January 28, 2019

Bishop apologizes for criticizing Covington boys

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Bishop of Covington Diocese who condemned MAGA teens has sent their parents a stunning letter
Better late than never

From the article:

The Bishop of Covington sent a letter of apology to the students and their parents that were condemned wrongly over accusations of racist behavior stemming from a video of an altercation between them and a Native American veteran activist.
Previously, Bishop Foys had condemned the boys after only seeing part of the altercation in one video that was widely disseminated by those critical of the president.

The letter explained how they mistakenly made the statement after so much public pressure.
"Within hours we were being pressured from all sides to make a statement regarding a video clip which purportedly showed students from Covington Catholic High School being disrespectful to Native American Elder Nathan Phillips," the letter explained.

"Based on what the video clip showed we condemned the actions of students who engaged in the alleged disrespect and promised to investigate the matter," it continued.

"Since that time other video clips," Foys added, "some of much longer duration — have surfaced. Once these went viral some of the very same people who put tremendous pressure on us to condemn the actions of the students now wanted a retraction from anyone who had previously issued a statement critical of them. All this was based again on a video."
The letter goes on to explain that the students and their parents have received death threats, and their offices also received a bomb threat.

"We are sorry that this situation has caused such disruption in the lives of so many," Foys said. "We apologize to anyone who has been offended in any way by either of our statements which were made with good will based on the information we had."
"We should not have allowed ourselves to be bullied and pressured into making a statement prematurely, and we take full responsibility for it," he added.

Read the rest at The Blaze.

A word from Tim:

Funny; we are always hearing "judge not lest ye be judged" from liberals in the Church and yet the Bishop is stampeded into judging without all the facts. Strange; the Catholic heirarchy seldom makes judgemental statements, even where open sin is occuring (as in pro-abortion Catholic legislators like Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden). But they were quick to attack teenage white boys. Strange how cavalier so many in the Church have become to the sufferings of teenage boys and how quick to promote the narrative of atheists and pagans.

We are in a time of terrible apostacy, if you ask me.

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Get your Head in the Game or it will wind up in the Guillotine

Jack Kemp forwards this:

What Will It Take To Make You Understand And Accept That They Hate You?

Kurt Schlichter

From the article:

Accept that that kid was you, and me. If they'll ice a kid for not having the right grin, they'll waste you or me in a heartbeat. Murder is, after all, how leftists roll. The USSR, Red China, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba that cadaver-strewn litany teaches what's lurking at the bottom of the slope we're sliding down. The Dems are spooning with socialism, and the goal of socialism is written in blood on the pages of history. The unapproved must be liquidated, and they are making no secret that you are unap proved.

Understand that and accept it.

I know it's hard. It goes against everything you've been taught to believe to acknowledge that that a significant and influential group of other Americans - not that they identify that way - want you dead or enslaved. But they do. The Fredocons will scoff, but the conservaquisling collaborators' actions speak louder than their weasel words they're currying favor with the enemy, betting that their abject groveling and supine submission will mean that they get the chop last.

You better get your head in the game or you'll find your head in a guillotine definitely figuratively, maybe literally.

Read it all at Townhall.

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Strategy or Defeat?

Timothy Birdnow

In a recent blogpost here at The Aviary I took the President to task (most vociferously) over his reopening of the government. Dana Mathewson thinks I'm reading too much into it and we had the following exchange:

Dana Mathewson states:

Well, Tim, me ould son, I still think you are a bit morose about all this, and are way too ready to give up. I am of the opinion that Our Mr. Trump still knows how to play the cards in such a way as to stymie everybody on the Democrat horse's-ass cart. In other words, I still believe he has Nancy's knickers in his hand, twisted up tighter than she can stand.

Mr. Trump is not a politician. He's a New York real estate kingpin, and he does not give up. These Washington political pukes are second-rate crapolas to him. He's playing 3D chess, they're playing checkers, as somebody else said.

I was discussing this with Bob Redmond yesterday and as he said, if you're in a boxing match, and you're fighting against the heavyweight champ, and it's a 12-round bought, and you're in the ninth round and the champ is still coming out fighting, you are in big trouble. Trump is the champ, and he's coming out. Pelosi and Chuckles don't even know they've been beaten.

Tim Replies:

Dana, I sure hope you're right but I don't think so. I think what happened is the Senate Republicans went wobbly on Trump, and McConnell came to him with an ultimatum; "settle this now or I'll have to bring a restore bill to the floor and you'll lose". Trump figured, in my opinion, he didn't have a lot of choice on the matter and it was better to fight another day. Of course, this IS politics and not business and he figured it would be possible to make a comeback, but he is now PERCEIVED as weak and vacillating and the public perception is more important. In business it's what you get, but not so here.

