January 24, 2019

Global Warming: The Big Picture

Dana Mathewson

From Power Line. Extensive quoting from Ken Haapala, President of the Science and Environmental Policy Project, in the most recent The Week That Was an email to which you should subscribe, according to John Hinderaker, if you haven't already.

This is a long article, but very readable and I greatly suggest you DO read it. It will give you a great deal of ammunition to use the next time you are discussing the subject with a liberal family member, or perhaps AOC.


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Trump turns French Surrender Monkey on SOTU

Timothy Birdnow

Donald Trump turns into a French surrender monkey.

According to the Ass Press, the Orange Peril has given in to Nancy P. and will cancel the State of the Union address.

Trump stated: "no venue that can compete with the history, tradition and importance of the House Chamber.”

Trump also tweeted:

"As the Shutdown was going on, Nancy Pelosi asked me to give the State of the Union Address. I agreed, She then changed her mind because of the Shutdown, suggesting a later date. This is her prerogative - I will do the Address when the Shutdown is over.”

The Speaker of the House is not Constitutionally tasked with determining when and where the State of the Union address is delivered, last time I checked. All she can do is deny the use of the House chamber. Trump should have simply ignored the House and delivered his address to the Senate.

Strange; Nancy is prohibiting Trump from entering her domain, in order to prevent Trump from prohibiting illegal gatecrashers from entering the domaine of the United States. Trump ought to go to the chamber anyway and try to force entry, then when Nan raises a stink ask her why she hates his immigrating there so much. Seems she doesn't like her own ox being gored, but is happy for the rest of us to take it.

Pelosi doesn't want Trump delivering the address at all, because it would put a great deal of pressure on the Democrats to make a deal. The President's favorability rating always rises after the State of the Union, and she knows it. Also, moderates in her own party would feel that a compromise should be reached. Trump is making a tactical error here. Donald Trump must make it clear Nancy Pelosi is not the President. He's failing to do that by caving.

Donald Trump has caved on any number of things. He has failed to drain the swamp, appointing numerous insiders to his administration and to important positions elsewhere. His two Supreme Court nominations have both been lifelong Washington insiders, for example. His Treasury Secretary came from Goldman Sachs aka "Government Sach" because that corporation has dominated top government slots since FDR. He appointed Rex Tillerson, the man who made the Boy Scouts go gay. He appointed a slew of Generals who had ties to the Obama Administration. And he has surrendered on numerous campaign promises. What happened to "repeal and replace"? What happened to "lock her up:? These were promises made by Trump he has conventiently forgotten.

But the Wall is all, and if he fails to deliver on this he is finis. He knows it, I suspect. But he's starting to waffle, and with the Democrats waffling is a sign of weakness and, like sharks in bloody waters, they will go into a feeding frenzy. They do not see this as extending the hand. Trump still has to learn that there is no working with them; they have to be beaten.

Dana comments: I don't see Trump's action as surrender. I see it as high-stakes poker. A number of Democrats in the House are supposedly pressing Pelosi to open negotiations with the President; they don't like the current stalemate. It looks to me like Trump's actions are just more pressure -- from a different direction -- to get Madam Speaker off Square One. You might say that Trump is trying to catch a fly with at least a modicum of honey rather than a cup of vinegar here -- something he's shown a real talent for.

If Mme. Loud-Speaker doesn't respond, he can easily take his offer off the table. We've seen him do that before, too. Give him a chance.

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Kamala Harris Running, but...

Dana Mathewson

She's in, but with an asterisk


However, Harris was also the attorney general of California before going to the Senate. And now every case she handled is being scrutinized by the committed left, which holds great sway over the Democratic nomination. It turns out Harris was a fairly tough prosecutor, and actually put "people of color" in prison.

Not acceptable.

Incredibly, she may have to fight charges of racism, or at least insensitivity.

