January 22, 2017

About that Inauguration Crowd

Timothy Birdnow

One of the more insidious things done by the Trumpophobic media in their coverage of the inauguration of Donald J. Trump was to push the meme that the crowd was so small - and by extension that the American People have buyer's remorse. Television reports continually shot photos of areas with few spectators, and much hay was made about how many more people attended Obama's inaugural than Trumps.

A few points to ponder here; first this was not all that cold but it was a wet, rainy, soggy day and that would keep spectators down. Second, much of the city was tied up wtih protests aka riots blocking up access.

In fact, the Park Police are not going to release any numbers on this. Why do you suppose that is? Trump wouldn't have been the guy to make this policy. http://jacksonville.com/news/2017-01-20/donald-trump-inauguration-crowd-appeared-comparatively-small

And, if the inaugural really was so small (and I have yet to see the actual numbers, an interesting point since they usually are johnnie on the spot with them) was it not perhaps down purposely to protect the President?

Look; Nature abhorrs a vacuum. If Trump supporters (and his rallies show they are legion) fail to show up at least his enemies would. His enemies may have been at protests, but they could also have shown up and booed him. They did not do that, and so a sparse crowd was present precisely where the President appeared - and where most of the television cameras were likewise.

It's a curious thing.

They also put those tarps up to protect the grass, forcing the crowd into a smaller area and thus making it look small.

I wonder about all this. During the course of the day I saw some people interviewed who said they didn't think they would be able to get onto the Mall. Why, if the crowd was so small?

I think that either they purposely tried to keep the crowd down to avoid an assassination attempt. There may have been credible intelligence suggesting something like that was in the works.

Also, if the crowd was smaller that is to be expected. Barack Obama drew all the unemployed and unemployables, while Trump's base is the hardscrabble blue collar types, those who actually have to earn their daily bread. Friday is still a work day for them. Obama was able to schlep in a bunch of idyll people.

Here is another interesting thing; The Trumpophobic Washington Post says:

"Friday’s Metro ridership was the lowest in at least two presidential Inaugurations, and also was lower than that of an average weekday, the agency said Saturday.”


Remember, inauguration day is a federal holiday. Everyone attended Barack Obama's inauguration precisely because he was the government president, the man who buttered the bureacrat's bread. Naturally they would attend, while they would NOT attend the man who promises to slash their work force.

But ridership should still have been up, what with all the protesters. The fact that it is down speaks volumes about the lack of numbers attending the counter-demonstrations.

Curiouser and curiouser.

By the way here is an article in the Atlantic about how crowd numbers are determined. Please not the density of the crowd in the photo. Doesn't look tiny to moi.

There is unquestionably more to this than meets the eye. Trump was always able to draw huge crowds, massive crowds. Why would that suddenly stop? The lying media would claim it's because somehow people awoke as if from a dream and realized they made this terrible mistake, but how likely is such a thing to happen so quickly? Even with the ridiculous Trump defamation document dump that the Left tried to use, it failed and polls show nobody believed them or care. So why would Trump suddenly lose his appeal?

Remember, Barack Obama held the reins until the moment Trump took the oath. I think they took steps to discourage the crowd. I believe there is a lot more to this story that will come out in the coming weeks.

By the way, 31 million viewers watched the inaugural, down from Obama's first inaugural (naturally since Obama was the first black President) but quite respectable. And here in St. Louis there was limited coverage as the netwroks seemed resentful of the whole matter. Oh, and there was an endless parade of negativity, something designed to drive away viewers.

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