June 21, 2018

Sleazy Rider Calls for Raping and Torturing Trump's Child

Jack Kemp

This is sediton, a call for warfare. Go to the website to see these over-the-line calls for criminal action by Peter Fonda.

Melania Trump Calls Secret Service After Actor Peter Fonda Suggests Kidnapping Barron Trump

"First Lady Melania Trump’s office confirmed to The Daily Caller Wednesday that they have notified the Secret Service about actor Peter Fonda’s suggestion, in a series of since-deleted vulgar tweets, that Barron Trump should be kidnapped.

"The tweet is sick and irresponsible and USSS has been notified,” spokesperson for the first lady Stephanie Grisham told The Daily Caller.

Fonda also promoted horrific violence against DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and called for the kidnapping of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders's children.
Fonda also called for the public harassment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, including harassing their children at school."

Read the rest at Townhall.

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Catholic Bishops and the Sheepgate

Timothy Birdnow

"Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber.”

—John 10:1-10

The Archbishop of St. Louis has written a pastoral letter http://archstl.org/node/4406459calling on Catholics in his Archdiocese to "resist” the Trump Administration policy of removing at-risk children from their incarcerated parents at the southern border. Archbishop Robert Carlson is calling on Catholics to send letters of protest.


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The Legend of Birdnow's Car

Timothy Birdnow

And now for something completely different.

The hysteria of the day, the fake news and faux anger passing itself off as journalism - especially in this last week with the "Hail Mary Pass" of Trump splitting families story that has the President being compared unfavorably to Hitler and supposed news journalists breaking down and blubbering on air - has us all pretty wrung out. (And it's not confined to the national news; my local affiliates have been hysterical about this too, and I could not even get relief by watching an old Star Trek the Next Generation rerun because they chose an episode about how terrible it is to split up families!) clearly we need some levity to restore our sanity.

I got mine last night in a strange and marvelously silly dream and I thought I'd share it with you. more...

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June 20, 2018

American and United No Fly List for Aliens Out of U.S.

Timothy Birdnow

United Airlines and the pirates of the air - Americanos Airlines - are refusing to fly expatriated illegal alien children out of the u.s.

El Zorro (Fox for you old fashioned Anglo types) reports:

"Like many other US airlines, American has contracts with the federal government that allow authorities to use its planesto provide for certain travel. For example, the company said it has "carried refugees for non-profits and the government.”

"We have no desire to be associated with separating families, or worse, to profit from it,” the company said in a statement Wednesday. "We have every expectation the government will comply with our request and we thank them for doing so.”

"The family separation process that has been widely publicized is not at all aligned with the values of American Airlines — we bring families together, not apart,” the statement reads.

American said it has no way of knowing for sure whether its aircraft hasbeen used to transport migrant children who have been separated from their families, but added it would be "extremely disappointed to learn that is the case.”


he government does not disclose information about the nature of the flights it takes or the passengers who are traveling,” the company said.

The statement from American comes after days of controversy following reports that the Trump administration has instituted a "zero tolerance” policy fordetaining undocumented immigrants at the US border.

End exerpt.

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Liberals Please Continue Until you have Left the State!

Timotlhy Birdnow

I love this or did before the billboard company turned chicken.

From the article:

"Liberals," the billboard reads. "Please continue on I-40 until you have left our GREAT STATE OF TEXAS."

At least that's what it will read until sometime Wednesday. Randy Burkett, who owns Burkett Outdoor Advertising and the sign, told McClatchy that after all the backlash and media attention the sign got on Tuesday and Wednesday, it would be taken down immediately.

"I was shocked that it traveled that fast," Burkett said. "I believe in free speech, but this country is divided enough as it is. I've spoken with the client, and he's agreed that it should come down. We'll be reimbursing him."

He said that the client who bought the advertising space was an individual, not an organization. The sudden surge of web traffic crashed the Burkett Outdoor Advertising website Wednesday morning.

The billboard is visible, at least for the time being, to eastbound drivers on Interstate 40 outside the small Panhandle town of Vega, which is about 30 miles west of Amarillo.

