November 30, 2023

Photons Don't Matter!

Richard Cronin

Just got to thinking a bit more.

The more and more I study, the P & T within our planet plus the ready presence of simple industrial catalysts, principally metal oxides, drives an unbelievable number of exothermic reactions. Moreover, slow upward flow brings reagents into contact with one another with significant dwell times. As a final measure, L.B. Bezrukov and colleagues have identified that heat transfer via convection is a sadly under-appreciat ed means of heat transfer. Until now everyone considered only conduction through solid rock strata, while the real Earth has layers of molten carbonates and silicates plus gases and liquids. It’s like a big-ass multi-product extrusion reactor.

In the total energy balance on the surface of this planet radiation is doodely. The only industrial application that I know using radiation for heating is paint booths — say for cars. Other than that, it’s microwave ovens and heat lamps to keep the French fries warm. That’s it.

Solar radiation delivers UV radiation which can dry clothing and give you a sunburn. Visible light is 50/50. Dark surfaces absorb, mostly into the oceans to drive photosynthesis via phytoplankton, Cyanobacteria, and algae. The ocean photosynthetic life forms are a vastly greater Carbon sink than any green stuff on land. Hard shell phytoplankton, Cyanobacteria and algae. Algae is a principal food for snails, sea horses and small tropical fish. When all of these critters die their vertebras sink to the ocean floor. The largest Carbon sequestration system possibly known.

Of course, white clouds and snow & ice reflect radiation (albedo).

Long Wave Infrared Radiation (LWIR) is strictly a cooling mechanism. The Stefan Boltzmann effect (black body radiation).

Photons are g-d Gauge Bosons, not Matter.

All manifestations of Energy involve Mass in Motion

F = 1/2 • m • v2

E = m • c2

In my best Johnny Cochrane (O.J.’s lawyer):
"Photons have no Matter, so Photons don’t Matter.”

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Altering Burn Records

Carl Franklin

The government had burn records prior to 1985 deleted from the official data base so they could claim forest fires are setting all time record highs. They do the same with temperature records by creating a database that only started recently. The government has stooped to ignoring science and logic in support of their narrative.
May be an image of text that says '(1930, 52266000) US Burn Area Vs. Year 1926-2023 Average 11852448.7 Missing Data 1940 1960 1980 Year Missing Data'

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America Bloating

Timothy  Birdnow

Americans are doom spending, according to CNBC.

Americans are ‘doom spending’ — here’s why that’s a problem

— CNBC (@CNBC) November 29, 2023

Like squirrels gathering nuts for winter, Americans are grabbing what they can now before the prices rise further. Everyone is expecting inflation these days and know if they don't get it now they won't be able to afford it later.

This is fairly common. Inflation always boosts consumer spending in it's early phase for this very reason. Eventually it drains all the resources from the economy then you wind up with stagflation - no growth and high inflation. But the good consumer spending is precisely why many politicians are eager for inflation; it hides the real damage done to the economy by heavy tax and spend policies and living on credit.

A doomsday economy is rather like the activity one sees as a corpse decomposes. It appears to be active as it bloats and decays. But that is the end stage of what had once been healthy.

America is bloating right now.

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He Is a Blockhead but He did THIS Right

Timothy Birdnow

Don't get used to this; it won't happen very often.

I come not to bury Biden but to praise him.

Seems Mr. Biden is taking some heat for bragging about being in possession of "the football".

BIDEN: "Look, my Marine has a code to blow up the world”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) November 29, 2023

Most on the right is taking away from this that Biden is irresponsible and perhaps forgetful. While I agree he is both in this instance I think it purely strategic.

Biden is reminding our enemies we still have this power. And, given his declining faculties (something left unsaid) who knows what he will do with that power.

Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military philosopher, admonished generals to be unpredictable.

Sun Tzu said 'The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.' and 'A military operation involves deception. Even though you are competent, appear to be incompetent. Though effective, appear to be ineffective.' also 'The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.'

Mr. Biden certainly appears to be incompetent and ineffective, of that there is no question. But our enemies, particularly the Iranians, need a gentle little reminder of the awsome power that can be unleashed if Biden so chooses.

Donald Trump was a student of Sun Tzu, and he often employed Tzu's principles in his Presidency. America's enemies were afraid of him because they could never figure him out. (It was true of his political enemies at home, who were always shooting in the wrong spot.) This is very much like something Trump would have done - and been pilloried for doing. The media would have called Trump irresponsible and outrageous for saying this. But it is an effective thing to do.

