May 10, 2024

The Propaganda Peddlers

Lew Ricker

Why is there so much propaganda? Maybe this is a clue?

Section 1078 of National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2013 (Public Law 112-239) - Smith Mundt CONFRONT PROPAGANDA


‘Sec. 501. (a) The Secretary and the Broadcasting Board of Governors are authorized to use funds appropriated or otherwise made available for public diplomacy information programs to provide for the preparation, dissemination, and use of information intended for foreign audiences abroad about the United States, its people, and its policies, through press, publications, radio, motion pictures, the Internet, and other information media, including social media, and through information centers, instructors, and other direct or indirect means of communication.

‘(b)(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), the Secretary and the Broadcasting Board of Governors may, upon request and reimbursement of the reasonable costs incurred in fulfilling such a request, make available, in the United States, motion pictures, films, video, audio, and other materials disseminated abroad pursuant to this Act, the United States International Broadcasting Act of 1994 (22 U.S.C. 6201 et seq.), the Radio Broadcasting to Cuba Act (22 U.S.C. 1465 et seq.), or the Television Broadcasting to Cuba Act (22 U.S.C. 1465aa et seq.). Any reimbursement pursuant to this paragraph shall be credited to the applicable appropriation account of the Department of State or the Broadcasting Board of Governors, as appropriate. The Secretary and the Broadcasting Board of Governors shall issue necessary regulations–

‘(A) to establish procedures to maintain such material;

‘(B) for reimbursement of the reasonable costs incurred in fulfilling requests for such material; and

‘(C) to ensure that the persons seeking release of such material have secured and paid for necessary United States rights and licenses.

‘(2) With respect to material disseminated abroad before the effective date of section 1078 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013–

‘(A) the Secretary and the Broadcasting Board of Governors shall make available to the Archivist of the United States, for domestic distribution, motion pictures, films, videotapes, and other material 12 years after the initial dissemination of the material abroad; and

‘(B) the Archivist shall be the official custodian of the material and shall issue necessary regulations to ensure that persons seeking its release in the United States have secured and paid for necessary United States rights and licenses and that all costs associated with the provision of the material by the Archivist shall be paid by the persons seeking its release, in accordance with paragraph (4).


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May 09, 2024

The Death of Social Security

Diane M. Kimura

SS is scheduled to run out of fund in 2035 so why is Biden planning to pay benefits to refugees from Ukraine?

Biden Signed H.R. 7691 Qualifying Refugees From Ukraine SS benefits.

According to the text of H.R. 7691, the key eligibility requirements for Ukrainian parolees to receive benefits under this Act are:

1. They must be a citizen or national of Ukraine, or a person who last habitually resided in Ukraine.[1]

2. They must have been paroled into the United States between February 24, 2022 and September 30, 2023, OR paroled after September 30, 2023 if they are:
a) The spouse or child of someone paroled between Feb 24, 2022 - Sept 30, 2023, OR
b) The parent, legal guardian, or primary caregiver of an unaccompanied Ukrainian child paroled between Feb 24, 2022 - Sept 30, 2023.[1][3]

3. Their parole status must not have been terminated by the Department of Homeland Security.[1][3]

4. They must meet all other program eligibility requirements, such as income, resources, age, disability status, etc. for the specific benefit programs.[3]

The Act specifically allows these paroled Ukrainians to receive resettlement assistance, entitlement programs, and other refugee benefits, as well as services for unaccompanied children, without having their sponsor's income and resources counted against them.[1][3]

[1] Text - H.R.7691 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): Additional Ukraine ...

[2] [PDF] H. R. 7691 - GovInfo

[3] President Signs H.R. 7691, the "Additional Ukraine Supplemental ...

[4] Green Card Provisions Dropped from Ukraine Bill

[5] CBO Estimate for H.R. 7691, Additional Ukraine Supplemental ...

CBO Estimate for H.R. 7691, Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022

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Biden to Suspend Aid to israel

Timothy Birdnow

So Biden is suspending  military aid to Israel for the IDF going into Rafah.

U.S. Pauses Bomb Shipment to Israel In Protest Over Rafah Operation

Here Biden shows his true colors. He's wanted Israel to loseall along.

I hope American Jews remember this come November. Who had Israel's back? Not Joe Biden.

Isn't withholding foreign aidwhat the Democrats impeached Trump over? This aid was already earmarked for Israel.

