July 27, 2022

Housing Bubble Bursting

Timothy Birdnow

And so it begins. The bottom is dropping out of the housing market.

Amid plunging demand, the median sales price of new homes fell to $402,400 last month from $449,000 in May.

America has been in a classic bubble in terms of real estate. It has been artificially inflated by artificially low interest rates and easy credity (promoted by government - again.) During the pandemic it got even worse since a lot of people had to stay home and grew bored - so bought new homes assuming they could afford more house. Now those chickens are coming home to roost.

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Vax Not in the Cards

Warner Todd Huston

Cardinals Players Nolan Arenado, Paul Goldschmidt Skip Toronto Trip Over Vax Requirement

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Fear Big Science

Selwyn Duke


Not just COVID "vaccines": So many of our drugs, billed as efficacious, are actually ineffective or even dangerous.

Don't fear Big Tobacco — fear Big Science.

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Geo-Engineering Nutbags

Richard Cronin

A Geoengineering lunatic named George Day (aka "Greenfinger”) paid the First Nation people of British Columbia to transport ferric sulfate, an acid waste from the sulfate TiO2, across their lands and dump it in the Pacific Ocean. The genius idea was to introduce Iron and fertilize the growth of photosynthetic marine life to spur CO2 uptake.

Actually, acidic wastes like ferric chloride from the Chloride TiO2 process were previously used as a flocculent in water treatment. Hey, we could treat the ocean waters to knock out suspended particles !

Wait ! It gets better !

Work has come forward that CO2 uptake by photosynthetic marine life has been grossly underestimated.


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The More Jabs You Have The More Likely You Are To Die From Covid

James Doogue

Government Provided Data Shows in New South Wales:

- 798 Covid Deaths in the last 8 weeks.

- Of those 539 were Triple jabbed.

- 266 were Double jabbed.

- Just 2 were unvaxed or single jabbed.

The Single / Unjabbed deaths are under-represented by a factor of 20!

An explanation with all of the data is available here: https://www.topherfield.net/nsw-health-damned-by-their-own-data/

Most Australian States don't provide Covid deaths by Vaccine status, but Australia's most populous state, New South Wales does. NSW has a population of 8.265M with a median age of 38, representing 32% of all Australians.

Having spent $8 billion on vaccines already, the federal government won't be keen for this information to be readily known. And the mainstream media who have poured scorn on anyone questioning the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccines are hardly going to admit they got it wrong.

Meanwhile our health authorities who work hand in glove with pharmaceutical companies, and who assured us the vaccines were both very effective, and very safe, aren't going to tell you this stuff either!

We need a Royal Commission into Australia's Covid response with far ranging terms of reference, and we need it now. Arguments that it'll never happen, or the truth won't come out, are not justifications to not seek an enquiry. I for one will be lining up to make a fact loaded submission.

Australia has arguably the best health services in the world with the best combination of choice between private health care and free universal health care. Yet we and New Zealand which both had a 'zero Covid' policy and mandated vaccinations, are now easily outpacing the rest of the world in the rate of Covid deaths. See chart below.

May be an image of text that says 'New deaths attributed to Covid-19 in New Zealand, European Union, US, Sweden and Australia Seven-day rolling average of new deaths (per 100k) 0.45 0.40 New Zealanc 0.35 0.30 0.25 0.20 0.15 Australia 0.10 0.05 US European Ur Sweden 0 Apr 1 2022 May Jun Jul'

Further from that source:

And with Covid deaths disproportionately happening among the double / triple jabbed, AND the all-cause mortality rate running ~20% above the 5 year 2014-2019 baseline, we’re a long LONG way from being out of the woods.

When we are finally able to tally up the death toll (and other costs) of our Covid over-reaction I don’t think we’re going to wind up looking as amazing as we think we are.

The final cost of our naive trust in politicians and pharmaceutical companies with perverse incentives and compromised ethics is still unknown. But it’s growing fast and we need to start talking about it.


After all, it might just save one life…
May be an image of text that says 'New deaths attributed to Covid-19 in New Zealand, European Union, US, Sweden and Australia Seven-day rolling average of new deaths (per 100k) 0.45 0.40 New Zealanc 0.35 0.30 0.25 0.20 0.15 Australia 0.10 0.05 US European Ur Sweden 0 Apr 1 2022 May Jun Jul'

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Ancient Geological Wisdom

Richard Cronin

The ancients knew a great deal that we are just coming back to understand more fully.

