June 14, 2018

Food Justice?

Dana Mathewson

Wherein I discover that I actually shared a bond with the late potty-mouthed celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain.

The embedded snippet is practically unreadable. No, it's a good copy. It's just incomprehensible -- to me, at least. Dear Lord! People actually write this kind of thing and expect to be taken seriously?

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June 13, 2018

How to read a newspaper

Dana Mathewson

From the article:

One of the most important skills I learned from my teacher of international relations, the great Harold Rood of Claremont McKenna College, was how to read a newspaper. I’m not referring to what order to read the paper, or how to "deconstruct” news stories to surmise what is left out, but rather as clues to what is really going on and who has the initiative. This skill was a variation of his axiom, "Nothing happens for no good reason.”

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VA’s latest betrayal of Vietnam veterans

Jack Kemp

The VA’s latest betrayal of Vietnam veterans

From the article:

"President Trump just signed the Mission Act, which is supposed to help ailing US veterans get prompt care, including the ability to see a civilian doctor on Uncle Sam’s tab.

Don’t count on it.

The fine print shows that vets are guaranteed nothing. The Veterans Affairs secretary is simply empowered to make rules for who gets civilian care. Though Trump and his pick for secretary, Robert Wilkie, favor making it easy for vets, Wilkie’s rules could last only as long as Wilkie remains in office. Worse, they don’t go into effect for two and a half years.

That’s too late for the hundreds of Vietnam vets, now in their 60s and early 70s, who are carrying a dangerous parasite picked up in Asia called liver fluke. Many don’t know it, but it’s a ticking time bomb likely to kill them.

Read the rest at the New York Post.

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June 12, 2018

Deportation was O.K. for Elion...

Timothy Birdnow

A quick thought; we are hearing a lot these days about the plight of children of illegal aliens being separated from their lawbreaking kin, and how terrible that is. Take, for instance this article where the New York Times bemoans the evil of arresting illegal aliens and putting their children into foster care. How horrible!


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Judicial Watch Celebrates Court Ruling Allowing Ohio to Clean Voter Rolls

This from Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton hailed today’s Supreme Courtdecisionupholding efforts by Ohio, which are part of an historic settlement with Judicial Watch, to maintain accurate voting rolls. Fitton noted: more...

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The Democrats Need the Anti-Semites

Jack Kemp

The Money Quote:

It is important to note that the majority of blacks, Hispanics, feminists, and millennials are not anti-Semitic. The Democrats could theoretically call out and expel the haters, as Republicans do. In reality, they depend on lockstep voting blocs and can’t afford to lose a few percent. They rely on 90% of the black vote. They need the Somali vote to win Minnesota.


The full article:


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June 11, 2018

Rise in Suicide Baffles Liberals

Timothy Birdnow

Suicide rates have been rising in the U.S. - by as much as 25% in the last couple of decades. The cause is a mystery, According to Live Science"

" Though the reasons for that increase are not completely clear, in past research, experts have pointed to an increased sense of isolation among Americans, as well economic factors and a rise in mental illness.

Other pointed to the rise of technology, which has replaced important face-to-face interactions (though some argue technology actually decreases loneliness.

But in the end, all of these explanations are speculative. more...

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G-7 Photoshop

Dana Mathewson

Yeah, it's only a bunch of different versions of one photo, but so what? Here it is...

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Red Schoendienst RIP

Dana Mathewson

Baseball legend RedSchoendienst has died He was 95.

A WORD FROM TIM, a local St. Louisan:

Albert Fred "Red" Schoendienst was an icon here in St. Louis, and was the very definition of Cardinal excellence. He grew up in Germantown, Illinois, in one of the German settlements east of St. Louis. My grandmother knew him; she grew up in Trenton, a nearby community. Schoendienst's father was a coal miner and he grew up quite poor, without electricity or indoor plumbing.

Nonetheless, these little German communities were and still are wonderful places; science fiction writer Ray Bradbury often wrote about them, and they were as near to paradise as he could envision on this Earth. These were the "good" communities in southern Illinois, as opposed to the shanty-mill towns full of Appalachian hillbill8es or the crime riddled black communities infested by organized crime. There are places in the region where nothing grows because of the pollution. But when you get into these little German (or Italian) communities you find delightful places, clean, well kept, and very community oriented. Germantown is such a place.

Schoendienst was a natural at baseball, but he had a serious eye injury which hampered him, especially as a hitter. He learned to switch hit as a result. He was a great player, but an even better coach and manager, and was a fixture with the Redbirds for as long as I have been alive. It will be strange to not have him here.

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Trump needs to understand; Kim is Hitler's Kin

Dana Mathewson

I wish the President would read this.

From the article:

"He explained that "[W]e should not be fooled. The Kim family is as if Hitler had children—a three-generation Hitler dynasty—all ruling over my people for seven decades. They have killed millions of us [Koreans], starved us, broken up our families, forced millions to live in poverty or concentration camps, all the while building terrible weapons that can kill millions of people. Who else should I compare the Kim’s to?”

Read tje rest!

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June 10, 2018

Viva el Canada! Illegal immigration Heads Norte

Timothy Birdnow

We don't hear about it all that often, but the Dominion of Canada is suffering froma plague of illegal immigration that, while nowhere nearly as bad as the U.S., is starting to enrage people.

According to Tim Murray at Europcanadian.com: more...

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The once and future CD

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Black Sky Thinking

Perfect Sound For A Little Longer: In Defence Of The CD

We're supposedly in the middle of a vinyl revival, streaming services are hoovering up all the coin, and everyone seems to have a cassette column. But, argues James Toth, it's the humble compact disc that we should be celebrating

Read the rest!