End excerpt.

I wish I had thought of that!  We should do more of it.

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Third World Hellhole on the Prairie

Timothy Birdnow

Centreville Illinois is the poorest town in the United States.

Yes, this community just east of St. Louis is officially the Third Worldiest place norte of the Rio Grande.

Just one more reason Illinois should be dismantled and salt sewed in the ground.

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Coed who lied about campus rape sent to jail in

Jack Kemp


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The Rainbow Stars and Bars

Jack Kemp forwards this:


Last year, my office in Washington had to temporarily close because of threats when, in a cable TV interview, I equated the LGBTQ rainbow flag to the confederate flag. From my point a view, it's a totally reasonable assertion. As a black American, the Confederate flag communicates to me that I am not welcome. As a Christian American, the rainbow flag communicates to me that I am not welcome.

According to a recent Gallup survey, 41 percent of Americans identify as evangelical Christians. Will the course of events in LGBTQ-controlled America preclude them from shopping, working, speaking, existing in our nation's public spaces?

Dana Mathewson tosses in his 2c:

Star nails it -- as she always does. The Left wants to control everything. I might point out that most gays (I can't speak for some of the other people identified by the other letters in that LGBTQ mashup) merely want to live their lives and be treated like "everyone else," and are happy that they can go into a Chick-fil-A (for example) and get a good meal and not be hassled.

But the alphabets who view everything through a political lens really seem to want to control the world and bend it in their direction. I don't think they're going to succeed (Lord help them if they ever did -- they'd find they have much, much more of a job on their hands than they bargained for), but at the same time we have to push back -- with manners if possible -- whenever we can.

To counteract that nutcase who apologized for eating at Chick-fil-A, we should go there, get a sandwich and rave about the quality of the food and the service on their website -- 

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Malaria Medicine & PTSD SUICIDES

Jack Kemp

Mefloquine: The Military’s Suicide Pill

Former Army Epidemiologist and Preventative Medicine Officer
Remington Nevin, MD, MPH, is a former Army epidemiologist and Preventive Medicine officer and a doctoral student in the Department of Mental Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Nevin serves as a consultant and expert witness in cases involving claims of mefloquine toxicity and recently testified to the U.S. Senate on the drug’s toxic effects.


In late July, 2013, the FDA issued a powerful "black box” safety warning for a drug which has been taken by hundreds of thousands of troops to prevent malaria. The drug is called mefloquine, and it was previously sold in the U.S. by F. Hoffman-La Roche under the trade name Lariam. Since being developed by the U.S. military over four decades ago, mefloquine has been widely used by troops on deployments in Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Read the whole article at the Huffington Post.


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June 19, 2018

Liberals Demand Child Endangerment on Border

Timothy Birdnow

I went to visit my father today and, after watching the Russians beat Egypt in the World Cup (I imagine Robert Mueller will start looking into that too) we turned on Fox News. He and I both became quite angry at the whole network; clearly the leftward drift at Fox is becoming more pronounced.

For one thing Juan Williams was absent from The Five and his replacement was, drumroll please... Donna Brazil! Yes, the Democrat Partisan hack who gave Hillary Clinton the debate questions when she was a "journalist" was invited to sit on the panel of The Five. And, of course, they treated her with kid gloves, since she is a black woman and a "guest". Why would anyone think it appropriate to put someone like that on? That would have destroyed a conservative, especially a white conservative, permanently. Why is the network supposedly on our side giving someone like that the time of day? more...

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Have Space Suit Will Travel; Trump Orders Creation of Space Corps

Timothy Birdnow

Donald Trump has ordered the creation of a Space Force, a fifth branch of the U.S. military.

According to Reuters:

"It is not enough to merely have an American presence in space. We must have American dominance in space,” Trump said before a meeting of his National Space Council.

"We are going to have the Air Force and we’re going to have the ‘Space Force.’ Separate but equal. It is going to be something,” he said later.: more...

