December 16, 2018

Women and Global Warming

Timothy Birdnow

Climate Depot gives us a glimpse into the crazy world of the Gang Green. From the article:

"Gender Day

The United Nations proclaims that "Gender Day is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of gender-responsive climate policy and action as well as highlighting women’s leadership in climate action.”

Half of the bodies of governments Half of the bodies of governments sending representatives to COP24 have female representation of 38% or more. And "there is a record number of female delegates elected to the position of Chair or Co-Chair of these bodies…”

Encouraging the involvement of women in discussions at an international level may be a worthy goal, but the UN, as usual, takes it in a direction that doesn’t make too much sense. more...

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On Losing the Culture War

Jack Kemp forwards this from our friend Lloyd Marcus:

As for Me and My House...

By Lloyd Marcus

Candidly, I have not written in a while because I've been in a funk. I caught Rabbi Jonathan Cahn on TV sharing devastating stats confirming that we (conservatives) have lost the culture war â€" the battle for the hearts and minds of America.

New York City has legalized a "third gender" on birth certificates. Not that long ago, over 40 states passed resolutions supporting God's definition of marriage â€" between one man and one woman. According to the Public Religious Research Institute, a majority of Democrats, Republicans, blacks, whites, Latinos, Catholics, and white mainline Protestant denominations support so-called "marriage" between people of the same sex. The majority of evangelical Millennials support redefining marriage. more...

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Timothy Birdnow

Et tu,

Yes, the usually reasonable website has climbed aboard the "renewable" fired crazy train, making the argument that Venus is a model of what can happen to Earth if we let atmospheric carbon dioxide rise. It's a monumentally silly article. Read it here.

Venus, dear children, is not the Earth and never was.

Here are a few dimwitted tidbits from supposed "scientists" who really ought to know better:

"That world is Venus, Earth's "evil twin," which was once nice enough — until something went wrong and the atmosphere began trapping a little too much heat. Scientists aren't positive precisely how events played out, but the runaway greenhouse effect that resulted is beyond debate: Venus now clocks in at a staggering 880 degrees Fahrenheit (471 degrees Celsius)." more...

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“We are still in” totalitarians flunk basic reality

Paul Driessen

As the huge climate gabfest in Poland winds down, it’s useful to reflect on what happened there, what didn’t, and what was probably going through the minds of the 30,000 climate alarmists who dominated the proceedings. One of the more illustrative and amusing groups in attendance was the so-called We are still IN "movement.”

Its members insist that they are "still IN” the Paris climate accords, even if the US isn’t … have now "taken up the mantle of climate leadership” that President Trump supposedly dropped … and are still committed to following the restrictive, punitive, anti-hydrocarbon Paris regime. That is, of course, except when it comes to benefitting themselves from coal, oil and natural gas. So here’s a more honest look at the many ways these people and organizations are "still IN.”


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December 15, 2018

Trump Rolled on Provision in New NAFTA

Timothy Birdnow

Trump got played on the New NAFTA deal, and Big Tech can continue to censor conservative content as a result.

"Less than two weeks ago, President Trump signed the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement intended to be the successor to the North American Free Trade Agreement, which Trump has attacked for decades. The White House says the agreement will "better serve the interests of American workers and businesses” and "includes the strongest digital trade … provisions of any United States trade agreement.”

Unfortunately, an obscure article in one provision of the agreement only serves the interests of the largest tech monopolies by granting them special privilege to censor conservatives. Congress should demand the removal or amendment of this article before giving consent to confirm section 230.

How did this happen? Big Tech lobbyists orchestrated the quiet insertion of a seemingly innocuous provision (Article 19.17) into the deal that is based on Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Section 230, much beloved by big tech, and an essential building block of their monopolistic dominance, holds that platforms like Facebook cannot be held liable as a "publisher or speaker” of their users’ content."


"Section 230 also grants immunity for removing content a platform finds to be "obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable.”"


"However, the agreement changes the law to let tech companies remove whatever they find "harmful or objectionable.” According to Candeub, these changes will "likely lead courts to interpret it to mean whatever the platforms object to — which has thus far included the word ‘illegal alien,’ pro-life advertisements, videos defending ‘Israel’s Legal Founding,’ and President Trump’s own immigration advertisements.”

This means courts would likely throw out any action to stop censorship under state law or an executive order, which Trump reportedly wants to issue. He has also spoken out against Twitter’s shadow-banning of conservatives and Google’s political manipulation of its search results. However, as is too often the case, establishment elements in the administration have thwarted Trump’s agenda, and it is unclear how much focus this issue has in the White House.""

End excerpts.

Congress can still remove this language from the treaty, but it requires the courage to do so. Does anyone believe Bob Goodlatte will stand up to Google or Facebook?

The Great Negotiator seems to have gotten rolled here.

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Judge Declares Obamacare Unconstitutional

Timothy Birdnow

A Federal judge in Texas has declared Obamacare unconstitutional because Congress removed the mandate from it - thus eliminating the grounds used to declare it legal by SCOTUS.

