February 23, 2019

The Gilded Cage; California's Tarnishing Yellow Plating

Timothy Birdnow

Writing in Politico, Michael Grunwald argues that things are better in California and accuses Trump of waging a "war" on the yellow state.


Grunwald says:

But while California has plenty of problems, from worsening wildfires to overpriced housing to that troubled bullet-train project that became the latest target of presidential mockery, there’s one serious hitch in the GOP plan to make California a symbol of Democratic dysfunction and socialistic stagnation: It’s basically thriving.

"California is doing awesome,” says Congressman Ted Lieu, an immigrant from Taiwan who co-chairs the policy and communications committee for the House Democratic Caucus. "It’s a beautiful, welcoming, environmentally friendly place that proves government can work. Who wants to run against that?”

If California is so wonderful, why are so many people leaving? According to the North American Migration Report California is the Fourth most abandoned state, behind such cesspools as Illinois, Connecticut, and New Jersey. A place doing well would NOT be losing people but gaining them - as Arizona or the Carolinas or Tennessee. People are trying to get OUT of the Yellow State, not in.

Even the very liberal CNBC had to admit that.

As for welcoming, maybe they welcome homeless people and illegal aliens, but don't bother showing up if you're a Conservative.

Breitbart dishes on Left-wing hate in California:

Behavioral Sciences Professor Brian Levin of the Department of Criminal Justice at CSUSB found hate crimes in Los Angeles were up by 15 percent to 230 in 2016. That ranked L.A. as having the third-largest number of hate crimes in the nation 230 last year, far behind New York with 380 and Boston with 275.

But in a surprising comment for what has usually been a politically correct forum to attack conservative values, Levin told the Los Angeles County’s Network Against Hate Crime, headquartered in West Hollywood, that he is most worried about a rise in violent attacks by leftist Black Bloc, Antifa and other armed rioters that are using violence, assaults and vandalism to muzzle conservative free speech on college campuses.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that Levin is worried that far-left groups are targeting police, journalists, campus venues, and Trump supporters. Regarding the far left’s motivations in the last year, he said, "They increasingly saw demonstrations less as an opportunity for expression, and more as the culmination of a pre-choreographed violent street or campus battle, that began as vitriolic disputes on social media.”

End excerpt.

Welcoming? Hah!

The Politico article continues:

California is now the world’s fifth-largest economy, up from eighth a decade ago. If it’s a socialist hellhole, it’s a socialist hellhole that somehow nurtured Apple, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Uber, Netflix, Oracle and Intel, not to mention old-economy stalwarts like Chevron, Disney, Wells Fargo and the Hollywood film industry. California firms still attract more venture capital than the rest of the country combined, while its farms produce more fruits, nuts and wine than the rest of the country combined.

End excerpt.

That jump in ranking is based on information provided by former Governor Jerry Brown, and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Even so, what of it? China is certainly one of the wealthier nations in the world today but people aren't breaking down the doors to get in. China is oppressive and the people generally live poor. Ditto Russia. Oh, both of those places are fine if you are in the Ruling Class, have wealth, but not so much if you are an average person. California is like that. California more nearly resembles a Latin American nation now, with the great haciendas and Jefes who are fabulously wealthy, making their living off the backs of the poor peasantry.

And it also should be pointed out that California is blessed with natural resources that have been a huge boon to them. Just by being on the Pacific Ocean in warm water ports, the state benefits from all manner of shipping and trade - and the U.S. has naval and military bases all over the state because it is easily accessed. That has nothing to do with California's political climate.

But is it really the fifth largest economy on Earth? Read this:

When adjusting for the state’s high cost of living, California’s GDP ranking drops to 11th in the world, according to the California Legislative Analyst’s Office.

A tweet on June 14, 2016 from the California's nonpartisanLegislative Analyst's Office.

Carson Bruno, who studies California policy at the conservative Hoover Institution, says there’s a lot missing from the "sixth largest economy claim."

In California, "housing costs more; electricity and gas cost more; and even most goods and services cost more than the national average," he wrote in a post on RealClearMarkets.com. "In many respects California's cost of living is much more like a Western European nation than it is like the rest of the U.S. The widely reported global rankings ignore this reality."

End excerpt.

