September 27, 2018

Vatican Harlotry with Chicoms

Timothy Birdnow

The Vatican has given the Chinese Communists the authority to choose Bishops in the People's Republic in violation of two millenia of custom and tradition.

Maureen Mullarkey writes in The Federalist: more...

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Kavanaugh Smear is Spiritual Warfare

Dana Mathewson

Based on some things Martha heard on the radio today, which made eminent good sense (Rush Limbaugh, Pastor Haggee, Joe Pags), and what we would expect, the attacks on Brett Kavanaugh have little if anything to do with him directly. Or even indirectly. They may even have little to do with those who are making the attacks, if you think about those memory-challenged twits who THINK they MIGHT have been attacked by him lo, those many years ago.


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Proof of Media Bias

Timothy Birdnow

The Hill, a supposedly fair news outlet continues to lie and promote "breaking news" of more sexual assault accusations after the accuser formally retracted it and apolotized.

From the Daily Caller: more...

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September 26, 2018

Fed Squeezes the Recovery

Timothy Birdnow

Once again the Fed has hiked interest rates in a bid to kill the economic boom that is embarrassing Barack Obama and hurting the Democratic Party.

This is the third rate hike this year and fifth since Donald Trump took office. There were none in the entire eight year span of Barack Obama's Presidency.

This has prompted complaints from President Trump, who appointed the current Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, thinking him a cheap money man. Powell is the swampiest of swamp rats and a Janet Yellen protege. Trump should have known better, and appointed a supply-side economist, not a Keynsian like Powell.

He could have had Larry Kudlow.  But instead he chose Powell and is now paying for it. Powell and the Fed are going to keep squeezing until they kill the recovery, damaging Trump's re-election prospects.

What good does it do to cut taxes if the Fed unilaterally raises them?  A rate hike is just that.

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Kavanaugh's Lawyer Represented Hilllary Clinton Staffers

Timothy Birdnow

The Brett Kavanaugh story just keeps getting weirder. It turns out that Kavanaugh has hired as his attorney the former of David Gregory, former host of Meet the Press.

According to Heavy:

"Beth Wilkinson and David Gregory were married in 2000, in a ceremony on Nantucket Island.

David Gregory formerly served as anchor on Meet the Press and is now an analyst for CNN. Gregory came under fire while he was a reporter covering the Bush White House, since he was often accused of having a "liberal bias.”

End excerpt.

Think that's bad?  It gets worse:

"In 2016, as the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State, four top Clinton staffers hired Beth Wilkinson to represent them.

Wilkinson represented Cheryl Mills, who served as legal and political adviser to Clinton. She also represented Mill’s deputy, Heather Samuelson. Samuelson was the person who sorted Clinton’s emails into work and personal, so that the "personal” messages could be deleted.

And Wilkinson represented Clinton’s former deputy chief of staff Jake Sullivan, and Phillippe Reines, who served as Clinton’s spokesman and also used personal email for work purposes at State."

End excerpt.

This is the person representing Brett Kavanaugh. Didn't he learn a thing from Michael Cohen, who was largely thrown to the wolves by his lawyer, the Democrat operative Lanny Davis?  Davis cared more about scoring political points than his client, and I wonder if Wilkinson will do the same.

She has already told CNN that it was possible Kavanaugh knew Mrs. Ford, his accuser. You don't do that when representing a client.

Are Republicans really that stupid?

Wilkinson also prosecuted Manuel Noriega and Timothy McViegh, arguing for the death penalty for the latter. She also represented the NFL when they were sued by players for concussions. She also represented Jake Sullivan, Phillippe Reines, as well as Heather Mills for Clinton. See Politico for more.

Is this the lawyer for the job?  Somehow I think not.

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Kavanaugh smear goes back to 2012

Timothy Birdnow

Judi McLeod shows how Planned Parenthood set up this hit on Brett Kavanaugh back in 2012.

From Canada Free Press:

"Planned Parenthood, who photoshopped "Justice Kavanaugh” onto a New York Times story about a 5-4 vote to overturn Roe V. Wade, wasn’t taking any chances.

Their detailed photoshop ad came on November 5, 2012—one day before Obama’s 2012 re-election that toppled "nice guy” but largely ineffective Mitt Romney.

