November 30, 2020

About Those Ballot Audits

Timothy Birdnow

On Facebook my friend John asked me to help out with a liberal who was annoying him. John said:

Hey Tim.... hope Thanksgiving was good for you. Can you comment on what Dave Kogut is saying. He’s such a lost soul, I actually feel sorry for him. It’s amazing how a good guy can have such blinders on. I’ve gone round and round with him and I’m getting tired of it. Do you mind reacting to his last comment?
Here is Dave's post:

Tim replies:

Well the paper ballots are only counted if they are actually there. We know a number of Trump ballots were found in dumpsters and trash cans. Also, this does nothing to stop the addition of false ballots. And as for the Dominion voting system that is purely electronic and it can be made to change votes via an algorithm. We know there were "glitches" in 2018 (you don't have glitches and that do such a thing) and the machines flipped votes.  If this was an issue in '18 why is it not an issue now?

Here is a decent analysis of what may have occurred.
The feature that allows these votes to be shifted is called a "weighted race feature".

It should also be pointed out the CIA - which has already attempted to take this President down via the "Russian collusion" hoax - has "Hammer" and "Scorecard" which is a computer system and software designed to hack and alter votes in foreign countries. I don't know why Dave thinks it impossible to hack our own.

I would also point out that Dominion is a Canadian company that cut its teeth on the re-election of Maduro in Venezuela.

Dave speaks of audits; how do you audit an altered ballot?  As Salon pointed out in 2018 the machines can change the ballots after the fact.  You have to have a hand recount to determine if the machines correctly logged the vote. An audit isn't going to do that as it is just another machine recount. This site explains how it works.

I would add that Dominion is a Canadian company but their machines are not legal in Canada because of the possibility of fraud.

Another point to ponder; in 2005 Jimmy Carter and James Baker chaired a commission to study election integrity. Their report warned of the dangers of using electronic voting. Also, they warned of the dangers of mail-in voting as well. In fact, the Democrats seem to have used the report as the blueprint for how to steal this election.

Oh, and bear in mind these audits are being done by the same people who made the mess in the first place. If you wish to hide the results an initial audit will make no difference. This needs a hand recount. An audit is only done on a very small statistical sampling and ends when the election official is satisfied. As the election officials were trying to steal the vote they are going to have a very low threshold of satisfaction. 

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