January 26, 2021

All About Immigration

Timothy Birdnow

In a discussion on Facebook a bit of a tiff broke out immigration. A guy named Cameron Wheeler said:

America is made up of immigrants, you know that, right?

Willis Eschenbach replied:

Cameron, America is made up of LEGAL immigrants. Biden wants more ILLEGAL immigrants. You are conflating the two groups. Please specify in the future which immigrants you are referring to.

I ad this:

Cameron Wheeler all nations are ultimately made up of immigrants as humanity originated in the Rift Valleys in Africa. That doesn't change the fact that we have a distinct culture and a right to maintain that culture and heritage. Your argument is rather like saying the Knights of Columbus is composed of human beings so anyone should be able to join, whether they are Catholic men or not. Yes, it is composed of human beings, but there are certain rules and requirements for entry. The same holds true of nations. We decide who we want to let in, not the immigrants. We stopped leting immigrants into the U.S. for decades after the big surge at the beginning of the 20th century and had almost no immigration until 1965 when Ted Kennedy rewrote immigration laws to allow everyone in. That was a political act. As such we can choose to go back to a limited immigration policy if we so desire. There is no right to immigrate here. No nation can survive unrestrained immigration. It's what destroyed the Roman Empire, in case you have forgotten. You cannot maintain an unique culture if that culture is being overrun by people with their own tradtions and customs. You will notice that Texas no longer is part of Mexico; why do you suppose that is? The Mexicans wouldn't settle the region and invited people who were not culturally in tune with them to settle. That is how you destroy nations.

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