September 24, 2022

Vax and Heart Trouble

Timothy Birdnow

Well, well, well...

Acute Corona Syndrome Risk Biomarkers Significantly Increase after mRNA Covid 19 Vaccination - the Cardiology

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No DOJ Investigation of Vote Fraud in 2020

Timothy Birdnow

Bob Barr lied; there was no investigation into election fraud by the DOJ after the 2020 crime of the century.

I guess he didn't have anything better to do.

It's astonishing but so many people were in on this. And so many of them suckered Trump into appointing them.

I knew Barr was dirty; he was a Bush man.

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Timothy Birdnow

Here is a finalist for the Darwin Awards.

Yes, this guy actually set himself on fire to protest Climate Change.

Our collective I.Q. just rose a faction.

This is what happens when doomsday scares are taught as science to a public-educated dimwit.

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How Goes the War

Bryan Alexander

It is estimated that Russia has already expended some 55% of its short-range missiles and 20% of its ballistic missiles. They are having a hard time manufacturing more, because so many of the parts of their missiles come from the West. They have been able to get SOME of the electronic elements by funneling purchases through other countries (which needs to be stopped, of course). Meanwhile, they have lost so many tanks, they are taking obsolete T-62 main battle tanks (from the 1960s!) out of mothballs to replace their losses. Oryx reports Russia has lost WELL over 6,000 armored vehicles so far (and those are just the ones that have been confirmed), including almost 1200 main battle tanks, almost 400 of which were captured by the Ukrainians, who will be using them against the Russians. Some 2000 armored vehicles of all types have been captured by the Ukrainians.

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When We Lost

Timothy Birdnow

Here is where we lost the last election, and will probably lose many more.

Remember, Barack Obama was a vote thief. That was why he worked as a "community organizer" in the first place. He worked to steal elections Chicago style. He knew exactly how to do it.

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The Clock is Running Down

Michael Smith

I wrote this as a response to a comment about how we get our Republic back over on my Substack page - but it represents my perspective fairly well:

I think we are just getting into that fluid zone between keeping and losing.

In sports, there is always that zone of undecided outcomes when momentum is sliding back and forth before the clock runs out. We're there. The final buzzer hasn't sounded yet, but the clock IS ticking toward zero. I still believe we can turn it around. I do think if we elect feckless politicians who aren't willing to do the bare knuckle brawling it takes, we will lose it forever.

Tim adds:

I disagree. 2020 was the death of the American Republic. Most people don't realize it but we are in post-America now. What the new nation will look like is still up for debate, but it will never be the nation we once knew. We still have to fight, but to try to turn the direction of this new and rather alien entity, not to save the old Republic.

I agree. 2020 was the death of the American Republic. Most people don't realize it but we are in post-America now. What the new nation will look like is still up for debate, but it will never be the nation we once knew. We still have to fight, but to try to turn the direction of this new and rather alien entity, not to save the old Republic.

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Tales of the Ozark Hilton: the Trash Thieves

Timothy Birdnow

You've waited long enough. Time for another installment of the Tales of the Ozark Hilton.

This episode could be titled The Trash Thieves.

Our story begins with our hero (he's so charming and good looking!) making a late start.

I have congestive heart failure and struggle with fluid retention. It's worse than it sounds as in my case I often retain the fluid not in my feet or legs but in my lungs, leading to asthma-like breathing issues. I usually feel it coming on for a few days. But you cannot just not drink; you can be both dehydrated and retaining fluid at the same time.

So coffee presents a dilemma. I want to drink it but have to eliminate some other, more beneficial fluid (like water). The end result of drinking coffee is often going over my allotted intake. A few days of this, or eating too much food with salt, leads to trouble.

I had had fluid retention earlier in the week and so went on a campaign to dry out before my Ozark Hilton visit. But there is a price to pay for that.

That price is constipation. I was seriously constipated and thought to stay home yet again. I hated to miss it; the window of opportunity doesn't stay open long - I have to get there while there is still adequate sun and it's reasonably warm outside but not scalding hot.