Of course, as with anything else, you have to actually have a track record of using the power on occasion, something Mr. Biden has not done.

There was an old Happy Days episode where Fonzi was teaching Ritchie about fighting. He explained you don't have to actually fight - the threat alone is enough. But then Ritchie learned the one detail Fonzie forgot to mention - you must first actually win a fight to show you mean business.

Biden needs to actually win a fight before making such threats. But at least he's thinking, or someone in his staff is anyway.

As Lucy would say in Peanuts "he  may be a blockhead but  he at least did THAT right."

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Dam Buster

Timothy Birdnow

Joe Biden has cut a secret agreement to tear down three hydroelectric dams in the Pacific Northwest to protect salmon.

From El Zoro:

A group of House lawmakers representing the Pacific Northwest made public a court-approved confidential mediation between the Biden administration and environmental groups pushing to remove four hydroelectric dams in Washington to protect salmon.

The document, which until now hasn’t been made public, was drafted on Nov. 2 as part of an agreement in which activist groups agreed to pause their litigation against the federal government. The groups have argued in favor of breaching the four federally-managed dams amid declining salmon populations in the lower Snake River, which winds through Idaho and Washington before feeding into the Columbia River and then into the Pacific Ocean.

"It is imperative that our constituents, whose livelihoods depend on the Columbia River System, have a comprehensive understanding of this document’s contents so they can anticipate and prepare for the wide-ranging impacts that will inevitably be felt across the region should the commitments detailed in this document be realized,” the lawmakers, led by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., wrote to President Biden on Wednesday.


"Additionally, as Members of Congress representing the Pacific Northwest and tasked with oversight of the Executive Branch, it is our duty to ensure any actions committed to as part of this agreement do not circumvent by any means the congressional authorization that would be required to execute certain proposed provisions, such as the removal of certain dams,” they wrote.

Te report explains that the dams were constructed in the 1960s and 1970s by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers… and "still provide about 8% of the state’s electricity, enough to serve millions of residents, and have a large total capacity of 3,000 megawatts.”

All part of the Administration's deindustrialization of America.

Where does Biden think the left coast will get the electricity to power all those EV's?

Dams are the most renewable of all energy sources. As long as rain falls from the sky the dam will work. And that without carbon dioxide emissions, or sulfur compounds, or anything else.

That the Junta did it in secret is illustrative of the fact they know the public will rebel if it becomes widespread knowledge.

Joe Biden is utterly determined to make America into the Third World.

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Deutsche Bank Destroys Letitia James' Case

Timothy Birdnow

The core of Letitia James' case against Donald Trump rests on the fantasy he overvalued his properties.

David Williams, an executive at Deutsche Bank, tore the partisan hack prosecutor's case apart.

From Dennis Michael Lynch:

An executive from Deutsche Bank, David Williams, testified during the trial on Tuesday that Trump was a client that they were eager to do business with and pushed back against claims that Trump committed fraud.

Bloomberg wrote about Williams’ testimony:


ADeutsche Bank AGexecutive gave testimony that could bolsterDonald Trump’s defense in his civil fraud trial, telling a New York judge that prospective clients can get loans even after reporting a net worth far higher than the lender’s own calculations.

David Williams, who worked on at least one of three loans Deutsche Bank made to Trump in the years before he was elected president, testified Tuesday that it’s "atypical, but not entirely unusual” for the bank to cut a client’s stated asset value by 50% and approve a loan anyway, as it did with Trump.

Referring to allegations that Trump inflated the value of his assets, Williams said,"It’s just a difference of opinion,” as he argued that this would not disqualify someone from obtaining a loan.According to ABC News,


Vrablic explained that Deutsche Bank ultimately chose to stop doing business with Trump in 2016 – not because of any issues with his loans, but simply because of the "increased exposure” and"scrutiny” related to him being elected President of the United States.

End excerpts.

So, Trump did not overvalue his property and the bank was in no way harmed.

How did Letitia James h have standing to bring these civil charges in the first place?
But it probably won't matter as this judge has it in for Mr. Trump and will do whatever he can to drain Trump dry and make him appear to be a crook.

Time to fight fire with fire and go after these people.

