June 30, 2022

End of Roe Restores Precedent

Selwyn Duke

Thought of the Day:

Though "precedent" shouldn't be a guide for judges (the Constitution must be), note that aborting Roe v Wade absolutely accords with precedent. After all, abortion had been a state matter for 184 years prior to Roe, which was conjured up out of thin air.

John M. Hill replies:

Federal laws always Trump state laws. Roe v Wade was brought against Texas. The case was brought to legalize abortion in states and to never discriminate against women’s rights to make a choice the Judges interpreted the 14th amendment so they used the Constitution as precedent not their biases

Selwyn retorts:

That's incorrect, John, but a common misconception. Federal laws do NOT always trump state laws. The Supremacy Clause states that federal laws made "in pursuance of" the Constitution are supreme. People tend to forget those three words. In other words, unconstitutional federal laws are without merit.

And Tim adds:

Selwyn is exactly right. There is Federalism which says that states are coequal with the Federal government in terms of power. I would direct you to the Tenth Amendment which vests all power in the States or the People except those specifically enumerated in the Constitution. Abortion isn't enumerated in the Constitution.

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The Tenth Amendment makes it clear abortion is a state matter and not a Federal one.

BTW the Supremacy Clause only applies where there is an open conflict between state and federal law - Constitutional Federal law. That means it must fall within the enumerated powers. Read Article I Section 8 of the Constitution if you are confused as to what powers the Constitution grants the Federal government.

Abortion isn't one of them.

On the other hand, the baby is being denied the right to life and given no due process. There is no hearing before an abortion. No lawyer defending the child's right to exist.

Who is violating the Constitution?

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The Real Rulers

Dallas Stephens

Bubba's always amazed at how few of us pay attention to things, or care enough to unpeel the layers of BS to get to the bottom of what actually causes most things to happen. Then again, Bubba can't understand why some people eat cooked cabbage. At any rate, this latest message from Bob Livingston at Personal Liberty is worth a read to those who wonder how the country has drifted so far off of the tracks.

Americans have been subjected to a state-sponsored socialist, altruistic, collectivist social and educational system for too long. Not enough people are aware that it is happening, but that is changing.

The purpose of all the propaganda is to diminish the individual, vilify independent thinkers and glorify the collectivist mind (mentality) which can be esoterically swayed, directed and channeled against the best interests of the individual.

The virtue and sanctity of the individual person and ego are anathemas to the state. You must realize this in order to wake up and realize you are on the Animal Farm — and effect your escape.

What does the propaganda on today's American Animal farm all mean? It means developing a state of mind that gives ones' self and production to the state. Each individual, in order to be a good citizen of the state, must contribute most of his means and be grateful for the services the state returns — whether they are necessary or useful or not.

All money must flow through the state. All authority must flow through the state (as evidenced by the power grabs most governors have not been able to resist). But, all people must be rendered ignorant of what is best for everyone, and be so befuddled and cowed by their education that they accept that what's best for the elites is best for them, even though the truth is exactly the opposite.

The Federal Reserve and its status is a perfect example. This criminal enterprise has been looting the savings and investments of Americans for the benefit of a privileged elite class. Yet we have been "educated" to believe that the Fed protects us, and is there to save our economy and improve it.

Deep State actors and Fed power

Very few people truly understand the truth, even though I and others have been saying it for many years while enduring ridicule and disdain all the while, including Ron Paul, who is no longer in congress, and Bernie Sanders, who was quickly and (according to leaked e-mails) illegally drubbed out of the previous presidential race against Hillary Clinton. He had announced his intention in The New York Times to reform the Fed, even though he mistakenly thinks it was created to serve Americans. Even so, not long after, his campaign that had been growing in popularity was squashed.

Jim Quinn on his The Burning Platform blog said very eloquently what I have been writing about for years:

The unseen government behind the curtain represents the Deep State. This hybrid association of key players from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, mega-corporatio ns, the corporate media, Madison Avenue, the Federal Reserve, shadowy billionaires, and bought off politician hacks, effectively governs the United States with little or no consent of the governed. It's they who pull the wires directing the public mind. It's they who choose your leaders. It's they who reap the economic benefits of financial, trade, and tax legislation.