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January 23, 2019

"Conservatives" too condemned Covington teens

Jack Kemp

In a thoughtful article at Townhall.com ,Kira Davis examines the shoddy journalism of so-called conservatives who condemned the students from Covington Catholic High School.

Here are the pertinent paragraphs...

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Nat tried to disrupt National Shrine Mass

Jack Kemp

Nathan Phillips reportedly tried to disrupt National Shrine Mass

The day after a Lincoln Memorial confrontation with some Catholic schoolboys that went viral, American Indian activist Nathan Phillips and his drum-and-chant group reportedly tried to disrupt a Catholic Mass in Northeast Washington. The Catholic News Agency reported Tuesday, citing unnamed sources, that the group of about 20 activists sought to enter the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on Saturday during its 5:15 p.m. Vigil Mass."was really upsetting" a shrine security guard on duty during the Mass told CNA. "There were about twenty people trying to get in, we had to lock the doors and everything".

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This Nathan Phillips info didn't take long to find

Jack Kemp

Native American Vietnam vet. Yeah, and I'm the King of Siam, only I left my crown in my other pair of pants.

Native American activist Nathan Phillips faces questions about reports that he's a veteran of the Vietnam war.

According to multiple news accounts, the activist is 64 years old, which means he would have been 18 years old in 1973, the last year any U.S. combat units were stationed in Vietnam.

Mr. Phillips also claims to be a Marine veteran, although the last Marine combat units left Vietnam in 197'3

A careful reading of Mr. Phillips own descriptions does not make clear if he ever set foot in Vietnam. Instead, he has used much more careful language claiming he is a "Vietnam times veteran"" an ambiguous phrasing that led many media accounts to conclude he was a combat veteran.

Mr. Phillips could not be reached for comment Monday.

From Tim:

At least John Kerry actually did serve in Vietnam. This guy can't even say that.

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Beware Kamala Harris, anywhere she goes

Dana Mathewson

The Kavanaugh episodes only underscored how desperate this senator is to smear her opponents. It seems tragically fitting that a senator who twists someone's words to support the exact opposite of what that person meant would also be willing to twist the law for her personal agendas, and even use the law to silence her opponents.

Americans should oppose Kamala Harris, regardless of their own political persuasions.

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The Ultimate Irony of the 'Native American Elder' and the MAGA Hat Kids

Selwyn Duke

This past weekend’s big news was a big media frame-up of kids and the beating of a leftist drum by a little Indian. There’s no need now to elaborate on how the Covington Catholic High School students may end up being 2019’s most unfairly maligned group; their innocence has already been established. But suffice it to say that with video-recording devices ubiquitous today — and with incidents such as last Friday’s Lincoln Memorial affair shot by multiple people from many angles — if there’s no footage of something that allegedly happened there, it didn’t happen, period.

What did happen was that Talking Bull (Nathan Phillips), a professional agitator and American Indian separatist, was given a forum in which to spew nonsensical ideas. Here’s a prime example: "I heard them [the students] saying ‘build the wall, build that wall,’” he said,” as Vibe reported. "This is indigenous land. We’re not supposed to have walls here. Before anyone came here there were no walls….”

(Actually, the Indians built plenty of walls, as old ruins attest.)


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AOC Shows Her Anti-Semitism

Dana Mathewson

Could it be that Crazy-Eyes really doesn't understand what anti-Semitism is all about? While a whole slew of politicians on the Left are abandoning the Women's March because of its blatant anti-Semitism, AOC has rushed to embrace it, instead blaming the Trump Administration for anti-Semitism.

On Saturday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) embraced the anti-Semitic Women's March just days after the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and other left-wing organizations cut ties with the movement over blatant anti-Semitism.

The anti-Semitism and racism within the Women's March is so pervasive that the group's founder, Theresa Shook, called on all the co-chairs to step down for allowing "anti-Semitism, anti-LBGTQIA sentiment and hateful, racist rhetoric to become a part of the platform."

