February 11, 2019

Anti-Darwinism Petition Tops 1000

Timothy Birdnow

The petition 'Scientific Dissent from Darwinism" has topped a thousand names just in time for Darwin Day (February 12).

The article states:

What’s significant about the Dissent from Darwinism list is not so much the names and the institutions listed there but what they tell you about the many Darwin skeptics in the science world who wouldn’t dare sign. Scientists know the career costs that would come from publicly challenging evolutionary theory. Discovery Institute and its sister research lab, Biologic Institute, have welcomed refugees who were chased out of top spots in the research world. Douglas Axe, Günter Bechly, and Richard Sternberg are well known to Evolution News readers. Check out the Free Science website for other stories.

The signers of the Dissent list have all risked their careers or reputations in signing. Such is the power of groupthink. The scientific mainstream will punish you if they can, and the media is wedded to its narrative that "the scientists” are all in agreement and only "poets,” "lawyers,” and other "daft rubes” doubt Darwinian theory. In fact, I’m currently seeking to place an awesome manuscript by a scientist at an Ivy League university with the guts to give his reasons for rejecting Darwinism. The problem is that, as yet, nobody has the guts to publish it.

Indeed. I enjoyed a swarm of Darwinian bees once when I wrote about the weaknesses of Darwinian (as opposed to Evolutionary) theory and offended the "Prophet" Pizzy Myers. The rage that emanates from these people - and their unwillingness to actually debate the issue but rather to attack - makes it clear that this is NOT about the science but about a philosophical/religious/political belief. Most true believers in Darwinism are atheists, and they use it as a club to beat religious believers.

It's good to see courageous scientists take a stand.

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