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McCarthy Goes Full DEI

Timothy Birdnow

Why can't we find one honorabloe man to be our House Speaker? Look at the POS we just gotrid of:

Former Speaker McCarthy is Now a Campaign Manager for BLM/DEI Candidates

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The Uniparty has spoken, and Mike Johnson is their speaker

Timothy Birdnow

House Republicans have shown their true colors, voting overwhelmingly to Keep Mike the Tiny Johnson as Squeeker


"The Uniparty has spoken, and Mike Johnson is their speaker," GOP Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky said in a statement to Blaze News.

Overall, the vote was 359-43 in favor of tabling the motion to vacate, with seven voting present. While 196 Republicans and 163 Democrats joined together in the vote to table the matter, 11 Republicans and 32 Democrats opposed the motion to table.

"It’s a new paradigm in Congress."

The 11 Republicans who opposed tabling the motion included Reps. Greene, Massie, Warren Davidson of Ohio, Alex Mooney of West Virginia, Barry Moore of Alabama; Victoria Spartz of Indiana. Chip Roy of Texas; Paul Gosar of Arizona, Eli Crane of Arizona, Eric Burlison of Missouri, and Andy Biggs of Arizona.

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Long Suffering

Chester McAteer


The fundamental aspect of human behavior and societal dynamics, highlights the tendency of people to endure suffering and injustice rather than risk the uncertainty and disruption of challenging established systems or institutions.

Throughout history, individuals and societies have often found themselves subjected to various forms of oppression, inequality, and injustice. Despite the inherent desire for freedom and justice, many people choose to tolerate these hardships rather than take action to address them. This phenomenon can be attributed to a variety of factors, including fear of reprisal, inertia, complacency, and a belief in the stability or inevitability of the status quo.

Thus, people are inclined to accept and adapt to their circumstances, even when those circumstances are unfavorable or oppressive. This inclination towards endurance may stem from a sense of resignation, a lack of awareness of alternative options, or a belief that change is either impossible or too costly to pursue.

Furthermore, the implication is that there is a threshold beyond which suffering becomes intolerable, prompting individuals or groups to finally take action to challenge the existing order. This threshold may be reached through a culmination of grievances, a catalyzing event, or a shift in public consciousness.

These facts serve as a reminder of the complexities of human behavior and the challenges inherent in effecting meaningful change. It suggests that the inertia of established norms and systems can be a formidable obstacle to progress, requiring significant effort, courage, and collective action to overcome.

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RIP the American Dream

Diane M. Kimura

The cost of buying a home in the US rises to $2,750/month, the second highest ever recorded, according to Reventure.

Prior to the pandemic in 2022, the average home in the US would cost $1,400/month.

In other words, it is now 100% MORE expensive to buy a home in 2024 compared to 2020.

Even at the peak of the 2008 Financial Crisis, the average home payment peaked at $1,550/month.

The average US family would need to spend 44% of their PRE-TAX income to buy a home today.

What do new homebuyers do now?
May be an image of text

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The Comiong Bidenomics

Sandy Jane Wong

Biden's plan will cost an arm and a leg.
Trump’s tax cuts expire in 2025, Biden says they will stay expired which will raise everyone’s taxes in 2026. Furthermore, Social Security and Medicare are headed toward depletion, and without a fix from Congress, retirees will see steep payment cuts of 21% in less than a decade.
A single person making $75,000 per year will be billed more than $1,700 more than they paid in 2025.

* A married couple with two children making $165,000 annually would pay $2,450.50 more than in the previous year.
* A family with three kids pulling in $200,000 per year will shell out almost $7,500 more per year.

In March, the GOP House Ways and Means committee said, "President Biden’s $7 trillion tax increase on small businesses and families means fewer jobs and higher prices.”

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The Lying Media

Andrew Gray

The media only reports what helps the cause.

Why Stormy Daniels is not being tried for extortion is another story missings from the mainstream news media.

Then there is the assassination attempt by Ukraine State Security Services to assassinate Zelenskyy, Budanov and Malyuk, which of course they will say was Russian involved or something.

Then there is Xi Jinping in Serbia, remembering the US bombing of the Chinese Embassy and deaths of "diplomats ". So much goes unreported.

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Paying Doctors to Vax

Diane Kimura

Not all vaccines cause harm but too many MDs push COVID vaccines, tests, and procedures for financial gain or to keep their jobs.

Now, after we were bullied, deplatformed, attacked, and censored if we dared to question the safety of the vaccines, this week, we have the formal withdrawal of the AstraZeneca vaccine from circulation but also with the many many many innocent people who suffered adverse reactions, life long conditions or died as a result of taking the shot. Pfizer now admits to blood clotting and myocarditis and 2.8% of the hundreds of millions of people is a a significant number of injuries and deaths.