It's they who are saved by their puppets at the Federal Reserve when one of their financial fraud schemes blows up the world. It's they who control the currency, using it to pillage the wealth of the nation and subjugating the peasants to debt, inflation and squalor. These demagogues promote nonsensical economic policies and solutions designed to mislead an intellectually lazy, iGadget distracted populace into voting for their hand-picked candidate.

The elites don't go for Hail Marys; therefore you must become aware that there is only the illusion of choice in things that matter. Anti-war candidates out, pro-eternal war candidates in.

Donald Trump is fine with the war on terror forever and Joe Biden has never met a war he didn't support. More proof that politics in America is not a party system. It is instead a repetitive and insulting process of pacifying the national will with the illusion of freedom and political choices.

The Deep State does things incrementally. Gradualism is its game. Its actors are patient, but insidious and determined liars. War is now peace, just as George Orwell predicted. War on terror, war on poverty, war on drugs, soon we will need a war on inflation to combat the effects of the countrywide shutdowns... as long as we are at war, Americans are happy because they feel something is being done. They think war makes them safe. What a world!

Meanwhile, the elites are delirious that they've managed to slowly elevate the Fed to the status of warriors fighting for Americans' recovery, despite the fact that the Fed is the engineer of the troubles we face. The Fed purports to "steer" the economy and right the ship when heavy weather threatens. This is pure hokum. It's no accident that the Fed's recent actions only had any benefit at all for the top 5 percent wealthiest Americans, who own 70 percent of the nation's financial assets, and most of the benefit went to the top .01 percent that owns 22 percent of the wealth and most of the political power.

I am not a class warrior. I am merely observing. The producers and savers built this country, and their savings and hard work are being stolen by the money creators. It is never un-American to tell the truth!

Gradualism is the key to understanding. As long as the process is gradual most people never wake up. Transfer authority a little bit at a time to an institution not controlled by the government or the people (the Fed is a private bank) and the few who do realize it's happening don't get upset as they just keep adjusting, thinking things aren't that bad, or that much different. They can't see the forest for the trees.

Human freedom is impossible until the people understand that politics under any label in the welfare state is the art of political persuasion to get the people to believe, to act, and to live against their best interest.

Still, within this oppression lies the seed of a bright future if we can see our way toward planting it. The fertile ground is that since the Fed has destroyed the purchasing value of the U.S. currency, there are signs that the reign of the Fed may be ending. Since "democracy" has usurped our constitutional republic, there are signs the people are fed up and want to throw the politicians out. Those who try to grab control of everything end up with nothing, and that is my hope for the Fed and slimy senators and congress-weasel s.

Almost anybody can see that in America, absolute values don't exist. Financial imbalances and debt creation have grown to impossible proportions. Social breakdown is just beneath the surface waiting for a trigger.

We are living on the edge of either the abyss, facing a financial crisis that is not understood by the public who is losing their life's savings through a transfer of wealth to Deep State actors, or a new day where Americans have decided enough is enough, and take back the country.

To accomplish this, we can no longer go from one illusion to another. Always in their imagination, the government can control any crisis through further crackdowns on our freedom.

We can't let them implement exchange, travel, wage, price, and credit controls. We can't surrender everything for what we imagine to be more 'safety.'

You have to avoid investing in "financialized" paper assets created in the minds of the central banks that have no basis in real value.

You must now be aware that disasters, as well as attacks and any number of actions by either foreign or domestic, can cause all manner of shortages and near-third-worl d conditions in a matter of days. Americans who were not prepared with supplies have been scrambling, lining up for food and supplies, many reduced to begging from the government and aid organizations. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

That means you must avoid making the same mistakes as most who think they are preparing properly. Look for my new guide soon that will show you how to prepare, and how to help others of like minds to prepare so that we can all thrive together, as the founders intended.

Privacy is paramount. Reject each gradual attempt to take it away. The push for a cashless society and living your life through your trackable, hackable "smart" phone are both pushed by the Deep State to have full control of your life.

It's the next phase of the privacy hit you took when the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) in 1994 made the nation's phone systems a big government wiretapping operation. It's beyond the spuriously named Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule was passed in 1996, where you couldn't opt-out of the database and your health records were open to be shared and the latest step past The USA PATRIOT Act required FinCEN to establish a sinister system that allows government snoops to have real-time access to your information and to what you're doing.