Remember; Trump didn't get a repeal of the ACA, either. He just managed to kill the individual mandate (by Executive Order, meaning it can easily be reversed) and he tried to claim victory and move on. He got a pass from the public that time, but will he this time? He's not getting a wall. At most he'll be able to get a few bucks for some chain link fence that will deter nobody. The Democrats knew they had to deny this to Trump. He knew he needed this win, too, but between the Senate and his own White House he is the guy who blinked.

Trump no longer holds any cards. He threw them all in with the surrender. In three weeks he is not going to be able to do anything. He might be able to shut the government again, but I doubt the Senate will allow it. They'll vote to override his veto. And then the whole process would start up again anyway. The pain of Federal workers was a necessary evil to accomplish his goal. He can't do that while these guys are getting paid.

Federal law states that after thirty days of being furloughed Federal workers can be given a pink slip. Trump should have quietly threatened to do that with a lot of them - particularly the TSA and Air Traffic Controllers who did not show up for work. It's a hard thing but if Trump thinks he's getting any kudos for not doing it he needs to think again. Now he is back to square one.

I admit this could maybe work for the GOP in the long run, but I doubt it; the public will probably forget that Pelosi was willing to throw her own people under the bus. By the time of the next election all that will be remembered is that Trump caved and Pelosi stood strong. With the media that is sure to be the only takeaway.

Unless Trump has some sort of very devious scheme in his mind (and frankly I don't think he does or he would have played that card six months ago) I don't see any
way to look at this but a complete surrender. I hope you are right, Dana, but I just don't see any pathway to victory here.

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Passing the Barr

Dana Mathewson

I'm starting to dislike the guy. . .

From the article:

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January 27, 2019

Still no Tropospheric "Hot Spot"

This from Ken Haapala at SEPP:

The Weather Engine: Last week’s TWTW discussed the two primary energy flows from the surface through the atmosphere into space as speculated in the influential 1979 Charney report: 1) carbon dioxide (CO2) absorbing and re-radiating (interfering with) some of the outbound long-wave radiation from the surface to space and 2) increased water vapor absorbing and re-radiating (interfering with) even more outbound long-wave radiation. According to the Charney Report, the increased water vapor is more significant than the CO2 in causing a warming of the planet.

Further, TWTW discussed the 1997 model of the earth’s "Annual Global Mean Energy Budget” as presented by Kiehl and Trenberth paper published by the American Meteorological Society. In their graph, Figure 7, one can see the component allocated to outgoing longwave radiation and the component allocated to increasing water vapor, evapotranspiration and latent heat. Other publications disagree with the specific numbers but accept the concept. more...

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Saved by pseudo-renewable energy?

Paul Driessen

I recently suggested that those who claim fossil fuels and greenhouse gases are causing dangerous climate change have the burden of proving their case. Not with allegations, computer models, headlines, mob rule and demands for instant sentencing. With solid, irrefutable evidence.

This week I argue that those who demand we replace fossil fuels with "renewable” energy likewise have the burden of proving that wind, solar and biofuel energy can actually replace our fossil fuels. That wind, solar and biofuel energy actually is clean, green, affordable, renewable and sustainable.

Thus far, they have offered no real-world evidence whatsoever. And there is no way they can. The wind and sun may be free, green, renewable and sustainable. But the massive amounts of energy, land and raw materials required to harness and utilize that pseudo-renewable energy certainly are not.


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The Morality of a Wall

Timothy Birdnow

In my recnt article at American Thinker I wrote about the morality of building a wall (despite what Nancy Pelosi thinks) and how G-D blessed His prophet Nehemiah for doing that very thing - and how Nehemiah met with many of the same difficulties and opposition that Trump is facing today.

For those of you who are not convinced that walls and fences are moral, or think that the New Testament somehow simply abrogates Nehemiah, I give you the words of Jesus in John 10:1

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.

So, those who try to climb the wall to get into America illegally are thieves and robbers. Jesus said it, not me.

Here are a few other Passages That are worth pondering that pertain to our current alien invasion :

Joel 2:9
They storm the city; they run along the wall; they climb into houses, entering through windows like thieves.

Isaiah 56:10-12 His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber…

Thus saith the Lord GOD unto the shepherds; Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! should not the shepherds feed the flocks?


