June 19, 2024

Stone (Un)Henged

Timothy Birdnow

Stone Unhinged.


Yes, the Gang Green is actually desecrating the ancient Stonehenge to protest oil.

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Pelosi the Queen of Tech STock

Timothy Birdnow

Nancy Pelosi is a stock market genius!

Pelosi is Up this Much on Her Nvidia Stock Bet

She just made over five MILLION on this stock. Does anyone believe she didn't have inseer information?


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The New Nuke Race

Timothy Birdnow

We have a nuclear arms race in the making it seems.

Nuclear Powers Setto Continue Boosting opeational Warheads

This is what happens when you have weak and vacillating foreign policy; the enemies figure they can catch up while we piddle and our only option is nuclear deterrence.


An "extremely concerning” increase in the number of nuclear warheads deployed with missiles and aircraft will probably pick up speed in the next years, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

The number of such warheads rose to 3,904 as Russia continues to threaten its adversaries at the same time as China may have put weapons of mass destruction on high operational alert for the first time, the institute said in a statement Monday, citing data from January. That bucks the declining trend in overall atomic weapons.

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The Empire Strikes Back - at Gaetz

Timothy Birdnow

The Empire strikes back - at Matt Gaetz!

House Ethics Paenl Probing AllegedGaetz Obstruction,Misconduct

Gaets triedto get Speaker Mike Johnson sacked, and didget former Speaker Kevin McCarthy tossed out as Speaker. Now the Republican Establishment is going after the outspoken Congressman.


The secretive committee began examining a litany of allegations against Mr. Gaetz in April 2021 before deferring its work at the request of the Justice Department. When that request was dropped in May of last year, the committee resumed its work.

Previous claims against Mr. Gaetz included allegations of sexual misconduct and illicit drug use, sharing inappropriate images or videos on the House floor, misuse of state identification records, personal use of campaign funds, and accepting a bribe, improper gratuity, or impermissible gift.

"Based on its review to date, the Committee has determined that certain of the allegations merit continued review,” the panel said in a statement, noting that it would extend its probe of the claims surrounding sexual misconduct, drug use, and improper gifts.

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Bite Me!

Thom Galb forwards this nonsense:

American Council on Science and Health

Tasty Truths: Our Purchase Decisions

A quarter or more of our environmental impact comes from our food production. Of course, the fact that we like to eat, and for many of us, that includes the great Satan of beef and dairy, makes it challenging to reconcile targeting food to reduce greenhouse gases and biodiversity losses. For some environmental activists, understanding why we purchase beef and dairy "facilitates transformation towards more sustainable consumption.” Identifying the drivers of our purchase decisions was the goal of a recent study reported in Food Quality and Preference. That information could then be used in labeling these products to nudge us toward sustainability.

"The perception of healthiness in relation to food choices, together with price, has been reported to be a more important determinant of food choices than environmental sustainability. A study in nine European countries found that price and taste tended to be more important than ethical concerns.” [emphasis added]

Tim adds:

Makes me want to go out and buy some steaks to grill on the barbeque (lit with petroleum lighter-fluid).

When I was in college back in the mid '80's I learned the Left dreamed of killing beef. Their argument ultimately rested on several premises:

a. they knew it takes a lot of grain to feed cattle and thought it immoral to feed animals to feed ourselves when there were starving children in Africa.

b. They thought Americans lived too well and wanted us to learn to live like the poor.

c. They wanted to create an international culture and making Americans eat like Chinese people would go a long way to doing this.

d. They thought beef made for "toxic masculinity" and he- men and they wanted a diet that would make men passive.

I wrote about it at American Thinker back around 2007.

The climate stuff was added later, once they were able to get the fairy tale established in people's minds.

This stems from their continued obsession with malthusian concepts promoted by Paul Ehrlicht in The Population Bomb and the Club of Rome study "limits to growth". They are fighting a battle long won by those who believe in a more optimistic future, determined to reverse that and implement draconian policies to corral the public. This is all about empowering governments, world government, international socialism, and controlling individuals. Oh, and making us do something we find revolting - eating bugs.

