July 10, 2019

Global Warming Brainwashing

Timothy Birdnow

An article in Guardian Australia waxes poetic about brainwashing chiildren to believe in Global Warming. I left the following comment:

Why do they have to frighten children? Because rational adults know a bedtime story when they hear it. If this were about science they wouldn't be trying to brainwash kids.

Another reader took umbrage with this and chastised me for it:

So education is brainwashing. Why do you not respect the findings of University qualified Climate Scientists? Do you ignore yourself University qualified GP and listen to your butcher over medical issues?

Naturally I had to reply:

I ignore scientists when they have proven themselves to be untruthful or unreliable - as Michael Mann has done, or James Hansen or NOAA altering temperature data to make it appear the Earth is warming. The fact is, the Climategate e-mails make it quite plain that there has been a concerted effort by some scientists (who depend on public funding and so need this "emergency" to keep the gravy coming) to bully journal editors, negatively peer review "denier" papers while giving thumbs up for their friends, filing frivilous lawsuits against people who disagree with them, fudge data, etc. Ever heard of "Mike's Nature Trick?" That was Michael Mann's sneaky trick of splicing real and proxy data onto the same graph "to hide the decline". Those were the very words used in the Climategate e-mails. Doubt? You betcha.

But what do you mean by scientists? There are thirty thousand scientists who have signed a petition against the hysterical global warming claims. http://www.petitionproject.org/ That follows on the hels of the Heidelberg Initiative, the Oregon petition, etc.

Here is a list of scientists who disagree with the so-called concensus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_scientists_opposing_the_mainstream_scientific_assessment_of_global_warming These are top people; William Happer, Freeman dyson, Judith Curry, Joanna Simpson, Piers Corbin, Richard Lindzen, Roger Pielke Sr., Roger Pielke Jur., The late Frederick Seitz, Roy Spencer, John Christy, Lubos Motls, Willie Soon, Sally Baliuski, Astronaut and geologist Harrison Schmidt, Timothy Ball, Don Easterbrook, David Legates, S. Singer, Jennifer Marohasy, etc. I could go on but you get the point. Google any of these people and you will see very accomplished scientists in the thick of this research. Also, Google the NIPCC. Oh, hell, I'll do it for you. https://motls.blogspot.com/2019/05/the-nipcc-reports-are-actually-amazing.html

There is considerable research that suggests most of the warming of the twentieth century is an artifact of "data smoothing" by NOAAA, or NASA's Goddard Institutie, or the Hadley Center. Oh, and satellite data shows virtually no planetary warming; only dubiious surface stations. They are bad data, too; see www.surfacestations.org.

I ffear you are only getting half the story - the half the Alarmists want you to have.

So, has theplanet warmed? Sure. Why? Some of it is nature (solar variability and Milankovich cycles) some of it caused by human activity (Roger Pielke Sr. argues that land use change - cutting trees down, blacktopping what was once forest) raises the temperature in spots. But a thermogeddon caused by carbon dioxide? Nah.

Do you know that there are only four molecdules of carbon dioxide in every TEN THOUSAND molecules of air? It's a trace gas. And we've put less than one moolecule of those four into the atmosphere.

If carbon dioxide is so powerful a greenhouse gas why is M

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