemy is stronger than you thought.)

Tim  adds:

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