At any rate, Thursday morning I woke up and planned on staying home. In fact, I brewed a pot of coffee and indulged. But then...


So I reevaluated my plan to stay home. I loaded up the truck and got a late start to the OH.

I made pretty good time except for my stop at the Timothy Birdnow Memorial Outhouse in St. Joe State Park. They really need to put a plaque up recognizing my ownership of that place; I am it's #1 customer by far! And it's a true outhouse, a big hole in the ground that seems to draw my bowels. I rarely pass it without a visit. And, given I had had four days of none-movement, I was quite happy to stop and leave my regards.

(I strongly recommend to those of you younger than I to avoid getting older; it's not a very worthwhile experience.)

At any rate I made good time and arrived at the wonderful trash yard in the deep Ozarks by later afternoon.

Now, I had trepidations; last time I was there I fell afoul of a sentry wasp guarding a nest, and that wasp was between me and the front door of the cabin. I was worried he (or she?) may still be there and protective of it's territory.

But I noticed something else. I had built an Indian-style wigwam, a dome shaped from made from saplings tied together then covered with tarps. I used it to store some stuff. It had long ago collapsed and just lay in a pile, But it was clear someone - or something - had been rooting around in it.

My musing ended rather quickly as something buzzed past the back of my head.

Now that is a sign of wasps. They often warn you before stinging you. I never saw what it was but I hot-footed it out of there in short order.

Which meant I had to schlepp all my gear around the pile of building material and come in from the opposite side of the cabin, a risky proposition as there were lots of holes in the ground hidden with leaves. And I had to carry a lot of somewhat heavy stuff.

And that included firewood. I have been down to the OH so seldomly this year I hadn't had a chance to build up my wood pile, so had stopped at a gas station in Cherokee Pass to buy the good wood (much better than what is available in gas stations here in St. Louis). I had three bundles - more than enough. The weather man had said the low would be in the sixties but on the way down I caught a station out of Poplar Bluff which said low fifties to high forties - I was going to need a fire for sure.

So I started the laborious task of moving all that into the cabin and avoiding the wasps.

Upon opening the door it was clear I had been robbed.

All sorts of stuff was turned over and moved around. My battery-operated electric lights were gone. A couple of my better kerosene lanterns were gone. My spare batteries were gone.

Oddly enough, the liquor I leave as bribe goods was not taken. Nor was the pack of cigars I had left down there.

In fact, they really take much. Of course I don't leave anything of value there. I do have a very nice aluminum ladder which they left (probably too big and cumbersome to make it worth stealing.)

So here it was late in the day and my lighting situation was hampered by the theft. It was probably kids screwing around, but it still is annoying and those batteries weren't cheap. I had D cell, AA, and AAA.

Now I'll have to bring new lights down and take them home with me.

Fortunately I still had about five working lights to play with. It would be dark but manageable.

So I got to work. My fireplace consistes of an old oil drum with a hole cut in the top for a stove pipe. Amateur work. The pipe goes out through a gap in the eaves, supported by a piece of rebar so it doesn't touch the wood. It barely sticks out of the cabin, and does not clear the roof, so the fire tends to smoke in the cabin. There is a gap in the wall where the pipe comes out, and a smaller one at the very peak of the roof, so the smoke goes quickly, but it's still there. I sometimes cover the fire with a Weber Kettle Grill lid, which stops the smoke but reduces the warmth.

Anyway, the piping had fallen down and I had to try to put it together. But it was getting late and I had to worry about wasps outside and I had inadequate light. It's a real bear to get that stovepipe put together, I might add. I spent about an hour trying, then had to go to plan B.

I had some aluminum dryer vent laying about outside. Aluminum is poor material for stovepipe; it burns up, starting with little pinholes. But it's better than nothing. I could do nothing and let the smoke just escape from the cabin, and have done so in the past, but I do like to breathe once in a while. I'm terrified of getting COPD from inhaling all that smoke. So I used the dryer vent.