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Socialism - the Lazy Man's Economic System

A Greg Delany

Socialism always produces Lazy and Envious People! Here is a lesson in both.
My first day at the US Embassy Moscow 1989. I was given a tour of the complex and introduced to Boyd, the Head of the GSO Department. I told him I was a new carpenter. He welcomed me and said he understood it was my first day on the job but he had a fast track job and asked if I could help. I was eager to jump in and help. The job was to replace the Ambassadors desk while he was out of town. He sent me to the tenth floor of the building with a laborer from Belgium named, "Whim". Whim took me to the Ambassador's office and showed me the desk that needed to be disassembled. He told me to wait in the office while he went to get tools. While he was gone I took out my pocket Leatherman tool and had taken apart the old desk and had it in the corridor and had almost completed the install of the new desk before "Whim" returned 40 minutes later. He was shocked. He asked me if I used to get paid by the job in the States? I said, of course, time is money. He told me it didn't work that way at the Embassy. This job was supposed to last us two weeks and no one appreciated a go getter here.
This was a Union group and somehow they hired me, a non Union Carpenter. I completed the job and went to Boyd and explained that I was not here to be lazy and wanted as many jobs as needed attention. I became Boyd's best friend in a hurry and the crews worst enemy. They continually told me that I was trying to make them look bad and I was spoiling a good thing for everyone.. I always replied they were doing a good enough job of looking bad all on their own.
They laid around in the Embassy Cave, while I spent my days trying to serve my country at this US Embassy. I was later hired for START II Treaty jobs because of my work ethic. The lazy were envious of the opportunity I had to work with the Secretary of State Baker and President Bush when they came to Moscow between 1989-1993. They complained to everyone, asking why I got the good jobs. I replied, I earned it! In the end I met Five US Presidents during my time in Moscow. Hard work pays but don't say "work" to loud. It is a Four letter Trigger Word that many people hate. Be a producer and not a consumer. Be a Blessing and not a Curse. Vote for the Working Class and not the FREE loaders in the next election! Support our Liberties and Defend our Constitution!

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Biden Corruption

Beverly McCall Goff

Trump gets convicted for a bookkeeping entry that doesn’t seem to actually be illegal while the Biden’s were selling influence to every geopolitical enemy on the planet practically! To top it all off it was for expanding fossil fuel production which Biden has taken a sledgehammer to in America! Are there some yet unknown Biden deals happening that would enrich the family?! Regardless, all of this seems a lot worse than posting legal expenses as legal expenses for quieting a blackmailer before an election!

FBI knew since 2016 Hunter Biden’s team nearly scored $120 million Ukrainian deal while Joe was VP

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Henry's Law and Climate Change

Tomer Tamarkin

My email message to Dr. Ole Humlum in Norway this morning:

Dear Dr. Humlum:

Henry’s Law defines the atmospheric CO2 dynamic equilibrium with that of the CO2 dissolved in the Earth’s biosphere, principally the oceans. This says man could increase his yearly release of CO2 by an order of magnitude or 100% eliminate CO2 releases and the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere expressed in ppm will remain static allowing periods of time for the equilibriums to be established.. The atmospheric CO2 concentration as well as CH4 & NH4, is solely temperature dependent. Your 2012 paper notes that the oceans have warmed 0.037 degrees C at 1,900 meters since 2004. This tracks the rise in CO2 concentration during this period. This rise in CO2 IS NOT from man’s use of fossil fuels. This increase in CO2 concentration is a direct result from the warming of the oceans near their surface as defined by Henry’s law. Again see: https://henryslaw.org, one of my educational websites. Please review this site prior to your June 19th lecture.

This is a major game changer for our side of the global warming nonsense argument. This, in conjunction with Dr. Valentina Zahrkova’s work in the UK on the periodic increases and decreases of solar radiation from the sun and underwater heating due to volcanic activity triggered by planetary alignments with Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus (See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYOMKLDbeYE ) 100% destroys the AGW nonsense and the climate alarmism in all camps.

A long term colleague of mine with a graduate degree from MIT and ten patents in the instrumentation field, Bob Fulks, feels it is very important to address the current "warming” trend in presentations and articles before it is raised as an objection by the climate alarmists. Dr. Zharkova explains this based on her recent research conducted since your 2012 paper. She presents this in the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYOMKLDbeYE presentation. This is a somewhat lengthy presentation. I have watched it several times as it is information laden. I would be good for you to watch this video and absorb it prior to your 16:00 GMT lecture to us tomorrow.

Thank you Dr. Humlum.


Tomer D. Tamarkin,
Sacramento, California

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June 18, 2024

U.N. Funding Taliban

Diane Kimura

From Sarah Adams (call sign: Superbad) is a former CIA Targeting Officer and author of Benghazi: Know Thy Enemy.

