November 28, 2022

Enemy Action

Selwyn Duke

As James Bond creator Ian Fleming put it, "Once time is an accident. Two times is coincidence. Three times is enemy action." To believe all the Democrat-favoring coincidences of the last two elections are just coincidences, you have to believe that "coincidental" means "common."

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Massive Protests in Brazil

James Hatem

Unreal crowds in Brazil still protesting a rigged electionhttps:


Tim adds:

Maybe if Brazil rejects this we here in the U.S. will follow suit?  We can dream.

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Prepping for War with Iran?

jerry S. Rainforth


Israel and the United States will hold a joint air exercise this week to simulate scenarios against Iran and its Shia militia targets in the Middle East. The drill comes on the heels of a meeting last week between Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi and U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Miley.

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November 26, 2022

Chicken Little Science

Andrew Gillies

Paid research scientists always promoting and exaggerating the negatives to get more grants snd funding yet dishonestly ignore and not disclose the many positives happening to the GBR.

Chicken Little propaganda is masquerading as science

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Liars at Gizmodo

Timothy Birdnow

Elon Musk is catching hell for saying that the Mike Brown shibboleth of "Hands up! Don't shoot!" was not true based on the Obama DOJ's own report.

Red State has the scoop.

They quote an infuriating lie told by Gizmodo in which they deny this reality. Gizmodo says "witnesses" verified the claim, and that Officer Darren Wilson shot him multiple times.

There was one and only one witness who made this claim - Mike Brown's accomplice, who had circled around Wilson to attack him from behind. He had every reason to lie about it (he was guilty of aiding and abetting.) 

No other actual witnesses verified this; on the contrary, they all showed Brown was the aggressor.

The very fact there was a bullet hole in the ceiling of Wilson's car proved there was a struggle over his gun. And his injuries were consistent with an attack on the policeman while he was inside his vehicle.

Yes, Wilson did shoot Brown multiple times; Brown kept coming after being shot. Witnesses verified that.

Brown was an enormous man. I had seen him in Ferguson before the shooting and once even thought "boy, I'd hate to tangle with THAT guy!"

And with Brown's accomplice looping around behind him, Wilson had little choice but to open fire. Brown had tried to take his gun and would no doubt have shot him with it had he succeeded.

These liars at Gizmodo have access to this information and I am sure know it. They don't care though, because they want to justify the lynching of Officer Wilson (who had to resign from Ferguson and is probably working as a security guard somewhere) and justify the creation of Black Lives Matter and the subsequent national riots led by these black Bolsheviks.

Were I Wilson I'd sue Gizmodo for liabel.

Our media promotes open lies repeatedly, and does so knowingly and gets away with it.

Sadly too many Americans still think they are informed by reading mainstream media or watching NBC News. Even Fox News is full of B.S., and not with a right wing slant.

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Dem Election Deniers

Timothy Birdnow

Well, well, well....Election Denial is fine for Democrats!

A Democrat has suddenly become an "election denier” after her race was narrowly overturned following the sudden discovery of missing votes on a memory card.

The previously uncounted votes on a memory card changed the election outcome in Cobb County, Georgia, officials say.

Madelyn Orochena had announced her win on social media for the Kennesaw City Council Special Post 1 seat when the results first came in.

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The Slippery Slope to Sodom

Selwyn Duke

Almost a decade ago, The New American published "The Slippery Slope to Pedophilia,” an essay about how even back then longstanding efforts to legitimize adult-child sexual relations existed. Now there’s a clear and sickening sign that we’ve moved yet further down that slope....

Tim adds:

It's always been the goal of the "progessives". No restraints on sexuality. Sex is like fire; feed it and it grows. For a long time these people said sex needed to be sated through use and they appealed to Sigmund Freud to buttress that argument. Well, we now know Freud was nothing but a pervert himself but his thinking influenced a generation which openeed the floodgates. Now we are promoting pedophilia and every other diseased sexual appetite.

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Liberal Media Hypocrisy

Timothy Birdnow

"Last month, Ahmad Abu Marhia, a gay 25-year-old Palestinian Arab living under asylum in Israel in fear for his life at the hands of his family and residents of his village, was abducted and beheaded in Hebron.

