August 06, 2022

Early Puberty

Selwyn Duke

I made a connection in this article's last third that, to the best of my knowledge, is unique and may point researchers toward an area of study. You may find it interesting.

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The Return of Polio

This courtesy of Steven Schueler

@DrJBhattachary a

Not a headline I thought I'd ever see in my lifetime. Lockdowns, vax mandates & public health tomfoolery have _predictably_ led to many people not trusting all vaccines, including those that are essential for private and public health like the polio vax.

Polio virus found in another New York county, officials say
New York health officials say they have detected the polio virus in wastewater samples in another county, just days after the virus was found in Rockland County.


Mistrusting the WuFlu vax should NOT mean mistrust in ALL vaccines. They are NOT all the same.

Tim adds:

I don't think it's being caused by mistrust of vaccines so much as the huge number of unvetted aliens who have come into the U.S. in recent years, most from Third World countries that still have Polio. "Wild Polio" is Polio that is caught from the environment, and it can survive for quite some time in the ground, I am given to understand. The vaccination broke the chain of infection here, but it can easily be restarted. Until it is completely gone worldwide it will remain a threat. While I don't think the fear of vaccinations is the culprit in this, It will be an issue in the future if people stop getting vaccinated for it.

We had our first case in decades this June.

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Whose Supremacism?

This from Willis Eschenbach:


Seeing Democrats (the party behind the Civil War, the KKK, Jim Crow, segregation, and the filibuster of the Civil RIghtsAct) trying to gaslight the US public into believing that the Republicans are the "white supremacists" is so utterly disappointing on a number of levels.


Justin Bielinski
@JustinBielinsk i

Seeing Milwaukee's mayor, a Black man, smiling in front of the RNC logo to announce that a white supremacist convention is coming to town is so utterly disappointing on a number of levels.

Tim adds:

"White Suprmeacism" is just laughable! White people have never asserted their superior numbers, not for decades. In fact, they have voluntarily surrendered their power to creeps like this Justin. That he would use that slur is evidence he is both monumentally ignroant and dishonest. I ask; who made the Civil Rights Act pass? Who promoted all of the civil rights legislation over the years? Black people did not force this on an unwiling white America. It was white Americans who promoted all of this. And who takes the Klan seriously these days? Nobody. But if you oppose the Left you are automatically a White Supremacist. Take the Proud Boys; their founder was a black Cuban guy. But they are called White Supremacists because they don't kowtow tot he Left. Ditto Oath Keepers, which is just a bunch of Christian men trying to keep their vows to their family, their country and to God. What we have now, if anything, is Black Supremacism. Minorities are given preferences in jobs, are supported by taxpayer dollars on many occasions, given preferences in college acceptance, in promotions, in government service. Does anybody think Kamala Harris would be where she is if she wasn't a black woman? Isn't that supremacism? Or what of Biden's 5 watt bulb spokeswoman? She would make a bad spokesperson for a free theater company. But she is there because she is black. That my friends is supremacism.Minorities are exempted from legal charges in many instances - especially in districts with black prosecutors. They are given preference in almost all avenues of life. If you are a dilligent, reasonably well educated black person you will do very well in America. Look at Barack Obama; easily the least qualified man to become President in history but white America wanted to prove to the black community we have moved past race. Fat lot of good it did anyone.

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California Surplus

Timothy Birdnow

When looking over the comments this morning (I have a ton of spam comments, but I try to check out those that look legitimate just in case) I came across this post from last November where they were predicting a budget surplus in California.

Since that was ten months ago I thought I should compare it with the current situation.

Well, they are now claiming California has a huge surplus. A hundred BILLION dollar surplus, to be exact.

I seriously doubt that. California spends like Popeye and Bluto in port (when not chasing Olive Oyl) and so how can this be?

First, it means California is screwing it's citizens. They are overtaxing, and instead of rebating this money to it's rightful owners they intend to go on a spending spree, blowing through the tax money. By all rights this should go back to the people who earned it.

It is also alittle game they are playing, as it does not take into account money the state owes, as far as I can tell.

To give credit where due, Newsome did sign a bill sending some of it back. But as a true liberal Democrat he calls it "inflation relief" and acts as if he's doing California a favor.

Maybe Bill can weigh in here?

One final suggestion; since California believes in from each according to his ability to each according to his need perhaps they should send the surplus to other states less fortunate? Why not send some to West Virginia, where their Senator is pushing the Broke Back Bitter bill that will promote "renewable energy" over W. Virginian coal. Those miners will all be out of work soon. California could help them with a gift of their surplus budget.

I mean, it's like totally fair dude!