Here is the full interview:


Check this out too

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June 17, 2024

Dyson Spheres and Fears

Carlos F Velázquez

Dyson Spheres are hypothetical structures, of what we would call solar panels, constructed by a supposed super advanced civilization (of UFO aliens) that completely encompass and surround a star capturing all the energy the star gives off.

Now some scientists think they may have found some of these preposterous structures. No doubt these scientists will continue receiving grants from our tax dollars to continue hypothesizing about Dyson Spheres instead of researching how to develop KNOWN geological energy sources deep within the Earth's mantle.

"Well, the evidence isn't too compelling. The scientists detected "infrared heat near stars that couldn't be explained in any other way." That was one of the signs that Dyson said we should watch for when observing the cosmos."

I used "solar panels" as a descriptive term. Such an advanced civilization would surely have much better technology.

Scientists say they may have found evidence of "Dyson spheres" created by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations

2c from Tim:

Color me skeptical. I've always rather doubted Dyson's reasoning on this; it presupposed a civilization advanced enough to enclosea star but so primitive it uses solar panels to harvest sunlight. I would think a civilization would have a more advanced technique. And they would have to be very active outside the shell as well as inside (they would require a lot of real estate if they needed that much energy.) Granted,they could use the sphere in the science fiction fashion, but that would require artificial gravity; I think we would notice THAT. I just don't buy Dyson Spheres.

I'm sure they would have better technology than simple solar cells. I would think it was advanced beyond simply enclosing the star too.

I would add that the mass of such a thing would require disassembling most of the planets in the given solar system, in all likelihood. How can they afford to build such a thing if they can't afford to NOT build such a thing? It's just too big for the resources. It';s like the Trans Siberian railroad; it WAS done but bankrupted Russia - leading tothe Russian revolution. And it was a useless piece of junk too, "the best third rate railroad money could buy" they used tocall it. I would think a Dyson Sphere would have the same problems.

I think the reason they are so hot to trot about this is that they are promoting solar energy and want us to think advanced aliens use it. If it's good enough for ET...

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What is Truth?

"No government has the right to decide on the truth of scientific principles, or to prescribe in any way the character of the questions investigated.

– Richard Feynman, The Meaning of It All: Thoughts of a Citizen-Scienti st (1998)

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Human or Not?

Lyle Hancock Sr.

This post adds an important perspective to the climate debate rarely discussed.

A key point often overlooked in discussions about climate change is the statistical significance of human contributions. If human impact is negligible, climate change is simply natural variations in our climate system. However, if human activities significantly contribute, it can be claimed we are facing serious issues.

Agencies like the MET, BoM, and the IPCC use a non-integrative , first-order autoregressive model (AR(1)) to assess the statistical significance of human contributions. This model claims to show that human activity is the primary cause of climate change. But does it really?

The AR(1) model is under-parameter ized and has a poor Goodness of Fit (GOF) to the temperature data. It is a single-order autoregressive model that assumes no relationship between today's temperature and that of two or more years ago, despite known cyclical trends spanning many years. This choice of model makes no sense. Additionally, because it is a stationary model, it drifts when applied to the non-stationary temperature datasets, becoming less reliable over time. In short, the AR(1) model cannot determine the statistical significance of human contributions to climate change.

Dr. Doug Keenan proposed an integrative model using third-order autoregression, the ARIMA(3,1,0) model, which I validated in my paper presented to the UK Parliament as testimony. This model has an excellent GOF and impressive predictive skills. So, why don't MET, BoM, the IPCC, and others use this model? Because it shows that human contribution to climate change is not statistically significant.

In a surprising admission, MET acknowledged their AR(1) model is flawed, yet claimed they don't need models to determine statistical significance—th ey can make this determination by simply eyeballing the data. Despite acknowledging the AR(1) model's inadequacies, they continue to use it, maintaining it shows statistical significance of man's contribution to climate change -- a claim not at all supported in their choice of model.

The attached image is a test I made of the AR(1) model and it's predictive skills. It has no predictive skills whatsoever. I might go into why this is important. But for brevity, I'll table that discussion for now.

May be an image of text

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Windies Hate Nuclear

Jim Church

The wind and solar industries are treating nuclear power like some kind of evil, arch-enemy. Fair enough. While the number of human fatalities caused by nuclear power generation would fit in a couple of school buses, the entire subsidised wind and solar scam faces total wipe out, simply because they can never compete – on any level – with ever-reliable nuclear power generation – which is the only stand-alone generation source that does not generate carbon dioxide gas in the process. It’s the latter attribute that was said to be the reason for throwing massive subsidies at wind and solar in the first place.