I’ve posted previously how the Earth’s seasonal inclination (precession) imparts tensile stresses upon our Southern Hemisphere imposed by the tugging of the Sun’s gravity. This opens up the Southern Ocean Trench systems. Increased warming of the water and greater evaporation drive the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO). Effects claimed to be "Extreme Weather” by the spreaders of fear porn.

Longer term, this repeated tensile stressing has opened up the broad Southern Oceans while continental land masses dominate the Northern Hemisphere.

Imagine that I stuck a big suction cup on your belly, tied a rope to the suction cup, then whirled you around overhead as you squirmed and screamed. Of course, this centrifugal force would cause your belly to distend. You’d get stretch marks. Trench systems in the Southern Oceans are pretty much the same thing.

We see and feel the Sun’s radiation. It’s obvious. You cannot see gravity, yet it is arguably the most important energy source in our existence. Recent work suggests that there may be a union of gravity with electromagnetis m.

Something more on the ancients. Brahmagupta (598 to 668 AD) pondered about the attraction between celestial masses.

Brahmasphuta-si ddhanta(Correct ly Established Doctrine of Brahma, 628 CE) dealt with both Indian mathematics and astronomy.

Brahmagupta calculated the instantaneous motion of a planet, gave correct equations for parallax, and some information related to the computation of eclipses.

His works introduced Indian concept of mathematics based astronomy into the Arab world.

He also theorized that all bodies with mass are attracted to the earth. He may or may not have known of the heliocentric solar system, credited to Copernicus. Copernicus had three (3) advantages in communicating his concepts:

1) Copernicus had the common language of learning and science — Latin.
2) The printing press
3) Copernicus was part of the white, Eurocentric patriarchy (Heh).

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Pope's Apology to Canadian Indians

Selwyn Duke


There are 7,000 beautiful stories people aren’t hearing, including his own, famous Cree playwright Tomson Highway said about Canada’s much-maligned Indian residential schools. "Nobody’s interested in the positive, the joy in that school ,” he elaborated, talking to the now-defunct Huffington Post Canada in 2015. "Nine of the happiest years of my life I spent at that school. I learned your language…. Have you learned my language? No, so who’s the privileged one and who is underprivileged?”

This is truly one of the most grossly misrepresented stories of our time.

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July 26, 2022

This poll will scare you

Dana Mathewson

A poll conducted by University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics shows nearly one-third of American voters believe they may have to take up arms against the United States government.

The poll of 1,000 registered voters was conducted from "May 19 to May 23 among 1,000 registered voters. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.53 percentage points,” The Hill reports.

"Republican pollster Neil Newhouse and Democratic pollster Joel Benenson with input from students at the [Institute of Politics]”conducted the survey.

On July 24, theHill reported the pollsters found that "twenty-eight percent of all voters, including 37 percent of gun owners, agreed ‘it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government.'”

When responses were broken down by party affiliation, the poll showed 33 percent of Republican voters and 35 percent of Independent voters believe it may be necessary to take up arms.

One in every five Democrat voters believe they may have to take up arms as well.

The poll shows that nearly half of American voters–49 percent–agree with the statement that they "more and more feel like a stranger in my own country.”

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Shatner Calls Out Woke Startrek

Warner Todd Huston

William Shatner: Star Trek Creator Would Be ‘Turning in His Grave’ over Woke Current Shows

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Insurrection in Schumer's Office

Right now: 17 congressional staffers are sitting in at Chuck Schumer’s office in the Senate, demanding that he reopen climate negotiations. pic.twitter.com/cVxDHgrwdu

— Andrew Marantz (@andrewmarantz) July 25, 2022

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Hollywood is a Drag

Selwyn Duke


Question: If we’re going to assign indirect blame, who is more responsible for a kid who kills somebody drag racing? The company that made the car?

Or a person who legitimized and glamorized street drag racing in the kid’s eyes?

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Russia Pulling Out of ISS

Timothy Birdnow

Don't let the airlock door hit you on the way out.

Russia's space chief says the country will focus on building its own orbiting outpost.

The Russians never did much for us, except to provide a rather rickety launch vehicle after the BHO (Obama) canceled the Shuttle.

The station was supposed to be named Freedom and was supposed to be an American project. But we cut a bunch of freeloading foreigners in and turned it into the "International Space Station" and it has had little value since.

