January 30, 2019

America Under Seige

Bill Been

I received the following two emails with important Youtubes that my wish would be that any American who cares about American Sovereignty, Individual Rights, Freedom and Justice would take the time to review, understand and forward to anyone you know who is still hesitate to support Donald Trump who is the only person willing to fight for the most cherished privileges of being an American. The fact that Republicans did not show up at the polls last November is frightening as it appears that there is a widespread lack of understanding of either the seriousness of the threats or a lack of understanding how Congress either works or does not work.


The first email below ends with an appropriate warning involving the Full Leftist Takeover of our nation. However, it is becoming more apparent on a daily basis that the Leftist Takeover is a subset of the Globalist movement documented and funded through the United Nations with the support of many prominent Republicans including the Bush family who many of us supported. These elements make the success of Donald Trump at the national level mandatory for those of us who wish to preserve the principles, values, heritage, and traditions of our nation.


At the local level in Western Pennsylvania, the tentacles of the Globalists intrude deeply into our society through the globalist programs disguised under the auspices of Agenda 21, now being called Project 2030. "Sustainability” is the calling card which has been pushed into our local society through the UN groups known as ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) and Sustainable Pittsburgh.


Although ICLEI has not broadened its USA base in recent years, there still are over 400 municipalities across the country including several in Western Pennsylvania still listed as ICLEI members, mostly in Allegheny County with the support of Sustainable Pittsburgh. Individual property rights and environmental concerns are the primary rallying cries. This can be seen clearly through multiple intrusions on individual rights by programs and policies being implemented by these UN-sponsored groups involving property maintenance, property development rights, environmental actions such as the Small Streams program dictated by Obama, and the Pittsburgh push toward being a Sanctuary City.


The threats are everywhere and I don’t believe there is any other hope, other than divine, that can stop the multiple Globalist groups other than the hope that Donald Trump is successful.


Bill Been

Author of: MASTERS OF AUDACITY AND DECEIT (they are succeeding!!!)

Mark Levin has them dead to rights in this video pointing out their bull*hit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=27&v=O9QS9gnd3gU

UNDER SIEGE: Fear on the Border in Fort Hancock, TX




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