August 23, 2017

A pro-Confederate Soldiers Monument article - and my brief exchange

Jack Kemp

In reply to the hate-filled screeds of the left aimed against statues of Robert E. Lee and others,
Russell Nagelkirk wrote a detailed article at American Thinker called "Why Are There Monuments of Confederate Soldiers?" In it, Mr. Nagelkirk spoke elequently of both Lincoln's and Lee's efforts to heal the Nation's wounds after the Civil War. As he put it, " In the Civil War, America suffered a fall from grace. But grace was used to turn enmity into comity." I urge you all to read that fine piece.

This brought a number of posted responses, including one from me and a rebuttal to my remariks. I include those and my earthy, plain spoken counter rebuttal to a reader with the screen name of "President Borat."

  • JackKempa day ago
    This article makes one recall a statement about those who attend churches (and, by logical extension, other houses of worship). The saying goes: A church is not a museum for saints but a hospital for sinners. The same can be said of those same congregation members operating outside their houses of worship, as well as those who do not attend religious services. This country is not a place where self-declared perfect people dictate to "Deplorables," particularly for thought crimes in a manner similar to past Chinese Communist "Right Thinking" enforcement by the Red Brigades. This country is a place where imperfect people work to overcome their imperfections, their shortcomings. And such people exist on both sides of the political spectrum. And we are helped in our individual and collective journies through life by helping one another to learn better practical ways to cope and function, not assume we, by virtue of our position papers, have all the answers. That is why Donald Trump won the primaries and the Presidential election. People were tired of pontificators from both sides of the aisle, people who never met a payroll (or managed a military company or a brigade), telling them how to deal with the challenges of life

    • President Borat (to) JackKemp5 hours ago
      if people are tired of pontificators then why did they elect Donald Trump? He never met a payroll he didn't bankrupt or stiff and he certainly never had a thing to do with a military company.

      JackKemp (to) President Borata minute ago
      President Borat, since you reference the movie world, I will reference a few lines from another film in reply.
      In the movie "Almost an Angel," Crocodile Dundee portrays a man just released from prison who risks his life saving a girl from a speeding car on the street. Knocked unconscious and briefly sent to heaven, he meets G-d, portrayed in the movie by Charton Heston. Dundee, a lifetime reprobate, asks G-d why he was chosen to be saved and to do G-d's work. To this G-d replies (words close to this), "In the old days, I had giants like Jesus and Moses to do my bidding. Now I have to rely on s***bags like you!"
      Pres. Trump isn't exactly as pure as even those of us who voted for him in November, myself included, would have preferred. But who else would have had the combination of qualities to take on the Republican-Democrat duopoly/Congressional Country Club? Mitt Romney? Jeb Bush? Hillary? Not a chance.

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Is Someone Hacking our 7th Fleet?

Dana Mathewson

After two suspicious "accidents," it's just possible. Has our level of seamanship sunk so low after eight years of Obama's watering-down (no pun intended) of our military? Or are there other factors involved?

People are starting to ask questions after the latest incident involving the USS John S. McCain (named not for the Senator, but for his father and grandfather, who were decorated admirals).

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August 22, 2017

Close Down Mt. Vernon? The Ladies Association says No

Jack Kemp

Matt Vespa wrote an article at concerning Chelsea Clinton's objections to Confederate statues. 

The following words from that article are NOT anything that Chelsea Clinton herself said. They are Matt Vespa's reasonable assumptions of what some Antifa and other leftists have said or strongly implied. Matt Vespa wrote:

Yet, dig further and any person who is deemed unworthy in the eyes of progressives’ interpretation of history has to go. Yeah, that means George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, our first and third presidents respectively. They’re also some of our Founding Fathers, but they owned slaves. Everything must go: monument, statues, Monticello, and Mount Vernon."


I happen to have visited Monticello and Mt. Vernon. Monticello was once owned and preserved by Uriah Levy and his family, a Jew and former Commodore in the U.S. Navy who personally got flogging of sailors outlawed in the Service. But the more complicated back story is that of Mt. Vernon.