Any number of factors can influence this jump. One such factor is the strength of the dollar, which has improved relative to European currency. Also, Donald Trump's renegotiation of numerous trade deals helped spark this rise as well, since he has protected California from competition and at the same time forced open certain markets that had been closed to the Yellow State.

It should be pointed out, too, that California had dropped to 12th place as late as 2012; the Obama-era policies, the very things California would like to impose on the rest of us, slowed their economy down considerably.

Venezuela was the wealthiest nation in Latin America, too, until it went down the path California is now heading. Now you can't get toilet paper there. But I guess it would be beneficial if that were to happen to California, because the toilet paper would simply make the streets messier (since vagrants empty their bowels right out in the open these days.)

California is the worst educated state, coming in dead last, behind such luminaries as West Virginia, Alabama, and Arkansas. This from the fifth largest economy on Earth with some of the highest tax rates! In fact, California is rated as having the poorest quality of life of all fifty states. The libertarian Cato Institute lists California as second from bottom for being a free place. California has the second highest rate for syphilis in the country. California, despite being this alleged paradise, is the fifteenth most violent state in America. That is the REPORTED violence; much of it goes unreported as it involves immigrant communities and shady underworld activity.

The article continues:

In fact, the secret sauce of the California dream seems to have something to do with attracting entrepreneurs who want to change the world as well as their bank accounts.

End excerpt.

We happen to like our neck of the world as it is. Change is not always for the better, despite what "Progressives" think. In fact, the fundamental laws of the Universe are against beneficial change. Entropy is the inevitable disordering of states, and is perhaps THE fundamental physical law. Change often is for the worse.

And in the interest of change California invites anyone who wants to come, which means the rest of us have to accept them, too, and even pick u the tab.

California was a Conservative, Republican state outside of LA and the Bay area until fairly recently. It was the state that gave us Ronald Reagan, and it was the state that passed Proposition 187  as late as 1998, a strongly anti-illegal alien law (which was struck down and thus began the invasion of California, which now boasts a 25% alien population.) California is running on fumes, using up the last of other people's money. Like a man about to have a heart attack, the Yellow State appears hale and hearty but is in the final stages of sclerosis. Anyone who doubts that is kidding himself.

The article concludes:

So the idea of California as a leftist hellhole is likely to persist. "California is going to hell in a handbasket,” Fox News personality Tomi Lahren declared during a recent segment on the border. A conservative Town Hall columnist, in a 2018 essay titled "To Hell With California,” urged the state to secede from the U.S., although he said he didn’t want to nuke it. ("Well … OK, I don’t.”) There’s already a Twitter meme proposing a new Harris campaign slogan: "Make America California.”

California does feel like a potential harbinger of a more multicultural, more progressive American future, which may be one reason Trump is so openly hostile to it, even threatening to withhold aid from its wildfire victims. A lot of Newsom’s plans for California are to counter what’s happening in Washington; he wants to reinstate Obamacare’s individual health insurance mandate in California, extend health subsidies to undocumented adults in California, and pursue even more ambitious climate goals. Meanwhile, the Democratic candidates to take on Trump are pushing platforms that would take a lot of California policy to the national stage.

The story of California is the story of America—immigration, innovation, investing in what works,” Lieu said. "Plus we’ve got amazing beaches, and Disneyland! How cool is that?”

End excerpt.

So Trump is hostile to California for "multiculturalism"? Not that it is breaking the law, or bringing in people who offer nothing of material benefit to the country. The concept of a nation, which includes a common cultural heritage, common language, and bonds of familial affection, don't seem to matter to this author. He is woefully ignorant of history. Multicultural nations fare quite poorly, and usually have to be held together by force.

Take a look at the old Austro-Hungarian Empire; haven't seen that around for a while. But we DID see a terrible war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, once kept peaceful by the Austrians. The Balkans have had constant warfare precisely BECAUSE they are mutlicultural. Ditto the Caucasus. Ditto the Indian subcontinent. Ditto much of Subsaharan Africa. Ditto the Mesoamericans. Ditto the lande of Canaan.

The most peaceful and generally prosperous nations have always been reasonably homogenous. Norway and Sweden are two examples. America was not racially homogenous but it did require her immigrants to join in the general culture. We were a melting pot. Now the Progressives want a salad aka a bunch of independent nations coexisting in the same space. that just doesn't work.

liberals like Grunwald really need to learn history.

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