February 25, 2018

A Leopard Changing her Spots

Brian takes on Claire McCaskill yet again:

Dear Senator McCaskill,
Since you spend a lot of time these days lauding Republican lawmakers, why don't you switch party affiliations? It is clear that you fear for re-election in a conservative state, and you are trying to re-establish your credentials as a common sense, conservative heartland woman, even if your voting record is much closer to Elizabeth Warren than to Ted Cruz. By the way, do you still oppose the tax cut, in light of the economic boomlet of the last few months?

Best regards,
Brian E. Birdnow

On Sat, Feb 24, 2018 at 5:53 AM, Senator Claire McCaskill <senator@mccaskill.senate.gov> wrote:


Well for one, our commitment to protecting folks in our states from identity theft and fraud.

Every American gets a Social Security number, so that when we grow old, this system that we've paid into our entire lives will help us live out our later years with dignity and financial security.

But now, scammers are using children's stolen Social Security numbers to open fraudulent credit cards before they even graduate high school. We need to stay ahead of the curve to protect Missourians' financial well-being, and we need the Social Security Administration to step up to the task.

That's why I teamed up with Senators Cassidy and Scott to push the Social Security Administration to crack down on this kind of fraud—known as synthetic identity theft—and protect Missourians by requiring financial institutions to confirm that the names and birthdates on credit card applications match Social Security numbers.

Considering how devastating and expensive identity theft can be, this is a commonsense solution that asks financial institutions to do basic due diligence to protect consumers—and make sure our Social Security system is helping folks the way it's supposed to.€


The good Senator finds bipartisanship quite appealing when she is up for re-election but otherwise is happy to stand with Chuck Schumer and the rest in forcing things down Missourian throats whether we like it or not. How did that Obamacare treat everyone here?

Oh, and I guess Sen. McCaskill doesn't know and doesn't care that this is an unfunded mandate, forcing credit institutions to maintain expensive verification processes and that these will be charged to all consumers. Typical liberal - she can't grasp that when you make a business do something the customers all pay for it. I guess she doesn't know that the social security number was not supposed to be used an an identification number anyway, and had we stayed that course we wouldn't be having these problems (which are nothing new; this type of fraud has been happening for a long time.) In short, her vision of a central government that is ever active in "improving" our lives rather than providing protection and arbitrating disputes is guaranteed to oppress the innocent and empower the fraudster and criminal (and politician, but I repeat myself). All those great things the good Senator advocates opens the door to crimes like these.

So she's going to make the innocent pay for the crimes of the guilty, crimes that her friends made possible.

A great deal of this fraud is by illegal aliens stealing ssn's since they don't have real ones, and she and her party supports letting more and more invade. Senator, if you want to stop this stealing of social security numbers perhaps you should start with helping Donald Trump build his wall and push through mandatory e-verify.

Oh, and your party pushes anti-discrimination laws that work to prevent uncovering this sort of identity theft. Lenders of any stripe fear digging too much lest they be accused of racism or sexism or homophobia or xenophobia or some other microaggression. Now you are going to compel them to do it, and perhaps face civil rights charges in other areas.

Senator McCaskill, be honest about what you really believe.

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