August 08, 2022

Norway to Limit Energy Exports

Mick Garcia

Norway, one of Europe’s biggest electricity exporters, is considering measures that would limit power exports in order to prevent domestic shortages. The energy crisis is only going to get worse.

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The Black Horse

Timothy Birdnow

Not content with destroying industry and putting people on foot, the Gang Green is now pushing "net neutral" nitrogen as well.

Food cometh from nitrogen. If we restrict nitrogen fertilizers we will drastically reduce our food supply.

They've tried that in Holland with rioting and the police firing on a crowd of farmers. Now it's coming to America.

I am mindful of the Book of Revelation 6:6:

"Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, "Two pounds[ a] of wheat for a day’s wages,[ b] and six pounds[ c] of barley for a day’s wages,[ d] and do not damage the oil and the wine!”

So, a days wages for just enough food to fill your belly once in a day. Nothing more.

That is where we will go with this if they impose it. Food will become a luxury. Then we can be compelled to eat bugs and weeds.

We are rushing headlong into the apocalypse.

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Minkey Pox Business

Gerry McGuire

Proof positive that #MathIsRacist.
"According to #Ghebreyesus, six versus nine "is very, very close,” and "Since the role of the committee is to advise, I then had to act as a tie-breaker.” In the real world, six versus nine is not "a tie.”
"Ghebreyesus made the decision to declare a #PHEIC even though the WHO’s advisory panel opposed the declaration 9 to 6."
#WHO #Tedros

Mercola; Monkey Pox Declared a Public Health Emergency

Tim adds:

Did this guy even graduate from second grade? Nine to six is not even remotely close.

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A Matter of Priorities

Mark Sussman

So the Left want to explode the size of the IRS to ensure that every tax return is correct and legit, while also fighting to ensure that we don't do the same thing with election ballots

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Obi Wand Kenobi

Warner Todd Huston

Disney 'Star Wars' Book Claims that Obi-Wan Kenobi is Bisexual

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What Your Carbon Tax Money will Buy

Willis Eschenbach

Under proposed new legislation, the US is planning to spend $369 BILLION on CO2 reduction. This is about $3,000 PER HOUSEHOLD to be spent mostly to subsidize so-called "cheap" renewable energy.

And how much will that cool the planet, IF it actually works to reduce CO2 and IF CO2 is the secret climate control knob, two big IFs?


Regardless of your views on the climate, this is a profligate insane waste of money that we don't have.

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Democrat Steamrolling


Good Morning !

Senate Republicans = Doormats

Rasmussen Reports

Democrats steamrolled Republicans in early 2021 and created the biggest inflation spike in 40 years, pummeling wage earners and spiraling America into recession. Tonight they are steamrolling Republicans again so they can RAISE TAXES & spending in their own recession. Madness…

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August 07, 2022

Minorities Hardest Hit!

John Lees

If America gets significantly warmer this century, then do you know who will struggle most to cope with the hot weather?
Yes, African people!! Of course.

African Americans are Disproportionately Exposed to the Heat

Tim adds:

World ends...women, minorities hardest hit! It would never occur to these morons that their war ogainst air conditioning is what is hurting minorities in warm weather...

BTW Who is evolved for hot weather? Not people of European descent. Africa is HOT and so African Americans are probably more tolerant of heat.

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Who Handled Covid Better?

Warner Todd Huston

Data Shows Red States Handled COVID FAR Better than Blue States

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Garbage In

Kim Rogalin

The Earth has not been warming to the degree that climate models have consistently projected over the years it would. No catastrophic warming, no catastrophic climate change. If climate models are wrong about the most basic projection they were created to make, there is no reason to take any of their other projections seriously.

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No Wray!

Willis Eschenbach

Another of the "Hear no evil, see no evil" monkeys lying to Congress ...

FBI Director Wray Refuses to Condemn Russian Collusion Hoax

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Welcome to the Machine

James Doogue

"Those wo vote, decide nothing. Those who count the votes, decide everything."

Accredited to Joseph Stalin

Election Supervisors have a great deal of discretion deciding whether a vote counts. Understanding this a Democrat aligned organisation turns their focus to getting their supporters to stand for Election Supervisor positions.

This makes a mockery of US 'democracy'.

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It's Where the People Live Stupid!

Kim Rogalin

University of Guelph economics professor Ross McKitrick says Americans have contributed to the increasing damage caused by hurricanes, not by burning fossil fuels for energy and any spurious connection to climate change, but because people are increasingly moving to the coasts, leaving increasing numbers of them (and their property) at risk of harm when hurricanes make landfall. "The formation of an Atlantic cyclone is a weather event, not a climate event,” McKitrick writes: "Hurricanes existed long before humans emitted [greenhouse gases]. A ‘climate event’ would be a multi-decadal change in their major characteristics . But this has not been observed.”