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August 05, 2022

Lockdowns Save NO Lives

Selwyn Duke

"Study: Lockdowns Save NO Lives. Are Politicians Destroying the Economy for NOTHING?” So wrote The New American (TNA) on April 23, 2020 — in the "pandemic’s” early days. It was one of many examples of TNA and other individuals and entities warning over and over again, early on, that the Covid lockdowns were ineffective at halting disease spread and actually deadly.

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More Climate Debate

Timothy Birdnow

In a post on Facebook about the shortening of the day, Meteorologist James Covington and a polite liberal climate alarmist (well, as polite as they are capable of being) named Mike Reynolds got into a disagreement.

James says:

They don't know why, but they're sure it must be "climate change". lol

Mike replies:

It mentions Chandler Wobble 3 times which is one of the top contending hypotheses. And it's intuitive that the amount of weight on the top of a spinning top would affect its wobble, i.e. glaciers.

But there are many other theories and scientists don't declare certainty until they have enough data on a correlation to reach a one in 3 million chance of it being a statistical fluke.

James responds:

I am one of those scientists. Meteorologist who's been studying natural climate cycles for decades. 🙂

Last 3 years both poles have slowly gained ice. A majority of high elevation glaciers are now thickening, as well.... those that aren't are largely due to changes in prevailing winds. Sea level is changing by a couple millimeters per year and leveling off. I don't claim to know exactly what's going on.... but I'm about 99% sure it has nothing to do with miniscule changes in the ambient air temperatures. 🙂

If I had to formulate a cogent hypothesis, I'd say deep quakes in the southwest Pacific region, and corresponding rebound, are slowly changing the shape of the lithosphere.
Mike retorts:

The average sea level rise over the 20th century was 1.4 mm/year. [1] The average rate has been 2.62 ± 0.69 mm/year during 1993–2008, 4.10 ± 0.41 mm/year during 2006–2021 [2], and 5 mm/year during 2014-2019. [3]




Do you have a reference for a glacial mass increase over the past 3 years? I cannot find anything about it.

James rebuts:

By the same sources you mean the same satellites? So NASA and JPL who operate the satellites are co-conspirators

with the UN who have cooked the books and you can't trust satellite data?

Your refer is 14 years out of date.
The three links are all funded by the same agencies and the data is all from the same sources.... I would note that it's stated in the IPCC's charter to look for human causes, they ignore natural cycles. Here's a screenshot from a published (independant) paper. The natural cycle is rather obvious in the bottom graph. In the top, you see the upward trend started a LONG time ago.

Overall glacial mass may be pretty close to net zero, I'm simply saying gains in a number of areas counter losses in others. Media only shows the losses. As for the Arctic, I have maps from ship reports going back to 1899, there is nothing unusual going on up there... except that neither passage is open yet this summer.
May be an image of text

Mike retorts:

James J. Covington By the same sources you mean the same satellites? So NASA and JPL who operate the satellites are co-conspirators with the UN who have cooked the books and you can't trust satellite data?

Your refer is 14 years out of date.

It would also have to be a conspiracy of global tidal gauges around the world which confirm the satellite data.

Tim adds:

A fine discussion Mike Reynolds and James J. Covington!

I tend not to trust NASA and NOAA data as both are government agencies dependent on alarmism to obtain funding. And governments love climate change theory because it allows them to tax more, regulate more, and wield power. Also, both agencies have been caught tampering with historical data to make the current warming trend seem larger.

Mike, I agree with James here; you are relying on the same fundamental source ultimately.

And how was sea level rise determined? The sea doesn't rise the same in the same place everywhere. It's an average, and one must ask how it is taken? Grace satellite data? Tide gauges? Tide gauges are often obsolete when changes to the tidal pool occur from other human activity.Judith Curry argues that the sea level rise does not comport with carbon dioxide nor with warming trends.

BTW, did it occur to anyone that this increase in the rate of Earth's rotation could also tie in with the claimed increase in the rate of sea level rise? (I still have my doubts on whether the rate actually increased or this is an artifact of NASA data collection techniques.)

Here is a list of papers that dispute the claims of increased sea level rise.

At any rate, most studies show sea levels were much higher in the past few thousand years than now. See Hammond et al (2021) titled: "GPS Imaging of Global Vertical Land Motion for Studies of Sea Level Rise"

Mike, this report of a NASA study from five years ago concluded Antarctica had gained ice mass.

Naturally we won't have one from under three years as these kinds of studies require a lot of effort and time. And sea ice is up slightly as of this year.

I would also add that Tony Heller says Arctic Ice has reached an 18 year high back in January.

Ice is definitely growing in places where it is supposed to be dissipating.