There are drones, traffic cameras, license plate cameras (these are even on school buses), school DNA tests, website tracking... and now they want "contact tracing." Can you shield your license plate? Yes, but odds are they have it already. Can you use money orders to send cash? Sure, but surveillance cameras are watching. Can you use TOR and a VPN to hide your online identity? The NSA has hacked into TOR...

The best I can tell you is to be aware of how connected you are, and who can see what you are doing. Keep as low a profile as possible. If you join a social network, withhold as much information as possible. Don't get a post office box, and stick with UPS and FedEx for shipping. Be careful about your phone number, your social security number, your driver's license number, the RFID tags in the products you buy and the ones in gift cards. Protect your computer's IP address and secure your Wi-Fi and encrypt your e-mails. It's a lot, but until the seed of revolution against the Deep State sprouts, it's important to be aware of what you can do to act in your best interests, not theirs.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter®

Tim adds:

He's right. The fact is they use mulitiple distractions to keep people's minds occupied. This includes the political wars, which make people think there is a real opposition to all this but in reality it is just a show. The Jan. 6 Commission is a prime example; it's purpose is to gin up anger and resentment and get people chasing the will-o-the-wisp and not seeing what they are doing. It's a magicians trick; follow the wand and ignore the hand. But that hand will keep sliding things in as we are distracted. This has worked for over a hundred years now, and with modern technology it is unstoppable. Yes, there are signs the public is losing patience (and this has happened before, forcing these people to pull back slightly, but they never retreat.) They have the vision of the anointed, a utopia run by a technocracy to their benefit. The public is but the labor class, the cannon fodder for the New World Order. I actually think many of these people really believe in what they are doing. Yes, they stand to profit from it, but many of them do not believe in God or in any sort of justice in the hereafter and think it is up to them to "save" mankind. To do that they must lead us "out of ignorance". Sadly, they are the blind ones. Blinded by pride and hubris they think themselves gods, and are no different from any other tyrant except they are more polished.

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Condemned to Repeat

"The ideas which now pass for brilliant innovations and advances are in fact mere revivals of ancient errors, and a further proof of the dictum that those who are ignorant of the past are condemned to repeat it.”

-Henry Hazlitt

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The Spirit of the Age

Michael Smith

If you disagree with the spirit of the age, which is decidedly anti-Christian, according to Maine’s Attorney General, Aaron Frey, you are a racist, intolerant bigot. Regarding the recent SCOTUS ruling in Carson v. Makin, he was quoted as saying:

"While parents have the right to send their children to such schools, it is disturbing that the Supreme Court found that parents also have the right to force the public to pay for an education that is fundamentally at odds with values we hold dear. I intend to explore with Governor Mills’ administration and members of the Legislature statutory amendments to address the Court’s decision and ensure that public money is not used to promote discrimination, intolerance, and bigotry."

So, what are the "values we hold dear” with which we seem to always be "fundamentally at odds”?

One hears a flood of references to these "values”, but rarely do we get any specific insight into what people like AG Frey believe the actual values are.

One would assume these are moral or religious values, but which ones?

Certainly not Christian values. Now that he left is in charge, practicing Christians have been in the crosshairs, begin accused of being "Christofascist s”, the purveyors of dangerous "Christian Nationalism” and even right-wing domestic terrorists.

I think Christianity tends to draw the most ire because although it has laws very similar to the other major religions, is a "soft” religion, a religion of spiritual conversion, not physical coercion.

Judaism is somewhat less targeted, but Jews are not exempt from the leftist spotlight. Judaism is somewhat off limits due to a resistance to criticize Jews due to the Holocaust - although there seem to be more feeling free to express their antisemitic views and let their freak flag fly these days – even some elected members of Congress.

Of the three "great” religions, Islam is a curious case in America. It is certainly out of bounds to criticize in the way the Judeo-Christian religions are, mostly because it is a very useful club to use against Christians and Jews (charges of islamophobia). Even though the radical wing of this faith is constructed of real discrimination, intolerance, and bigotry – and terrorism – it generally escapes the ire of the American left. For example, in most Islamic countries many of the left’s pet issues are handled with a sword. "Women’s rights” are unknown and in many of those countries, homosexuality is expressly forbidden, often under the penalty of death. But it is useful – an "enemy of my enemy is my friend” sort of thing.