"This advertisement is really impressive and detailed!” wrote Josh Blackman (Josh Blackman, Nov. 5, 2012).

"Taking a page from the Obama campaignplaybook, Planned Parenthood Monday rolled out a last-ditchFacebookcampaign aimed at scaring liberal voters to the polls highlighting what they imagine a future Supreme Court would look like under Mitt Romney.

"The ad features a June 2014New York Timesfront page trumpeting the overturning ofRoe v. Wadeand ominously warning that a Romney court nominee turned out to be the decisive vote.

"The ad imagines "newcomer Justice Kavanaugh” as joining in an opinion "written by Chief Justice John G. Roberts” that "threw the status quo on abortion rights out the window.”

"Judge Brett Kavanaugh, currently on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, apparently is imagined to have replaced Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who does not appear in the line-up of votes in the ad.”


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No Shame

Brian Birdnow sent this e-mail to E.J. Dionne:

Dear E.J. Dionne,

You stated this week, in your syndicated column, that "...evangelical conservatives want Kavanaugh on the court, "no matter what."The implication, obviously, is that conservatives are willing to overlook anything, as long as they can get their boy on SCOTUS. You also shrug off Lindsey Graham's declaration that he would not ruin Brett Kavanagh's life over the Blasey Ford business.

I would like to view your commentary from the other side, if I may You, and other hateful, unhinged liberals are so determined to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court that you are bound and determined to believe a thirty-six year old accusation, no matter how questionable and shaky the accusation might be. You are also saw full of blind rage and fury, that you want to "...ruin Judge Kavanagh's life over this", not to mention ruining his reputation and family life as well! You should be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Dionne, although I am sure that you, like most of your liberal brethren would reject the notion of "shame" as a quaint, old-fashioned "conservative" virtue that you have outgrown and, therefore, do not recognize.

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Christine Blasey party video

Jack Kemp

Well, after much research I found video of Christine Blasey at the teenage party where she claimed Brett Kavanaugh molested her.

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Chuck Grassley is getting impatient!

Dana Mathewson

Doggone! I wish that dude from Iowa were the Majority Leader, yes I do.

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September 25, 2018

Kavanaugh finds his '82 Calander

Timothy Birdnow

Brett Kavanaugh has located his calendar from 1982 and will turn it over to Senate investigators as exculpatory evidence.

According to The Blaze:

"The New York Times stated it examined the calendar pages from June, July and August of 1982, which detail that Kavanaugh was for most of the summer either out of town, at the beach or away with his parents. Included on the calendars are "basketball games, movie outings, football workouts and college interviews.”

A few parties are listed but do not show names of friends mentioned by Blasey, the report stated."

End excerpt.

But it's not the nature of the evidence but the seriousness of the charge that matters, at least to the media and their Democratic allies.

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The Nazi Slayer

Dana Mathewson

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Good Amspec Articles

Dana Mathewson

Here are two good articles from the American Spectator:

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Dems Scheme to Steal Redistricting Powers in Missouri

Timothy Birdnow

The Missouri Supreme Court is going to allow voters to decide on redistricting. The Clean Missouri initiative will appear on the ballot November 6 and will create a position of "demographer" who will redraw districts. A bipartisan board will then authorize or reject the proposed redistricting.

This is a dreadful idea on multiple levels.

First, the state legislature has always had the authority to do this, and this is exactly what was intended by the framers of the Missouri constitution. It is SUPPOSED to be partisan; the public elects the legislature. What will happen here is an unelected bureaucrat will redraw the district and an unelected commission will ratify the redistricting.. The end result will be the will of the People will be thwarted, with what is now a political act being converted into a bureaucratic one.

Guess who will win every time in this? Democrats are far, far better at worming their way into control of such things. And while the commission is supposed to be "bipartisan" in the end the Democrats will wind up dominating it. They will see to that.

This is nothing but a tawdry attempt to circumvent the power of the state legislature and the Secretary of State. The Democrats, who have been losing badly at the ballot box, are trying to make an end run around voters. It's disgraceful.

The Democrats and the Left in general pay a lot of lip service to democracy when it works for them, but they will deprive the citizens of their rights when those rights become an inconvenience. This is a case in point.

Conservatives need to turn out this November.

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Fishing for Space Junk

Timothy Birdnow

Here's an interesting story; NASA wants to deploy a big net to catch space debris which imperils the Space Station and our activities in orbit.