Mt. Vernon was falling into a state of disrepair and a group of women would not stand for it. They formed the Mount Vernon Ladies Association and hectored to gather funds to restore the historic home and property. The Ladies Association still runs Mt. Vernon to this day. Decades ago, someone wanted to build either a shopping center or a sewage treatment plant on the Potomac River shore opposite Mt. Vernon. structures that would have spoiled the view from Mt. Vernon. The Ladies Association met with their friends in Congress and a stretch of land on the opposite shore in Maryland became the Piscataway National Park - with no sewage treatment plant.

Here is what the Mt. Vernon Ladies Society website says, in part:

The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association was the first national historic preservation organization and is the oldest women's patriotic society in the United States. Its pioneering efforts in the field of preservation set an important precedent and have served as a model for many.


"If the men of America have seen fit to allow the home of its most respected hero to go to ruin, why can't the women of America band together to save it?”

In 1853, Louisa Bird Cunningham wrote these words to her daughter, Ann Pamela Cunningham, after seeing the decrepit state of George Washington's home while traveling on the Potomac River.

Inspired by her mother's words, Cunningham took it upon herself to challenge the nation to save Mount Vernon. She founded the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association in 1853 and by 1858 had raised $200,000 dollars to purchase the mansion and two hundred acres.


So this is what those girls - yes, girls - with the pink wool hats want to obliterate? A significant piece of women's history and successful efforts in the U.S.? Speaking of hats, I once heard historian Newt Gingrich talk about George Washington having his hat shot off his head in battle (I believe it was the French and Indian War). A Native American participant in the battle later said they were trying to kill him but couldn't - and they thought Washington had protection from Divine Providence.

The Mount Vernon Ladies Association has also partnered with the Ford Motor Company to fund online education and classroom lesson plans about George Washington. The relationship goes back to Henry Ford I's funding of the Association. Student Education can be seen at this page of their website:

George Washington freed his slaves in his written will. I believe Mt. Vernon is a better historic lesson for young and old alike than a looking at a waste treatment plant on the opposite Potomac shore.

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August 20, 2017

4% Economic Growth; America Wins

Timothy Birdnow

Under President Donald the Fed in Atlanta is predicting third quarter economic growth will be - get this - 4%. Yes, you read that right! Reuters is reporting

"The U.S. economy is on track to expand at a 4.0 percent annualized pace in the third quarter with inventory investment contributing 1.12 percentage points to growth, the Atlanta Federal Reserve's GDP Now forecast model showed on Thursday.

Last Friday, the government said its first reading on the gross domestic product in the second quarter was a 2.6 percent growth pace, which was 0.2 point below Atlanta Fed's final estimate. "

end excerpt

Under Barack Obama growth averaged 1.48% and the media and other Nevertrumpers said it was impossible.

Amazing what can happen when basic principles are applied and you actually TRY to get the economy going.

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FDR's 1919 entrapment and encouragement of gay sailors in Newport

Jack Kemp

FDR's 1919 entrapment and encouragement of gay sailors in Newport
Jack Kemp
As long as liberals want to tear down statues of discriminatory Presidents, how about telling them this true story? How many Hollywood gays can we enlist to demand the FDR Memorial in Washington be torn down?
Newport sex scandal
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Newport sex scandal arose in 1919 from the United States Navy's investigation of illicit sexual behavior on the part of Navy personnel in Newport, Rhode Island. It targeted homosexual contacts between Navy personnel and the civilian population. Initially it attracted little public notice, but eventually the investigation—its methods and use of enlisted personnel—and the trial attracted national news coverage and provoked a Congressional investigation that ended with Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels and Assistant Secretary of the Navy (and future president of the United States) Franklin D. Roosevelt being rebuked by a Congressional committee.

In February 1919, Thomas Brunelle and Chief Machinist's Mate Ervin Arnold were both patients at the Naval Training Station hospital in Newport. Brunelle told Arnold the details of the subculture to which he belonged in Newport, centered at the Army and Navy YMCA and the Newport Art Club, where local civilian homosexuals regularly made contact with one another and with naval personnel. Arnold undertook a personal investigation to verify Brunelle's account and documented his findings. He then presented his Navy superiors with detailed reports of effeminate behavior, cross-dressing, and parties involving sexual activity, liquor and cocaine.