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Replacing the American People

Timothy Birdnow

Barack Obama seemed determined to fundamentally alter the ethnic and religious and social makeup of the United States. According to Judicial Watch:

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the U.S. admitted 84,994 refugees during fiscal year 2016, just short of the 85,000 target set by the Obama administration. The U.S. admitted 16,370 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, 12,587 from Syria, 12,347 from Myanmar, 9,880 from Iraq and 9,020 from Somalia. Pew Research reports that nearly 39,000 Muslim refugees entered the U.S. in fiscal year 2016, the highest number on record, according to analysis of data from the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center.

In fiscal year 2015, the U.S. reportedly admitted 70,000 refugees. more...

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How would Reparations to Blacks Work?

Dana Mathewson

Good article -- sent by Eddie. Takes awhile to read, but worth the time. I just wish Frum had pointed out that the money that would be spent (if it is spent) to improve the quality of life for blacks in this project would also improve the quality of life for whites, when talking about schools.

The Impossibility of Reparation

David Frum writes in a 2014 article:

"The United States government launched its reparations program to African Americans in autumn of 1969. Originally known as "the Philadelphia plan,” the program set quotas for black employment in construction trades. Over the next decades, such quotas would spread from industry to industry, and would expand into higher education and public contracting.

The plan is usually credited to the Nixon administration. Sometimes it’s even described as a secret scheme to split the Democratic base. The history is more prosaic. The plan originated under the Johnson administration, following President Johnson’s pledge in his 1965 Howard University speech to seek racial equality as a result, not merely as a theory.

In this month’s Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates makes an eloquent case for restitution to black Americans, not only for wrongs done before 1865, but as much or more for wrongs done in the century of segregation that followed. Yet this powerful essay explicitly disavows any consideration of the single most important question about the restitution he has in mind: How would it work?

The affirmative action experience since 1969 offers some insights into what is likely to happen next:{ more...

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June 18, 2018

Police State USA

Timothy Birdnow

Our old friend Jed Babbin has an outstanding article at the American Spectator about the Inspector General's report and the astonishing actions of the Deep State.

According to Babbin:

"That brings us to Peter Strzok. Among the many FBI people who evidently abused their power to protect Hillary and investigate the Trump campaign, Strzok stands out. His pro-Clinton and virulent anti-Trump political beliefs are so well-documented elsewhere that I need not even mention them here. more...

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Killing Pedestrians in Ferguson and America

Jack Kemp

J. Cashill writes about Ferguson, St. Louis

From the article:

"From time to time, the media tell the truth about issues that have a racial edge, usually by accident. Such was the case in February of this year, when a local TV news crew visited a largely black St. Louis neighborhood to follow up on a hit-and-run incident. more...

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June 17, 2018

America's Modest Jihad

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Soft Jihad in America

From the article:

"False Identity" – the second and more explosive of two documentaries. (first part here) – unmasks ‘soft Jihad’ in America. In it, Arabic-speaking Israeli Channel 10 journalist, Zvi Yehezkeli courageously concealed his identity to expose Islam's somewhat shocking "quiet conquest” of the U.S.

Since the August 2004 discovery of the Muslim Brotherhood's 1991 Explanatory Memorandum and The Investigative Project's 2012 film, Grand Deception, these documentaries have further revealed the extent of societal penetration sought or achieved by a large and growing, but secret, Islamic soft jihad army that seeks to subvert the U.S. and enfold it within a global Islamic empire.
The success of supremacist Muslims has gone unchallenged primarily since U.S. political decision-makers and media outlets refuse to publicly discuss this immense threat, let alone stop this terrifying reality.

Read the rest!

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Dennis Prager on "Honor thy Father & Mother"

Jack Kemp

In a 5.5 min. Youtube talk religiously raised Dennis Prager interprets the Commandment to Honor thy Father and Mother. He talks of children needing this. And he also talks briefly of those who have troubling loving their parents, but notes that the Commandment, which religious scholars such as fellow writer Fay Voshell understand, says that we all should honor the role of our father and mother, even if we have or had problems with them.