I opposed the station anyway; we should have gone back to the Moon, and established a permanent base there. Used the base to build a mining and industrial platform and used that to explore deeper. The station - in low orbit inside the magnetic field and in micro-gravity - had no real purpose. They did experiments like trying to get seeds to grow, but that could as easily have been done on the Moon. We would have learned much more about life in space there, outside the protective layer of the magnetic field. Basically the ISS was a poor weigh station. Not fully in space but not on Earth either, it had no real purpose.

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Cool Down

Scott Snell

Today's anomaly map


The strong positive anomaly over northwestern Europe that caused historic heat last week has dissipated, replaced by a zone of slightly cooler than normal temperatures. The US east of the Rockies remains mildly to moderately below average, with the notable exception of Texas and Oklahoma. Large negative anomalies persist over Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Just another day on planet Earth.

May be an image of map and text that says 'ClimateReanalyzer.org Climate Change Institute University ofMaine 90N GFS/CFSR 1-day Avg 2m 60N Anomaly (℃) [1979-2000 base] Tuesday, Jul 26, 2022 30N 30S 60S 9os 180 135W 90W 24 18 45W 14 -10 6 3 45E World +0.4°C -1 0 90E NH +0.7C 1 3 135E 6 SH 0.0 10 180 14 Arctic °℃ 18 24 Antarctic -1.1℃ Tropics +0.3℃ °C'
May be an image of map and text that says 'ClimateReanalyzer.org Climate Change Institute University ofMaine 90N GFS/CFSR 1-day Avg 2m 60N Anomaly (℃) [1979-2000 base] Tuesday, Jul 26, 2022 30N 30S 60S 9os 180 135W 90W 24 18 45W 14 -10 6 3 45E World +0.4°C -1 0 90E NH +0.7C 1 3 135E 6 SH 0.0 10 180 14 Arctic °℃ 18 24 Antarctic -1.1℃ Tropics +0.3℃ °C'

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Coherent Narrative?

Maurizio Morabito

Here's a coherent narrative. Nobody ever cared about George Floyd's life per se. A bunch of scruples-free politicians and freeloaders used the camera footage of his death to launch a series of attacks on the President, because he was Trump, killing at least 25 more people in the process (but again, the organizers did not care about those people either). To this day still very few people truly care about Floyd or BLM...if they did, Whitfield (see first comment) would be very well known, worldwide, if only because his death is the perfect example that some lives don't seem to matter to policing tactics in the USA.

What evidence do I have about the above? That's not the point. The point is that I can put together a story that makes sense, if my premises are accepted even just for argument's sake.

The Jan 6th Committee has not been able to do even that. Anyone accepting their premises will still be unable to explain how all the evidence they gathered can possibly demonstrate that Trump was on the cusp of leading an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States, or even to unlawfully delay the certification process for the elections.

There's very little to tell the death of Herman Whitfield from the death of George Floyd

Nobody knows Herman Whitfield. There have been no worldwide demonstrations.

The one report mentioned in Wikipedia is blocked from view from Europe probably because of GDPR.

NOBODY has blamed Biden. Nobody will attack a church in DC because of Whitfield and nobody will burn homeless shelters and there will never be CNN journalidiots claiming MOSTLY PEACEFUL protests are happening with a giant uncontrolled fire right behind them.

It's almost as if there was nothing organic and grassroots about the George Floyd's movement.

But hey, Trump was in the White House. What a coincidence.

"Police responding to a mental health call used a stun gun on Whitfield and restrained him despite him saying he couldn't breathe. The coroner's officer ruled Whitfield's death a homicide and said he died from "cardiopulmonar y arrest in the setting of law enforcement subdual, prone restraint and conducted electrical weapon use."


I can’t find any sense in the 6th Jan insurrection narrative

The answer can’t be "I know what Trump was thinking” because nobody can possibly know what Trump or anyone else was thinking

This IS the narrative:

Trump was staging a coup by staying inactive as rioters were storming a building whose doors were opened as 2nd amendment supporters turned up in the thousands with close to zero weapons as Don Jr was openly and explicitly against any suggestion to break any rules as all the political and military power of the USA were far away from that building as Pence motu proprio decided to violate the Constitution as Trump was trying to grab the steering wheel inside an armoured car from a well trained Secret Service officer as the car didn’t even swerve a little and all of this was totally unknown until someone told the Committee that she heard people talking about it just a few days before another witness told the Committee that he heard people talking about it as the Committee failed to ask a potential direct witness if the story was true.