Women's March co-president Tamika Mallory recently defended calling Louis Farrakhan the "greatest of all time," and refused to affirm Israel's right to exist in two separate interviews.

Anti-Semitism within the Women's March is so blatant that the DNC and far-left Emily's List cut ties with the organization last week.


With many on the Left abandoning the group over its anti-Semitism, Ocasio-Cortez ran to it and embraced it.

In a video provided to The Daily Wire by right-wing activist Laura Loomer, Loomer confronted Ocasio-Cortez, asking, "Why are you standing with people who openly support Hamas, a terrorist organization that kills Jewish people?"

Ocasio-Cortez would not give an answer.


When asked about the group's anti-Semitism, Ocasio-Cortez ignored the question and claimed, without evidence, that members of the Trump administration are the ones that have a problem with anti-Semitism.

Let me see: this is the gal who doesn't care about being "factually correct" as long as she's "morally right." Here, she's neither.

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I Think There's A Pattern Here

Dana Mathewson

Power Line's John Hinderaker reports on Nathan Phillips' latest, er, activity in Washington. He wonders if Phillips is, in fact, an anti-Catholic bigot. I wonder if, instead, he's just opposed to everybody except Native Americans. Either way, he is one pushy dude!
It turns out that the day after the March For Life, Phillips and a gang of followers tried to disrupt a service at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington:

While chanting and playing ceremonial drums, a group of Native American rights activists reportedly led by Nathan Phillips attempted Jan. 19 to enter Washington, D.C.’s Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception during a Saturday evening Mass.

The group of 20 demonstrators was stopped by shrine security as it tried to enter the church during its 5:15 pm Vigil Mass, according to a shrine security guard on duty during the Mass.

"It was really upsetting,” the guard told CNA.

"There were about twenty people trying to get in, we had to lock the doors and everything.”

The guard said the incident was a disappointment during a busy and joyful weekend for the shrine.

"We had hundreds and hundreds of people from all over the country come here to celebrate life, to celebrate each other together. That a protest tried to come inside during Mass was really the worst.”


There you have it. Bigotry was indeed on display at the March For Life, and after. It came from the blacks who harassed the Covington Catholic kids for over an hour, calling them "faggots” and worse, and from Nathan Phillips, who attacked Catholics wherever he found them. Against this background of bigotry, the Covington Catholic kids are to be commended for keeping their cool and smiling through it all.

The Power Line article is here: https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2019/01/a-pattern-emerges.php

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Covington Kids' Race, Religion, Politics Made For Perfect Storm

Dana Mathewson

Michael Goodwin is a great observer of the current scene. Writing in the New York Post, he analyzes the Covington "issue."

Covington kids’ race, religion and politics made moment dry tinder for social media bonfire

"Open another can of outrage” is a phrase I first heard years ago. The speaker attributed the words to a New York politician and accused him of keeping manufactured outrage on the shelf and releasing it only for political gain.

Young and naive, I was scandalized by the possibility. Now I long for the days when outrage was rationed and dispensed only with cynical purpose.

These days, outrage is everywhere, is genuine and spontaneous — and far more dangerous.

Technology gives it the power to erupt instantly over the slightest provocation — or no provocation at all. But technology, for all its magic, can’t turn outrage into hate.

Only people can do that, and the most hateful people in America today are leftists.

Exhibit A is the confrontation involving a group of Catholic high school kids from Kentucky and a Native American activist last Friday in Washington, after the right-to-life march. A partial video set the internet on fire because it claimed to show the students mocking and harassing the older Native American man, who was banging a small drum.

Regardless, at almost any other time in any other place, the confrontation would have been deemed unremarkable — because it was. Sure, there was disdain, but no violence or even pushing and shoving. And you can see more menacing looks than that on a rush-hour subway any day of the week.

Technology gives it the power to erupt instantly over the slightest provocation — or no provocation at all. But technology, for all its magic, can’t turn outrage into hate.