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January 26, 2019

Prime Minister Pelosi

This courtesy of Canada Free Press:

@SpeakerPelosi should give the State of the Union since she's obviously the one running the country.— Congressmember Bass (@RepKarenBass) January 25, 2019

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Israel to launch spacecraft to the Moon from the US

Jack Kemp

The writer of this article's knowledge and even basic research of the Hebrew Bible is lacking. The spacecraft's name, Beresheet, means "In the Beginning" and not just "Beginning," as he states. Beresheet is a contraction of three words that becomes the first word of the Hebrew Bible. And it is also the Hebrew title of that first book, what is called in English (The Book of) "Genesis."

Israel gears up for historic mission to the moon

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A Crash of RINOS Negotiating Wall Deal

Timothy Birdnow

Four RINO Senators have been chosen to handle the negotiations for border security, according to a report at Breitbart.

From the article:

The GOP Senators on the border security panel are Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby, West Virginia’s Shelley Moore Capito, North Dakota’s Sen. John Hoeven, and Missouri’s Sen. Roy Blunt, a source told Breitbart News. The four members each have earned a B rating from the mainstream NumbersUSA advocacy group, which favors a reduction in legal immigration.

Shelby started out as a moderate Democrat, part of a group called "the Boll Weevils". Shelby switched parties in 1994 after big Republican gains. He supported a ban on semi-automatic firearms. He opposed offshore oil and gas drilling. He was one of the Senators to badger Trump not to do a shutdown over the wall. He publicly opposed Roy Moore in the Senate race in Alabama, handing the seat to the Democrats. He voted to acquit Bill Clinton when he was impeached.


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Ceremonial Head of State Trump and Prime Minister Pelosi

Timothy Birdnow

Now that Donald Trump has surrendered like Saddam Hussein's army at the gates of Baghdad, we no longer have a President in charge, but rather a Prime Minister. Pelosi has assumed the roll of Churchill, or at least Clement Attlee. She has become the Master now.

Trump had better prepare to attend a lot of foreign funerals and do other jobs usually reserved for the Vice President. He is little more than a figurehead now.

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Stolen Votes in Texas

Timothy Birdnow

58,000 illegals voted in elections in Texas.

Gateway Pundit gives the 411:

VOTER FRAUD ALERT: The @TXsecofstate discovered approx 95,000 individuals identified by DPS as non-U.S. citizens have a matching voter registration record in TX, approx 58,000 of whom have voted in TX elections. Any illegal vote deprives Americans of their voice.

— Ken Paxton (@KenPaxtonTX) January 25, 2019

Secretary Whitley said in a statement:

"Integrity and efficiency of elections in Texas require accuracy of our state’s voter rolls, and my office is committed to using all available tools under the law to maintain an accurate list of registered voters. Our agency has provided extensive training opportunities to county voter registrars so that they can properly perform list maintenance activities in accordance with federal and state law, which affords every registered voter the chance to submit proof of eligibility. I would like to thank the Department of Public Safety for providing us with this valuable information so that we can continue to guarantee the right to vote for all eligible Texas voters, who should not have their voices muted by those who abuse the system.”

End excerpts.

How many votes have the Democrats stolen in this way nation-wide? I suspect Hillary did not legally win the popular vote, even, once you subtract all the illegal votes cast across the country.

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Donald William Hull Trump

Timothy Birdnow

Donald Trump, the Great Negotiator, the man who never loses, the superhero with the orange hair, has completely folded his tent and essentially become Nancy Pelosi's prison wife. Not being content to surrender to the aging hippie chick with early Alzheimers over the State of the Union speech, Trump has gone full William Hull, surrendering the Wall to the fears of old women. Pelosi now fully owns Trump, and the President's tenure of office will likely end in 2020 barring some insane action by the Democrats. I think we can confidently say Trump has ended his Presidency.

(William Hull was the Revolutionary War hero put in charge of invading Canada during the War of 1812. Hull, now a doddering, scary old man, tentatively invaded Canada, going in but a few miles then scurrying back to the safety of Fort Dearborn. When a contingent of British soldiers and Indian allies - including the famous war chief Tecumseh - besieged the much larger American force in the fort Hull went into full panic and surrendered to a much smaller force without firing a shot. He was court martialed for it and barely avoided hanging.)

Donald Trump promised to keep the government shut down until he got the measly five and change billion, and in fact he DID maintain the shutdown longer than anyone else. But he quit when he was starting to gain traction; a lot of Democrats were starting to rumble about this, quietly, yes, but rumble, and with the Federal workers (who vote 90% for Democrats) missing paychecks the pressure was ratcheting up. Time was on Trump's side. Oh, his poll numbers slipped a little bit, but we know how accurate those polls are and he should not have gone weak in the knees. As Saul Alinsky stated "if you push a negative long and hard enough it can break through and become a positive". In other words, hang tough. Had Washington given up at Valley Forge we would not have a country today. By surrendering Trump has proven to the world he is no George Washington. Shoot; the man isn't even Grover Cleveland or James Polk.


