April 12, 2016

America - the Elephant that Squeeked

Timothy Birdnow

Last night I watched the old Peter Seller's classic "The Mouse that Roared". While this is an anti-war screed, it did make some interesting points.

The storyline entails a fictional country founded by a British nobleman in the "French Alps" that was a scant 16 miles in area (and incorrectly billed as the smallest country on Earth.) The sole export of "The Duchy of Grand Fenwick" was a mediocre wine that sold primarily in the United States. A large California conglomerate created a cheap knock-off of the product, and Grand Fenwick, despite sending several protests, was ignored because of her tiny size and lack of formal relations with the U.S. The tiny country was going broke, and something desperate had to be done. Here is the plan of action:

"Prime Minster Count Rupert Mountjoy: We must declare war on the United States.

Benter: But we can never win such a war!

Prime Minster Count Rupert Mountjoy: Of course not, but we could win the peace. I've given this a lot of thought gentlemen and I'm perfectly positive that I am right. You must remember, the Americans are a very strange people. Whereas other countries rarely forgive anything, the Americans forgive anything. There isn't a more profitable undertaking for any country than to declare war on the United States and to be defeated."

End quote.

Spoiler alert! Don't read if you ever wish to watch the movie!

Grand Fenwick sends their only military man, a bumbling young man who trained the militia in the use of bows and arrows and played dress-up in Medieval garb, on a bus trip to Marsailles, then an ocean voyage on a rusty old scow to America to invade. The plan was to find the authorities and surrender, prompting the U.S. to come and shower Grand Fenwick with reconstruction money. The plan fails when the Grand Fenwickians bumble upon a super bomb and capture it - along with the scientist who created it and an America general to boot.

At any rate, the quote from the movie above presents an interesting point; America is almost insane in her willingness to forgive and forget, and as a result we are being led to a raod to disaster of unmitigated proportions by our enemies. They simply feign sorrow and we leap to forgiveness, to a point where we won't even discuss not letting them come into our country while a hot war is being waged throughout the Middle East. Sellers, a big liberal, saw this characteristic of America back in the late 1950's when this movie was made. He thought it a rather comic quirk, and it would be if we didn't have the deadly serious situation we now face.

But we do and we are forever manipulated by our forgiving nature. Saying "sorry" does not de-facto make everything o.k. There are liars, and the Islamic faith especially encourages lies to lull the Infidel into a false sense of security. It's called Takiya and it says a good Muslim may lie where convenient. And we are the fools who are quick to believe those lies because we so want to believe in the inherent goodness of everyone. It's just not the case.

America needs to grow up or she will never get the chance.

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