Only people can do that, and the most hateful people in America today are leftists.

Exhibit A is the confrontation involving a group of Catholic high school kids from Kentucky and a Native American activist last Friday in Washington, after the right-to-life march. A partial video set the internet on fire because it claimed to show the students mocking and harassing the older Native American man, who was banging a small drum.

Regardless, at almost any other time in any other place, the confrontation would have been deemed unremarkable — because it was. Sure, there was disdain, but no violence or even pushing and shoving. And you can see more menacing looks than that on a rush-hour subway any day of the week.

But the Washington incident, near the Lincoln Memorial, had a unique element: the Catholic kids were predominantly white and pro-life, and some wore pro-Trump Make America Great Again hats.

 We used to say that George W. Bush was the most powerful president ever; he was still messing things up after Obama became president. Now, Trump is all powerful -- even his caps can cause a situation to explode. Wow!

Videos and accounts continue to emerge, and some who initially criticized the students, including prominent Catholics, have apologized or deleted their nasty comments. But it’s impossible to erase the knowledge that something must be very rotten in America for such an insignificant incident to spark such dangerous reactions.


As others have noted, the Friday incident might not have happened had the Catholic kids been wearing school hats instead of pro-Trump hats.

But it’s a delusion to believe that, if Trump disappeared, America would be healed. The chasm opened in our society is not his fault, nor will it automatically close once he’s gone.

Those who oppose the coercively liberal culture found their voice in him, just as those who feel left out are bucking the ruling parties in Great Britain, France and across Europe.

While Trump is hardly an angel, the hatred for him is out of proportion to anything he says or does. Indeed, his accomplishments, instead of healing the haters, seem to be fueling ever greater outrage.

Haven’t these people ever heard of sedatives, psychiatrists or religion? Whatever their problem, the contempt for everything Trump, including his supporters, must stop before innocent people die.

As the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan once warned, a bullet has no friend once it leaves the gun.

The entire article is here: https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/their-race-their-religion-and-their-politics-made-the-moment-dry-tinder-for-a-social-media-bonfire


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January 22, 2019

Shameful Behavior By The Covington Diocese

Dana Mathewson

It is normally not my practice to comment on comments made by a diocese of the Catholic (or any other) Church. But in the wake of the kerfuffle that I'm sure everyone's heard about, where a clean-cut group of Catholic students was wrongly accused of racist (oh, how that word is being misused these days) behavior recently by a bunch of race hustlers (and a professional activist) while merely waiting for their bus, and then shamefully being thrown UNDER a bus by their own diocese, which decided it had to debase itself by virtue-signalling, I just must post this.

True, the Diocese is half-heartedly "walking back" its earlier condemnation of the students. But it really should have kept quiet until it determined where the blame really lay. This was not Christian behavior. And one of the priests still has not "done the right thing" as/of this time. (I was referring to Fr. Edward Beck -- turns out he may not be connected to the Covington diocese after all.)

The Diocese of Covington walked back its earlier harsh condemnation of Covington High School Students accused of racism. On its website today there is only one message and all pages are shut down except the following.

On Monday afternoon the Covington Police alerted us that they had intelligence concerning a planned protest, Jan. 22, at Covington Catholic High School and a vigil at the Diocesan Curia. Due to threats of violence and the possibility of large crowds the Diocese was advised to close Covington Catholic High School, the Diocesan Curia and neighboring Covington Latin School. We thank law enforcement officers for their protection and will reopen when they say it is safe to do so.

Concerning the incident in Washington, D.C., between Covington Catholic students, Elder Nathan Phillips and Black Hebrew Israelites the independent, third-party investigation is planned to begin this week. This is a very serious matter that has already permanently altered the lives of many people. It is important for us to gather the facts that will allow us to determine what corrective actions, if any, are appropriate.

