August 29, 2022

Entrapment at the FBI

Richard Cronin

Can you spell E-N-T-R-A-P-M-E -N-T ?

The FBI planted an informant in their sorry ranks, provided arms, as well as travel and hotel accommodations.

Man Acquitted in Gretchen Whitmer's Kidnapping Plot Speaks Out

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Women in the Workforce

Ryan Setliff

Men are ultimately complicit in forcing women to the workplace. The reasons are many.

Now when the present labor market participation rate of working-aged adults has deteriorated to its 1977 low of 60% (even worse in NC, 58%,) it's even worse than the labor market conditions of the 1970s because feminism has far advanced whereby men and women compete openly for a dearth of jobs, and when more adults are unmarried than married.

Tim adds

So many men went along with feminism because, well, they wanted to pitch woo and figured they wouldn't be able to otherwise. Now we have a world where women no longer have a choice but MUST work. And compete with men who are trying to support their families. And since feminism is official government policy now the men are being increasingly pushed into the shadows, being denied promotions or raises to maek room for the women who the companies are desperate to promote to show they are following government guidelines. It's a lose/lose for any but the aggressive feminists, and even for them as men are now dressing as women and competing directly with them.

It has reached the point where men are now saying "why bother".

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Woke School Boards Get Choked

John P Poynter

RED WAVE! Woke Leftists CRUSHED in School Boards Across Florida!!! -- 24 Aug 2022 --

Here's some good news... In Florida, county school boards have not all flipped conservative, but 20 school boards now have a conservative majority. See video for details.

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NBC You Later!

Warner Todd Huston

Biden Recession: NBC May Cut 33% of Primetime Programming to Save Money

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Got Milk?

Timothy Birdnow

Got milk?

I don't know how it is the State can tell you what you may or may not eat. They've been doing that with raw milk and other food items for years now. And this is going to be the justification for making us eat bugs and weeds and other disgusting things.

All rights are reserved to the People, or are supposed to be. That means if you want to drink unpasteurized milk that is your prerogative. People did it all the time in the old days.

Tennessee Food Freedom Act now Law - Real Milk

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The Incredible Shrinking China

Timothy Birdnow

China's going baby bust!

"#China’s baby bust is so dramatic, it’s accelerating a long-expected global population shift."

"A new report from the United Nations’ Department of Economic and Social Affairs released Monday puts China and India neck-and-neck in the population rankings. The UN estimates that China currently has 1.426 billion people, while India has 1.412 billion."

"But the UN predicts the two Asian countries will switch places next year—four years earlier than it previously predicted—and that #India will pull further ahead of China in the decades to come. By 2050, the UN predicts that India’s population will swell to 1.688 billion, making it far-and-away the world’s largest country by population. China’s population, in contrast, will shrink to 1.317 billion."

end quote

This is a critical time for the entire world. China sees this as it's moment and is unwilling to let history pass it by. This immense population shrinkage will coincide with a serious economic decline as there arre fewer people to service the aging population and fewer trained workers. China may become very, very unpleasant in it's death throes. Foreign adventurism and possibly attacking the primary competitors may seem a viable option to the Chicom leadership. We are in avery dangerous time.

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80% Spike in U.K. Energy Costs

Steven Chase

The UK is facing an 80% increase in utility bills for energy. Europe, especially France is not far behind. Right NOW here in the U.S. over 20 million households are delinquent on their power bills.

How did this happen? The mindless adoption of 'feel-good' energy policy; and the dominance of Green Political parties. As always in Government: Unintended Consequences.

Britain to See 80% Spike in Energy Bills as Crisis Deepens

Tim adds:

This will force people to double up, moving in with relatives and the like. It's the Ruling Class trick to make us all move back into the cities and be under their thumbs. No more 4000 square foot houses. We will have to live in tiny, cramped apartments because it will be all we can afford. Just what the Left has always wanted.

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Timothy Birdnow

The Crocodile

by Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

How doth the little crocodile
Improve his shining tail,
And pour the waters of the Nile
On every golden scale!

How cheerfully he seems to grin,
How neatly spreads his claws,
And welcomes little fishes in,
With gently smiling jaws!


Sounds like the Democratic Party, doesn't it!