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November 29, 2023

Biden Flips SCOTUS the Bird, Forgives Student Loans

Timothy Birdnow

I was under the impression the courts rules Biden couldn't unilaterally do this.

813,000 student-loan borrowers are now getting emails that their loans are wiped out following Biden's recent reforms

Back in June the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Biden's loan forgiveness scheme was illegal.

Yet now we have Biden sending out letters claiming he has forgiven the loans.

This is yet another article of impeachment that should be used against Mr. Biden. Sadly the GOP refuses to take aggressive action against him.

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Putin; West is Becoming Primitive

Timothy Birdnow

Putin may be an SOB but he gets it.

From a speech he gave to the Plenary Session of the Russian People's Council:

"The West is now pursuing a"cancel culture” policy, but this is, in fact, a renunciation of humanitarian education. As a result, both culture and education are becoming primitive. Many traditional subjects are simply being thrown out of Western academic programmes and replaced by some gender or other similar sciences– pseudo sciences, of course."

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Eye Spy

Timothy Birdnow

What ever became of the First Amendment? Seems to me we had something called that once.

Biden's DOJ demanded info on 'all users' who interacted with Trump's Twitter account

Imagine if Richard Nixon had done something like this; he'd have spent his life in prison.

Now it's just dismissed - even by Republicans.


A 14-page search warrant with eight completely redacted pages revealed that the DOJ special counsel Jack Smith requested that Twitter, now X, turn over Trump's search history, location data, privacy and account settings, and direct messages from October 2020 to January 2021.

The search warrant was issued to Twitter in January and released to the public Monday as part of a lawsuit brought by several media organizations in an attempt to shed light on the investigation into Trump.

It called on Twitter to provide the DOJ with the "content of all tweets created, drafted, favorited/liked, or retweeted by" Trump's account, including "deleted tweets." Smith requested a list of "all users" Trump's account "followed, unfollowed, muted, unmuted, blocked, or unblocked," as well as "all users who have followed, unfollowed, muted, unmuted, blocked, or unblocked" his account.

"All information from the 'Connect' or 'Notifications' tab for the account, including all lists of Twitter users who have favorited or retweeted tweets posted by the account, as well as all tweets that include the username associated with the account (i.e., 'mentions' or 'replies')," the warrant stated.

The DOJ seemingly demanded information on every conceivable aspect of the former president's social media account, including devices used to log in, advertising information, IP addresses, and any communications with Twitter's team regarding the account.

It further demanded that the social media company not notify Trump about the requested information.

"Twitter is ordered to disclose the above information to the government within 10 days of issuance of this warrant," the filing added. The remainder of the search warrant included entirely redacted pages.

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No Investiagion of Bowman

Timothy Birdnow

Rep. Jamaal Bowman, the man who shouted FIRE in a crowded chamber, is getting off the hook for pulling the fire alarm in the Capitol to interfere with government business.

If any of us did that we'd be going away for some time.

The Republican-controlled House Ethics Committee is refusing to investigate the pyrophobic pinhead despite having smoking gun evidence he committed a crime.

When is the GOP ever going to grow a pair?

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Mr. Smith Does America

Timothy Birdnow

Jack Smith belongs in prison.

Special Counsel Jack Smith Sought Info On Anyone Who Liked or Retweeted Posts by Trump

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The Useless U.N.

Diane Kimura

The purpose of founding the United Nations was to avoid the empowerment of a nation that could cause another holocaust. Since its founding, however, there have been more than 50 instances of governments using their power to destroy ethnic minorities. Most of these occur in Muslim-controlled countries.

Yet the UN has done nothing to stop the genocide and religious persecution of minorities. Instead, the UN has funded the terrorist organizations that are committing most of the murders. Worse, in the past 20 years, UN "relief” teams have committed several murders and thousands of rapes of indigenous people, especially in Africa. None of the UN’s murderers and rapists have been prosecuted, notwithstanding the establishment of an international criminal court (the ICC) in The Hague. The ICC has declined to even investigate the murders Hamas has committed on Israelis. That is contrary to its own charter.

On the other hand, the ICC has tried to prosecute hundreds of American soldiers and sailors for doing their jobs. I have been to The Hague. From my view, the ICC is simply a method for the New World Order (NWO), a Marxist/fascist movement, to persecute its enemies.