I don’t know why would anyone have to care about Trump’s alternative narrative, since the narrative above doesn’t make any sense whatsoever



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Web os Slavery

". . . in America, we have achieved the Orwellian prediction - enslaved, the people have been programmed to love their bondage and are left to clutch only mirage-like images of freedom, its fables and fictions. The new slaves are linked together by vast electronic chains of television that imprison not their bodies but their minds. Their desires are programmed, their tastes manipulated, their values set for them.”

- Gerry Spence, From Freedom to Slavery.

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July 25, 2022

Police Quit

Bryan Alexander

So, the entire police force of Kenly, NC, has resigned due to the new, "woke," anti-police policies of the new, "progressive" town manager," Justine Jones. Naturally, Jones is black, and not even from the town—she was hired after a "nationwide search." The town is only 47% white, with a 33% black and 13% "hispanic" population.

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Where's My Flying Car?

Warner Todd Huston

Washington regulations has destroyed American innovation.

Glenn Reynolds: Why We Still Don't Have Flying Cars

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Pigs in a Poke

Timothy Birdnow

Rahm "Dead Fish" Emmanuel, former Mayor of Chicago and Obamabot, once famously said "never let a good crisis go to waste".

Well, they aren't letting the high prices of food go to waste. Congress is desperately working to get a deal allowing vast numbers of aliens legal access to America so as to provide farm labor.

From the Caesar Chavez propaganda article:

Without action, Congress could miss an opportunity to try to tamp down runaway food inflation, since prices are being driven in part by a shortage of farm labor. The struggle to find farm workers has only intensified in recent years, thanks to tighter immigration restrictions, the Covid-19 pandemic and the highly competitive labor market. And increasingly, the farm economy is dependent on foreign-born workers, including migrants brought in via the H-2A guest worker program.

But even Crapo was not optimistic about the prospects of any immediate moves on the bill. "I don’t see it happening before the August recess,” he said, when asked if there would be action before then.

Still at issue are several House-passed provisions, including wage policy, caps on the number of expanded visas for farm workers and the extension of certain legal rights to those workers.

According to a source familiar with the negotiations, a deal has been reached on wages and the senators are close to agreement on the cap issue. But the expansion of worker rights — particularly the extension of the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act to cover H-2A workers — continues to be a sticking point.

Food economists say the availability of migrant labor correlates directly with lower food costs. Labor is the "one thing that I think matters,” said Jayson Lusk, a food economist at Purdue University.

"Some of that, to the extent immigration is involved, is certainly controversial,” Lusk said, but improving the labor supply would be "impactful in terms of food prices and agriculture.”

Labor is just one aspect of the farm economy being creamed by the Covid response. In fact, the loss of diesel fuel, the loss of fertilizer, and the multiple restrictions being placed on farmers by government overreach is all at work in the coming food crisis. But what do they address? Bringing in more aliens! They've wanted to do that since the Reagan Presidency.

And as always a number of Republicans are falling for this. It's just a way of changing the complexion of America, changing American voters and giving the Democrats eternal power.

The House version of the bill would establish a process by which farmworkers in the U.S. illegally could apply to become a "certified agricultural worker,” a designation that would last five-and-a-half years, removing risk of deportation. Applicants would be required to have a work history in the U.S. and would also have a pathway to receive a green card or citizenship further down the line.

It would also establish 20,000 year-round H-2A visas for farmworkers. H-2A, a program where agricultural workers can receive visas to work on farms in the U.S., has increased in popularity as farms have been unable to find domestic workers. But the program has a timetable that doesn’t allow recipients to work year-round — a problem for operations that need workers at all times of the year, like dairy farms.

The article says one of the things that has stalled the bill is an argument over wages and OSHA working conditions.

In other words, they want to unionize the farm workers so they can be milked for donations to the Democrats. And this kills any value they have; the whole reason to hire illegal farm workers is to pay them less then minimum wage. Give them legal status and you ruin their value.


So what happens is these newly legalized move on to take good jobs from Americans and a whole new crop of illegals are broght in.

It's an amnesty, plain and simple.

We've beaten back amnesty multiple times, but they just keep bringing it back. At a time when Americans are suffering they are using that pain to promote this idea which they have been hell-bent on imposing for decades. Why?

I think we know it has nothing to do with food inflation or anything else.

BTW we were told we wouldn't NEEd agriculture, or manufacturing in America any longer. We could just buy everything from overseas. How has that been working out for us?

