February 28, 2019

America is Ready for a Socialst President - Be Afraid!

Timothy Birdnow

At the American Conservative Robert W. Merry argues that America may well elect a socialist in the next Presidential election.

From the article:

Lately we have seen numerous conservative commentators posit the thesis that the Democrats are disqualifying themselves from a 2020 presidential victory by lurching too far left on key economic and social issues. The idea is that the American people simply aren’t prepared to follow the Democrats into the leftist territory that seems to be their nesting place these days. Ergo, the party is in the process of ceding the White House to the incumbent Republicans, meaning a likely Trump reelection triumph.

This may be comforting to conservatives, but it is based on faulty political analysis. There is a strong prospect that 2020 will see the emergence of a new leftist president who represents democratic socialism of the European style—a brand of politics eschewed by America since at least the end of World War II.

He goes on to explore four axioms that are pertinent in the upcoming election:

1.Elections are about the incumbent and the incumbent's party.
2In politically unsettled times, such as we’re experiencing today, the nation often opts for experimentation.
3.Socialism is on the rise in America.
4.In today’s divided America, political decision making resides on a knife’s edge of parity.

He's right on all particulars. What is happening in the Democratic Party right now is the old order is giving way. The Democrats had many socialists in their party long before now, but they kept quiet. These were the Fabian Socialists, the guys who wanted to creep along, slither socialism in through the back door. It was an entirely valid way to approach the problem, since they were selling something the American People (and the British People before them) did not want. So they couched it in compassionate terms, addicted the public to welfare programs little by little, and eventually managed to create Ingsoc in Britain and now are going for it here in the U.S.

The Fabian approach was the hallmark of "coat and tie radicals" during the sixties and seventies. Bill and Hillary Clinton were "coat and tie radicals", people like Van Jones who stated; "I'm willing to forgo the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends." Obama was another such.

But there has been tensions between the two, and there are those who think it's time to put forth their hands and force the Revolution rather than continue to chip away. And given the favorability of the concept of socialism to the younger generation, they may not be wrong. Waiting could lead to a renewal in Middle America. It could perhaps be better for them to act now.

Right now America is a jump ball. While Conservatives outnumber liberals in most states the left is more active, more aggressive, more determined. And those who don't pay attention can be moved more easily, especially with the American media solidly on the side of the socialists these days. It means that, yes, an avowed socialist could indeed win in the next election.

I never dreamed Barack Obama could win either.

Consider; Obama was a radical leftist in his college days, and he openly admitted it in his autobiography. He was a member of the New Part in Chicago, a communist entity not associated with the CPUSA. His father was a Muslim and so was his stepfather, and he was raised in a madross - this at a time when America had been attacked by radical Muslims and was fighting in several places overseas against Islamists. Obama worked for Saul Alinsky's radical organization, and his job was primarily to steal votes. His social security number was for Connecticut, a place he had no ties to, and there was some ambiguity as to whether the man actually was Natural Born. He promised to bankrupt the coal industry and put those people out of work. He called a large share of the country "bitter clingers" who "clung to their God and guns". He didn't promise to address problems but to fundamentally transform America. And America voted for him - twice.

You bet this country is ready to put an avowed socialist in power.

We all should be terrified at the prospect. Donald Trump may not be my dream President, but he's a veritable George Washington compared to what we could wind up with.

And already the people of this country have forgotten the economic stagnation Obama bequethed us. That is the hallmark of socialism; no growth. Socialism treats people like children and the end result is eternal childhood, a Peter Pan syndrome. That is most obvious in stagnant economic activity, and much of that stagnation stems from generous social programs which make work and risk-taking unattractive. But there is a price to be paid for accepting the nice farmer's grain in your stall.

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