We pray that we may come to the truth and that this unfortunate situation may be resolved peacefully and amicably and ask others to join us in this prayer.

We will have no further statements until the investigation is complete.

This call for a thorough investigation would have been welcome news to the parents of the students when the event occurred. Instead, the diocese issued a harsh condemnation of the students without having all the facts just moments after the viral video was widely misreported in the news. The original statement,which is no longer available on the website, even threatened expulsion.

We condemn the actions of the Covington Catholic High School students towards Nathan Phillips specifically, and Native Americans in general.

The matter is being investigated and we will take appropriate action, up to and including expulsion.We know this incident also has tainted the entire witness of the March for Life and express our most sincere apologies to all those who attended the March and all those who support the pro-life movement.

After more video surfaced that showed that Nathan Phillips was the aggressor and had lied about several facts, there was a loud cry from the public for journalists and the diocese to withdraw their false statements and apologize. The Diocese of Covington left its condemnation up for several days, only changing it today after the cries of injustice grew to a deafening roar. [emphasis mine]

Disclaimer: I am not a Catholic, but my wife is a musician at a local Catholic Church and I have many very close friends there; some of the dearest friends I have. Also, Timothy, the proprietor of this site, is Catholic, and he also is one of my greatest friends. None of the people I just mentioned would have behaved the way these Covington officials have! Christians are, in a nutshell, not supposed to act like this -- they are supposed to examine the situation and find out what happened, to determine the truth, and not to judge their brother Christians until all the facts are in. I greatly fear that Satan has penetrated the ranks of the diocesan leadership.

However, I also believe the teenagers from Covington have been very well brought up, by their parents and their church mentors, and reacted to the situation as well as they possibly could have. If anyone cares to disagree with me, that's why we have comments on this site.

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Perjury Laws only Apply to Trump, Republicans

Timothy Birdnow

About that Buzz(ard)feed fake news article about Trump directing Michael Cohen to lie to Congress and how this is a serious offense that will bring Trump down, I ask a simple question; what of the others who either lied or ordered people to lie under oath?

First we have John Brennan, who clearly perjured himself before the U.S. Senate. According to Real Clear Investigations:

several Capitol Hill sources say Brennan, a fiercely loyal Obama appointee, talked up the dossier to Democratic leaders, as well as the press, during the campaign. They say he also fed allegations about Trump-Russia contacts directly to the FBI, while pressuring the bureau to conduct an investigation of several Trump campaign figures starting in the summer of 2016.”

Brennan lied when he denied knowing anything about the "Golden Shower" dossier compiled by a British ex-spy and financed by the Clinton campaign. He knowingly lied about it to Congress under oath. All that happened to Brennan, who was out of office anyway was a loss of his security clearance. Brennan had been director of the CIA.

What about James Clapper? He also committed perjury before Congress over government surveillance of private citizens. The former Director of National Intelligence stated unequivocally that the NSA was not spying on American citizens when he knew they were. He was never prosecuted for his perjury.

Clapper then lied about lying about it.

Debbie Wasserman Schulze and John Podesta both lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee about the funding of the Steele Dossier by the Clinton Campaign, according to Democrat Leon Panetta.

James Comey
lied to Congress when he was forced to testify under oath.

Of course, we must not forget former President William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, who was convicted of lying in court and obstructing justice. Clinton not only told Monica Lewinsky to lie, but he was on tape years before telling Jennifer Flowers to do likewise.

And what of Hillary? She willfully lied about the Benghazi attacks, blaming a film when she knew it was not true. And she tampered with evidence by wiping her server clean.

And what of the Savior, Barack Hussein Obama? He failed to disclose side deals he had made with Iran to Congress, essentially lying to them by omission. He willfully misled Congress to get the deal past. He wound up giving millions to Iran without Congressional approval. He also lied to the American People when he told everyone his Obamacare would allow them to keep their doctors. He knew better. and he lied about not knowing Hillary Clinton used a private server.