When founding the UN the five victors of WWII were given permanent seats on the security council. Two of those seats have been usurped by other countries. The permanent seat given to the USSR should not have been given to Russia but made into an at-large seat upon the demise of the Soviet Union. Russia had no more right to that seat than Georgia, Ukraine, or even the GDR. They were given the seat because by 1991 the NWO and the Marxists had control of the UN.

The permanent seat given to the Republic of China (ROC) was usurped because of simple stupidity. When the Chinese revolution resulted in the People’s Republic of China taking control of the mainland, the ROC still existed. It was just reduced to Taiwan. The permanent seat should have followed the democratic government to Taiwan. Instead, it was given to the PRC to keep happy the world’s most populated country, which was suffering abject poverty at the time.

If Russia and China did not have seats on the security council, the following resolutions would have passed:

An independent investigation into the cause of the Wuhan Flu (Covid-19), and the World Health Organization’s coverup of Chinese liability.
A UN peacekeeping force would be in Crimea and disputed parts of Ukraine.
Iran would be sanctioned for developing a nuclear bomb and funding terrorism. The UN would take control of its uranium enrichment facilities and destroy them.
Hamas would be outlawed and a UN peacekeeping force would control Gaza.
The genocide taking place in Sudan and Ethiopia would be stopped by UN peacekeepers. (I still cannot figure out why China opposes this. Maybe it is because their plan is to reduce the non-Chinese world population by any means possible).
All of these resolutions and several others would create more peace and save millions of lives. The UN’s failure to implement them proves that it is a worthless entity.


Another way of looking at it: for the $13 Billion the USA is giving the United Nations this year, we could construct new, high-tech elementary and high schools to satisfy the needs of every impoverished Caribbean nation; we could fund police departments so they could hire at least 200,000 more officers nationwide, or we could pay three day’s interest on our national debt.

H/T to Robert DuChemin

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Judge Denies Trump Discovery

Lew Ricker

It would seem that if ANY defendant is denied ALL related pieces of evidence that person has NOT received due processing / fair trial.

Judge denies Trump's 'fishing expedition' to subpoena Jan. 6 committee records

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November 28, 2023

Biden Attempting to Extend the Ceasefire

From Jack Chen

Qatar the banking center for Iran coincidentally is the head quarter of Hamas

The head of the CIA, Bill Burns, arrived in Qatar to promote an "extensive" kidnapped deal between Israel and Hamas. According to the Washington Post, the goal is to expand the extensive hostage deal to include not only women and children, but also men and soldiers. The American goal is also to extend the ceasefire.

Burns, according to the report in the Post, is pressing for the release of the 8-9 American hostages.

The head of the Mossad also arrived in Qatar.

Tim adds:

And so rewarding Hamas and Iran we will get more of this. You don't compromise with thieves or terrorists.

All this does is kick the can down the road so Joe Biden can pretend to be the big hero here.

It's past time to let Israel finish this thing.

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Leftists Funding Trump Campaign?

Timothy Birdnow

I've always suspect the Left of funding some conservative movements to steer them where they want them to go. And to keep a vocal opposition so as to guard against complacency on their own side. Looks like this may be the case here.

From Diane Kimura:

It is an interesting development and a turn of events.

The Daily Beast posted an article. "Conservative Group Accidentally Reveals Its Secret Donors. Some of Them Are Liberal Orgs"

While I usually don't read The Daily Beast, this article caught my attention. A conservative nonprofit tied to a "White House-in-waiting” for a second Trump presidency has unintentionally revealed its top donors—and two of them are foundations famously associated with liberal causes.

The nonprofit American Compass included the names of five donor organizations on a schedule in its 2022 tax statement, which the org accidentally disclosed.

Two of the five groups stand out for their prominent histories of supporting liberal causes—the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Omidyar Network Foundation. According to the tax statement, the Omidyar Network has contributed $400,000 to American Compass since 2020. In total, Omidyar has donated $500,000, including forthcoming installments.

EBay founder Pierre Omidyar publishes Civil Beat, a liberal Hawaii-based news outlet, and donated over $100,000 against Trump before the 2020 election. He is also a prominent philanthropist who has donated billions of dollars to various causes, especially democracy, human rights, and "social justice."