Of course, many of our leftist betters profess membership in Christian, Jewish or Islamic sects – since America is predominantly a Christian nation, many of the ruling elite claim to be Catholic or Jewish, but these professions are largely performative. Pelosi and Biden profess to be "devout” Catholics – and yet are rabid supporters of abortion, something the Catholic Church vehemently opposes. Several members of Congress claim to be observant Muslims, and yet support LGBTQ issues even though Islam forbids homosexuality. The same with Chuck Schumer and the other Jewish members of the left in Congress – they support alliances with countries, like Iran, that want to destroy Israel and wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth.

So, what religion do these powerful in influential people follow? What are the values they hold dear?

The American left professes to be secular humanists, but in reality, they have been searching for a religion for a very long time. Rather than accept the rules of any traditional religion, they launched a 50-year window shopping excursion for something that is flexible enough to fit what they want to do even if that thing contradicts what was forbidden yesterday.

During the 60’s they looked for anything other than Christianity or Judaism because those two told them things about themselves and their actions they didn’t want to hear. These forbade them to do the things they wanted to do, so they investigated transactional analysis, meditation, LSD, weed and pretty much any storefront version of other religions to find something that fit their wants, needs and desires.

As a substitute for Judeo-Christian theology, they concocted a Frankenstein version of a religion, a toxic mixture of statism, politics, mysticism, and atheism rolled up into a loose ball called "progressivism” .

Progressivism is as much a religion as Catholicism, it just replaces a Pope with government, counting on the senior leadership of the Democrat party to be their High Priests.

Progressivism became a very curious mix of the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition and the Flagellants, the 13th century group of Roman Catholics who practiced mortification of the flesh by various means. Progressives find pleasure in their self-inflicted pain but really enjoy dosing it out to non-progressive s as well.

The most prevalent tenet of this new "religion” appears to be a version of self-loathing misanthropy. John McWhorter, in a post titled "Atonement as Activism” illustrated a common form of this:

"…today’s "woke,” educated white people would quite often lap up being apprised of the racism inside of them by a black speaker they paid, lodged, and fed. That speaker as often as not today is Ta-Nehisi Coates, who charismatically limns America as a cesspool of bigotry in his writing and in talks nationwide and is joyously celebrated for it by the very people he is insulting.”

In my opinion, McWhorter is one of the America’s most underrated African-America n intellectuals. He argues that "third wave anti-racism" is a religion he calls "Electism" with white privilege as original sin.

I prefer to call it the Church of the Current Thing because no one really knows the laws and rules of this new religion. They change to fit the need of the moment. What you can say or think and who you can say or think it about changes every minute and what was acceptable yesterday is not acceptable today. You can be right and wrong at the same time. There are no fixed values, values are temporal an exist only when they are useful to advance an agenda.

For me, I don’t need to change my religion to meet my needs, wishes and desires – I need the constancy and consistency of the Gospel to both inform and guide my life. If principles and God’s law is arbitrary and capricious and His teachings malleable and changeable to fit what I want to do, then they are of no use as a guide – they aren’t laws at all…they are merely suggestions.

This is where I part company with many modern Christian theologies – the idea that churches must soften the Gospel to get buts in the seats, that religion is some sort of fad that adapts to contemporary culture, that you can have an atheist as a pastor of priest, that religion must be made "more appealing” to be relevant…I reject it all. Religion, especially Christianity, is not a consumer good that must carry a "New and Improved!” label to be popular. Religion’s sole purpose is to teach people about God. To do so, we are to conform to God’s laws, not try to change them so we can continue to spiral back down into the flawed beings we are.

Anyway, that’s just me. I’m an enemy of progressivism. I might just be a little biased.

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The Burning Umbrellas

Jim Church

Where is Ralph Nader? Lithium is proving "unsafe in any venue”.