Mike since you put satellite data in such high regard then would you agree with the UAH data - gleened from satellites - that shows very little planetary warming, or would you continue to hold with the surface station data promoted by NASA I would also ask what metric was used to measure ice? Icesat used lasers to actually measure the ice (and found ice gains) while GRACE tried to measure gravitational anomalies. (and found ice loss). Both satellite programs are over, I might add. GRACE was decomissioned in 2017, and Icesat in 2010. Satellite data often depends on how it is gathered and how it is interpreted.

Tidal gauges are of limited value Mike. Often they are situated in areas disturbed by human activity, such as tidal pools near rivers which have been altered by things like levees, which increase the amount of water draining into the pool.Flood controls have a detrimenal effect on many of the areas where tidal gauges are employed. I would take that data with a grain of salt. Especially since it comes from NASA, whose funding is prediated on promoting the theory.

Oh Mike, Icesat II, which is in operation now, confirms ice gains in East Antarctica as of this year. Enough to balance out losses in WAIS and the Antarctic Peninsula. I

"However, the new study shows that beginning in 2009, the dynamic losses from the outlet glaciers in the WA1 part of WA strongly increased by 119 Gt a-1 (from 95 to 214 Gt a-1), which was further enhanced by an accumulation mass decrease of 39 Gt a-1 in the inland WA2 part of WA. Nevertheless, that total decrease of 158 Gt a-1 was not enough to bring the whole ice sheet into balance (input equals output), because there was a concurrent accumulation mass increase of 107 Gt a-1 in EA for three years (2009-11)."

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Time to Panic!

Timothy Birdnow

There is no science showing it's time to panic over climate change. That proves we need to panic.

Study Human extinction? Climate doomers want to find a nuclear-winter-level scare to motivate people

Climate Change is a generations-long War of the Worlds scare and little more.

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August 04, 2022

More Climate Stuff

Dana Mathewson

Here's an interesting article, though I'm not sure I agree with the conclusion.

The violent eruption of Tonga's Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano on Jan. 15, 2022, injected an unprecedented amount of water directly into the stratosphere - enough to fill more than 58,000 Olympic-size swimming pools.

"We’ve never seen anything like it," said Luis Millán, an atmospheric scientist who works at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

When the volcano erupted, seawater came into direct contact with erupting lava and was superheated, creating "explosive steam."

NASA scientists say that the vapor will stay for years, likely affecting the Earth's global average temperature. Normally the vapor takes around 2-3 years to dissipate, but the water from the Jan. 15 eruption could take 5-10 years to evaporate.

Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai "may be the first volcanic eruption observed to impact climate not through surface cooling caused by volcanic sulfate aerosols, but rather through surface warming,"Millán hypothesized in a paper.


Millán led a study examining the amount of water vapor that the volcano injected into the stratosphere, the layer of the atmosphere between about 8 and 33 miles (12 and 53 kilometers) above Earth’s surface.

Millánand his colleagues' found that the Tonga volcano sent around 146 teragram (1 teragram equals a trillion grams) of water vapor into the Earth's stratosphere. The amount of water launched in the stratosphere is equal to 10% of the water already present in the atmospheric layer. Their research was published in Geophysical Research Letters.

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Spain to Control Thermostats

This from Tara Taylor

Coming soon to the USA 🇺🇸 under the Democrats Build Back Better, aka The Inflation Reduction Act:
New AC/Heat ESG Regulations in Spain just announced. Your AC must be set at 80, your Heat must don’t go above 66.

Tim adds:

That's always been the goal of these people - conservation. I remember Jimmy Carter walking around in a sweater with his heat at 68 back in the '70's, and they never gave up on this dream of making everyone put "skin in the game" and to control everyone's thermostats. Control energy and you control people. They understaned that. So it is definitely coming.

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DeSantis Suspends Woke Prosecutor

Timothy Birdnow

Ron DeSantis has suspended a rogue prosecutor who is refusing to enforce Florida's abortion law.

Good for him!

This shows that it can be done if the politicians ostensibly on our side will simply grow a pair and take a stand. Few do.

Here in St. Louis we have a rogue prosecutor named Kim Gardner. Our governor, the honorable Mike Parsons, could easily suspend her but he won't because he's afraid of trouble in the black communities Gardner represents.

We need more men of courage and fewer Mike Parsons.

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Reserves Needed

Frank Lasee

This whole unnecessary energy transition is going to triple our electric bills. And the weather will be the same. Wasteful and expensive.

Truth in Energy

Wind and solar are expensive and need lots of back up. For those cold, dark windless nights. Peak demand is from 5-9pm when people come home from work and school. And when the sun is setting and the wind often takes a break in many places. Reserve margins are the extra needed to keep from getting blackouts.