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January 25, 2019

Dems Power Grab in first Bill

Timothy Birdnow

Conservative HQ dishes on the Democrat's first bill. From the article:

Yesterday, our friends at the Institute for Free Speech released an exhaustive analysisof three speech-chilling sections of HR 1. Those provisions would regulate political speech on the Internet, violate the privacy of advocacy groups and their supporters, and compel speakers to include lengthy government-mandated messages in their communications.

"By making it harder for Americans to speak about government, a better title for the bill would be the 'For the Politicians Act,'" said Institute for Free Speech President David Keating.

The Institute's analysis finds these sections of H.R. 1 would benefit politicians and campaign finance attorneys while harming the public. The legislation's many restrictions and regulations on speakers would make it harder for Americans to promote ideas about government and to hold elected officials accountable. H.R. 1 would also subject speakers to increased costs from legal and administrative compliance, liability risk, and would harm donor and associational privacy for civic groups that speak about policy issues and politicians.

"H.R. 1 appears to be a slapdash effort to stitch together every unworkable and unconstitutional idea from the past decade about how to increase regulation of Americans' free speech rights," said Institute for Free Speech Senior Fellow Eric Wang. "While the bill may be dead on arrival, it is nonetheless a deeply troubling statement of Congress's priorities and attitudes towards the First Amendment."

Among other outcomes, HR 1's speech regulations would:

Unconstitutionally regulate speech that mentions a federal candidate or elected official at any time under a severely vague, subjective, and broad standard that asks whether the speech "promotes," "attacks," "supports," or "opposes" ("PASO") the candidate or official.

Compel groups to file so-called "campaign-related disbursement" reports with the Federal Election Commission declaring that their ads are either "in support of or in opposition" to the elected official mentioned, even if their ads do neither.

Force groups to publicly identify certain donors on these reports for issue ads and on the face of the ads themselves. In many cases, these donors would not have given a cent to support the ads.

Force organizations that make grants to file their own reports and publicly identify their own donors if an organization is deemed to have "reason to know" that a donee entity has made or will make "campaign-related disbursements."

Disproportionately burden the political speech rights of corporations, thereby ending the long-standing parity in the campaign finance law between corporations and unions.

Expand the universe of regulated online political speech beyond paid advertising to include, apparently, communications on groups' or individuals' own websites and e-mail messages.

Impose a new and constitutionally dubious public reporting requirement on sponsors of online issue ads by expanding the "public file" requirement for broadcast, cable, and satellite media ads to many online platforms.

Impose inflexible disclaimer requirements on online ads that may make many forms of small, popular, and cost-effective ads off-limits for political advertisers.

Read the rest!

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Banana Republic Justice

Timothy Birdnow

Justice is blind, the saying goes. To make that point there is a statue of a woman with a blindfold and a scale, even. But in modern, hyper-politicized America there is little blindness to our justice; the Law has become but another tool to advance Progressive social ideas. These days Lady Justice wears a P@#$@ hat rather than a blindfold.

Case in point; St. Louis Country's longtime prosecuting attorney was a man named Bob McCulloch. In the last election McCulloch (who, upon the advice of a grand jury) did not bring criminal charges against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, lost his position to one Wesley Bell. a black attorney and former city councilman in Ferguson who received funding by George Soros and Shaun King's radical group Real (in)Justice. Soros, who realized he could use the power of the law to impose his political beliefs, began funding projects to buy Prosecuting Attorney seats to use against political enemies. He also funded Kim Gardner's successful run to take the City of St. Louis' DA's office, which she immediately used to launch a political witch hunt of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. I wrote about the shameful affair at American Thinker here.

At any rate, Bell is cut from the same cloth as Gardner, who is now under investigation by a Grand Jury for a number of criminal acts she committed during the Greitens witchhunt. According to ABC30:

A police investigation started after Greitens' defense team filed complaintsthat Gardner's investigator, a former FBI agent named William Tisaby, lied under oath during a deposition. Tisaby claimed that an early interview with Greitens' accuser, who never brought charges nor has ever been publicly identified, was not taped and no notes were taken.

Greitens' defense team also claimed that Gardner "suborned perjury", allowing Tisaby to make false statements under oath without correcting him. She has denied this.

KMOX reports that the grand jury is convened in downtown St. Louis and scheduled to continue this week.