Strange how unimportant those cases were, while if Trump directed his personal attorney to lie he should be not just impeached but taken out and shot.

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Fake Hate Crimes Accusations and Covington

Timothy Birdnow

For those of you who don't believe that the high school kids from Covington were set up I ask you, how many fake hate crimes have we witnessed in recent years?

Here are a few chronicled by Fox News.

"Hate crime hoaxes have a similar divisive effect on communities that genuine hate crimes have and therefore -- absent an extenuating circumstance -- they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law," said Brian Levin, director of The Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University in San Bernardino.

On Monday, a Kansas man whose car was allegedly vandalized with racist threats admitted he was responsible for the graffiti, law enforcement officials said. The hateful messages found on a car in Manhattan, Kan., shocked the community of nearby Kansas State University, prompting several public events focused on race relations and diversity and assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in finding the perpetrator.

The Kansas incident follows other reported hate crime hoaxes within the last year.

Sometimes we see people who do this because they want sympathy and publicity as well as to make a pointed political statement.
— Brian Levin, California State University at San Bernardino

In June, Brian K. Telfair, a former Petersburg City Attorney, asked a city employee to buy a prepaid cellphone that he later used to make a phone call to himself, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, citing court records. Telfair, who is black, told authorities that the call was made by an unknown "redneck" who spewed racist threats to the city's mayor and other officials, the paper reported.

In December, a Muslim teenager from Long Island by the name of Yasmin Seweid told authorities that she was harassed on the subway by men who yelled "Donald Trump!" while trying to remove her hijab. The police said within two weeks that she admitted she was lying because she broke her curfew. She was arrested for filing a false report and later accepted a plea deal.

In November 2016, a hateful note on a white board at Elon Univeristy in North Carolina that read "Bye Bye Latinos Hasta La Vista" was actually satire written by a Latino student at the school, according to the Elon News Network.

In fact Here is a database of fake hate crimes. This is a common dirty trick by liberals to frame conservatives, white people, men, and anyone they don't like.

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Dems Prepare to Impeach Justice Kavanaugh

Timothy Birdnow

We all knew it was coming; the Democrats are preparing to impeach Brett kavanaugh.

Grom Gateway Pundit:

34-year-old Rep. Joe Neguse (D-CO) was speaking with his constituents on Friday when a man asked him about impeaching Justice Kavanaugh and perhaps using his ‘perjury against him.’

"There’s no question [Kavanaugh] committed perjury during the confirmation hearings and so forth,” Rep. Neguse said. "I think the Judiciary Committee is likely to take that up.”

No question he committed perjury? What evidence is there to support that claim?

These people are no longer even trying to appear they are following the most basic rules of civilized conduct.

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Occluded Cortex Drools Again!

Timothy Birdnow

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is worse than Lex Luthor. The brain half empty (or is it half-full?) demigod of the New Left has now boldly gone where only real crackpots have gone before; she has proclaimed the immanent demise of Zekind in twelve years due to, you guessed it, Global Warming!

Al Gore, eat your heart out!

From the Daily Caller:

"I think that the part of it that is generational is that millennials and people, in Gen Z, and all these folks that come after us are looking up and we’re like, the world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change. And your biggest issue is, your biggest issue is how are we going to pay for it? — and like this is the war, this is our World War II,” Ocasio-Cortez began.

The Westchester ditz also complained about life in a place her parents chose to immigrate to before she was born:

"I think for younger people, we’re looking at this are more like, how are we saying ‘let’s take it easy’ when 3,000 Americans died last year, how are we saying ‘let’s take it easy’ when the nth person died from our cruel and unjust criminal justice system?” she asked.

"How are we saying take it easy, when the America that we’re living in today is dystopian with people sleeping in their cars so they can work a second job without healthcare and we’re told to settle down. It’s a fundamental separation between that fierce urgency of now, the why we can’t wait that King spoke of,” Ocasio-Cortez added.

