March 31, 2017

Air Claire McCaskill Warns of Filibustering Gorsuch

Timothy Birdnow

"Air Claire" McCaskill is in trouble here in Missouri. She has never been liked, and her ethical problems and Lili Von Shtupp - like devotion to Barack Obama have soured Missourians on Missouri's senior Senator. She would have lost her last election bid had it not been for the abandonment of Todd Akin by the GOP. At any rate, she is in trouble, and she knows it.

Well, in a leaked tape our favorite debutante warns that filibustering judge Gorsuch could lead to a greater defeat down the road.

From the Kansas City Star:

"Republicans need eight Democratic votes to obtain the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster and confirm Gorsuch. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York has called for a filibuster of Gorsuch, but McCaskill predicted that if Democrats refuse to confirm Gorsuch then Republicans would likely look to eliminate the rule and reduce the number of votes needed for confirmation to 51.

"The Gorsuch situation is really hard. There are going to be people in this room that are going to say, ‘No, no, no. You cannot vote for Gorsuch,’ ” McCaskill said in the recording. "Let’s assume for the purposes of this discussion that we turn down Gorsuch, that there are not eight Democrats that vote to confirm him and therefore there’s not enough to put him on the Supreme Court. What then?”

She pointed to the list of potential nominees that Trump released before the election to galvanize conservative support. "By the way, Gorsuch was one of the better ones,” McCaskill quipped."

End excerpt.

Hear the tape here.

McCaskill continues:

"So they move it to 51 votes and they confirm either Gorsuch or they confirm the one after Gorsuch,” she continued. "They go on the Supreme Court and then, God forbid, Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies, or (Anthony) Kennedy retires or (Stephen) Breyer has a stroke or is no longer able to serve. Then we’re not talking about Scalia for Scalia, which is what Gorsuch is, we’re talking about Scalia for somebody on the court who shares our values. And then all of a sudden the things I fought for with scars on my back to show for it in this state are in jeopardy."

End excerpts.

So Claire wants Gorsuch to save her political skin. No surprise; Gorsuch is not really that conservative, although he is eminently qualified. But so was Robert Bork and we saw where that got the GOP. Democrats aren't known for playing well weth others.

McCaskill is corrupt to the core. Her husband's firm made $40 million off the Federal government for low income housing which is clearly a plum for her loyalty to Obama. This is the same hubby who cheated on his taxes, refusing to pay $287.000 on his airplane (hence the name "air Claire") and only paying when caught. The same Claire who recently lied about meeting with the Russians. The same Claire whose first husband was killed in a drug deal, suggesting that Claire - or at least her hubby - may have had organized crime ties. If that is true I doubt Claire was unaware.

McCaskill is the 12th richest U.S. Senator, with a networth between n $15.6 million and $27.5 million. Strangely nobody knows her exact worth. A true woman of the people.

But she does know what side her bread is buttered on, and if she is calling for approving Gorsuch it means that is politically important that it be done. Filibustering him will only hurt the Democrats.

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