The liberal media was mostly silent. There were no demonstrations on American campuses. US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides tweeted his horror at the murder, but conspicuously failed to say the victim had fled his Palestinian village for sanctuary in Israel because he was gay.

Western liberals have fixed in their heads the falsehood that Palestinians are the oppressed victims of Israel and therefore can do no wrong. In parallel, these liberals have blanked Israel out of their moral universe so that Israelis don’t have the same right to exist as western liberals do themselves."

~ Melanie Phillips

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The West and Ukraine

Joanne Moon-Yarwood observes:

In reading the latest information coming out of Ukraine ,sounds bad for them .Ukraine is being bombed into the Stone Age ,no electricity no water at times .Millions of Ukraines will be fleeing over the borders as winter takes hold .But zelensky has rejected diplomacy at every turn .Washington sees a weaker Russia so it cant stop US plans to planes to pivot to Asia .While millions of citizens die and their immigrants to other nations to change the Nationality of those nations .It all fits in with globel world comings .War only destroys it brings no answers for anyone. Except world leaders ,who allow their power to spread .Ukraine is about to be annehilated!

Tim adds:

You know, given the way this administration is beholden to China, I wonder if the Chinese don't want this to happen - eliminates China's main competitor in Asia. The Chinese covet eastern Siberia and have been settling illegally there. Whole towns of Chinese exist north of the border, in Russian territory. This certainly dovetails with the Chicoms ultimate goals. "Asia for the Asians" is helped by this war. If the Chinese could take control of Siberia they would have the oil fields, and they aren't afraid to use them, unlike the West. Anything that weakens the Russians is a benefit to China.

Oh, and how much of the money we sent to Ukraine came back to the coffers of the Democrats to helpt hem in the last election? I suspect quite a bit.

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Dirty Biomass

Timothy Birdnow

The Gang Green was pushing biomass as a new and better source of energy for years. Now it's coming out this isn't the case -especially where processed wood, like wood pellets, are concerned.

The EPA has banned older wood stoves, insisting on expensive ones that do a better job of burning most of the wood products. Now why is that?

This from James Ervine

Burning wood pellets is not good for the environment. Over the last century, we went from high-carbon emission energy to low: wood, coal, petroleum, nuclear, hydro, geothermal, etc. Now we want to reverse that? It makes no sense as you look deeper into it.

At the industrial and international scale, burning wood pellets and other biomass is an ongoing disaster with multiple self-serving industry and government interests promoting it.

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Stealing Elections

Timothy Birdnow

A good article on the fraud. Read the middle portion where they discuss George Soros and his comments.

Election officials took 6-hour 'detour' into closed building

" Ballot counting machines that won't count ballots. Hundreds of millions of dollars handed out, outside the election financing oversight..."

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November 25, 2022

China's Debt Trap

Timothy Birdnow

China may well have gotten caught in the debt trap they laid for Third World countries.

From Oil Prices Dot Com:

Since the beginning of this year, investment banks and international financial organizations, including the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, have steadily downgraded their forecasts for the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) GDP growth in 2022 to around 3.2 percent (Nikkei Asia, October 7). Most analysts agree that Beijing is in a difficult economic position, but the situation has the potential to become far worse due to off-balance sheet liabilities. Such debt risks defaulting, or may otherwise need to be covered by the central government.

Another drag on the country’s balance sheet that has yet to hit home fully is the impact of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) financing. Due to economic problems and debt crises in BRI partner countries, a large percentage of the initiative’s loans may have to be forgiven or at least restructured. Before looking at its financing and hidden liabilities, it is necessary to establish an overall picture of the current PRC economy across a broad spectrum of indicators.

The Belt and Road Initiative was China's attempt at colonialism; they lent money to poor countries, money that couldn't be paid back, and the penalty was surrender of resources, of infrastructure, of land. China was taking control of many poor countries in this way.

Now they may have overxtended and face a huge debt problem. They are owed money and can't collect.
And without that money they can't pay their own debts.