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Pelosi family criminal connections

Jack Kemp

14 min. on Youtube

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The Next SCOTUS Fight

Dana Mathewson

https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2019/01/a-battle-the-trump-administration-should-re lish.php

Paul Mirengoff says:

Yesterday, John notedthat the escalating Democratic attacks on Catholicism are, in part, an attempt to prepare the battlefield for the day when Justice Ginsburg dies or is unable to continue on the Supreme Court. In that event, said John, President Trump will likely nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ginsburg, and Democrats will make Barrett’s religious faith the basis for attacking her nomination.

To which I say, bring it on.

Read the rest.

Here are some intelligent comments on the article:

"Hold now now. Aren't we putting the cart before the horse?

"RBG seat is going no-where until the next presidential election. If they have to keep her "technically alive" on a ventilator in a coma, they will keep her brain wave activity going until the election. When it comes to politics they have no heart, no compassion.

"And John Roberts will play along with the charade that RBG is competent to remain seated and let junior aides write her opinions and cast her vote. He is, after all, a Never Trumper."

"The only problem with your scenario is that if she is nominated in mid-2020, the Democrats will simply announce that what they will call the "Garland Rule" should be invoked and the nomination should be pulled until after the election. That will be all the cover that Dems will need to oppose her 100%, and then all they need to do is to convince Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and two other shaky Republicans to vote against her either because of her position on abortion or because they buy into the Merrick Garland nonsense.

"In other words, the Dems will be able to have their cake and eat it too. They can uniformly vote against Judge Barrett, but they can claim it has nothing to do with her Catholicism, it's only a procedural matter. I am hoping that Justice Ginsburg retires before the fall term begins."
This second one is what I'm worried about, if the first one proves true.

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Journalism is not a Profession

Dana Mathewson

None of us at The Aviary need this lesson, but I'm sure we'll all appreciate the way it's laid out here. This man has been around the block quite a few times and knows what he's talking about, so he's well qualified to give the lesson.

From the article:

I've been gratified in the last few days that at least a few brave souls have tried to start a national conversation on the horrible state of American journalism. Clearly, many "journalists" don't want this conversation. And they may succeed in suppressing it. We'll try to continue it here....The last week has been a journalistic disaster, with fake news all over the place. And yet, no one really expects change. Indeed, some of the fakers are actually defending themselves. And blunders are glossed over. We are moving toward a fact-free journalism, devoted not to reporting the news "without fear or favor," but to advancing a "narrative." Some consider this a "higher calling," a move toward social justice. Facts just get in the way. And what is a fact anyway, especially if an "oppressed" culture doesn't believe it?


I don't think that's an exaggeration, but we have to ask why it's happened. A good journalist, like a good playwright, sets the stage. What was 1961 like? How did the time differ from today? Was there a higher morality? Well, one fact: In 1961 this country had millions of citizens who'd fought in World War II and Korea...and were still in their thirties. And millions more had been in war work. And many millions had family members who'd been killed or wounded in action.

Journalism has always been plagued with problems. It is not, as some of the pompous claim, a profession. A profession has formal entry requirements, like a bar exam. A profession has legally approved disciplinary panels that can strip a participant of his or her privileges. A certain number of lawyers are disbarred each year, and a certain number of doctors lose their licenses. And a profession rests on a generally accepted body of knowledge. Journalism strikes out on all three accounts. It is a calling, a trade, an occupation. It is not a profession, so we cannot begin to count on it for self-governance.

Read it all at Urgent Agenda.

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Blexit: Why Should Black People Leave The Democratic Party

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Candace Owens Interview: Why Should Black People Leave The Democratic Party?

From the article:

The "Blexi" movement held their first live event Sunday night in downtown Los Angeles.

Blexit is a movement started by conservative activist Candace Owens in order to "free" black people from the Democratic Party

Read the rest at the Daily Caller!

Fay Voshell adds:

Yes, let's hope blacks exit the Democratic Party if only for one reason--In America, the abortion rate for black women is almost 4 X that of white women. On average, 900 black babies are aborted every day in our country. In NYC, the rate of abortions among black women exceeds the birth rate.

And now we have a pink light on the new "Freedom Tower" celebrating genocide.

Tim replies:

Fay is right. The black community essentially went back to the plantation with the Democrats, volunteering for bondage under people who use them to serve their own purposes. The Democrats have always supported abortion as part of their "master" rights to restrict the population growth of their servants.


Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at 08:32 AM | Comments (1) | Add Comment
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SCOTUS gun rights case

Dana Mathewson

Interesting article by David French:

https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/01/the-supreme-court-has-taken-a-strange-gun-rights-ca se/

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at 08:28 AM | Comments (1) | Add Comment
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