Arrests and trial
Arrests began on April 4, and by April 22, fifteen sailors had been arrested. Each was brought before a military tribunal and heard men they recognized as former sexual partners provide graphic testimony of their encounters. Older naval officers were confounded by the terms used by the investigators. Once the operatives had presented their evidence before the court, the accused were encouraged to incriminate others and many did so in hopes of leniency. Brunelle did so, but withheld the names of his closest friends. The three-week military trial ended with the court-martial of 17 sailors charged with sodomy and "scandalous conduct." Most were sent to the naval prison at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine. Two more were dishonorably discharged and two others were found innocent with no further action.
Roosevelt's embarrassment
The Providence Journal, under publisher John R. Rathom, covered the trial proceedings daily, often with a critical eye toward the prosecution's case. On January 8, 1920, Rev. Samuel Neal Kent, an Episcopal clergyman, was found not guilty on all charges. In his charge to the jury in that case, the judge was at pains to discredit the witnesses who described their participation in illicit sexual acts. He reasoned that since no military or governmental authority could legitimately order them to participate in such acts against their will, they were either willing participants whose complaints were groundless or they were acting under the compulsion of unlawful commands on the part of their superiors. His analysis fueled opposition in Newport's religious community.


While investigations dragged, Roosevelt resigned from his position as Assistant Secretary of the Navy in July 1920 when he accepted the Democratic Party's nomination for vice president. He and presidential candidate James M. Cox were on the losing end of Warren G. Harding's landslide victory for the Republicans.

On July 19, 1921, a subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Naval Affairs denounced both Daniels and Roosevelt for the methods used in the Newport investigations. The New York Times reported that most of the details of the affair were "of an unprintable nature", but explained that the committee believed that Daniels and Roosevelt knew that "enlisted men of the navy were used as participants in immoral practices for the purpose of obtaining evidence." The committee report declared that using enlisted men in this way "violated the code of the American citizen and ignored the rights of every American boy who enlisted in the navy to fight for his country." The committee report also made public the earlier determination of a naval court-martial. To that court's assessment that Roosevelt's behavior was "unfortunate and ill-advised", the committee added "reprehensible".


Any damage to Roosevelt's political prospects paled when he was stricken with a paralytic illness while vacationing in August 1921 at Campobello Island in Canada.
Reply Reply All Forward


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Black man refutes Kaepernick's argument

Jack Kemp

Jason Whitlock, a black man and Fox Sports analyst, says:

1) Spike Lee won't be at the Manhattan NFL H.Q. protest for Kaepernick (I wasn't going anyway).
2) The NFL has created more black millionaires than any other U.S. business/industry.

A 3 min. 15 sec. interview with Laura Ingraham on Youtube...

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How Christians survive in North Korea

Dana Mathewson

The Soviet Union was bad, as far as its crackdown on any organized religion, so I suppose there should be nothing surprising about North Korea being a rotten place for Christians.

I'm not sending this as a reason for our military to whack the heck out of the country, either, but I thought you might find this interesting, not to say revolting.

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In response to the idiots who misread the movie "Dunkirk"

Dana Mathewson

I always enjoy James Delingpole's writing. And he nails it here.

He's always so good when bursting the bubble of self-absorbed liberal idiots -- assuming there is any other kind of liberal.

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"We are on the cusp of a second Civil War"

Dana Mathewson

Rush tells it like it is. . .

No, I don't believe he's exaggerating. Not one bit. This is the aftermath of eight years of Obama. And to think of what we'd have if Hillary had won. . .

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Tucker Carlson goes after Bill Kristol -- rightly so, I believe

Dana Mathewson

I don't generally send videos, though this one's short. Bill Kristol's gone over the edge with the latest stuff in Charlottesville, though I think Trump's election last fall must have hastened his demise. You'll see what I mean if you watch this -- it takes about a minute. And also shows why I steadfastly refuse to Tweet. It also shows why I like Tucker -- he doesn't lose his sense of fairness.

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55 min. Youtube documentary - Rocky & Bullwinkle or the Raid of the Moosead

Jack Kemp

Of Moose and Men: The Rocky & Bullwinkle Story

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August 19, 2017

Shallow Right Wing Roots of Unite the Right Organizer

Timothy Birdnow

More details on the organizer of the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally turned riot. Note how shallow his "right wing" roots appear to be.