In 1950 the South Atlantic and Gulf states of Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Texas—hurricane alley—had 12.3% of the U.S. population. A group of northern states "with four seasons and virtually no hurricane risk”— Massachusetts, Michigan Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin, and Nebraska—also had 12.3% of the U.S. population. By 2015, the Gulf and South Atlantic states, which from 1950 experienced a population growth rate double the national average, comprised 21% of the U.S. population. The population of the northern states fell to 9.3% of the U.S. population. Apparently a large part of the U.S. population decided it prefers living in locales with a warmer but more hazardous climate to colder locations lacking beaches. Government policies exacerbate this coastal migration by subsidizing hurricane and flood insurance policies. Taxpayer-financ ed disaster relief lessens the personal costs to people who move to, and rebuild in, hurricane- and flood-prone areas.

Meanwhile, there has been no long-term change in global hurricane activity. In fact, there has been a 50% decrease in major hurricanes (Class 3 or above) making landfall in the United States over the past 80 years. We have not seen anything to indicate we’re in an unprecedented time of more hurricanes, stronger hurricanes, if you understand how to read the historical record. Many factors beyond ocean and air temperatures drive hurricane formation, strength, and longevity. We have years where the temperature in the Atlantic [has been] exceptionally warm and yet we have very little activity because the atmospheric conditions aren’t right for hurricane formation. We’ve seen this many, many, many times.

Tim adds:

I've been making this argument for years but few listen.

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What CAN'T Long Covid Do?

John Lees

You are everything and everything is you...
"Long COVID can affect nearly every organ system and can manifest as new-onset chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, hematologic disorders, neurologic conditions, and mental health disorders."
Wait, wait... they forgot cancer.
Why not just call every single health condition Long-Covid?

(I just wrote that, and only then realized that this article is written by Rachel Levine. A man who believes that he is a woman. So, woman can mean a person who was born male or female. And Long Covid can mean any condition that somebody has developed at any point in time following the emergence of Covid-19.
He clearly has a significant problem with accepting that we should place constraints on how we define basic terms.)

Tim adds:

Taking a page from the climate people, who claim everything is caused by global warming. This competes with the list at Numbers Watch.http://http//

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Warner Todd Huston

Don't Fall for It: CNN Chief Has Secret Meetings to Make Up with the Republicans Network Has Attacked for Decades

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August 06, 2022

McVeggieburger Gets McTrashed

Anthony Watts

That pretty much kills the planned McBug burger too.

McDonalds is "McDone" with the "Beyond Meat" McPlant Burger as Sales Flop

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Warming Arctic?

Richard Cronin

Due to great solar gravitational forces (tidal pumping) during the Winter Solstice the trench systems in the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere, more geothermal heat is delivered into ocean waters and drive the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), specifically the opening of the Peru /Chile Trench (El Niño) or the Tonga Trench (La Niña).

The opposite is true during the Summer Solstice, which heightens geothermal heat release in the Northern Hemisphere as greater gravitational stresses open up the hot spots of the Northern Hemisphere.

Svaalbard is One of the Fastest Warming Places on Earth

Tim adds:

Svaalbard sure could use some warming.

I would add it is an archipelago that is in the path of warm ocean currents when they are being drawn up into the Arctic. And the Barents Sea is shallow, thus it warms easily when warmer water is drawn into the Arctic from the Atlantic. And a volcanic range was discovered near the islands, proving your point Richard. There are plenty of reasons why Svaalbard is warming, and none of them have to do with carbon-dioxide atmospheric warming.

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Publish or Polish

Roy W. Spencer

Scientist rushing to share the latest James Webb Space Telescope image used a slice of sausage instead. Hey, it looks real to me.

Tim asks:

They say it was a spicy sausage. How could they tell? Does spicy sausage leave a different spectral signature than regular sausage?

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Stream Flow

Scott Snell

Just a discovered a really useful website: the USGS streamflow dashboard, which shows streamflow data from some 13,000 waterways across the US. It shows the current flow rate, in cubic feet per second (CFS,) as well as the historical ranking (below normal, normal, above normal.) Each colored dot signifies a streamflow measurement. Green is normal, some shade of blue is above normal, some shade of red is below normal. Today's map show's mostly normal, with some reds in the northeast and southwest.

USGS stands for United States Geological Survey.

More manna for nerds!

Tim adds:

That IS very useful - and instructiveScott. IF climate change is real then we should see these flow rates altered. They should all be either above or below normal. AGW theory states that carbon dioxide drives planetary heating, which evaporates water and thus increases rain and flooding OR it draws it away - especially arid regions - and causes drought. But this suggests normal flow rates, so it means normal rainfall over the river basins. I think this is a powerful argument that global warming isn't happening.

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Petition to Impeach Thomas

Lance Sjogren

Petitions are circulating to impeach Clarence Thomas.

It makes sense. The establishment believes in destroying the career of anyone who doesn't agree with its ideology. It is most zealous about that when the person is in a position of influence. Hence it makes perfect sense that they want to impeach Thomas.

Tim adds:

Younger readers won't know how shamefully the Democrats treated Clarence Thomas at his confirmation hearings. They called him an Uncle Tom and insulted him in ways great and small. They accused him of being a sexual predator.

The Left is like Islam; it will not backtrack. They are patient and will wait years, even decades, to exact their revenge. Thomas slipped past them despite their best efforts; they will remedy that at some point.

Kavanaugh will face this too.

Progressivism is a religion, not a political philosophy.

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