More than 400,000 Solar Powered Umbrellas Recalled Over Fire Risk

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Ford Won't Sell EV's

Warner Todd Huston

Woke Ford Cancels Option for Leasers to Buy Electric Vehicles at End of Term

Tim adds:

They probably know these things will break down in short order and don't dare let people buy them then file lawsuits. Now they can control the vehicles and if the batteries go bad or other problems arise they can quietly take them off the market. But if they sell them? Then a year later the things go bust.

Shows they have no confidence in their product, if you ask me.

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Asses and Elbows

Timothy Birdnow

I guess Nancy Pelosi is just plain sour these days. Angry that she can't kill any more babies, she'll settle for elbowing small children during a photo op.

Yes, the botoxed Braveheart did indeed elbow the daughter of Mayra Flores out of the way so she could be photographed.

Like Ed Macauley from the old St. Louis Hawks basketball team, Pelosi would have  done a fine job of getting the ball away from her opponents. She would have been charged with a foul under todays rules though.

(Actually Pelosi rather LOOKS like a hawk, doesn't she? Botox poisoning will do that to a person.)

I think this episode shows the Queen of the Swampland's heart. She is about herself, and only herself. Children are but props; once they no longer serve they are to be elbowed aside.

She's been promoting that for years, elbowing the unborn.

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Steal the Wheel?

Maurizio Mauribito

Imagine a bulky unhealthy slip-prone septuagenarian try to commandeer an armored car from the protected back seat with his tiny hands against a heavily trained dangerous Secret Service veteran ready to do anything....and yet the car didn't even swerve.

This is the movie currently playing in the heads of some geniuses.

Tim adds:

The logistics of this story are, uh, problematic. How could Mr. Trump have lunged for the wheel in the back of a limo? Does he have ten foot-long arms?

The Democrats aren't even trying to make sense with this imbecility. They are just hoping to peel off some dunces who do not know better.

This is a Hail Mary pass.

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Chuck Callesto
BREAKING REPORT: Department of Justice Has VA SUSPEND ALL BENEFITS of Jan. 6 Prisoner Kenneth Harrelson...

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June 29, 2022

Trump Wheel Grabbing a Lie

Timothy Birdnow

The J6 show trial saw claims President Trump blew a head gasket and grabbed the steering wheel when told he was being taken back to the White House rather than the Capitol.

His Secret Service agents and driver are prepared to testify this is a lie.

From the Daily Mail

  • Bobby Engel, the lead agent on Trump's detail, and the presidential driver at the time are prepared to testify under oath to the committee that Hutchinson's testimony is incorrect, according to multiple news outlets
  • 'I'm the effing president, take me to the Capitol now,' Cassidy Hutchinson, Mark Meadows' top aide, said Trump ordered
  • 'Sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. We're going back to the West Wing, we're not going to the Capitol,' Hutchinson was told Secret Service agent Robert Engel said
  • 'Mr. Trump then used his free hand to lunge towards Bobby Engel,' Hutchinson recalled
  • Hutchinson was revealed to be the surprise witness for Tuesday's last-minute January 6 hearing
  • Hutchinson also testified that Trump was 'furious' that his armed supporters were not allowed into the official grounds for his Stop The Steal rally on Jan. 6
  • 'Who cares if they have weapons, they're not here to hurt me,' the former president allegedly said
  • Follow along with DailyMail.com'srolling live blogfor minute-to-minute coverage of the hearing

If they have the goods on Trump why lie? Anybody?

This is nothing but a smear to tarnish the President. They know many people will hear of this and believe it and never hear it was rebutted.

It's a lie designed to trick the gullible, nothing more.

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The Return of Snow

Timothy Birdnow

Anybody remember the end of snow?

Sunshine Village Offering Summer Skiing for the First Time Since 1991

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Statement Regarding Dobbs Ruling by U.S. Supreme Court

Dana Mathewson

Some churches have got it right, and some have got it wrong, regarding the Dobbs ruling. I'm happy to say that the Archbishop of the Diocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, where my wife is employed as pianist/accompanist, has it right. I am including here the Archbishop's full statement:

From Archbishop Bernard A. Hebda

The Supreme Court’s decision to allow states to determine abortion laws fills my heart with a combination of sadness and gratitude. In 2022 – with all of our scientific advancements that prove beyond any doubt that the CHILD inside a mother’s womb is human – it troubles me that in the moment of extreme vulnerability for both the woman and the baby that the violence of abortion is even discussed and debated as a good. How did our hearts become so hardened?