It didn't get very smoky in there, and it was very warm, too hot actually, but I prefer to be hot to cold any day.

I spent the last of the light working on the lamps. These were the ones in poor shape. (The cheap Chinese lamps work but they are a pain in teh neck and only last for a season or two at most.)

It was pitch black outside by the time I got my lamps all lit.

I went outside before it got too cold and enjoyed the night. Heard a pack of coyotes howling in the distance. No sign of my armadillo friends; I hope they are o.k. but fear the worst. I saw only one of them on my last visit. It may be they have passed away. I don't know how long armadillos live but suspect not very. It's a sad thing; they've been there for years. I remember seeing them when tehy first hooked up - if you have ever encountered mating armadillos you won't forget it! Very noisy with the clinking of their shells and the like! Sounds like King Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail with his horse galluping...

Anyway, no mice, no rats, and few critters other than the coyotes. It was a quiet and dark night.

I didn't sit out long; it quickly grew cold and so I went inside and parked myself on the futon. I hadn't had time to tidy up so the place was a mess, but such is life.

Now, I can't see to read books any longer so bring down a portable DVD player and a spare battery. Something told me to bring the old DVD player down too; it had been giving me problems and so I bought the "new" one, which is a number of years old. I started a movie, which ran for about a half hour and then locked up. I switched to the '90's T.V. show "American Gothic" which was quite good. Done by Shawn Cassidy, it was the story about a town overshadowed by a demonic presence that inhabited the town sheriff and was about the battle for the soul of a young boy. My wife and I loved it when it was on. It only lasted for a couple of seasons.

Anyway, I watched no fewer than five of the hour episodes, but every time something happened late in the episode and I couldn't see well enough to get back to that point. I kept switching to new episodes.

At one point the player stopped accepting any discs "no disc" it said. I switched to the other player, which then ran out of battery power. I had to jiggle the batter feed from my spare battery, and it eventually came back on (it usually requires some time to get a minimum charge). But the disc locked up again.

So, I watched a movie and five episodes of a t.v. program and never once saw anything in it's entirety!

I finally stuck in the movie Gravity and it played all the way through - but I fell asleep midway and awoke at the very end!


Come the morning I was really tired and had to get all my gear to the truck without waking the wasps. Wasps aren't active at night or in the mornings, so it wasn't so hard and I was able to take my stuff straight out.

I hope this is the last burglary I suffer. There is no way to protect your property down there and that's why I have no locks on the doors. I never leave anything of value there either.

It's too bad; I would love to leave a generator down there for power, or even a bank of batteries and a wind mill (not enough sun for solar cells). But they wouldn't be there when I returned, I fear.

So the place is always going to be just a creepy old cabin in the woods. Especially since I just don't have it in me anymore to do the labor necessary to fix it all up. I have a LOT of trash that has piled up and needs hauling away, too. Bottles and cans and stuff that can't be burned.

The trip home was uneventful. I stopped at McDonalds for breakfast, which is always good but especially so this last trip; I didn't eat any supper, because I was still pretty backed up.

I wound up sleeping for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. Today I'm sore and feel drained, but in the good way that you get from honest labor.

At any rate, I'm not sure when next I'll visit the OH. It's a pretty major event when I do these days, and as I age it seems harder on me all the time. I'm going to be very, very busy this next month too.

It may not be until November. At least the wasps will be gone by then.

So until next time adios!

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September 22, 2022

Well Duh!

Gerry McGuire

On the appearance of some stories by SCIENTISTS wondering if the dramatic drop in reported cases of seasonal flu meant that C19 was somehow "protective” against influenza.

The flu numbers dropped from about 35 million to around 1500.

That should tell you something fishy is going on.

And then you have articles appearing suggesting that C19 could be protective against flu?

Then you definitely know there’s bullshit going on.

No, Mr. Scientist. The drop in the number of reported flu cases by over 99.996% in the advent of C19, meant that reporting them as C19 rather than influenza was protective against the folks running Covid, Inc. being found out to be utter frauds.

