January 31, 2018

Another Shoe Drops; Trump's State of the Bunion

Timothy Birdnow

Ah, the State of the Bunion, America's annual winter pain in the foot. This year featured the first ever by his hairness Donald J.Trump, the outsider President with an acerbic roar and orange mane, the who turns every liberal purple and every RINO red. President Trump had a lot of pressure on him and he did very well, all things considered. Of course, after the Lying King, anybody who actually spoke to America was bound to succeed.

In many ways this was a Reaganesque speech, full of optimism and complimentary to the American People, whom Trump credited all national success to and addressed his speech accordingly. Trump did the Reagan thing, boasting of the beauty of America, praising her People, and highlighting people deserving of special recognition. And in so doing he made the Democrats look quite small, as they were unwilling to applaud even the most gracious of statements or the people Trump put forward deserving of praise - such as the boy who decorated the grave sites of veterans with American flags. Throughout the whole evening the Donks sat on their hands and scowled. They even did that when Trump pointed out that more African Americans are working than at any other time in history. Ditto Hispanics. It was quite a sight, seeing the Democrats sitting sullen at the thought of their core constituents being successful. It made them appear petty and vindictive, not interested in the welfare of the People but in their own political power. Trump was masterful here.

Trump was also masterful in the way he said things. For example, he said "Americans are Dreamers too" - a line that could well have come from Reagan. He made numerous broad "dog whistle" statements suggesting it was past time to close the borders and end the madness of the modern "no borders" policy. He also did a fine job of taking a shot at the NFL for the Kaperneking.

But then he went totally to hell, touting his insane plan to legalize the "Dreamers". In fact, he boasted of his plan, bragging he was giving a path to citizenship for 1.2 million new Democrat voters, people who crashed the gate, came in uninvited and demanded we kowtow to them. Trump seems to miss the point; with chain migration (which won't be ended until all are processed, and since Trump has given this process twelve years we're looking at at least eight million more peeps) and with nothing but the promise of better border security and a wall (which can be reneged on at any time) he will ultimately get nothing for this amnesty. And it IS an amnesty. And Trump HAD promised to expel the "Dreamers" when he was running for President.

So he keeps his promise of a border wall (well, the start of one) at the expense of an amnesty. Frankly, I'd rather have no wall; you can always kick illegals out if the political will develops but you can't kick out permanent residents or citizens. A wall is only as good as the will to defend it. There is a reason why castles have towers and walkways along the walls; they are to defend the ramparts. If someone attacks an undefended wall they generally get through. So even if we have a wall (and everyone seems to forget that Congress authorized one in the early two thousands and built a scant couple of dozen miles of simple chain-link fence for show) we need to be willing to actually make it work. I don't care about the wall except as a tool stop the influx of alien invaders.

Trump has the cart before the horse. He's going to build a wall to keep the invaders in, rather than keep them out.

He speaks of a trust fund, a lock box like the one used to guarantee social security. THAT worked out really well, didn't it!

Trump also pushed prison reform, not a bad thing, but hardly the top problem to be worried about right now. We need prisons to be less pleasant. They need to be places people do not want to return to. I agree that felons are in a tough spot, with nobody willing to hire them and with few landlords wanting to rent to them and whatnot, and it makes sense that many return to crime because they have little else they can do. But the answer is not more government. What we should be doing is CHRISTIANIZING them. Missionaries should be promoted in the prisons, to try to convert convicts to Christ. Right now prisons are recruitment centers for Islam, where convicts are told they will get to do what they do best, be brutal and thuggish, for Allah. That has to stop. These are people who need to learn to turn the other cheek and to obey authority. Right now prisons are little more than training grounds for better criminality. Universities of Crime is what they are.

I also fell off my chair when Trump pushed over a trillion in infrastructure spending. I thought Barack Obama fixed all that, with his stimulus and "shovel ready jobs". If there is a problem with infrastructure it is not a cash flow problem but rather a cash blow one; the money earmarked for repairs and construction sticks to a great many fingers and never makes it to the actual construction projects. The more we spend the more bloat there is and the less any of this stuff gets done. Infrastructure has become little more than a political slush fund, a way to funnel cash to the Democrats via the labor unions and mafiosa contractors. Basically Trump is proposing a Federal bailout of the cash starved Democrat Party. I simply do not understand where he is coming from here.

I guess he figures we need more and better highways to move all the aliens who will be showing up after his amnesty.

Let's face it; Trump threw us under his Tijuana Brass Band bus. We'll keep all the Dreamers, make prison comfortable for them, and build good roads so they can march across America like Sherman's march to the Sea. And we'll wall them all in AFTER they get here! Great.

President Trump had a lot of soaring rhetoric, and sounded great at many junctures, but the meat and potatoes parts were less than encouraging.

In the end I give this speech a B; nice sounding but a lot of empty calories and artery clogging cholesterol.

I watched part of the Democrat response as well last nigh, but turned it off halfway through. Joe Kennedy bleated about how terrible the Republicans are because they are the party of the elites! Joe KENNEDY, the penultimate child of privilege, a guy who never worked a day in his life! And he railed against the GOP as the "either or " party, claiming we can do it all. Funny; the Democrats are the ones who told us we can't mine coal, can't drill for oil, can't expect economic growth above one percent. With them it has always been about managing America's decline, yet here is little Joe accusing the Republicans of small dreams and elitism. It would have been hard to believe in The Onion, but we actually watched it on television before alive college audience who clearly didn't know who this guy was.

By the way, Kennedy means "ugly head" in Gallic. Fitting.

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