When I was in mostly phone contact with hospice nurses during the last months of my dad's life - and reading about elder care at that time - I learned that hospice nurses had seen people who had fought with parents for years come to a deeper feeling that they, in fact, had love as well as honor for those parents. I found a deeper level of love for my dad while accompanying him on his weekday rides in a van to get radiation treatments in Florida.

Tim's 2c:

If nothing else, "honor thy Father and Mother" is a gift to us, to teach us forgiveness. Even if we have rotten parents, we should honor them for our own benefit. It serves no one to hold onto bitterness and anger. The best thing is to let it go - eventually we may come to understand their viewpoint. Even if we don't, and still think they were rotten we can at least forgive them. That is priceless.

Forgiveness is in short supply in the modern age. In fact, one may say it is the cornerstone of modernity, this lack of forgiveness. As I say, failure to forgive is ultimately a terrible cruelty to onesself, not some sort of weakness or altruism toward another.

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Boys in Crisis need Fathers

Jack Kemp

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there reading this.


The Boy Crisis, The Dad Solution

Rachel Alexander

For Father’s Day, I interviewed Dr. Warren Farrell, co-author (with John Gray of Mars/Venus fame) of the just-published "The Boy Crisis.” While Dr. Farrell identifies ten causes of the boy crisis, he found that by far the biggest cause is a lack of father involvement. He explains why children who have minimal or no father involvement (who are "dad deprived”) suffer in more than 70 different areas in comparison to children who are "dad-enriched.”

Farrell says the boy crisis is global. Among the 60 largest developed nations, boys are falling behind girls in every academic area, as well as in social skills, career preparation, mental health and physical health. He found that in developed nations, with fewer survival concerns, there was less stigma for women to have children without being married. In the U.S., for example, 53 percent of women under 30 who have children are not married. Among these women, dad-deprived children are the norm. Dad-deprived girls suffer considerably, but the boys (with no role model) suffer even more.

Developed nations also give more permission for divorce. And among those children of divorced parents who see little of their dad, once again the girls suffer in most of the 70 areas, and the boys suffer even more intensely. As Farrell puts it, "the boy crisis resides where fathers do not reside.”

Read the rest at Townhall.


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The Progressive Road to Hell

Timothy Birdnow

Here's an oldie but goodie that was published at Orthodoxy Today. I reprint it for Father's Day with the author's permission:

I work for a large ``scattered site`` property management company in St. Louis, and often visit the sleazy underbelly of the city as part of my duties. This job is not for the meek or squeamish; we occasionally find dead bodies, we ALWAYS find roaches and spiders, we go into dilapidated buildings full of mice droppings, etc. (People with Compulsive Disorder need not apply.) Although it can be disgusting and aggravating, I generally enjoy it; I never have the same day twice.

A while back I visited Hell; more specifically, I visited a crack-infested ghetto area of St. Louis. The current owner had been tricked into purchasing the building, which had been filled with drug dealers and prostitutes so it LOOKED like a good, income producing property. These tenants stole everything that wasn`t nailed down (and a good deal that was), and left the building in ruins.


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The Meaning of Fatherhood

Jack Kemp forwards this:

What it Means to Be a Father

From the article:

"Earlier this year I attended the trial of a young male accused of attempted murder. When it came time for sentencing, the judge allowed family members to speak on his behalf. The only family male present was his great-grandfather. With tears welling in his eyes, he told the court he was a "good boy who fell in with the wrong crowd.” I asked the judge for permission to speak, asking, "Why isn’t this boy’s father or his grandfather here?” Sadly, we learned that neither one had been involved in his life. Two generations of fathers–absent from duty! The judge said he sees this "all the time.”

Prisons are full of young men who have fathers—if they can be found. I have been told that when Mother’s Day approaches and cards are offered virtually every male prisoner asks for one. But come Father’s Day, there is dead silence. The truth is being a father is more of an emotional bond than biological. Being a responsible and caring father comes from the heart."

Read the rest at Townhall. more...

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