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Charlottesville a Sign of Desperation by the Radical Left

Timothy Birdnow

One quick thought on the rage against President Trump for blaming both sides in the Charlottesville riotts. This is, in it's own way, a sign we are winning. Having failed with the "Russian collusion" narrative the Left had to go back to their oldest play in their moldy old play book; the KKK, the Nazis, the supposed "radical right". This is as outdated an attack as one can imagine, and it appears very much like an old time professional wrestling match, with the eeevvvilll Baron Von Raschke as the Nazi goosestepper. Trump and Steve Bannon are in his corner, wating to smash a chair over the head of the good wrestler, say, Dusty Rhodes, while the referee is totally impotent to stop the attack.

The racism charge is the ace up their sleeve and I really don't think they wanted to use it this early. Sadly, the GOP is so cowardly they run for the hills every time it is played.. But it has been played entirely too much and the public is growing weary of it; every single Reopublican President has been called a racist in my memory, which goes back over half a century. This thing really is losing it's sting now.

But it stil works in the Beltway. Even though Donald Trump has never exhibited any sort of racism or animus towards others he is being tarred with this, well, blood libel. The Left knows it, too, but they just can't think of anything else to use.

Ever since the media took down Richard Nixon they have been eager for a repeat. They tried the same tricks with Reagan, going first after his subordinates (like James Watts, with success) but Reagan bested them, and they were sore about it. They did the same thing with both Bushes to a lesser degree, and now they are doing it with Trump. And they have been successful in removing Steve Bannon, a mistake Trump shouldn't have made. I would have sacked Bannon after that bizzarre interview he gave to The American Prospect, but not in this way at this time. It will only embolden these radicals.

The Left knows that Trump won more Jews and blacks than previous Republicans, so this is perfect to frighten some of them away. This is so clearly a carefully thought-out political strategy.

But again, that they were forced to play this hand not one year out means that they are getting desperate.

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The Real Hatemongers Show Their Face in Missouri

Timothy Birdnow

Hate crimes? After the Charlottesville riots we are being inundated with claims about the "alt-right' and how the KKK and Nazis are rising like a phoenix. True Nazis and klansmen are indeed despicable little weasles, but they are few and far between (and I strongly suspect the ones at Charlottesville may at least in part have been plants of the Occupy Wall Street crowd to gin up hysteria). But there IS real hate, and it is on the Left. Riots in Ferguson, in Baltinore and other places, police being assassinated, an attempt to murder the Republicans in Congress, rioting at these economic summits, all are left wing acts of hatred and violence. We have seen virtually NO acts by the Klan or the Nazis (who, I might add, are left wing and not limited government conservatives, despite the blood libel to the contrary by the media and the Left).

Doubt me? Our old friend, Missouri state senator Marie Chappelle Nadal has just called for the assassination of President Donald Trump.

Regular readers may remember Chappelle Nadal; she was the senator who called for a law to make schools dig into potential gun ownership by student's families, a clear violation of the Constitution. She dropped the F-Bomb over Gov. Jay Nixon online during Ferguson. And she was a Black Lives Matter terrorist, marching in the riots in Ferguson. Chappelle Nadal is essentially a Black Supremacist, and she is refusing to resign.

Air Claire McCaskill and other vulnerable Democrats have called for her resignation, but that won't happen; Chappaquiddick Nadal not only will not quit but she will not even apologize. It's her mo. She will have to be forced from office.Given that the Republicans hold a supermajority in both houses of Congress in Missouri as well as the governorship, it should be fairly simple to kick her out. Steps are being taken to do just that.

And many Dems are supporting her.

If Democrats cannot even condemm calls for the assassination of the President then America is truly lost; that is the one thing that we all agreed on, whether we hated the President or not. You can't call for his being murdered, not in a country where the President is elected and acting lawfully.

Chappelle Nadal clearly represents the thinking of the more radical Democrats, and the fury, the blind hatred, for Donald Trump and by extension those who voted for him should frighten average Americans. These are bloodthirsty renegades who will stop at nothing.

Who are the real haters?

Hey, maybe Chappelle Nadal can get a talk show on MSNBC with Kathy Griffin?  They could call it the Headless Horseman and cut a fake head off of a cutout of Donald Trump.  I'm sure the good Senator would like that.


Six police officers have been shot in the last few days.  Coincidence?  If you stoke hatred and rage, as the media and people like Chappelle Nadal have been doing, what do you expect?  Murdering cops is a fine old revolutionary leftist tradition.