How can we be sure?

1. If a relatively innocuous common cold affecting the cells of the upper respiratory tract that in half of the vast majority of cases was not noticeable and in 95% of the other half was "mild,” then THAT kind of infection would be vastly preferable to 35,000,000 cases a year of a very unpleasant and even deadly flu.

2. And if 1, then why 3?

3. "Here we are to save the day! Let’s try to wipe out what gives to 35 million people a year the relief described in 1 above by subjecting 237 million people US (3.61 billion worldwide) to a product that infects their healthy cells ANYWHERE in their body with C19 RNA in a way that provokes the most severe and damaging innate immune inflammatory response with a wide variety of outcomes depending on the tissues affected.”

See? None of that makes sense.

And moving on to something else that doesn’t make sense:

What happens in rare cases, as the result of inflammatory immune response on tissues of the pancreas, to some kids who happen to get a viral infection?

What will happen when tens of millions of preadolescent children every year are given viral RNA products that, by design, unavoidably, invariably, and indiscriminatel y infect healthy cells throughout their body with C19 RNA, provoking widespread immune inflammatory attack on those cells?

Watch for an uptick in cases of juvenile diabetes among kids receiving the viral RNA products.

How many?

Find the ratio of the total number of juvenile diabetes cases per year to the total number of kids of that age range per year suffering from a non-respiratory viral infection (since the viral action is mostly restricted to the tissues of the respiratory tract).

Then calculate the fold increase by the total number of kids subjected to the viral RNA products that indiscriminatel y infect healthy cells throughout their bodies with viral RNA, inevitably provoking innate immune inflammatory attacks against the tissues containing those cells.

That will give a number to look for.

It’s already known that this happens in the testes of preadolescent boys with the result that the damage caused by the resulting immune response will impair everything that depends on the hormonal signaling between the testes and the pituitary gland—physical growth and sexual maturation. And immune inflammatory response in the testes can cause scarring of the microtubules of the vas deferens resulting in sterility.

Since the ovaries are the gender equivalent of testes and since girls are born with all the ova they will ever need for procreation, and since viral RNA products have been found in the gonads, then product-initiat ed infection with viral RNA of healthy cells in the ovaries of infant and preadolescent girls could be expected to result in several different outcomes:

1. Innate immune inflammatory attack against them could result in later ovary-related developmental, sexual, and reproductive dysfunction, including sterility. Similar outcomes have already been documented during animal testing and adult female test recipients of the viral RNA products, but the products were given EUAs regardless. And, of course, among product recipients in the public the same outcomes have been documented, including a significant increase in miscarriage.

2. Cells, including ova, that escape innate immune inflammatory attack and are not killed outright by the over-production of viral protein, can become transformed by the presence of viral RNA being converted by cellular reverse transcriptase into DNA and then inserted randomly into the nuclear genome. It’s already been documented that this can occur in human hepatocytes. This phenomenon of viral infection can later manifest as cancer. It’s already known to occur as the result of infection by the human papilloma virus in both males and females.

But there are even worse possible consequences.

3. Since ova are privileged cells that do not undergo replication until fertilization, then one could expect to see years later, in any girls that make it into what appears to be a normal adult reproductive state and who aren’t outright sterile, the appearance of a wide variety of teratogenic monsters and birth defects as a result of viral RNA product-altered nuclear DNA of ova.

And all of this as the result of Covid, Inc. worldwide in a rush to inject virtually the entire world’s population with the functional equivalents of artificial viruses designed to indiscriminatel y infect healthy cells throughout the body with viral RNA, supposedly in an effort to offer protection against what is, in the vast majority of cases in the minority of the population that will ever get the native virus, a relatively innocuous common cold.

And they have already done it between 1 to 4 times to more than 66% of the entire world population.

Are you seeing the deep senseless of these actions of Covid, Inc. from any legitimate medical point of view?

If you’re not seeing it now, just wait for it to appear in theaters near you.