Up until now China has avoided a debt trap by curency manipulation. They have gotten away with it because of a preferential treatment by the IMF, the U.S. and world banking institutions. But none of these outfits can afford to subsidize China indirectly anymore. And the pandemic taught us all that China is a leaky vessel and reliance on Chinese goods is risky business. We've faced shortages and rising inflation rates on good from China as a result of their manipulation and as a result of broke supply chains. There is a consensus to buy American - and make it in America.

Biden and the Globalists want to change that, of course, and pushing electric cars is one such way; the Chinese own all the world's rare earth metals, which are absolutely necessary to manufacture EV's. Biden is trying to kill the internal combustion engine, and with it the hydrocarbon industry.

But he's got a long way to go and this debt keeps piling up in China.

China has to create a LOT of jobs every year, good paying jobs, or face a possible rebellion. They haven't been doing that of late.

China has seen catastrophic collapses in her real estate market and other segments of her economy.

This is a very dangerous time. Xi may well decide a little foreign adventure is what the doctor ordered to juice up the economy and divert people's attention. Taiwan is looking ripe; Biden has shown he won't defend anyone, and if he were willing he would screw it all up. Now would be a good time to strike for China.

Biden would no doubt send a strongly worded, polite diplomatic protest. And then another. And then another.

Even if the U.S. actually went to war, what are we going to do?  It would require boots on the ground, and in the Biden military that would rather mean stilletto heels on the ground as the military is now full of women and transvestites.

I don't think we could win a ground war. And an air war? The Chinese have at least as good an air game as do we. They are ahead of us in space tech, and while we may have more aircraft (something I'm not at all sure of) and we definitely have more carriers, the Chinese wouldn't have as far to go and wouldn't require carriers; just launch from the mainland.

All hell could break loose very soon over there.

What with the proxy war on Russia in eastern Europe and the declining economic situation in the Orient, one must consider how easily this powder keg could be set off.

Iran is facing revolution too. What happens if that occurs?  It would disrupt the flow of Russian and Iranian oil to Europe, and Putin couldn't allow that. Neither could Xi, frankly, as it would make it harder for China to get oil and gas if their energy partners were in trouble.

At some point someone is going to light the fusz.

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Biden Opens Door to Venezuela

Timothy Birdnow

Biden is about to ease sanctions on Venezuela in return for more oil.

From Oil Price Dot Com:

Three well-placed unnamed sources have told Reutersthat Washington could grant Chevron approval to significantly boost oil production in Venezuela as early as this weekend, if the government of Nicolas Maduro resumes talks with the opposition.

This potential would mean an easing of sanctions against Venezuela at a time when the United States is pushing for higher oil production to ease soaring prices.

Allowing Chevron to play a key role in increasing Venezuela’s oil production has been used as leverage to force talks between the Maduro government and the opposition.

So Biden will promote oil and the subsequent wealth it will generate for a Communist dictatorship but not in America.


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Ministry of Propaganda

Timothy Birdnow

Biden has a Ministry of Information distorting American thought via NSF Grants.

Biden’s National Science Foundation Has Pumped Nearly $40 Million Into Social Media Censorship Grants and Contracts

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Trump on the Court Ruling on his Taxes

"Why would anybody be surprised that the Supreme Court has ruled against me, they always do! It is unprecedented to be handing over Tax Returns & it creates terrible precedent for future Presidents. Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all of the money he made illegally from Hunter?"PDJT

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Destroying Infrastructure not a War Crime

Bill H. responds to Maurizio Morabito's post:

Destroying infrastructure is most certainly not a war crime. It is a normal method of conducting war and has been since the beginning of time. It is what we did in Baghdad, which has not fully restored its power and water infrastructure to this day. We did the same in Afghanistan before that, and in Panama, in Grenada, and in Vietnam.

In war, you are not merely fighting an opposing army, you are at war against an opposing nation, and you have to break not the army but the nation’s will to fight.

That it is "not used for propaganda or even to justify further sanctions” is a circular argument. It is not being so used for the simple reason that it is not a war crime.