I am saddened that some pregnant women feel their only option to a happy future involves ending their baby’s life. I am saddened that there are so many people who promote abortion as the only "choice.” I am saddened that abortion facilities are primarily located in areas where people of color live and those women – and their babies – are targeted by an industry that profits from death. Most of all, I am saddened that since the 1973 Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion in our country, the lives of more than 60,000,000 of our most innocent and vulnerable sisters and brothers have been ended in the false understanding of "freedom.”

It would be easy to dwell in sadness and despair, particularly considering that abortion continues to be legal in Minnesota and many of our political leaders have shamefully vowed to increase access to ending the lives of the most vulnerable. But I am so grateful for the majority of Americans – especially our young people – who trust the science and know that we need to love and protect the mother and the baby she carries beneath her heart. That is why I am grateful.

For 50 years, the pro-life movement has stood in the breach, speaking up for the babies who have no voice; for the despairing parents, the moms and dads who thought they had no choice. Our dedicated faithful have prayed daily, been assaulted verbally and physically, been threatened and yet have stood fast for life. They have opened their hearts, homes and wallets to care for pregnant and new moms, the dads and their babies, and their extended families. Those who believe in the dignity of all life have opened centers where new parents can get counseling to deal with past trauma, learn parenting and career skills, and have their daily needs met. Millions of diapers, cans of formula, clothes and baby strollers, have been donated to meet the basic needs of young families. I wish that more pregnant women knew how this community is ready to generously give of their time to mentor single moms, babysit so parents can go to work or other appointments, and have welcomed these beautiful moms and their children into their homes to journey with them so they would not be alone. It is hard work. These generous women and men are the hands, feet and heart of Jesus. They weep with moms and their children when things are difficult – and they can be incredibly difficult – and they celebrate the victories, big and small. You don’t see them on the news or in social media. They’re quietly and steadily loving those who too often don’t feel they deserve it. That’s why I’m grateful.

We don’t need more abortion, more death. We need more love, more life! We need to support women and couples who find themselves in crisis pregnancies and don’t know where to turn for love and support. As a society, we need to work to fund their basic needs of food, shelter and health care. We need to advocate for quality education for all children and for fair and just wages for parents to support their families. We need to work to make sure that these vulnerable moms are able to deliver their babies and raise them with dignity. We need to give of ourselves – more than our money – to mentor them and journey with them through the wonderful, difficult, joyous messiness of parenthood. Women make abortion decisions when they’re isolated and afraid. We need to be the light in their world. It is only our love and accompaniment that will make abortion unthinkable.

In closing, I implore all women and men of good will to join together in prayer and continue working for the end of legal abortion in Minnesota and in the United States. Our elected officials need to hear that we care about moms, dads, babies and families, and that together, we will support them.

Mary, Mother of God, pray for us and for the protection of all life, from the moment of conception to natural death.

Statement also found here: https://www.archspm.org/statement-regarding-dobbs-ruling-by-u-s-supreme-court/ I've been very impressed by this archbishop ever since Martha started working in the church.

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Inflation of Inflation

Kevin Hupp

Finally got the motorcycle out and dusted off and started. Went to get the tires aired up..... Speedway on 30 in Schererville... . Used to be $1 for air.... Now in Buyden's America, it is $2 for air. Inflation OF INFLATION..... Babump Da! LOL I'll see myself out.

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Crown "Em!

Timothy Birdnow

Nobody understands the purpose of law anymore. Law is using violence to compel behavior. As such it should be very judiciously applied. There is a proper sphere for law, which involves preventing injury to other people. It is not about hair coloring or anything which appeals to some busybody.

Laws are enforced with the threat of violence. Refuse to obey them and men with guns will come for you. Resist and men with guns will kill you.

A government that creates and enforces frivolous laws is a despotism. And the worst form of despotism is one done for the benefit of the tyrannized, as C.S. Lewis so rightly pointed out.

Hair coloring or styling, or the acceptance of such,  is not something that falls in under the scope of law.