Now that policymakers are waking up to the realistic prospect of watching their country’s grids totally collapse, safe, reliable and affordable nuclear power is the talk of the town.

Among the sillier arguments being run by wind and solar propagandists is that nuclear power is unaffordable. True enough, the wind and sun cult are desperate and desperate times often lead to delusional arguments.

However, as Nick Cater outlines below, the pitch about the (purportedly exorbitant) cost of nuclear power lasts about as long as it takes to compare prices in countries where nuclear power dominates, such as nuclear powered France, where retail prices are around half of those suffered in wind and sun powered Germany.

Nuclear Fatality: Rent-Seekers Rage As Wind & Solar ‘Investment’ Collapses

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Right Where They Want"em

Diane Kimura

Hamas doesn’t want a deal, except one where Israel just gives up.

And if Blinken doesn’t know that, then he’s not getting the basic info he should, not from US intelligence nor even from whoever’s in charge of getting him essential press clippings.

Hamas military chief Yahya Sinwar admitted that the teror group views Palestinian casualties as "necessary sacrifices.”
Hamas military chief Yahya Sinwar admitted that the teror group views Palestinian casualties as "necessary sacrifices.”

Two days before Blinken chastised Hamas, The Wall Street Journal revealed private correspondence of the terror group’s military chief in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar.

Sinwar admits openly that he wants more Palestinian casualties. They are "necessary sacrifices” that will "infuse life into the veins of this nation, prompting it to rise to its glory and honor.”

More, more, more deaths mean that Sinwar and his genocidal crew "have the Israelis right where we want them.”

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June 16, 2024

Little Manny Manny Won't - Go Home

Timothy Birdnow

In France President Emmanuel Macron was just crushed in a referendum by Marine La Pen, the conservative voice of sanity. Macron now says he may refuse to appoint anyone from her party as Prime Minister as custom dictates. And he won't quit.

So he called a pleibescite and lost and now won't abide by the rules. Much like the Democrats who refuse to follow the laws.

Watch for Joe Biden simply to refuse to turn power over to Trump if he loses as well.

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Vote Early Vote Often

Timothy Birdnow

105% of Michigan adults are registered to vote.

No vote fraud in Ameirica my white rear end!

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Nose Growing Newsom

Timothy Birdnow

California Governor Gavin Newsom lies about sending the National Guard to the border.

Despite his self-serving claim there appear to be none there.

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I'm Not But What Are You!

Timothy Birdnow

The newest tactic of the media - say TRUMP is suffering dementia!


Man this is pure desperation!

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House Resolution Rescinding the Bannan and Navarro Subpoenas

Cindy Schumacher

BREAKING: Next week, members of Congress will introduce a resolution to rescind the subpoenas issued from the fraudulent January 6th committee to Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino and Peter Navarro. This will invalidate the Contempt of Congress charges

Freedom Caucus members will be co-sponsoring the resolution including Bob Good, Dan Bishop, Anna Paulina Luna, etc

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The Hospitals Murdered Covid Patients

Diane M. Kimura

Hospitals murdered COVID patients.

The more they killed, the more money they made.

Dr. McCullough testifies that "virtually all the deaths occurred in the hospital.”

Hospitals received enormous financial incentives to implement lethal protocols.


"Remdesivir is so lethal it got nicknamed ‘Run Death Is Near’ after it started killing thousands of Covid patients in the hospital,” wrote @StellaPaulNY in a previous report.

"The experts claimed that Remdesivir would stop Covid; instead, it stopped kidney function, then blasted the liver and other organs.”


Dr. Joseph Mercola previously reported:

"Within weeks of the pandemic outbreak, it had become apparent that the standard practice of putting COVID-19 patients on mechanical ventilation was a death sentence.

"76.4% of COVID-19 patients (aged 18 to 65) in New York City who were placed on ventilators died. Among patients over age 65 who were vented, the mortality rate was 97.2%.

"The recommendation to place COVID patients on mechanical ventilation as a first-line response came from the World Health Organization, which allegedly based its guidance on experiences and recommendations from doctors in China. But venting COVID patients wasn’t recommended because it increased survival. It was to protect healthcare workers by isolating the virus inside the vent machine.”

People should be in prison for this.

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