That "we are failing the Ukrainians”is equally absurd. The Ukrainians are reaping what they sowed, and we have no responsibility whatever to protect them from their own actions.

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Volcanoes, Asteroids, and Everything

Richard Cronin

The Alvarez Hypothesis claims that the Great Extinctions were due to massive asteroid strikes which hurled debris into the stratosphere to block the Sun and cool the planet, such as the ash spewed out of stratovolcano Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 and the Mt. Tambora eruption in 1815 (the "year without a summer”). Unfortunately, the cooling effects from these known stratovolcanoes

lasted a few years at best. Even a massive asteroid strike on land wouldn’t produce ash which lingered in the stratosphere for decades and centuries. Moreover, the Chixulub asteroid strike, claimed to have caused the Cretaceous/ Tertiary Extinction (66 million years ago) fell into the waters off the Yucatán. The asteroid which is linked to the Permian/ Triassic Extinction (252 million years ago) fell in the waters off Western Australia and formed Bedout Island. Devastating tsunamis, yes indeed, but no dust.


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The War Game

Maurizio Morabito

Despite all the promises Ukraine is still pretty much defenseless wrt the destruction of its energy infrastructure.

This is a war crime by the Russians and the strongest evidence that the USA, NATO, the EU, the UK and the Ukrainian government are more interested in fighting Putin than in protecting lives.

Second strongest evidence of the same is the fact that this most obvious and evidence rich of war crimes is not used for propaganda or even to justify further sanctions.

In other words we are failing the Ukrainians, especially the most vulnerable.

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Blame it on Tucker

Michael Smith

The left and the media have a ready narrative for all the shootings - it is always the fault of Tucker Carlson, Libs of TikTok, conservative Christians and the alt-right (whatever that is) for "spreading hate".

Of course, "spreading hate" often is defined as opposing the hypersexualization of kindergartners, butchering minors and calling it transgender health care or attacks on parents for opposing pornographic reading materials in elementary school libraries.

Ben Collins of NBC immediately blamed Carlson, Libs of TikTok and conservatives for the mass shootings at a Colorado Springs gay bar.

As it turns out, the shooter in Colorado Springs wasn't a Tucker Carlson impersonator with "DeSantis 2024" tattooed across his chest, he (they) was a known criminal with a very troubled past who happened to "identify" as non-binary (according to court documents).

The fact is many of these shootings are conducted by mentally unstable and vulnerable people who are fueled by the very mental chaos championed by the media and the left.

Constantly sending messages to fragile people that they can be something they can never be is literal support for schizophrenia.

The left and the media are trying to normalize all sorts of mental incongruities - like saying there are 4 million genders and you can choose your pronouns - when hundreds of thousands of years of human reality says different. They are telling people they are OK and the natural world will simply change to accommodate them when they are clearly NOT OK and the natural world isn't going to change.

And when the artificial world created by these "smart" people collide with the natural world, confusion, chaos and anger result.

While I understand killing in war and for self-defense, I don't pretend to know what motivates people to electively kill other, often defenseless, people.

One thing that is common, I think, is a moral disengagement from their enemies or targets. It is hypocritical for the left and the media to accuse Tucker Carlson of creating that disengagement without examining their own role in creating it.

Colorado mass shooting: Liberal media blame Republicans for tragedy over LGBTQ rhetoric

Tim adds:

The Left derive benefit from these shootings. They dance on the graves of children whenever this happpens because there is a plethora of benefits to the advancement of their agenda inherent in these sorts of atrocities. Gun control is only part of it; they use it to take parental authority away, to manipulate children with "grief counseling" and other such, to promote MORE of the insane policies that led to this in the first place, etc. And they get good people who do not know any better to support the Democrats who promise to "do something about it" when in fact they will do nothing about it except restrain good people who could stop such things.

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Calumny and Shootings

Selwyn Duke

Applying the "Emanuelian” principle "Never let a serious crisis go to waste,” the Left is using Friday’s shooting at the Colorado Springs "LGBTQ” nightclub Club Q to try to silence the Sexual Devolution’s critics. But it's easy to put these people even further on their heels — just take the offense with pure Truth.

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