Or IN you.

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No Quitters!

Michael Smith

Even with the crap going on all around me, I live a happy life.

I must admit to having an optimistic bent, even when things were the worst financially or personally, I've never surrendered. I think it is due to something my maternal grandmother taught me at a very early age - that no matter the problem, there is a solution to be found and you can't stop until you find it.

I think that is a generational thing, at least in my case. My maternal grandparents reared six children during the Great Depression and my parents both had the experience of growing up during that period and coming into young adulthood with a world war raging around them.

It goes beyond being tough, they just didn't know how to quit - because if they did, there was no "safety net" for them to fail into. They always measured their progress by their own standards, not those of other people.

My family predecessors wore clothes that were handed down, patched, worn and threadbare but never dirty (unless they were at work). They had little but were very proud and careful with what they did have. With no TV, social media or TikTok, they weren't consumed with the creativity of others, only their own. They took extreme pride in growing crops, repairing equipment and even preparing a meal.

We did things because they needed doing, not because somebody told us they needed to be done.

They took joy in simple things, but were far from simple people. The were voracious readers and consumers of knowledge. They were intense observers of the natural world, learning to read Mother Nature's signs (no minute by minute weather forecasts). My grandfather was both the least formally educated man I have ever known, and also one of the wisest.

This is the gift our children and our grandchildren have never received.

Maybe it is out fault, maybe it is just a function of prosperity (real or imagined), or maybe it is like that old game of "telephone" (with every telling of the message, it changes), but we have a generation of quitters rising to take over the world.

Quitters will always be dominated by doers - and not all doers are on the side of right and good.

I fear we are headed into another crisis of the magnitude of the 20's, 30's and 40's - a worldwide depression topped off by yet another war in Europe.

My only solace is knowing that we will emerge stronger that before. Steel can't be forged without fire. Hopefully there are enough of us old-timers left who can teach our grandchildren about our grandparents.

I know it doesn't sound optimistic, but it is.

America and her people will prevail. We're good and we are the doers.

Tim's 2c

The world won't let you quit. When you are born you are taking on a job that allows no resignation. People used to understand that. Now, with endless amusements and little really hard labor, most don't and quitting is indeed an option as the government will take care of you if you do decide to tender your resignation. 

BTW You volunteered for the job when you swam harder than all the other spermatazoa up your mother's canal and then fought to be first to fertilize the egg. You clearly wanted this gig.

My family came from many places - poor Irish Arkansas farmers, Peasant coal miners from Germany, French Voyageurs, etc. They came here because they wanted to be free more than anything else. NOT for the economic benefits (although those were the cherry on top) but because they could be free.

My Irish side wanted to be free of English rule. My Alsacian side wanted to b e free of the Prussian military overlordship. All of these people were used to hard work and taking care of themselves. Better to do it here in America where you actually had the final say in your destiny, and not some arrogant aristocrat. Sadly we've made our own arrogant aristocrats here and they are taking over and turning America into what my ancestors sought to leave.

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September 21, 2022

It's Already Stolen

Steven Chase

LAST NIGHT we had dinner with the former head of the FCC which regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable.

It is his opinion that our ELECTIONS are permanently damaged.

During Covid, Dem. political lawyer/operative, MARK ELIAS pushed thru ELECTION LAW CHANGES in 60 (six zero) important, bellwether districts across America.

RESULTS? All elections are permanently skewed to favor Democrats. It is now written into law. BTW, this is the same guy who funded the Steel Dosier for the DNC.

Tim adds:

Last year Roy Blunt - hardly a zealot MAGA type - warned the Democrats had put over 500 new laws into effect to give them the edge in the next election. That was then. It will only get worse.

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Paypal Prison

Steven Schueler

The Free Speech Union

"PayPal has just redrawn the Overton Window. There are now certain issues you aren't allowed to defend people for expressing sceptical opinions about."

PayPal is blocking payments to the FSU through its platform for alleged violations of the company's acceptable use policy.