Blue Cross Blue Shield pays your doctor a $40,000 bonus for fully vaccinating 100 patients under the age of 2.

If your doctor manages to fully vaccinate 200 patients, it jumps to $80,000.

But here’s the catch: Under BCBS’s rules, pediatricians LOSE THE WHOLE BONUS unless at least 63% of patients are fully vaccinated. This includes the flu vaccine. So it’s not just $400 on your child’s head -it could be the whole bonus.”

Those aggressive well-baby visits make a little more sense now don’t they?

Patients had zero informed consent.

The worse thing was how the medical operators were incentivized with bonuses paid by big pharma to get as many people vaccinated and boosted. Blue Cross Blue Shield internally distributed a schedule of increasing bonuses tied to the rate of vaccinations.

This placed the MD’s and the medical community at direct odds with patient care.

My former MD left the US to practice in NZ because of the push for financial incentives like this and the ordering of unnecessary tests/procedures to improve the profitability for the hospital and clinics.

I asked my current MD directly there were any financial incentives tied to my getting vaccinated and I have yet to receive a response.

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Dem Election Offical Sacked

Timothy Birdnow

I guess she wasn't corrupt enough for the Democrats...

Most Corrupt Election Official from Biggest City in Swing State Wisconsin is FIRED - Geller Report

Sadly her replacement looks even worse.

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May 08, 2024

Little Lams Eat Ivy, a Kim will Eat Ivy Too...

Timothy Birdnow

Where's Kim?

Missouri auditors having been hunting for former St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Kim Gardner,and claim she is willfully hiding from them and their questions about how she ran her office when she headed up the city's prosecuting attorney's division.

Kim Gardner was the embarassingly stupid and biased Soros-funded black city prosecutor who made her fame by pursuing Missouri Governor Eric Greitens and forcing him to resign.Gardner broke numberous laws and ethics rules in her quest to take out Greitens. (Sadly the Missouri GOP hated the former Democrat Greitens and were happy to let him twist in the wind.) She notoriously hired private investigators to avoid government oversight in the case, and suppressed evidence, and tampered with witnesses in the case.

Gardner was a terrible prosecutor too, refusing to even file charges in cases involving black perpetrators. She also was involved with creative accounting in her office, often not showing up for work and attending college for a nursing degree while being paid to work as a prosecutor.

She resigned before going to trial for malfeasance and the state of Missouri did not pursue charges against her to avoid a political backlash.

So now the state auditor wants her to testify and she is on the lam.

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Google Ban of Trump Ad

Timothy Birdnow

Google brieflybanned Trump's outreach to black voters in a blatant attempt at election interference.

The "Don't be evil" company apparently realized they were on dangerous ground and reinstated the ads, but the fact they pulled them in the first place suggests they will probably do this in the last critical days before the election.

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The Beast Down Under

Timothy Birdnow

Australia is beginning the imposition of the Mark of the Beast with digital I.D.

It is "voluntary" but banks can demand you have it.

The system is set up to create a profile of every person in the system and is ideal for a China-style social credit system.

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name ." Rev.13:17

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Biden Withholding Weapons from Israel

Timothy Birdnow

The U.S. withheld weapons from Israel to stop an assault on Rafah by the IDF.

Breitbart dishes:

The reports confirmed stories that first appeared in Axios earlier in the week. The White House, when asked on Monday and Tuesday, refused to confirm or deny withholding weapons from Israel. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted merely that U.S. support for Israeli security was "ironclad.”

ABC News reported:

The Biden administration opted to pause a shipment of some 3,500 bombs to Israel last week because of concerns the weapons could be used in Rafah where more than one million civilians are sheltering "with nowhere else to go,” a senior administration official tells ABC News.

The decision to pause the shipment and consider slow-walking others is a major shift in policy for the Biden administration and the first known case of the U.S. denying its close ally military aid since the Israel-Hamas war began.

More than half of the shipment that was paused last week consisted of 2,000-pound bombs. The remaining 1,700 bombs were 500-pound explosives, the official said.

The Times of Israel also reported:

The Biden administration confirms reports that it held up a shipment last week of 2,000 and 500-pound bombs that it fears Israel might use in a major ground operation in Rafah.

This is the first time since October 7 that the US has held up a weapons shipment earmarked for Israel.

Washington adamantly opposes a major offensive in the southern city of Gaza, convinced that there is no way for Israel to conduct one in a manner that would ensure the safety of the over million Palestinians sheltering there.

