April 25, 2016

Agenda 21/30 on the March

These from Helen Dyer down in Australia:


United Nations launches global data collection arm of Agenda 2030

TRUNEWS) The United Nations Statistical Commission has released a document called "draft global indicators framework”, which adds an enormous global data collection program to their Agenda 2030 initiative.

The UN’s Agenda 2030 outlines 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and 169 targets to "free the human race from the tyranny of poverty,” "heal and secure our planet” and place humans on a "sustainable and resilient path” by the year 2030. Agenda 2030 replaced Agenda 21 in Sep. 2015 as a blueprint for nothing less than the global enslavement of humanity under the guise of promoting sustainable development.


Now, in addition to the robust requirements of Agenda 2030, the draft global indicators framework outlines 230 statistical indicators to measure progress toward SDG’s including familiar ones such as per-capital Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the proportion of populations living below national and international poverty lines.

In the U.N. General Assembly resolution that called for the creation of the draft global indicators framework, the new SDG indicators are intended to be "simple but robust.”

George Russell, the Editor-at-Large of Fox News, noted a few "novel” measurements that the draft framework proposed:

* The "proportion of government recurrent and capital spending going to sectors that disproportionately benefit women, poor and vulnerable groups”

* The "extent to which global citizenship education and education for sustainable development . . . are mainstreamed at all levels in national education politics, curricula, teacher education and student assessment”

* The "number of countries that have implemented well-managed migration policies”

* The "average income of small-scale food producers, by sex and indigenous status”

* The "proportion of persons victim of physical or sexual harassment, by sex, age, disability status and place of occurrence, in the previous 12 months”

* The "mortality rate attributed to unintentional poisoning”

* The "proportion of national Exclusive Economic Zones [200-mile ocean limits] managed using ecosystem-based approaches”

* The "number of plant and animal genetic resources for food and agriculture secured in either medium or long-term conservation facilities”

* "Progress by countries in the degree of implementation of international instruments aiming to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing”


John Pullinger, the National Statistician of Britain and immediate past chair of an expert group of national statistical agencies that pulled together the indicators for the UN Statistical Commission, said the indicators endorsed in the framework were "unprecedent[ed] in their scale and nuance.”

Though assumed to adhere to the data collection of the 230 decided statistical indicators, the U.S. was not an expert group member but did, however, participate in a grouping known as the Friends of the Chair of the Statistical Commission, that provided guidance for the draft framework.

Pullinger mentioned in the report that a "really strong push” had been made to ensure "disaggregation,” which has been defined by the U.N. as a breakdown of statistics by "income, sex, age, race, ethnicity, migratory status, disability and geographical location, or other characteristics.”

Pullinger also said that there is currently no plan as to how the gigantic volume of information will be collected or analyzed, conceding that the process to refine and obtain the data is likely going to take participants up to 2030.

Brett Schaefer, a U.N. expert at the Heritage Foundation commented on the new UN draft framework, saying that though some of the huge arrays of indicators are "useful and practical,” many "are seriously flawed.”

Schaefer said that many are focused on "inputs like the level of government spending or the volume of development assistance devoted to a particular issue, rather than the results from those expenditures.”

Another alarming aspect Schaefer pointed out was the fact that many of the SDG’s were "transparently political objectives,” including those based on ratification of U.N.-generated treaties, like the Law of the Sea and an international biodiversity convention, both of which have been signed by American officials, but not ratified by the U.S. Senate, making them legally unenforceable on our nation.

Schaefer also said that other parameters "use imprecise or subjective terms that invite bias or data manipulation” noted that concerned that the immense data collection effort involved on a global scale — much of it unprecedented — "will consume significant resources and will likely outstrip the capacity of less developed countries.

"We have got what we have got,” Pullinger told Fox News — meaning, among other things, that the "technical task is to find a set of indicators that speak to the targets. We have to understand that there are a lot more things going on than just statistics.”

Pullinger agreed that "the data needs are vast” for the indicators, but added that "this is just the current case of a fact of life in the world of measurement. As scientists, we are working to understand the world better.”

Some targets "are more measurable than others,” Pullinger said, inferring that his team needed to continually refine the data-gathering process, choosing to specifically divide the indicators into three "tiers.”

The tiers were defined by whether the data required was "already widely available;” whether a method of determining the data existed but the data "are not easily available;” and where "an internationally agreed methodology has not yet been developed.”

Pulling said development on the first two tiers of data is planned for throughout the next full year while 12 months from now the experts group is expected to "provide a work plan for further development of Tier III indicators” — and to fill in other "data gaps” as they arise.


UN Deputy Chief: 2030 Agenda’s Promise Of Well-Managed Migration And Mobility Must Become A Reality

TN Note: The UN has been the source of open-border policies in Europe and in the United States. Trilateral Commission member Peter Sutherland, who is also Special Envoy to the UN on Immigration, states that a prerequisite for Sustainable Development is a "multicultural society.” In other words, the kind of society that is happening in Europe right now. The UN calls this "well-managed migration” and mobility. Now that Europe is on the verge of collapse because of rampant immigration, the UN calls for more of the same to "fix” their problems. Yes, it is an insane policy any way you look at it.


Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has told a high-level United Nations refugee meeting that all borders have to be strengthened, and called for the speedy return of migrants not in need of protection in order to smash people-smuggling operations.

It comes as some migrants seeking to come to Australia under its 12,000-place Syrian ­humanitarian program have submitted false documents and have been "red-flagged’’ and rejected, The Australian has learned.

Mr Dutton told the UN Refugee Agency meeting on Syrian refugees in Geneva that economic migrants and others who did not qualify as refugees must be ­returned to their country of origin. Border systems must be enhanced to identify, register and process asylum applications and those found not to be in need of protection returned expeditiously.


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on countries to resettle nearly half a million Syrian refugees in the next three years, though only Italy, Sweden, and the United States have immediately announced concrete plans to play a part.

Ban, at the start of a ministerial conference hosted by the UN refugee agency UNHCR in Geneva on Wednesday, said: 'This demands an exponential increase in global solidarity.'

The United Nations is aiming to resettle some 480,000 refugees, about 10 per cent of those now in neighbouring countries, by the end of 2018, but concedes it is battling to overcome widespread fear and political wrangling.

Ban urged countries to pledge new and additional legal pathways for admitting the refugees, such as resettlement or humanitarian admission, family reunions, as well as labour and study opportunities.

- See more at: http://www.skynewscom.au/news/top-stories/2016/03/31/un-urges-resettlement-of-syrian-refugees.html#sthash.4rjtXz3a.dpuf


TN Note: The UN is sending teams to member nations in order to help each country implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Eliasson states, "In today’s world, we are interdependent and these goals are interrelated, so we need to take away that false – artificial, at least – line between national and international.” To a technocrat, the nation-state is a myth waiting to dissipate, while the system of global governance is the reality of it all.

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