November 28, 2021

Antifa and a Whiff of the Grape

This from Willis Eschenbach:

The truth about riots is that both 1/6 and the Rittenhouse affair were primarily failures of policing.

In both cases, the police did not respond swiftly or strongly enough, and the situations got out of hand.

With sufficient exercise of armed force, the state maintains order and prevents the possibility of harm to unarmed protesters, businesses, or American democracy.

There is one remedy to all of this nonsense. As soon as the rioting starts, move in with sufficient but not excessive force, arrest people, jail them, charge them and make them pay for their violence. You know, just like we did for centuries before the Democrats went crazy and approved of and encouraged violence by preventing the cops and courts from doing their job.

Tim adds:

The dirty little secret that most of us don't like to consider is that the root of all civilization is violence. We like to think our civilization is a voluntary union of free individuals, but the reality is law is only as good as enforcement, and your rights don't mean squat if you can't enforce them. That enforcement is done through violence or the threat of violence.

The Left understands this, which is why they advance their agenda by violence or the threat of violence, and take steps when they are in power to minimize the society at large from imposing order and decency through the same mechanism.

That is why anarchy and totalitarianism go hand in hand, and often anarchists are not just violent but advocate marxism; both seek to use violence as a weapon to promote the same totalitarian vision. One seeks to destroy the old to impose the new, the other to impose the new by suppressing the old, but in either case they are birds of a feather.

The Bible says the King has "the power of the sword" to "punish evildoers". In the right hands, and with basic wisdom, that violence guarantees people's freedoms and rights. In the wrong hands it is a meat grinder.

Increasingly we are seeing it in the wrong hands.

Willis is absolutely correct; the laws need to be enforced strictly but fairly. As The Godfather puts it, we need "reliable people, people who won't get carried away" doing the policing. And we need to back them when they have to use force, provided it is justified.

Without this society will collapse. This is the cornerstone of civilization. Barbarians are those outside of civilized norms. They took down the Bronze Age civilizations. They took down the Greeks and the Romans. Now they are about to take us down.

Everybody has the capacity for violence and lawlessness. A civil society channels that into productive avenues and suppresses those who refuse to control their urges. Now we are putting those who refuse to control their urges in the driver's seat of civilization. It's as if we were putting small children in charge, or the insane.

Essentially the Left is Veruca Salt from Willie Wonka; spoiled brats throwing temper tantrums. Salt needed a switch to her backside to learn to control herself. These BLM and Antifa types require it as well.

And when it gets too far out of hand, one must look to the advice of Napoleon "give them a whiff of the grape". Nothing stops rioting like a forceful response. Had King Louis ordered his guards to fire on the crowd storming the Bastille his line would probably still be on the throne. Ditto Czar Nicholas. I would add the riots on college campuses ended when national guardsmen shot rioters at Kent State. There was much acrimony, but the rioting stopped.

The trick is to not let it reach that point.

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