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The Importance of Language

Language is not only the means through which existence is transacted, it constitutes our central experiences of social and moral content, of such concepts as freedom and truth, an, most importantly, of individuality and the self; it is also a system of lies, evasions, propaganda, misrepresentati on, and conformity.

~Rachel Cusk

Tim adds:

Exactly. Language is what sets us apart from the animals. Annimals think after a fashon, and even communicate in certain ways, but they cannot communicate abstract concepts or work out anything more than "food here" concepts and that is because we have language and think using it. We have Brocca's region in our brains, the language center in our left lobe. Animals lack this and so they never develooped civilizations. If you dumb down language you dumb down people. That has been the goal of modern education, which has emphasized kids speaking in their own language (as if they HAVE their own language and are not just ignorant) rather than teach them to speak and reason with proper language structure. The end result is sloppy speech and sloppy thinking, making them an easy target for demogoguerie.

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The Touching Joe

Maurizio Morabito

La figlia del Presidente americano Biden ha scritto nel suo diario che il padre faceva la doccia con lei ("[una cosa] probabilmente non appropriata”).

Questa notizia è stata messa a tacere perché l’antitrumpismo supporta la pedofilia se tatticamente necessario.

Notare che la stessa figlia ha...

US President Biden's daughter wrote in her diary that her father was showering with her ("[a thing] probably inappropriate").

This news has been silenced because anti-Trumpism supports pedophilia if tactically necessary.

Notice that the same daughter left this journal carelessly so when the rot comes out ten years from now many will wonder how Joe "Big Guy” Biden got away with it in plain sight

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August 27, 2022

Great new book

Dana Mathewson

WorldNetDaily's proprietor Joseph Farah has a new book out, and although I don't normally use this site to advertise (our trolls do enough of that), this is one you might want to investigate!

"The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament" promises to be a great "read;" I've already ordered our copy.

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A new problem for Planet Earth: Vanishing Humans

Dana Mathewson

We've heard that countries like China and Japan are experiencing low birth rates. Now Putin is offering rewards for those who'll have ten kids. And the U.S. is not in good shape on this either.

Glenn Reynolds writes in the New York Post:

When I was a kid, everyone was worried about the "population explosion.”Paul Ehrlich’s book, "The Population Bomb,” was a runaway bestseller.

This led to a lot of dystopian science fiction, like Harry Harrison’s novel, "Make Room, Make Room,” which became the famous movie "Soylent Green.” It also led to a lot of policy changes, from China’s disastrous one-child policy to many policies in industrialized nations aimed at people having fewer children later in life.

The culture also changed.My mother reports that when she was married, even married couples weren’t considered fully adult until they had children. Raising kids was seen as one of the most important things people did.Now, it’s seen as a distraction from the pleasures and opportunities of adult life, things like promotion at work or dating.

The looming population explosion never happened. Instead, we’ve now got something closer to a population implosionas birth rates fall below replacement levels around the globe. Philip Longman worried about this nearly 20 years ago in a Foreign Affairs article, "The Global Baby Bust,” and now it’s happening for real.

People of the Paul Ehrlich era would no doubt see today’s problems as beneficial:Fewer people means more stuff to go around, right?Not exactly.

Demographer and futurist Joel Kotkin writes:"On the contrary, we need to worry about the potential ill-effects of depopulation, including a declining workforce, torpid economic growth, and brewing generational conflict between a generally prosperous older generation and their more hard-pressed successors.”

Shrinking populations tend to do poorly, economically, socially and militarily.One need only look to China, where the one-child policy is producing a huge overhang of pensioners with not enough people to support them, or to Japan, where the average age keeps climbing while young people seem to lack direction and confidence, to see what lies in our future.

As Kotkin notes, "John Maynard Keynes warned that ‘chaining up of the one devil [of overpopulation] may, if we are careless, only serve to loose another still fiercer and more intractable.’”

Well, that’s where we are now. And it will be hard to change. The baby bust isn’t taking place just in the United States or the industrialized nations, but all over the globe. Even in sub-Saharan Africa, where birth rates are still comparatively high, they’re falling sharply. Having kids involves short-term sacrifice for long-term gain, and people are less and less willing to make short-term sacrifices.

Good Grief! Keynes was right about something! Anyhow, go here for the rest of the article.