GB News

‘This is the new battlefront in the ongoing war against free speech… financial services being withdrawn from people.’

Founder of the Free Speech Union and the Daily Sceptic, Toby Young, speaks to Mark Dolan about payments to his organisations being blocked by Paypal.

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How Long is an Hour Shor?

This from Willis Eschenbach

Today's Webline Of The Day comes from Tim Allen, and it has the snowflakes in a whirl ...

"Biden was on 60 minutes. I heard he asked how long the show was."

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September 20, 2022

New York May Sue Texas

Timothy Birdnow

Soooo......the Mayor of New York City is threatening to sue over illegals being sent there by Texas.

Does he really want to go there?

"Our legal team is looking at legal challenges we could do with Texas," Adams told WCBS-TV. "We believe there are some options we have, because when you involuntarily place someone on a bus, we believe that actually skates the law… We're not leaving any stones unturned to make sure that New Yorkers are [not] being treated in an unfair way."

Approximately 11,000 migrants have entered New York City's homeless shelters since May, including 2,500 migrants bused by Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R). Adams said the city's shelters are at their "breaking point."

Now Texas has only bused in 2500 of those 11,000. That means that 8500 came from - elsewhere.

So who is responsible for those/

Joe Biden, of course.. And he did it first.

So Mayor Fester, er, Eric Adams will have to tread very lightly. He cannot challenge this in a way that would overrule the Feds policy of scattering the illegals while at the same time must find a way to only target Texes. Of course, if the ruling is too narrow then Florida could just take the illegals and ship them to New York. So basically they need a blanket statement saying no state may do this.

But this is an unfunded mandate by the Feds. If the states can't do it it will be much harder to argue the Feds can.

I know; they'll find some pet judge who will so rule but it will be overturned on appeal in all likelihood.

What they should do is challenge this on the basis of politics; say it is being done to injure Blue states. Of course the Feds are doing this to injure Red states, but of course we aren't supposed to talk about that.

This could wind up a Supreme Court case which would touch on Sanctuary cities/states and Federal unwillingness to enforce border law. It could overturn the SCOTUS ruling against Arizona back in 2012 and allow the states to take action since the Federal government refuses to enforce it's own laws. With this new Court a lot of things are now possible that were impossible just a short time ago.

I don't think that will happen but opening this could well opena can of worms the Democrats may dread.

We can only hope, anyway.

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Et Tu Pompeo?

Timothy Birdnow

Et tu, Pompeo?

Mike Pompeo creates stir with comments on FBI raid…

POMPEO: What happened at Mar-a-Lago is outrageous BUT ‘no one gets to keep classified information’

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) September 19, 2022

Now, why say anything at all here? Pompeo had no reason to comment one way or another. He could have just said "I'm not familiar enough with this case". But instead he shot off his mouth.

I rather suspect he figured Trump is going to lose this so he wants to suck up to the Ruling Class and hope they take him back.

Once a CIA guy, always a CIA guy.

There is nobody with any loyalty or decency in D.C. any longer.

We are in a fight for the very survival of this country and there is no sense at all in giving the Left any ammunition. IF Trump actually did have classified documents then he shouldn't have, but he's obviously not any more of a security risk than the geriatric dufus who has access to these secrets now.

So the best course of action is to remain silent - especially when nothing good at all can come of shooting off your mouth. This statement only gives ammunition to the enemies of America. Pompeo should understand that.

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San Antonio Sheriff to Investigae DeSantis

Timothy Birdnow

The liberal sheriff of Bexar County (San Antonio) is opening an investigation into Ron DeSantis and his shipping of illegals to Martha's Vineyard.

Texas Sheriff Javier Salazar is opening up an investigation into DeSantis' transport of Venezuelan asylum seekers to Martha's Vineyard.

Sheriff Salazar says the asylum seekers were here LEGALLY and LURED away.

— ✨TheStarsAtNight ✨ (@Star5AtNight) September 19, 2022



Additionally, we are working with private attorneys who are representing the victims, as well as advocacy organizations regarding this incident. We are also preparing to work with any federal agencies that have concurrent jurisdiction, should the need arise.

— Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (@BexarCoSheriff) September 19, 2022

Using the law against political opponents is a two edged sword and DeSantis could start an investigation into this creep. I hope he does.

It's past time to fight fire with fire.

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What a Joke

"More than two million undocumented immigrants will be arrested trying to cross into the US in 2022. Democrats don’t bat an eye.
"Fly 50 migrants to one of the wealthiest places in America, spotted with multi-million dollar mansions, surrounded by the mega-yachts of the rich and famous and Democrats lose their minds? What a joke!” -- Gloria Romero, former Majority Leader of the California State Senate

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Knives Before Forks

Timothy Birdnow

Nose - it's what's for dinner!

Beyond Meat Executive Doug Ramsey Arrested for Biting Driver's Nose After Arkansas Football Game

I know they eat some unusual stuff in Arkansas, but this is getting carried away.

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Carter II

This courtesy of Steven Schueler

Border Patrol Union - NBPC

We see the same reports you do about a dictator emptying his prisons and sending them to the U.S.

We will say this. Biden has no clue what's actually coming in. There is absolutely no way to properly vet 2,100,000 people in a mad rush to the border this year. This is all on him.

This is damning, coming from the union representing the Border Patrol agents.

A word from Tim:

This is just what Castro did to Carter.

No wonder they are so mad at DeSantis and Abbott in Liberalvania.

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The REAL Threat to Democracy

Steven Chase

California Gov. Gavin Newson PLEADS for the Dept of Justice to charge GOP with KIDNAPPING for busing migrants. But forgot:

LAST YEAR: "New York Post analysis shows that some 12,000 migrants have arrived at the Westchester County Airport in suburban New York on unannounced LATE-NIGHT flights."

Today's politicians are THE threat to Democracy. Liars all.

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White Jurisdiction Forcibly Deports Hispanics Looking for a Better Life

Selwyn Duke

Headline (mine): White Jurisdiction Forcibly Deports Hispanics Looking for a Better Life

Yes, I'm talking about Martha's Vineyard. Got to hand it to those libs, though. When given the proper incentive, they can create the most efficient deportation machine the world has ever seen. They're a veritable juggernaut.

A fellow named John Hill takes umbrage:

Why don’t you read how the Vineyarders took care of. The migrants. And help move them move onto Cape Cod for social services Not deport them. And DeSantis is an idiot. He said Massachusetts is a Democratic run state but the Governor and Lt Governor are Republican. What was the point to use humans as a political stunt. No Christian would do this. The Vineyarders. Followed the scripture of Mattew 25:35 and. Fed and took care of their fellow man.

Tim responds:

John M.. Hill How exactly DID they take care of them? The called out the flippin' army! For fifty people they themselves invited by making Martha's Vineyard a "sanctuary". They claimed they didn't have room, but it's the slow season and it's still warm enough for tents if they didn't want to soil their beautiful fancy hotels there. Martha's Vineyard can accomodate thousands more than this group easily.

And why, pray tell, were they sent FROM FLORIDA? Doesn't it occur to you that they were IN Florida because the Biden junta transported them there against the wishes of the Floridian People? So the Martha's Vineyard upper crust calls it horrible and disgraceful to do what they themselves just did.

And where did these people go? They were sent to an army base. I thought we weren't supposed to be locking these people up.

The fact is people like you want these people to invade the country and settle in states like Texas, and it is for political ends, to turn Texas into another California. Also it's an unfunded mandate; Texas and Florida and the rest are forced to pay for hundreds of thousands, nay, millions of illegals who violated their state sovereignty at the behest of Joe Biden and the Democrats. And they send fifty people to Martha's Vineyard and the rich elite snobs have a meltdown and toss them out in a matter of hours at the barrel of a gun.

Then you come along and attack Selwyn, acting as if this is somehow a kindness by them and the real evil is DeSantis and Abbott - both of whose states are being overrun precisely because rich liberals want to pat themselves on the back for being so kind.