Yes, they are going fishing - for space junk!

From the article: more...

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Expect more leftist violence if Kavanaugh not confirmed

Fay Voshell

If the Republicans cave on the Kavanaugh nomination, they can expect violence from the Left to increase.

We will be looking at fewer protestors chasing Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Ted Cruz from restaurants. We will be looking at more people who want to take out Republican members of baseball teams.

Victor Davis Hanson has a good piece:

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Fox Poll on Kavanaugh

Timothy Birdnow

A Fox News poll says that more voters believe Christine Blasey Ford than Brett Kavanaugh

According to the article: more...

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GOP gets special sex crimes prosecutor

Jack Kemp forwards this:

From Townhall:

One of the attorneys for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Judge Brett Kavanaugh's first sexual assault accuser, sent a letter late Monday night to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley expressing concerns about the format of Thursday's hearings.

In his letter, attorney Michael Bromwich expressed concern over an experienced sex crimes prosecutor coming in to help with the hearings. More than anything, Bromwich immediately demanded a copy of the prosecutor's resume after arguing that there is no need for him or her to be present. His argument: neither Ford nor Kavanaugh are on trial.


According to Frank Thorp, an NBC News reporter, the GOP refuses to name the prosecutor.

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September 24, 2018

Optimistic Polling Data for Kavanaugh

Timothy Birdnow

In this whole monstrous assault on judge Kavanaugh by the media and the Democrats, there are rays of sunlight poking through.

Scott Rasmussen has several polls that should give us some hope.

First, 38% of likely voters believe Kavanaugh didn't do it - a horribly low number, to be sure, but higher than those who believe Mrs. Blasey Ford, at 33%. A whopping 29% are undecided.

Bear in mind the key to Borking somebody is to make Senators afraid to support him or her, and that can only come with low polling numbers. more...

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Here’s the MeToo Standard of Justice

Daren Jonescu

(Originally published at

In the wake of Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation of a thirty-five-year-old moment of mistreatment at an underage drinking party — "wake” as in the allegation is dead, since there is not a shred of evidence, not a single supporting witness, and the claim sounds like the paranoid exaggeration of an addled adolescent anyway — the MeToo army has kicked into full gear. A new "accusation” has been floated against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, this one even weirder than the first.

Ford’s accusation has allowed the Democrats to delay a Senate confirmation vote, and perhaps even sway public opinion against not only Kavanaugh but the Republican Party as a whole, in spite of being completely flimsy and unsupported. Apparently having verified their hope that in the current female Marxist (aka feminist) climate, no allegation of sexual misconduct is too ancient, uncorroborated, or far-fetched to warrant an official Day of Outrage against all non-Marxist men, progressives have spent the precious past several days of the Ford Stalling Tactic dredging up another allegation, this time from Kavanaugh’s college years.


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Media: The Democrat Enforcer explained by Peggy Ryan

Jack Kemp

Peggy Ryan has written a piece at American Thinker today called "Media: The Democrat Enforcer."

It perfectly details how the Democrats and the Media combine to intimidate Republicans with questionable stories of "outrages" against Brett Kavanaugh, with the obvious implication that if the Republicans don't fold, they will bring up a false accuser of the very Republican Senators on the committee during their next election. The Media has the power to repeat the story all day long until the majority of low information voters believe it to be the truth. Remember ads for products that touted "As Seen on TV," as if that were the absolute standard of acceptable truth in this society and not facts laid out, as in many a court case? Remember, if about five percent of the voters could be swayed in the next Senatorial election, that would be enough to sink an average Republican's Senate career. You lose five percent and the Democrat opponent gains that five percent, that's a ten point swing in the election results.

Peggy Ryan has explained this tactic, compared perfectly to those used in "The Godfather" movies, extremely well. And she also indirectly explains why we need strong, energetic think-outside-the-box fighting Republicans to counter such fake tactics "as seen on tv" every night. I also agree with her criticism of Sean Hannity as well. Hannity's famous catch phrase is "Let not your heart be troubled," from the New Testament book of John 14:1. From seeing the actions of Democrat smear machine in action, I have to say that I am most probably not the only one whose heart is troubled by the tarnishing of a very good person and many others before (and probably after) them. more...

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