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Burning Kansas: Jayhawkers, Bushwackers, and the Raid on Lawrence

Timothy Birdnow

I missed the anniversary by about a week. Drat. Still, I think it worth the admittedly long read. This first appeared in the Old Birdblog:

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth


On May 30, in the Year of Our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Fifty Four, the Congress of these United States placed a bill before President Franklin Pierce, a bill which would be lead to the deaths of tens of thousands and would nearly rip the Nation asunder. Of course, these men hadn`t the foggiest idea that they were placing a death warrant on President Pierce`s desk, nor did the good President know that his signature sealed the fate of countless Americans. What he was signing was innocuously titled ``The Kansas-Nebraska Act`` and this particular billwas intended to open the territories west of Missouri and Iowa to settlement and eventual statehood, and sought to replace the increasingly unworkable Missouri Compromise (in which slavery would be confined to territory south of the 36*30` latitude, or the southern border of Missouri) with a more open system, one which would allow the settlers to decide for themselves whether to be slave or free. This policy, titled Popular Sovereignty and championed by Stephen Douglas, granted an opportunity to the slaveholding South to maintain parity within government with the free North by allowing territorial settlers to vote on what type of state they wished. This may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it was, in reality, a monstrously stupid one, the equivalent of dousing a fire with gasoline. Hordes of new settlers poured into Kansas from both North and South, absolutely determined to win this undeveloped prairie for their side. Bloodshed began almost immediately, leading Horace Greeley of the New York Tribune to name the unhappy grassland ``bleeding Kansas``; Kansas was indeed hemorrhaging, and badly. more...

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The Heat Within

Richard Cronin

From NASA paper, March 28, 2001 — How much of the Earth's heat is produced by the Sun and internally?

"The interior of the earth contributes more than 99.5 percent of the total heating of the surface compared with the sun!”

Further, NASA states:

"This answer, of course is quite wrong because it assumes that 100% of the internal energy is radiated to the surface. In fact, the internal heat source drives powerful convective currents in the mantle so that nearly all of this thermal energy is lost.”

No, NASA is wrong again. The Precession of the planet and the forces imposed on the surface of the planet by both the Winter and Summer Solstices (reversing the Earth’s inclination) moves Earth’s tectonic plates. Taking this huge body of mass and throwing it in reverse jerks our tectonic plates. It is like a stack of dinner plates in the back seat of your car when you slam on the brakes to a full stop, then throw the car into reverse.

All of the internal heat of the planet is delivered to the surface. Mantle convection and subduction are entirely incorrect. In fact, over geological time frames, the planet has been decompressing and expanding. This explains the upthrust of land masses such as the increase land area of Tuvalu as well as the upthrust which is still growing the Himalayas. Supercontinent cycles are wrong. What is called Continental Drift is actually the expansion of the planet. Look up many papers about Expansion Tectonics.

"The phenomenon of subduction is incompatible with Earth's surface geometry and geomorphology” Lazlo Horvath, July 2019's_surface_geometry_and_geomorphology

"Problem of Convection in the Earth's Mantle”
E. N. Lyustikh, 01 January 1969

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Dirtied Up

E. Calvin Beisner

Top item on the New York Times's "The Morning" on August 25 had a photo and the headline, "Biden’s plan for student debt relief is an attempt to find a middle ground."

Okay, now, remember the old joke that went this way?

Rich man to woman at party, "Will you go to bed with me?"
Woman: "No!"
Rich man: "How about if I pay you a million dollars?"
Woman: pauses and thinks for a while, then says, "Okay."
Rich man: "No, how about for $100 instead?"
Woman: defiantly says, "No! What do you think I am?!"
Rich man: "We already know what you are. Now we're just haggling about the price."

Biden's plan for student debt relief is just that sort of thing. The debt relief requires forcing some people who don't owe the debt to pay it for those who do---and that's theft. Biden could have arranged that for all with student debt, but that would have been like paying the prostitute a million. So he arranged it for a smaller number, and limited the amount. The price falls, the amount stolen from others falls, but it's still theft.

Tim adds:

Middle ground? More like Middle Finger Ground! He's stealing money from some Americans to buy the votes of others, ones who enjoyed their lives by going to universities which did not prepare them for profitable careers so much as took their money and indoctrinated them in revolution and hatred of country.