Israel launched an offensive in Rafah on Monday, after Hamas attacked a border crossing over the weekend, killing four Israeli soldiers, and refused to agree to a ceasefire and hostage deal. Israel took the Rafah border crossing and the Philadelphi corridor, a road running along the Egyptian border that is a key strategic point to prevent smuggling.

Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich asked Jean-Pierre how U.S. support for Israeli security could be "ironclad” if the Biden administration were withholding some weapons from Israel. Jean-Pierre said that two things could be true at once.

Critics of Biden’s decision have argued that withholding weapons that Congress has already authorized, absent any finding of human rights violations by Israel, is unconstitutional and violates the Impoundment Control Act of 1974.

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War and Imprisonment

Timothy Birdnow

Trump is winning in Pennsylvania being up by four, but the internals of the poll look even better as Biden is way down with independents and also personally.

The race is starting to slip out of Biden's hands. If trends continue the Democrats will need a huge game-changer.

Watch for war and the imprisonment of Trump.

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Show Trial

Lew Ricker

The height of Banana Republic.

Judge Bans Fmr FEC Chairman From Sharing Facts In Trump Trial

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Get Trump!

Peter Conlon

*****Less than an Hour ago on Salem Radio - Political Forecaster Hugh Hewitt did lay out the Best probable outcome of the Ongoing Manhattan Trial of Donald Trump.

******** He Laid into alvin Bragg and the Judge here in Question and also added that the Chance of any Full acquittal was Slim to None based on the Jury Pool and the Reality that they as Individuals will have to Go Home at the End and Face Hostile Neighbors etc.

********There will be a Conviction on at least something and after that Trump in any ongoing Appeals process will be under further Restriction, possibly only in NYC (??) How will that affect Any Campaign after that (??)

******* This Soros Inspired and Financed attempt to derail Trump has Always had bigger things in mind than simply him. They want to End the overall Electoral process as We know it. That has been the Big Game Plan All along. To show that there is No Going back.

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Not in the News

Andrew Gray

Checking my newsfeed and I cannot find any stories from mainstream media about:
- Russia calls in French, UK and US Ambassadors to explain statements by their leaders, stating that they will send troops to Ukraine and giving permission to use their weapons on Russian territory, specifically targetting the civilian Kerch Bridge and civilian populations in Belgorod and Moscow. Add Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Lithuania to that list of countries issuing provocative threats.
- Rapidly issued statements from these countries that they really didn't mean it and they will behave themselves and will not send ground troops.
- Russia announce they are commencing military exercises using tactical nuclear weapons in response to NATO sending nuclear capable F16's to Ukraine. Further announce they will retaliate against any such use ( Romania, Poland and Moldova take note !)
- US Senators issue letter of demand to the International Criminal Courts that they will take retaliatory action against Judges and their families if the ICC proceeds to issue judgements harmful to Israel.
- EU provokes Xi Jinping during visit to France calling him a genocidal dictator, US threatens China with huge economic sanctions for trading with Russia.
- US Democrats lawfare against the Republican Presidential candidate escalate further, echoes of 3rd world countries where the US have intervened militarily in these circumstances "to protect freedom and democracy". Evidently the US Constitution and Bill of Rights can be ignored...
- US Congress passes Bills funding both Israel and Hamas.

So, with all these stumbling, bumbling, fumbling fools leading our nations into WW3, it must be no big deal.......

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May 07, 2024

The New Witches

Greg Malakoff

Wound up watching some you tube videos by young white women that used the phrase white privilege a few hundred times in a few minutes on a subject that had nothing to do with it.

It was at that moment the thought occurred to me that our education system has taught generations of young Americans to become insufferable joyless snot. It's as if they truly believe that if they don't mindlessly repeat phrases that mean nothing that their teachers made them believe, that the climate would change inside their bodies and they would instantly explode if not constantly saying stupid shit.

When Robert Plant asked the audience does anybody remember laughter he saw into the future. For the young kids that I'm making fun of, google it and he is not to be mistaken for Robert Planet. If there was a Robert Planet he'd more likely than not agree, you young kids are just a complete shit stain. At least make yourself useful and finish destroying the place where your teachers live.

Tim adds:

These are INCANTATIONS and what we are witnessing is a modern version of witchcraft. They believe if they endlessly repeat this crap reality will be remolded. These white women are "doing their part" to "make a better world" in their silly little minds. in days of yore they would have gathered around a boiling kettle and tossed in strange things like green stumpwater or eye of newt or whatnot. Now they march and protest and speak of white privilege and the Patriarchy. But it's the exact same impulse. And the same anger and hatred that motivated witches in the old fables motivate the modern witches today.

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