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Ahab's Head Found in Israel?

Timothy Birdnow

Recently an archaeological team excavated a glass bust of a man in the ruins of the Biblical town of Abel Beth Maacah. Dating back to 900 to 800 B.C., the sculpture appears to be a king or some royal personage of note. Abel Beth Maacah was a crossroads city near the borders between the ancient Kingdom of Israel, the Kingdom of Tyre, and Damascus.

According to this WaPo story, the head may well have dated back to the reign of King Ahab and Jezebel, his immoral and corrupt wife.

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The Rest of the Story of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Shoting

Dana Mathewson forwards this from Urgent Agenda:

From William Katz:

Ben Bradlee, the late, legendary editor of the Washington Post, said that journalism is history's rough first draft. The problem is, there is rarely a second draft.

There is new information out on the recent school shooting in Florida, and it is important. It reveals what many people could see as negligence on the part of school authorities. How often is this repeated throughout the United States? From the South Florida Sun Sentinel:

Two months before the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School, a retired Secret Service agent warned administrators that the school could be vulnerable to a gunman.

Gates were unlocked. Students did not wear identification badges. A fire alarm could send students streaming into the halls. Active-shooter drills were inadequate, he said.

The retired agent, Steve Wexler, said he made his point by strolling through the school with Post-it notes, attaching them to places his bullets or knife would land if he were an intruder. No one stopped him, he said.

In an interview with the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Wexler said he was invited to analyze the school’s security and presented his recommendations to four staff members.

"I said, ‘This stuff is blatantly obvious. You’ve got to fix this,’” Wexler said.

He never heard another word from the district, he said.


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June 09, 2018

Iran Admits 911 Involvement

Timothy Birdnow

Iran was working with Al Qaeda during the 011 attacks, senior Iranian officials have have recently admitted.

From the article:


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Transgenderism is Witchcraft

Timothy Birdnow

Daren Jonescu has a nice blogpost where he builds on my recent American Thinker article. After recapping my article Daren goes on to tell a transgender story:

"Speaking of gender identity, from Right Scoop comes the wonderful story of Terry Miller, who set high school records in the girls’ 100- and 200-meter sprints at Connecticut’s State Open track and field championships — because he is a boy.

Miller, a "transgender” athlete — that is, a boy who imagines he is a girl — was competing in the boys’ competition earlier this year, but not setting any records. I suppose if he/she decides to identify as an ant next year, he/she will be shattering records all over the place, and likely go into the Ant Pantheon as Athlete of All Time.

And just to round out this feel-good story, the runner up in the 100-meter race was also a boy. Congratulations to all — especially the parents who encouraged their sons to find the easiest way to glory, even if it meant making a mockery of their sport and demeaning the efforts of the girls who trained to compete in the — sorry to be so blunt — GIRLS’ competition."

End excerpt.

And he warns that Connecticut is going to allow boys to fight girls in the Golden Gloves. That ought to be a series of short contests. more...

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Man hater writes article about Female Veterans Suicides

Jack Kemp

I recently saw this article on Townhall.com that had some interesting information about female veterans' suicides. However, the author, Brianna Heldt, shows some significant "shade" (negative attitude) towards men in the third sentence of her piece. I did, however, pass this along to the woman who is the co-founder of the veterans charity Backpacks For Life, because the article had some good factual content. BackpacksforLife.org helps both male and female homeless veterans.

The author below, Brianna Heldt, says in the third sentence that male veterans "are ONLY 18 times more likely to kill themselves than their male civilian counterparts." It is one of the stupidest and most insensitive lines I've ever read in an article at a major website concerning ANY veterans' issues. Both the female and male veteran suicide rates must be addressed and brought down because both rates are a significant national problem. But her dismissing male veterans suicide rates as trivial compared to women's rates is appallingly callous. I can only characterize Bianna Heldt as a Female Chauvanist Sow with major not-so-hidden personal animosity towards the military. more...

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Just Walk Away, O.K.

Jonathan Dickinson

Not that we all haven't seen and heard profanity, but, because the video addresses the current Democrat Party, profanity was unavoidable. The video is about someone who's decided, like Doug Schoen, that the Democrat Party of today is no longer palatable, and that it's become frightening. I, personally, have been thinking more and more that the extreme left has taken over the Democrat Party and that the inevitable outcome has to be a fracture from which they may not recover for a long time to come. This gentleman puts it as plainly as it could be put.


My reaction to this was in the form of a question: What is your proposed alternative?

He does have a Facebook page called "WalkAway Campaign," that I have yet to visit, but he openly invites conservatives to join him. In fact, here's his statement:

"If you are a lifelong conservative or non-Democrat, please share your story, message, or thoughts on what it truly means to be a conservative. Right now, the liberal media continues to perpetuate a false narrative about the "hateful” and "bigoted” right. Use your voice to let people know who conservatives really are. Be sure to use the hashtag #WalkAway." more...

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June 08, 2018

Charles Krauthammer says Goodbye

Timothy Birdnow

Conservative political commentator and Fox News analyst, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, has announced he is dying of cancer and will be dead in a matter of days.

The 68 year old psychiatrist - a paraplegic since his twenties - is a Pulitzer Prize winning analyst and long time "Special Report" co-host.

In his announcement he said: more...

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SIU Threatens to Fire President for Calling Opponents 'bitchers"

Timothy Birdnow

Academia has become the citadel of Stalinism in modern America, and if anyone doubts that here is a case in point. The president of the University of Illinois system is being threatened with termination because he said in an e-mail - now people with small children please have them leave the room because this is going to be outrageous - he called authorities in the SIU system who wanted to overfund the Carbondale campus "bitchers".

Oh, the Humanity! more...

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