The universities got very rich over the last few years on this. THEY should be the ones funding this, not the taxpayer.

Your analogy is spot-on Cal. it's just haggling over price. And if history is any guide we know this won't be the last of it; they will come back for more in time.

I would say we ought to call their bluff and demand reparations to black people for slavery, but they'll happily take us up on that bluff. (Reparations has many of the same problems as does student debt thief, er, relief. And at least some crime was committed with slavery, something not true here (except the crime of gouging kids with overpriced tuition and lying to them to make them believe they were "investing in their futures".)

In the end this is like having sex with a prostitute who has a venereal disease. It's bad no matter if she is showing signs of syphillis or not. In the end everyone is dirtied up.

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Where Have All the Hurricanes Gone?

Al Moscowitz

One of the climate quacks' favorite fearmongering tactics is to preach the doom-and-gloom that is going to happen as a result of having MAJOR hurricanes if the oceans warm as little as 1 degree Celsius. Some of these lunatics are also starting to use a new term - HYPERCANE...

Would any of the climate quacks like to explain how we are having the "Hottest <fill-in-the-bl ank> on record" yet the Atlantic is COMPLETELY VOID OF TROPICAL DEVELOPMENT ALMOST ALL THE WAY THROUGH AUGUST???

Isn't this prediction part of the model(s) that predict that if we don't completely eliminate the use of oil and gas by 2030 that we are all going to die?

I wonder what it is going to take before people start to wake up and see this nonsense for what it is... NONSENSE.

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A Male Invention?

This from Steven Schueler:


Did you know men invented women in the late 18th century so they could be more sexist and racist?

Scientific American

Before the late 18th century, Western science recognized only one sex—the male—and considered the female body an inferior version of it. The shift historians call the "two-sex model” served mainly to reinforce gender and racial divisions by tying social status to the body. (6/7)

Tim adds:

Hew boy! Whatever happened to Scientific American?

I suppose there were no famous women in history? I suppose there was no Queen Elizabeth? No Isabella of Spain? No Joan of Arc? It amazes me how a supposed scholarly organization can set up such a straw man argument then conclude some preposterous nonsense as this based upon those straw men.

And nonbody ever needed a "model" to determine sex. Sex, like pornography, is self-evident.

In fact, "gender" is a function of language, not of biology or even culture. It is a new concept created to find a way to deny fundamental reality. I'ts done because of people with mental illness who do not want to admit what they are.

I find it interesting that, in a world so "full of sexism" that the overwhelming number of "transgendered" are men believing they are women. Why would you do that if women are so mistreated?

This point speaks volumes; women have always had a superior role in things in many ways, being protected and allowed to avoid the most arduous and soul crushing tasks in society. It was the Industrial Revulution which actually made women share many of the burdens of men, and they didn't like it. But they blamed "sexism" for it and doubled down on the thing that forced them out into bad jobs in the first place.

They grow angrier as they acquire ever more power, too. Why is that? Because they fundamentally are still women and want to be treated as such but want to do everything men do. Well, there is a price to be paid for such greed of character. Men have always died younger than women, and that is because men had to do all the dirty work in society. Now women are stuck doing it and they don't like it. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

So now there are crazy inventions of "scholarship" saying men "invented" women so as to gin up more anger and resentment. Just double down on what is making you miserable in the first place!

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Men Invented Women so they Could Abuse Them

This courtesy of Steven Schueler


Did you know men invented women in the late 18th century so they could be more sexist and racist?

Scientific American

Before the late 18th century, Western science recognized only one sex—the male—and considered the female body an inferior version of it. The shift historians call the "two-sex model” served mainly to reinforce gender and racial divisions by tying social status to the body. (6/7)

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Data Tampering

Timothy Birdnow

This courtesy of Fox News:

The second-quarter GDP was initially reported to have shrunk 0.9%.

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FBI Out of Control

Timothy Birdnow

The Trump raid was just the tip of the iceberg for FBI corruption. The agency is completely out of control.

Whistleblowers Reveal Out of Control FBI

Sexual harassment, false affadavits, bogus investigations to get their numbers up, and a host of other dishonest and abusive practices are on tap at your local Federal Bureau of Investigation office (and it's nation-wide, not just the D.C. branch.)

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