May 20, 2020

America's Spirit is Dying

Timothy Birdnow

E. Calvin Beisner asks:

Sometimes (not always) a sign of a culture that has lost its will to live on because it's lost its sense of meaning and purpose. Is that what's happening in America?

U.S. Birthrate Falls to Record Low

I reply:

I fear that is the case. Only immigrants are breeding these days; native born Americans have largely given up. I think we can assume that based on things like the declining life expectancy for white males, which indicates a problem in a core demographic.

Clearly there is a sense of loss of purpose and a lack of faith in the future.

How can there not be? The elites in America have been systematically talking down the country, and it starts in grammar school for most people and continues through their whole lives. When you are told your country is a shithole and you are a scumbag you can't expect a whole lot of breeding. America has lost faith in herself.

He replied:

The decline in white male life expectancy I expect will turn out to be short-term, rooted in the opioid epidemic. And here's actually a little sign of hidden hope in the fact that immigrants' birth rates are higher than natives': Many (not all, I confess) immigrants come here precisely because they want the freedom, the limited government, the opportunities to build businesses and profit from them, the religious liberty, the liberties of speech and press and assembly and petition, that are our precious heritage. People with those values we definitely want!

And I replied:

I don't know; I fear a great many people are immigrating here these days to take advantage of our social programs. I know a lot of immigrants and many ARE interested in our freedoms, but I know a lot of them are here to loot our country. And we have so very many - as many as one in five people in America these days speak a language other than English We have sixty million immigrants. How do you transmit a culture that way?

The very fact we don't want to control the borders suggests to me a sense of guilt and failure.

I for one don't think we CAN enculturate so many. And I believe too many don't want to be Americans - at least not as we have always know America.

I also fear the decline in white males is more insidious than just opioids. Why isn't that effecting other demographics? Certainly black males have equal access to "hillbilly heroine".

I hope you're right, but I fear you are not. I think this declining birth rate is indicative of an overall decline in the spirit of America.

It's why I support Trump. Whatever else he may be, he at least is forward looking, seeking more. His suggestion we buy Greenland, for example, is illustrative of a worldview that is positive and growth-oriented. We've been managing decline in America since Ronald Reagan.

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