November 25, 2023

The Energy Gordian Knot

Timothy Birdnow

The radicals in the Biden junta never rest:

US Backing New Plan To Cripple Coal Industry At UN Climate Conference

Where pray tell does Biden think we are going to get the electricity to power all those EV's? Europe and Asia are restarting coal precisely because they found "renewables" didn't work for a modern post-industrial society.


The U.S. will reportedly support a French plan to get the countries of the world to ban private financing of coal-fired power plants during the upcoming UN conference, known as COP28, according to Reuters. The plan is likely to drive a rift between countries like the U.S. and France and those like China and India, which are reliant on coal to feed their economies cheap and reliable electricity.

The proposed plan would allow the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to set coal standards for private financing companies that would allow regulators, ratings agencies and non-governmental organizations to track coal financing, according to Reuters


What this means is China,Russia, the whole BRICKS entente,will simply ignore any of these standards while the West committs economic suicide. And it will empower the oil producers, particularly Russia and the Middle East, which will help fund even more terrorism against Israel and the West.

I simply cannot believe our leadership is this stupid. But I CAN believe they are this corrupt and radical.

The article continues:

The U.S., the European Union (EU) and Canada had been working together to assemble a strategy for phasing out coal, which they view as the leading threat to achieving international climate targets, according to Reuters. Approximately 73% of the electricity consumed in India is generated using coal, according to Reuters, and China permitted an average of two new coal plants each week in 2022, according to analysis conducted by the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air.
"France has no coal, so their position banning it is easy. The U.S., on the other hand, has the largest coal reserves— by far— in the world,” Dan Kish, a senior research fellow for the institute for Energy Research, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. "Coal is the leading source of electricity in the world. All this does is make the rest of the world that is trying to get affordable electricity for their people align themselves with China and against the U.S. Uncle Sam is once again made to look like a Dunce under Joe Biden.”

India is reportedly likely to push back against the proposal, or any other proposal to set a deadline for a fossil fuel phase-out, according to Reuters. Indian delegates may reportedly push representatives of developed countries like the U.S. and France to become carbon negative, rather than merely carbon neutral, by 2050 to keep targets within grasp.

Beyond the reported plan to strangle private financing for coal plants, delegates are expected to discuss the shape and stipulations of a so-called "loss and damages” fund, a de facto international climate reparations program, at COP28. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry recently suggested that the U.S. will pay "millions” into the fund, a number that many activists and representatives of poorer countries find to be inadequate. China is unlikely to have any significant obligations to the fund because it is classified as a developing country, despite its status as the world’s top emitter and second-largest econom


The U.S.has the largest coal deposits on Earth; we are the Saudi Arabia of coal, yet we are trying desperately to lock this valuable resource away. The end result is America dwindles as an economic power while Russia and the Middle East increase their power. Russia has more money to meddle in the affairs of their neighbors and Iran has more money to fund Hamas and Hizbollah.

And the environmental radicals - inside and outside of this junta in power - have also taken nuclear off the table, so what are we going to power our economy with? Pinwheels? Mirrors? They are failures and have been for some time now.

The dirty little secret is our leadership doesn't WANT to power our economy at all. They want to deindustrialize. Too many believe the world was better when in fact it was worse, and think a homespun life frolicking amidst the daisies was better than a life with air conditioning, swimming pools, clean water, bountiful food, nice clothes, and ways to travel that don't involve animal slavery. The dream of a pastoral paradise that never existed.

The fact is until the late nineteenth century life was hard, cold or hot, long working hours at backbreaking labor, hungry, dark, and for most ignorant. All that changed because of energy; we learned to use it to our benefit. We CREATED this world of opueance, of fabulous wealth and leisure. It didn't happen in the Third World because they never learned to use energy and they never learned the Rule of Law which made it safe to do so.

The American West WAS Third World but not for long; with the coming of the settlers came the ideas that Western Civilization had spawned, and with that came wealth and prosperity. Yet these people seek to turn America and the rest of the West into a neo-Third World and either believe that is better or, in many cases, know it isn't but think we somehow deserve it for "stealing" wealth from the poor nations. (We did no such thing; they had no use for the wealth the colonial powers utilized, and the colonial powers brought prosperity to many places that were starving,but that is an argument for another day.)

They want to punish us. And they think that we need to let these countries catch up with us by voluntarily hamstringing our own economies.

These people are insane.

Suffice it to say that they are creating a Gordian Knot that will hamstring our societies and lead to the eventual collapse of Western Civilization and all the good it has wrought. Alexander solved the problem of the Gordian Knot but simply cutting it. We will be so severed, I fear.

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