Omidiyar is also leading a corporate boycott campaign against Twitter owner Elon Musk. Omidyar's ties to the anti-Musk campaign are notable due to the personal history between the two billionaires. Omidyar helped launch Musk by buying PayPal for $1.5 billion in 2002. He is a financial backer of the Intercept and ProPublica (they wrote the hit piece on Clarence Thomas that was filled with omissions and misinformation). He donated $509,500 to Accountable Tech in 2021 and 2022.

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November 27, 2023

Butt-Kisser in Chief

Timothy Birdnow

Joe Biden apologizes to Hamas supporters for doubting the lying butchering Nazis.

Yeah; that'll  really fix the problem Joe!

During a press conference on Oct. 25, President Biden openly questioned the number of causalities in Gaza, which are reported by the Hamas government.

"I have no notion that the Palestinians are telling the truth about how many people are killed," Biden said. "I’m sure innocents have been killed, and it’s a price of waging war."

Biden met with five Muslim American leaders the day after his Oct. 25 comments about reported Gaza deaths.

During the meeting, Biden listened to the leaders describe people they knew who were directly impacted by the conflict in the Middle East.

"I’m sorry. I’m disappointed in myself," Biden told the group, according to the Washington Post.

The Muslim-American leaders who met with Biden urged him to show more empathy to the Palestinians and Biden allegedly hugged one of the participants at the end of the meeting.

So Biden is hugging people who support rapists, torturers, and murderous thugs.

This guy belongs in prison, not just in a retirement home!

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Christie Blames Trump for Attack on Israel

Timothy Birdnow

And this greasy tub-o-lard actually thought Republicans would vote for him for President!

Christie Blames Trump for Increasing Antisemitism and Islamophobia

How is Trump at fault? And for both at the same time?


"When you show intolerance toward everyone, which is what [Trump] does, you give permission as a leader for others to have their intolerance come out,” Christie said during an interview with Dana Bash on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday. "Intolerance toward anyone encourages intolerance toward everyone.”

"I believe Donald Trump’s intolerant language and conduct gives others permission to act the same,” he added.

Gee, I guess Crispy Cream doesn't remember the Intifada, or the multiple invasions of Israel by Arab neighbors. Or Hamas calling for death to Israel.

The great white whale is only playing to hateful hacks like Yahoo News, of course, but who is the real hater? If anyone is guilty of anything it is these clowns, who made it their mission to destroy Trump to the point we ended up with Joe Biden in office. Biden's weakness is what started this, not anything said by Trump.

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Transhausen by Proxy

Timothy Birdnow

Trans by Proxy

Yes, it IS crazy white women who want attention driving the increase in child sex transitioning.

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Terrorist Supporters Block NYC Bridge

Timothy Birdnow

Hamas supporters block a bridge to NYC.

But the car blowing up on the Rainbow Bridge between the U.S. and Canada was a stuck accelerator they say.

Someone please explain to me why someone with a stuck accelerator would drive onto a BRIDGE! That is like the teens in slasher movies choosing to hide in the barn rather than take the running automobile.

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Film Flubs

Timothy Birdnow

I watched the movie The Fugitive last night. While it was enjoyable, I had to wonder about the scene where Richard Kimball jumps off the dam.

Kimball (Harrison Ford)is being transported to a penitentiary to be executed. He is wearing an orange jumpsuit that says "IDOC" so one must assume he's still in Illinois.

But the dam he jumps from is very high, and blocks a deep canyon. There is nothing remotely like that in northern Illinois (southern either as far as I know.)

The scene was clearly shot in a another state. We don't have anything like that in the midwest. I looked it up; it was North Carolina.

I don't know why movie makers can't do the basics, like have the guy jump off a dam in Illinois.But I do get it; they wanted scary. A thirty foot dam just doesn't have the sex appeal.

The reality is Richard Kimball would not have survived that jump. He could have survived a jump from a smaller local dam. I assume Kimball was being transfered to Stateville Corectional Center, 40 miles southwest of Chicago (Illinois repealed the death penalty in 2011 so that is no longer the case.) So I assume it was the Sulvan Lake Dam, which is less than 25 feet tall.

I am willing to suspend my disbelief,but only to a point. I hate it when someone sinks millions into a production and gets something like that wrong.

The countryside did not look like prairie, I might add. Northern Illinois is prairie, not heavy forest or mountainous.

I wish these movie makers wouldn't think the Midwest is so dull they must reinvent it.

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