The CROWN act does that. The acronym stands for "Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair” and

"The CROWN Act is a California law which prohibits discrimination based on hair style and hair texture by extending protection under the FEHA and the California Education Code.

So law is now involved in what are normal dress codes or standards. If a business says you can't have purple hair and work in a certain field the law will come in and force the business to accept that anyway.

We are not being done in by a quick chop which removes our head, but rather we are dying from a thousand papercuts. Every such law steals our liberty. And there are those who cheer enthusiastically when liberty is lost because they think it gives them something they want.

Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it.

BTW What is it with dictators and crowns? We had the Coronavirus, which was used to establish draconian laws suppressing human rights. They seem obsessed with crowns.

Maybe it's time for theirs to roll?

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The Dominoes are About to Fall

This courtesy of Jim Church:

For years, BASF, one of the world’s largest chemicals companies, built its business model around cheap and plentiful Russian natural gas, which it uses to generate power and as feedstock for products that make it into toothpaste, medicines and cars.

Today, dwindling Russian gas suppliesare proving a threat to the company’s vast manufacturing hub here—the world’s largest integrated chemical complex spanning some 200 plants. Earlier this month, Russia started throttling back its supply of gasto Germany and other European countries. In response, company executives are doing what was unthinkable just a few months ago: considering how to potentially shut down the complex if gas supplies fall further.

The threat isn’t just to BASF and its 39,000 employees in Germany. Because BASF and other chemicals companies sit at the beginning of most industrial supply chains, their disruption would reverberate well beyond the sector, threatening Europe’s economy at a time of high inflation and slowing growth. A throttling of BASF’s ammonia output, a key ingredient in fertilizers, could exacerbate the world’s growing food crisis, analysts say.

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Oh Canada, You Post a Guard on Me

Timothy Birdnow

And our friends in the Great White North are experiencing the same sort of problems as the MAGA types.

From Gerry McGuire:

So, Ottawa protest organizer Tamara Lich was arrested, should we be angry, concerned, disapointed?
A canada wide warrant issued for a girl with two mischief charges? Who does this make sense to? Not me, I'll bet something larger is going on here, got two theories. A canada wide warrant for a person found to be at home, the cops knew where she was the whole time, why not just go quietly and pick her up? Because that wouldn't help the fabricated msm stories coming from her arrest, axe murdering little bitch she must be, dangerous, this woman......

OK, so lets get to the real truth, she is labelled the "leader" of the take over the government "gang", she isn't, wasn't the leader, there were a room full of high pressure names involved, out of the original organizers, she was-is the only one arrested, figure all the people involved with press conferences, lawyers, ex cops, ex military, only a small, five foot girl is arrested. Pat King and freedom george were arrested for their own things, not related to the organizers of the party.

First theory, they are afraid of us, the movement they hadn't counted on, are trying desperately to quell the groundswell currently happening. Arrest our "leader and teach us what will happen if you dare speak up and criticise the current government, problem with that is there are no "leaders" to our movement.

Second, the gov't has gotta show msm and the canadian public they won't deal with rebel rousers, and will enforce the laws of this country. We're approaching canada day, and they can't have this dangerous woman being idolized by speaking to a crowd, infecting others minds.

The most important thing here is the fact that msm hasn't covered the protests, the average canadian joe don't know the facts.
The facts are these, the initial protest was ruled legal, nobody was found to have fault anywhere in the whole process. Police actions, the actions of the city of ottawa were overturned, the seizing of personal property ruled theft and the police force and city ordered to return the items deemed stolen.
The blocking off of the access to the center of the city ruled illegal, restricting the publics right of free access.
The seizing of vehicles by the city of ottawa after towing and all charges for towing levied against the vehicle owners reversed by the courts, leaving the city of ottawa on the hook for payment, every ruling going to the truckers, and now, an inquiry into the gov't handling of the whole affair.

In short, they arrested tamara on mischief charges, that won't stick because she broke no laws, everything she was involved in ruled legal.
BUT, somebody has to pay for embarrasing the liberal cabinet, and several ministers, a lowly five foot tall girl with no political experience shaming people who think they're the most powerful in the country.