Now, suddenly, farmers are so very important to the Ruling Class and we simply must have cheap labor for them! After decades of policy designed to wipe them out - NAFTA, for example - we are now supposed to beleive the Ruling Class cares.

No they don't. China has been buying up farms and houses. So have giant corporations. This influx of aliens will only accellerate that process. The family farm isn't going to profit as much as the big corporate farms.

Illegal aliens took over the meat packing industry years ago, and it wasn't until Trump that we began to crack down on them. We were told these were jobs "Americans just won't do" but guess what? Hundreds of Americans applied for those jobs after government raids on plants. These are indeed jobs Americans will do - if given the chance. But they won't do it for nothing, which is what the Ruling Class wants. And they won't act as a source of illegal votes, or for laundering money back to the DNC.

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Intellectual Integrity at UCLA

Timothy Birdnow

Some integrity in Academia!

UCLA Progessor Quits Job, Says 'Woke Takeover' of Education 'Intellectually Corrupt'

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A Vax Upon Us!

Bill H.:

Polio is rearing its ugly head again, for the first time in five decades. Monkey pox has been known in middle Africa for an equal time and has never left that area, is now world wide and in the verge of being declared a pandemic by the WHO. Hepatitis is soaring among children. All of these are things that an intact human immune system can defeat. They are a growing because the Covid vaccine has damaged, and in many cases destroyed human immune systems.

Mike adds:

In the back pages amongst the classified ads Germany has released study showing 1 in 5000 people are having adverse effects from their cuff 19 shots so far. As time goes on I believe this number will come down to 1 in 500 or lower as more research is done and more true facts come out.

Tim adds:

Excellent points Bill. And the new international order - with people immigrating from everywhere to the West - isn't helping with these Third World diseases either.

It's insane.

Dana Mathewson adds:

This is long, but goes right along with the premise of this article. Kevin Roche is a Minnesota health care professional who writes the Healthy Skeptic blog. I am quoting this from Power Line. The last paragraph is the real kicker:

President Biden’s Covid-19 infection should be an opportunity for widespread reconsideration of the value of a number of epidemic response policies. The president was fully vaccinated and had received two boosters. He allegedly regularly wears a "high-quality” mask, although some photo evidence calls that into question. Yet, like most Americans, he has now become infected, apparently with mild symptoms.

The President’s case is another reminder that the vaccines have now beyond any doubt been shown to be completely ineffective at preventing either infection or transmission within a few months after receipt. This applies to boosters as well as to the original two-dose series In fact, some evidence suggests that the boosters lose effectiveness even more quickly than the original vaccination series. And the evidence is mounting that protection against severe disease, while holding up much better than that against infection, also lessens over time.

While the diminishing effectiveness may be partly due to viral evolution, it likely also reflects a basic characteristic of our immune systems, which don’t have unlimited resources. The response to a threat is usually proportional to its seriousness. The reality is that our immune systems correctly don’t view Covid-19 as a particularly dangerous peril. The system therefore mounts a limited "memory” cell and circulating antibody defense to aid in protecting against subsequent infection.

We are seeing the same effect in regard to the protection afforded by a prior infection. Although a prior infection seems to provoke a more durable response than vaccination alone, that response also wanes after a few months and we are experiencing large numbers of reinfections. Fortunately, a prior infection does seem to give longer lasting protection against serious disease.

Studies about the effectiveness of the immune response prompted by either prior infection or vaccination are increasingly difficult to do well. Estimates are that 80 percent to to 90 percent of Americans have either been infected or vaccinated or both. Finding groups of unvaccinated, uninfected persons for comparisons is difficult. And many studies fail even to attempt to incorporate the existence or nonexistence of a prior infection, rendering any conclusions essentially useless.

The President’s case should also be a warning about the possible paradoxical effects of repeated boosters. Prodding the immune system over and over with the same or similar antigens can result in an effect whereby the immune response is either muted or may be enhanced in a manner that actually leads to more serious disease due to a rampage of unleashed immune cells. Until the research becomes much clearer, I would avoid any more than one booster.

Most importantly, however, should be recognition, long overdue, that there is nothing that can be done to suppress a highly contagious respiratory virus and that our various efforts to that end are futile and costly — economically and socially. We can all wish for the President’s speedy recovery, not least because waiting in the wings is the outstandingly mediocre Kamala Harris. And we can be comforted that the President’s mental state is already such that there is no fear of further damage from "long” Covid-19 cognitive impairment

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