If America is so dystopian why did your parents come, Lexi? Why do you want to keep the borders open now? If you were a decent person you would advocate closing the borders to protect the poor, miserable people wanting to come here from the real horrors of life in America.

Oh, I thought Barack Obama and YOUR party solved the healthcare crisis. Funny people are still having a hard time with that. And why do they have cars to sleep if America is so bad? You don't see Hondurans or others coming up in these caravans in their own personal vehicles, do you?

By the way, if we have such an unjust criminal system why weren't the rioters in Ferguson or Baltimore shot? Why didn't we shoot the people rushing the border? How is it Al Sharpton has stayed out of jail? You have no idea what a "cruel and unjust criminal system" really is. Try speaking with some older immigrants from the old Soviet Union, or Poland, or Romania, or a refugee from China, say, today. You don't even know what "cruel and unjust' really is, girl.

And, for the love of all things holy, learn something about climate and how it works. We have had NO warming in twenty some-odd years, despite a "consensus" of scientists who have been preaching this since the eighties. There is increasing amounts of polar ice. There is no hot spot in the atmosphere. The oceans haven't been warming. In other words, this is a loaded diaper.

Which, if you ask me, is what our dear Occluded Cortex wears under her capri pants.

I don't really worry about that insult getting back to her; I doubt she would understand what it meant.

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Minority Privilege and the Covington Smear

Timothy Birdnow

In the rush to condemn a group of Catholic high school boys, the Left became even more unhinged from reality than usual. The viral video that started the wolf attack showed the MAGA-hat wearing kids MAKING FACES at an Indian activist named with the culturally appropriated Caucasian Nathan Phillips.

James Fallows from the Atlantic wrote the following AFTER the video surfaced showing the Covington boys were not the aggressors in the recent viral hatefest:

Whatever happened just before or after the three or four minutes most widely circulated on yesterday’s videos, those three or four minutes convey a reality that seems impossible to deny. For a sustained period, a large group of young men, who had chosen by their apparel to identify themselves with a political movement (and a movement whose leader uses ‘Pocahontas’ as an epithet and recently made a ‘joking’ reference to the massacre at Wounded Knee), act mockingly to a man their grandfathers’ age, who by his apparel and activities represents a racial-minority, indigenous-American group.

Any such encounter has an implicit edge of menace, intended or not, which everyone understands when younger, bigger, stronger males come close to older, smaller, weaker people. …

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The French Luniara? Europe Plans a Moon Colony

Timothy Birdnow

The European Union wants to go to the Moon and mine it. According to the U.K. Daily Mail:

The European Space Agency revealed it has signed up rocket maker ArianeGroup to develop plans for a moon base that could be used to mine material from the lunar surface. The project will 'examine the possibility of going to the Moon before 2025 and starting to work there'. Industrial partners including renowned architects Foster+Partners have already worked with ESA to test the feasibility of 3D printing using lunar soil to create moon bases.

The one-year contract aims to eventually mine regolith on the lunar surface.

'As ESA and other agencies prepare to send humans back to the Moon – this time to stay – technologies that make use of materials available in space (in-situ resource utilisation) are seen as key to sustainability, and a stepping stone in humankind's adventure to Mars and farther into the Solar System,' the space agency said.

I say - good luck with that!

The U.S. could do it (but probably won't because we are too interested in quasi-socialist schemes and not in actually making or doing anything tangible) and the Russians maybe and possibly the Chinese, but Europe is a decadent, moribund society incapable of taking any sort of initiative. This is a project that requires hard work, dedication, and fortitude as well as technical expertise. Europe is constitutionally incapable of most of that. Socialist dreams have turned Europe into a wine-sipping garden party without any grit or determination. They have never launched their own space station, nor done any of the real astronautical work. At best they can put up a few satellites and whatnot, but actually putting people in harm's way is another matter. Europe is too lazy and pleasure-minded to do such a thing. more...