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Great Barrier Reef Just Fine

Scott Snell

Two years ago, widespread bleaching across the Great Barrier Reef caused numerous excitable types to declare that the unique natural wonder had died. This pronouncement occurred despite the protestations of reef experts that bleaching is normal. The tourist industry, which knew full well that most of the reef remained in good shape, was also pretty peeved. But nothing generates headlines like tragedy, so dissenting views were all but ignored.

No informed person was surprised to learn that news of the GBR's death had been greatly exaggerated, as the attached report shows.

This is yet another example of so-called experts taking a little bit of data about a phenomenon, recorded over a short time frame, and then projecting out to infinity to reach the worst possible conclusion. Sometimes they mean well, but sometimes declaring a crisis is a cynical ploy to secure funding to study the alleged problem.

It is axiomatic that the many systems of the natural world are cyclical; up for a while, down for a while, always in flux. Examples of this are literally everywhere.

The GBR has been around for at least half a million years. It has survived warm periods and cold periods, thousands and thousands of hurricanes, and frequent large changes in sea level, including a 400-plus foot sea level rise at the beginning of the current interglacial period. For anyone familiar with earth history, the idea that this enormous, supremely resilient thing could be killed by a slight increase in temperature seems laughable.

Then again, I don't have a three-letter honorific after my name. So what the hell do I know?

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Cherokee Lizzie and the Left's War Aims Over Abortion

Selwyn Duke

There was a time, not really all that long ago, when leftists still claimed they wanted abortion "safe, legal — and rare.” Now they’re raring to go and destroy unborn human life and, in particular, those who help it enter and flourish in this world.

A prime example is Senator Elizabeth Warren’s fevered attack on crisis pregnancy centers....

Tim adds:

It's always been about giving out the power of life and death. Helping people never entered into it. This is nothing but an attempt to find equality with God by having the power to give or take life.

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Who are the Radicals?

Jerry S. Rainforth

"These parents have become radicalized" says the NY TIMES writer. While it is exactly the opposite.

Excerpt from Brownstone Institute:

Nearly half of Americans oppose masking and a similar share is against vaccine mandates for schoolchildren, polls show. But what is obscured in those numbers is the intensity with which some parents have embraced these views. While they once described themselves as Republicans or Democrats, they now identify as independents who plan to vote based solely on vaccine policies.

But worse yet, in their baffling zeal to prevent the state from using an indefinite state of emergency to terrify, harm, and indoctrinate their children, these parents have become radicalized, creating a fanatical and unpredictable new political movement that threatens the Democratic Party’s sacred cows and, even worse, the job security of its cadres:

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August 03, 2022

Biden Suing to Stop Abortion Law

BREAKING: Joe Biden is suing to block Idaho's abortion ban, falsely claiming it prevents treatment in medical emergencies. Every single abortion ban nationwide allows treatment for miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies and to protect the mother's life.

— (@LifeNewsHQ) August 2, 2022

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The Vaccine Victimizes

Timothy Birdnow

The data show quite clearly that the Covid vaccine is killing people.

This roundtable from the Netherlands including Dr. Robert Malone makes it quite clear.

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Racing to the Bottom

Selwyn Duke

Approximately 20 years ago, then-prominent commentator Bill O’Reilly remarked on his erstwhile Fox News show that Americans would "never” accept faux (same-sex) marriage. As recently as 13 years ago, all 32 states that had voted on the matter rejected government faux marriage recognition. A year later, in 2010, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton still pretended to believe that marriage was between "a man and a woman.” They later "evolved,” as politicians like to put it, and now the public has largely followed suit, with a May Gallup poll showing that 71 percent of Americans and 55 percent of Republicans believe these unions should be governmentally recognized. There’s a word for this: inurement.

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Cheap Renewables

Willis Eschenbach

The Manchin-Schumer climate bill contains $400 billion dollars, nearly half a TRILLION, for payments to various "green" climate entities, industries, and parasites. That's $2,800 PER TAXPAYER!!

Remind me again just how darn cheap renewables are? …

Tim adds:

And how much will that help the average person in this inflationary perioid? Most of this "stimulus" won't have any effect for a while but the increased spending will add to inflationary pressures.

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Putin Pox upon Oktoberfest

Timothy Birdnow

That wascwwy Putin is such a killjoy. Not content with invading Ukraine he now wants to cancel Oktoberfest in Germany this year!

Yes, the rampaging Russkie is forcing the Germans to stop making beer!

I suppose next he'll invade Switzerland to steal all the chocolate...

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Climate Change Flattening Beer

Frank Lasee

What!! The climate Kool-Aid drinkers are attempting to end co2. CO2 is a necessary trace gas that is very good for plant growing.

Carbon Dioxide Shortage is Making Beer Makers Nervous

Tim adds:

I wrote about this a few years ago.

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