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Charlottesville was a False Flag Dirty Trick

Dana Mathewson

Another thing to add to the mix is that the Occupy Wall Street/hardcore liberal organizer of the Confederate statue protest worked with the ACLU to secure the permit, which of course was granted. Less than a week later the ACLU just announced, quite conveniently, that it would no longer act on behalf of the civil rights of groups with whom they disagree. It's not like the conservative movement is losing an important ally in the ACLU, but with their statement they have virtually declared that no longer are they an actual civil rights group, they are moving finally and completely into political advocacy. (Much like the far-left media abandoned It's mission and chose to become full-blown political activists, a transition that was initiated in 2000.)

No announcement was made as to when the ACLU will be changing its name to reflect their new organizational charter, much as no announcement has been made about when the "news" networks will be required to register as political action committees.


~Never Forget September 11th, Ft. Hood and San Bernardino~
~Never Forget Darlene Dickinson James~

On Friday, August 18, 2017 7:19 AM, Dana Mathewson <> wrote:

From a friend in Buffalo, NY. I find it very believable. Hint: you will find Soros' name if you read far enough. No surprise. Oh, and Barack Obama's too.

> Why the sudden "outrage" since November 2016? You're being manipulated and played, folks.

> Police: Charlottesville Was ‘Inside Job’ To Ignite Race War
> August 15, 2017 Baxter Dmitry News, US 67
> A Charlottesville police officer claims the riots, which pitched white supremacists against Antifa, were set up to further the agenda of the elites. The officer has come forward to express his anger at being told to "stand down” by the city mayor during violent clashes between protestors. He also claims the protests, which pitched "white supremacists” against members of Antifa, were "set up” to further the agenda of the elites.
> "We [Charlotesville police] were ordered to bring the rival groups together. As soon as they were in contact with each other, we were told to stand down. It was outrageous. We weren’t allowed to arrest anyone without asking the mayor first. We weren’t even allowed to stop the driver as he sped away."
> "The event was being set up as far back as at least May and it went like clockwork.”
> Michael Signer, the mayor of Charlottesville, ordered police to stand down during the most chaotic and destructive period of the protests – despite police protests against the orders.
> "We wanted to do our job and keep the peace. But these mother******s in charge really want to destroy America.”
> Fox News reporter Doug McKelway was on the scene in Charlottesville and he backs up the police officer’s claims.
> "I can say, havig been in Emancipation Park from early on that morning, that what I saw with my own two eyes confirms what this law enforcement source told us. At least from all visible apearances. We saw people coming out of that park who had headwounds, who were bleeding from the head, people walking into that park with bats, with sticks — you saw what they were wearing — helmets, body armor, they had come — and this pertains to both sides — they had come to do damage.. you cannot help but notice from that video that police had been more pro-active, they could have potentially calmed this thing down to some degree.”
> Michael Signer is a Virginia Democratic activist with close ties to Barack Obama and John Podesta. Before landing the Charlottesville mayor job he previously worked closely with Podesta at the Center of American Progress and worked with him again on Barack Obama’s State Department Transition Team.
> The New World Order, led in the United States by elite operatives Obama, Podesta, Soros, Clinton and company, are pulling out all the stops to create division through chaos and destruction. Crowds of paid protestors and useful psychopaths are being sent into pitched battle against one another to sour the mood of the nation and further divide us all.
> They are manipulating and controlling newsworthy events in order to maintain power and control over the public, and to swing public opinion.
> Deep state operatives
> The man accused of being a neo-Nazi and murdering a woman by deliberately driving into her during protests in Charlottesville is in reality a supporter of Hillary Clinton and member of Antifa in receipt of funding by George Soros.
> White supremacist and ‘Unite the Right’ leader, Jason Kessler, has been exposed as a supporter of former President Obama and the a hardline member of far-left Occupy movement.
> When did he change his political leaning? According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (an organization that is certainly no friend to Conservatives), Kessler revealed his political transformation around November 2016, the same month Donald Trump won the presidential election.
> If you think that is suspicious, wait until you learn about the other actors in this enormous set-up event.
> First man on the scene
> Brennan Gilmore was "on the scene” and was the author of the first viral tweet about Charlottesville. He was later interviewed by MSNBC. He was presented as an accidental witness. But who is he really?
> Gilmore worked in Africa as a State Department foreign officer under Hillary Clinton. The New York Times mentioned this "coincidence” – and then later deleted it. Brennan Gilmore was also involved with the Kony hoax in 2012, and he is currently Chief of Staff for Tom Perrielo, who is running for Governor of Virginia and received $380k from George Soros.
> So the first man on the scene, whose tweet went viral, and who was later interviewed on mainstream news as a witness, just happened to be a State Department insider with a long history of involvement in psy-ops? If you think this isn’t fishy, how about this – since the Charlottesville protests and his appearance in the media, his information was suddenly removed from State Department websites.
> The elites know we are onto them, and they are trying to cover their tracks. They can censor Google and social media and close down accounts, but they will never be able to stop us sharing information and speaking to each other.
Jonathan Dickinson replies:

Another thing to add to the mix is that the Occupy Wall Street/hardcore liberal organizer of the Confederate statue protest worked with the ACLU to secure the permit, which of course was granted. Less than a week later the ACLU just announced, quite conveniently, that it would no longer act on behalf of the civil rights of groups with whom they disagree. It's not like the conservative movement is losing an important ally in the ACLU, but with their statement they have virtually declared that no longer are they an actual civil rights group, they are moving finally and completely into political advocacy. (Much like the far-left media abandoned It's mission and chose to become full-blown political activists, a transition that was initiated in 2000.)

No announcement was made as to when the ACLU will be changing its name to reflect their new organizational charter, much as no announcement has been made about when the "news" networks will be required to register as political action committees.

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Times Square - the crossroads of the Confederate World

Jack Kemp

This is too rich.

The Times Square subway station has a design similar to the Confederate flag.

Adolph Ochs bought the NY Times in the very early 20th Century. His and the Sulzberger family have controlled it since then. Check out he info on his burial below.
MTA will remake tiles that look like Confederate flags in station
By Danielle Furfaro
August 17, 2017


In the wake of last weekend’s white-power unrest in Virginia over a Confederate monument, the MTA has decided to remake a series of tile mosaics in the Times Square subway station that look eerily like Confederate Flags.
Confederate flags adorn this Times Square subway station
The Post found in 2015 that the designs of rectangular squares with blue crosses on a red background have been a part of the Times Square station décor for more than than 90 years.
They honor the late New York Times head Adolph S. Ochs, a Southerner who was buried with a Confederate flag.

And there is this quote from a 2015 NY Post article detailing the history of the Ochs family:

Although born in Ohio, Ochs had ties to the rebel cause, Jackowe wrote in Civil War Times in 2012.
His mom, Bertha Levi Ochs, was a charter member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and helped smuggle spies and quinine during the war, Jackowe said.


This is all too rich. Read both short articles and view the photos at the NY Post website. This is the same NY Times that didn't want to put up Christmas decorations on their building for years because (perhaps) they thought they were inappropriate.

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Apple Funds Left-Wing Hate Group

Jack Kemp

After reading this short Powerline article, please note my own personal story below concerning the Southern Poverty Law Center..

Posted on August 17, 2017 by John Hinderaker in Leftism
Apple Funds Left-Wing Hate Group
I suppose this is a dog-bites-man story, given the crazy politics of Silicon Valley. But the Associated Press reports that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, a politically ignorant lefty, has pledged $2 million "to help lead the fight against the hate that fueled the violence in Virginia during a white-nationalist rally last weekend.”
So is Apple coming out against antifa? Just kidding:

Cook also told Apple employees in the memo that he strongly disagrees with President Donald Trump’s attempts to draw comparisons between the actions of the white nationalists and protesters opposing them.

Like so many others, Cook misrepresents what President Trump has said. Maybe he did it intentionally, or maybe he was relying on pundits, including a number of conservatives, who have shamefully misrepresented Trump’s words. Trump said that white nationalists and violent antifa thugs–not "protesters,” who Trump said were "fine people”–both bore responsibility for violence in Charlottesville. I don’t know how anyone who has seen the videos of those events can dispute the truth of that assertion.

Apple is giving $1 million apiece to Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. It will also match employee donations to those two groups and other human rights organizations on a two-for-one basis.