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January 21, 2019

Why Does Our Side Keep Doing This?

Dana Mathewson

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke gives us this very frustrated view of some very frustrating behavior by politicians on the Right, who really ought to know better.

Why Do GOP Politicians Obligingly Eat Their Own?

A political scalping occurred in Washington D.C. last week. Once again the liberal media and Democrats played the predictable race politics to attack Iowa Rep. Steve King, while members of the GOP political class fell in line—obliging the left and piling on one of their own in the act of political cannibalism. It was too enticing a moment for the Republicans who felt the need to morally preen and cleanse themselves of racist perceptions by Democrats and their accomplices in the media.

Republicans should already know how this works. An agenda-driven liberal reporter will interview them about a topic wrought with opportunities to stumble over word choices, and then attack how the response words are arranged to infer what the interviewee allegedly meant. In our modern times, when interviewed by a journalist, the interviewee is at the mercy of the writer’s agenda, unless the interviewee is savvy enough to record it. For example, if a journalist is interviewing a liberal or a Democrat, the writer will smooth things out if they stumble and the outcome is a sparkling and favorable column. Conservatives and Republicans don’t get this swooning cheerleading reaction from the liberal media. Instead, they get sliced, diced, tattooed and fed to the lions.

The goal of the journalist is to draw blood and start a feeding frenzy that spreads like wildfire through the D.C. establishment. Others join in to get their pound of flesh. First, it’s Democrats trying to score some cheap political points and other liberal media outlets in their echo chambers. Then the liberal media reporters seek out Republicans and demand they condemn their colleague. If they don’t condemn in the strongest terms, the liberal media finds them racist by association. Once they get enough momentum from GOP politicians, they stand back and watch Republicans destroy their colleague so they no longer have to.

Knowing this reality, why do GOP politicians volunteer to be the firing squad? Democrats don’t do this. When former Michigan Congressmen John Conyers was discovered to be a serial sexual harasser, Party leader Nancy Pelosi went on the Sunday talk shows and called him an icon. When she was pressed to condemn his behavior, she simply avoided answering the question. When Barack Obama was discovered to have racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright as a spiritual advisor for nearly two decades, the Democrat establishment took the ‘hear no, see no, speak no evil,’ approach about their nominee. Recently Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver reminded colleague Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who was attacking fellow Democrats that, "there’s an outstanding rule, don’t attack your own people. We just don’t need sniping in our Democrat caucus.”
If I remember correctly, Ronald Reagan used to say something very similar.

This is an excellent article. I'll cut to the end.

Here’s my advice about how to handle gotcha question from the liberal media when an ambush is afoot. I simply say, why do I have to comment? I wasn’t there, I didn’t say it and am not responsible for what that politician says. Go ask him or her about it. The media will write that Clarke refuses to condemn racist statements. So what, who cares? If asked if the politician should resign I would say, that is not for me to determine. It’s for the voters he or she represents in their districts. Go ask them. Goodbye. Then I hang up. Don’t allow further questions.

The biggest mistake by Rep. King was to grant an interview to the New York Times. They weren’t interested in his position on any current policy issue. It was a trap knowing that he sometimes says things that come out clumsy and they did what they do to other conservatives and GOP politicians who aren’t extremely careful with every word they say. They eviscerated him; most likely gave each other a high-five, smirked, and laughed at how easy it was to hoodwink him.

The article is here, and in my estimation it's a must-read. https://townhall.com/columnists/sheriffdavidclarke(ret)/2019/01/21/why-do-gop-politicians-obligingly-eat-their-own-n2539339

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AG Nominee Bill Barr a big supporter of "Red Flag" laws -- a.k.a. Gun Confiscation

Dana Mathewson

Frankly, I am NOT a supporter. Red Flag laws are a form of Gun Confiscation, and if the gummint can do it one way they can do it other ways.


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