John Hindraker explains at Powerline:

"You may remember that Obamacare survived constitutional scrutiny by the skin of its teeth when the Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Roberts, held that the penalty the act imposes for failure to buy health insurance is a tax, and therefore is constitutional. That holding discreetly bypassed the fact that the Obama administration had vociferously denied, in court and elsewhere, that the insurance penalty is a tax."


"How strong is this evening’s ruling? It is premised on the fact that Congress has repealed the penalty assessed against those who decline to buy health insurance:


"ut to me, the logic seems strained: the individual mandate has been legislatively repealed, so therefore the entire statute must fall? Maybe, but that is a pretty big leap."

End excerpts.

He goes on to discuss the fact that the Trump Administration failed to defend the ACA in court and, while the Media and the Democrats will howl at this, they are taking batting practice inside a greenhouse here; Obama refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in precisely the same fashion. But that was Obama; we know all about media double standards.

At any rate, this is a good thing because it may force Congress to repeal the quasi-socialist scheme.

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Value Menu Lunch

Jack Kemp

Diner at Grand Central Oyster Bar finds pea-sized pearl in his lunch

"Rick Antosh, 66, met a high-school buddy for lunch at Grand Central Oyster Bar on Dec. 5 and ordered his usual $14.75 pan roast. Diving into the stew-like dish, which includes six Blue Point oysters, he felt a tiny object rolling around his mouth.

The Edgewater, New Jersey, resident feared he needed a dentist.

"For a fraction of a second, there was terror" Antosh told The Post. "Is it a tooth; is it a filling?"

Turns out, it was a pea-sized pearl which, according to ­Eddie Livi, owner of DSL Pearl on West 47th Street, could be worth thousands of dollars.

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The murder of The Weekly Standard

Dana Mathewson

The Weekly Standard magazine is no more. Here, one of the founding members, the excellent John Podhoretz, describes and laments it.

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Warren Speacum with Forked Tongue

Jack Kemp

Kowabunga! Pale face sqaw admits she spoke with forked tongue!

But during a commencement address at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, on Friday, Warren made clear that she does not consider herself a person of color.
"I'm not a person of color. And I haven't lived your life or experienced anything like the subtle prejudice, or more overt harm, that you may have experienced just because of the color of your skin" Warren admitted.


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December 14, 2018

Evil Google now has ap to report Blasphemy

Timothy Birdnow

Google, the "Don't be evil" champions who have made it their business to bury conservatives via "civility" algorithms, has topped themselves. Not content with helping the Chicoms impose censorship on the Chinese People, they now have introduced an app for Muslims to report "blasphemy"!

From Big League Poliktics voa Aways on Watch:

"A new Android app has launched with the focus of allowing Muslims to report individuals who commit blasphemy, or insult Islam.

No, this is not a joke. The app, "Smart Pakem”, which launched in Indonesia last month at the request of the Indonesian government, will allow users and government officials to uphold Sharia law and target and report people who hold "misguided” beliefs in violation of Islamic law, which forbids insults of Islam, insults against the Prophet Mohammed, or the recognition of any other religion besides Islam.... more...

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Strzok and Page's Phones wiped "like with a cloth"

Timothy Birdnow

Here we go!

A "technical glitch" wiped out a large number of e-mails between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, in one of those coincidences that seems to surround the Mueller investigation.

According to Fox News:

"The DOJ's Inspector General (IG) said that, with help from the Department of Defense, it was able to uncover thousands of missing text messages written by Strzok and Page and sent using their FBI-issued Samsung phones from December 15, 2016 through May 17, 2017, "as well as hundreds of other text messages outside the gap time period that had not been produced by the FBI due to technical problems with its text message collection tool."

But when the IG went looking for the iPhones separately issued to Strzok and Page by the Mueller team, investigators were told that "[Strzok's] iPhone had been reset to factory settings and was reconfigured for the new user to whom the device was issued."

The records officer at the special counsel told the IG that "as part of the office's records retention procedure, the officer reviewed Strzok's DOJ issued iPhone" on September 6, 2017 and "determined it contained no substantive text messages" before it was wiped completely -- just weeks after Strzok was fired from Mueller's team for anti-Trump bias and sending anti-Trump text messages."

End excerpt.

Accidental - right!

This mirrors the way Hillary Clinton's servers were wiped with Bleachbit. And here we have the Mueller probe putting people in jail for confusing details in multiple interviews with agents.

Here is one example of an exchange. Other smoking guns might well have gone missing:

'He's not ever going to become president, right? Right?!'

"No, No he's not. We'll stop it."

Congress should act in the lame duck to close the Mueller probe down. This is disgraceful; an attempt to frame a legally-elected President because the powers in Washington don't like the outcome.

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Lieutenant Uhura, it's Cold Outside on Delta Vega

Dana Mathewson

Score another home run for Shatner

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AOC's Spare Wit

Jack Kemp

Occasional Cortex was feted in Los Angeles. The actors love her and they wound up having this exchange:

Actor: Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, great news! We want you to give a speech at the fabulous Hollywood Bowl!

Occasional Cortex: No way! I'm through speaking in bowling alleys!

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December 13, 2018

Trump cuts unnecessary expense

Jack Kemp

Trump cancels White House Christmas party.