As has been documented many times, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a left-wing hate group that has blood on its hands. [Update: Much more here and here.] I don’t know whether Cook shares SPLC’s hateful agenda, or whether he is just a naive stooge. Either way, Apple has aligned itself with some very bad actors. And either way, it is time to sell my Apple stock.


Jack's Story:

Over a decade ago, I used to read and write posts on a Las Vegas travel message board. I would, at that time, make a trip to Vegas every two years or so and it was fun to read the news on that Usenet message board. I am not a big gambler, having not gambled on one of those trips for even a thin dime. As a former computer programmer, I had attended the big industry trade show Comdex and also the Computer Electronics Show. I enjoyed the casino shows and also enjoyed seeing all the new theme casinos being put up.

One time, readers at the Usenet message board raised the topic of the owner of the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino (now called The Linq). He was an early pro-fascist type named Ralph Engelstad, having in his car museum on site one of Hitler's automobiles and a car previously owned by Franklin Roosevelt that was shot through with bullet holes. I had previiously seen both those cars in the casino's auto museum myself. But the casino, even then in the 1990s, had won an award for hiring minority employees. After doing a quick search on the internet, I found that this racist owner had recently died. But a member of the Southern Poverty Law Center posting there insisted that people boycott the place even though no funds were going to this arguably avowed racist. Around this time, the Hitler and FDR cars were taken out of the auto museum. But this nut from the SPLC actually sent me a personal email saying I shouldn't go to the Imperial Palace (hey, it was good enough for James Bond in "Diamonds are Forever"). I wrote on the message board that the racist owner was dead and that there was no evidence that the current owners were anything like the previous owner of the casino. I forgot whether I directly emailed this message to the fanatic loon from the SPLC. I don't believe so, as I could easily see the type of person I was dealing with.

With the Southern Poverty Law Center, it is always 1959 and Sheriff Bull Connor is still turning fire hoses on blacks and letting loose vicious dogs to attack them. The SPLC people are sick and I'm sick of hearing about them. But their craziness must be stopped before it influences young people to believe that the attitudes of the SPLC are the "New Normal."

P.S. In response to someone justifiably complaining in an American Thinker comment about my original use of the term "alt-right" for the former owner of the Imperial Palace, Ralph Engelstad, I changed his description to "pro-fascist." And I added this info from Wikipedia:


From Wikipedia:

In 1988, several employees, angry about being placed on leave as punishment for talking to the plaintiff attorney, began speaking to the Gaming Control Board and local media about two Nazi-themed parties Engelstad had held at the Imperial Palace. The parties were held in Engelstad's so-called "war room", which featured a large collection of World War II Nazi memorabilia, including a portrait of Engelstad in the likeness of Hitler. A national controversy ensued. Engelstad claimed the collection was purely of historical interest, and not meant to glorify the Nazis. The Gaming Control Board recommended that Engelstad lose his gaming license and be fined $200,000 for reflecting poorly on the reputation of the Nevada gaming industry. An agreement was ultimately reached whereby Engelstad kept his license, but paid $1.5 million in penalties.[8]


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B. Clinton rape victims want his SD statue torn down

Jack Kemp

Boom! Bill Clinton’s Accusers Want
His SD Statue Taken Down: "Take

a Sledgehammer to It” Gateway Pundit, by Christina Laila Original Article 8/18/2017 6:54:43 PM Post Reply
Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey, two women who accused former President Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting them are demanding his statue in South Dakota be destroyed. Juanita Broaddrick was very vocal about her disapproval of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential election. She hasn’t relented and now she is saying she would like to personally use a "sledgehammer” to destroy Bill Clinton’s statue. (Photo) Fox News reports: Two women who accused former President Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting them said it is time for his South Dakota statue to be destroyed. In the wake of factions calling for the destruction

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Very good words from Herman Cain (remember him?)

Dana Mathewson

"Trump's critics can't make 'racism' claim stick"
You can't fool Herman!

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The President goes after Amazon

Dana Mathewson

The business -- not a woman. And frankly, he has a good point.

I think it's safe to say that Amazon has clobbered businesses such as Barnes & Noble (who in turn drove many local bookstores out of business), as well as Office Max / Office Depot / Staples.


Yes, break up the Amazon monopoly! This, and defending Robert E. Lee statues, will have Trump sweep the Northern Rust Belt, small towns in places like Utica, NY and the entire South in 2020.

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