You do realize that there has been 2 million illegal aliens that are known to have entered the country in the last year (on top of the 1.7 million officially counted last year) and that these are only the ones we know about? And you and the people Martha's Vineyard expect Texas and Arizona and apparently Florida to simply take care of them all. There are a dozen or more states with populations less than the illegal numbers alone.

And I would add these people had come when Barack Obama would let them in but stopped when Trump began simply enforcing the laws in place, but now with this lawless administration in power it has returned. Now why do you suppose that is? These people are not fleeing anything, but rather are looking to take advantage of the wealth of America. It's purely about getting their share of the American pie, even when they are not entitled to it.

And many of them are not coming even for that, but to mean us ill. There are jihadists and spies. There is drug trafficking and human trafficking too.

If you think telling these people they could get in if they just showed up was somehow merciful you are sadly mistaken. Many of these people have had to wander thousands of miles on a very dangerous trek thanks to the empty promises of the Biden junta.

But again, it's not enough to invite them to invade us (a violation of the law and something Mr. Biden should be impeached over) but then he and those who support him want the Red states to pay for these three million illegals. It's an unfunded mandate.

And when they ship off just a few you people have a hissy fit and call out the ARMY!

Oh, and I guess these people weren't fed and given water and medical treatment by Florida before being sent? Really? Do you have any proof of that?

Massachusetts IS a Democrat- run state, as the Democrats control both houses in the legislature.

And the GOP clearly doesn't control the sanctuary of Martha's Vineyard.

BTW, you IF the GOP somehow controls Massachusets then why aren't you thanking THEM for shlepping the aliens off to an army barracks and taking care of them? Martha's Vineyard isn't the group dealing with this now - it's the Republican Governor.

BTW a Massachussets Republican isn't exactly a MAGA type.

The state is de-facto a sanctuary state even if it does not have a formal sanctuary status.

America is the third most populous country on Earth and we keep taking in millions of people. At some point we are full - actually we passed that point a while ago. There is nothing moral or decent about playing a patsy and neglecting your own in favor of others who are politically useful to you. The Democrats want to replace America, and in the process they will kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Everyone around the world will suffer from the inevitable decline and fall of a country unwilling to control it's own borders.

Look at the Roman Empire; it died because it couldn't control it's borders. The "barbarian invasions" were very much like what we are seeing here.

For a more modern view just look at Lebanon. It used to be a prosperous, peaceful place until they let a bunch of Palestinian "refugees" come in. Now it's just another Islamic hell-hole. The Christian minority who used to form a vibrant part of Lebanon is largely gone, chased out by the endless warfare and jihad.

Is that what you want for America? And when we are gone who will feed the world? Who will help poor countries with aid? Who will help provide power? Who will guarantee the security of many of these states?

Mr. Hill retorts:

Get your facts straight Tim. DeSantis moved them from outside of El Paso Texas a stop in Charlotte NC.They were fed and given clothing by the Vineyarders there. In a Republican state

Tim replies:

You have NO facts straight John M. Hill. What is the title of this Yahoo story? Biden Condemns DeSantis for Shipping Migrants OUT OF FLORIDA. NOT out of El Paso. And Massachussetts is NOT a Republican state, proving it is YOU who do not have your facts straight. Both houses of the state legislature are controlled by the Democrats. Oh; I guess these "migrants" had had nothing at all to eat before getting to the Vineyard where they were fed then rounded up by jackbooted thugs and marched off to be interned in a camp?Oh, and I guess Joe Biden didn't ship 70 flights to Florida from the border?

John M. Hill
Timothy Birdnow no if they were secret how did this rag know about it? Use your brain.

Tim replies:

How about using yours John M. Hill. it came to light AFTER the invaders were shipped there. Duh! And they aren't the only ones reporting this. If you weren't so lazy you would look them up. Here is a story on it from MSN, which you should accept.

Here's another such story:

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