"Members of the media will likely attend many holiday parties this season, but among them will not be the White House Christmas party, as President Trump has canceled the event, reports."

Read it all!

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Colorado energy company Xcel goes crazy green

Paul Driessen

Colorado’s giant utility company Xcel recently announced that it plans to become 100% "emissions free” by 2050. As energy analyst David Wojick suggests in this informative and provocative article, "Xcel serves eight states from Colorado to Michigan, so a lot of people should be grabbing their wallets.” He also says the Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Trade Commission ought to look into possible fraud surrounding these claims and plans.

Dr. Wojick lays out the facts surrounding this scheme: from the "zero emissions” scam, to the energy and dollar costs of unproven "carbon capture and storage,” to the monumental land and raw material demands associated with wind turbines – to the human rights abuses involved in mining and processing the special metals needed to make wind turbines, batteries and other "clean, renewable, planet-saving” pseudo-substitutes for the fossil fuels that now provide over 80% of US and global energy


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For THIS We Should Have a Constitution Overhaul? I Don't Think So!

Dana Mathewson

The Left never misses an opportunity to beclown itself. Now they want a quick Constitutional Amendment to lower the age requirement to run for President. Why? Can't you guess? So that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can qualify, naturally.

But not everyone agrees, even on the Left, it appears.

Liberal political website Vox is getting accused of jumping the shark after publishing an appeal to "fix the Constitution ASAP” so that 29-year-old incoming Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can run for president – claiming"there’s no time like the present to start working to abolish arbitrary qualifications.”

Wednesday's lengthy piece, "It’s ridiculous that it’s unconstitutional for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to run for president,” declared that everyone from immigrants to recent college grads should be eligible.

Vox co-founder and senior correspondent Matthew Yglesias wrote that "phenomenon” Ocasio-Cortez "is the biggest star in the Democratic Party,” and therefore it is "completely ridiculous” that the Constitution makes anyone under the age of 35 ineligible to run for president of the United States.

"There’s nothing wrong with old people per se, but essentially everyone has lost a step or two both mentally and physically by their mid-70s,” Yglesias wrote. "The really awful thing about being old is that you just keep getting older over time.”

Even Ocasio-Cortez pushed back on the premise: [emphasis mine]

"How about... no,” she wrote. "Sometimes political media is too fixated on personalities instead of policies. The whole country JUST went through an exhausting midterm election. We need a break.”

"This is truly Vox’s jump the shark moment. Not exactly sure how you can claim to be anything other than pure parody when you are publishing pieces like this. I guess they believe - wrongly - that all publicity - even negative publicity- is good,” conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News.

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck told Fox News that Vox is "supposed to be knowledgeable and explain things to the masses” but "always finds a way to baffle people by showing that they're the ones who struggle with basic facts and trying to explain things.”

"Vox is quickly becoming a parody of itself and this fantasy of wanting her to be president even though she hasn't been sworn in yet is ludicrous,” Houck said. "At least Barack Obama had served in the state Senate and then the U.S. Senate for a few years and could have claimed to have had some experience in office.”

Entire article here. Worth the read, especially if you haven't had your belly-laugh for the day yet.

Look, I understand that after Barack Obama, the bar is pretty low, but really!

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Vikings' Stadium on Craigslist

Dana Mathewson

For all you sports fans... n-craigslist


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Send 'em to Guyana!

Timothy Birdnow

Writing in Conservative HQ Doug Bandow argues for allowing Pakistani Christians to obtain refugee status in the United States.

From the article:

"here’s not much the U.S. government can do to ease Christians’ plight in Pakistan, other than press Islamabad to protect the lives, dignity, and liberties of all its peoples. But Washington could accept the few thousand Pakistanis stuck in Bangkok, essentially people without a country. Even the Trump administration should welcome religious minorities fleeing Islamist oppression."


"Washington should take in Pakistani Christians currently stuck in Bangkok. The number is quite small. Having been persecuted, they are among the best candidates for U.S. citizenship, almost certain to appreciate their new home. Opening America’s door, even only a crack, would help ease criticism of the administration for its ungenerous approach to refugees.

It is easy for Americans to forget how blessed they are. Washington should allow Pakistani Christians stuck in Thailand to make the U.S. their home, to replace the one they gave up in their search for respect, safety, and liberty." more...

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Timothy Birdnow

Pop culture is full of those cute little couples' names like Branjolina (Brad Pitt and Anjolina Jolie). It occurs to me we have a perfect name for the Chuck Schumer/Nancy Pelosi power couple. Chancy! Lord knows the name fits....

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Hey, amigos, this is NOT the way it's done! No way, Jose'!

Dana Mathewson

Caravan Groups To Trump Admin: Pay $50K To Each Migrant And We'll Go Home

These dudes are seriously cursed with Attention Deficit Disorder, among other things. A few weeks ago (wasn't it?), the President told them they might as well turn around and disband, as he was not letting them into the U.S. and That Was That. The idea that they weren't going to get any money out of the deal was not, as I remember, mentioned, because it was frankly too silly to even register on the Trump Radar Screen.

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