This is turning into what it always was, a vengeful witch hunt, only, now its getting harder to hide the truth. We're at a point where msm can't ignore the convoy and all that has come of it, they have a lot of egg on their faces, the major newspapers in ontario having a field day of this thing. Soon as trudeau falls, the money msm gets dries up, they are transitioning now into honest reporting, they also have something to hide from the public. They don't want the public to know they are on the take, they all cut a deal with the devil, not understanding that eventually they'd all be found out and pay the price.

A canada wide warrant for a girl accused of mischief? They drove to her home and picked her up, sound like hype to you? They don't issue canada wide warrants for killers, one of the greatest problems with the cops is they don't have a system of communication to catch killers canada wide.
Pay attention, they're doubling down flexing muscles they no longer have, We're winning.

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A Good Day at the Ozark Hilton

Timothy Birdnow

Some days everything just comes together.

I had such a day on Monday when I visited that most apart of places (as in falling apart), the fabled Ozark Hilton.

Yes, gather round boys and girls; it's time for the latest installment of the Ozark Hilton tales.

First, the weather was magnificent, a rarity here in Missouri in late June. Humidity was low, and the temperatures never spiked above the mid eighties. Skies were clear and blue (save a few small cottonball clouds dotting the skies, and a couple of long stringy vapors that almost resembled contrails but were clearly clouds.) I was grateful; I had work to do at the OH and I like to not sweat through my clothes, especially when walking from the car.

I got a reasonable start, not too early and not too late. That is important to me; too early and I poop out in the afternoon, needing a nap (something not exactly doable down there) or I overdo it and wind up stiff as a corpse the next day (and looking like one.) I try to time things so I am fresh and yet don't overwork.

So off I went in late morning. It's a three hour trip to Cramalot (it's crammed full) and so the long journey commenced.

Uneventfully. I made a very quick stop at the store and to gas up and then was on my way.

I DID have to stop at my usual weight station and outhouse, though. The Birdnow Memorial Outhouse is a regular break for me, but as I pulled up some woman walked up and went into it! The impertinence! Doesn't she know this is reserved strictly for MY use!

I was forced to drive across the road to another outhouse, one reserved for the hoi polloi. That was not right; I have squatters' rights on my hole in the ground - literally!

Ah well...

At any rate the drive was uneventful and soon I was coming to the "road" to my grand estate. It is always overgrown, but a dearth of rain made it visible at any rate. If there is lots of rain overgrowth makes it disappear and I have to say a Hail Mary before making a turn on what could wind up being a drive into wilderness woods.

At any rate the turn was clear and I even was able to avoid the spike trap that had caught me last time (someone plowed over a mile marker sign I used to use to find the turn when it was overgrown, and the sign is gone but the post remains - bent over near the ground. It blew out my tire last visit when I accidentally hit it. But it's not really visible from the overgrown grass there, and I'll have to dig it up to get rid of it.)

I drove down to the roadblock. I was having some trouble keeping to the road; lack of visits have seen the road get a little overgrown and I struggled to avoid driving off on some dead trail. But I came to the blockage, a good sized fallen tree.

I had been feeling a bit clumsy that day. I wasn't thrilled with trying out my new chainsaw. Many a man has lost life and limb using a chain saw while clumsy. I'm attached to all my appendages; my mother gave them to me, after all.

So I took out a new cross-cut saw I had purchased. I had been sawing with a hand saw down there, a very old and dull handsaw, and whacking with a very dull ax.

The new saw was amazing! I was through the part I had been working on it less than half an hour. I went to another section, a thinner section, and was through that in another half hour. In one hour I had the road cleared! I had spent hours trying to clear it with my dull tools previously.

It was a joy to be able to just pull right up to the cabin. I still have a road block; another fallen tree (this one much thicker) that will require a chainsaw, but at least I can drive around this one adequately.

I unloaded easily, being just 20 feet from the old shack rather than the football field distance before.

My front door was open again, but not much. I suspect some critter had pushed it open. It had been dangling from one screw on one hinge - the rest had all fallen off somehow - and I hadn't had it in me to fix it last time. So I repaired it properly; I didn't have any screws but had some 1.5 inch threaded nails, which worked fine. I had the door back up and working in no time. A little bit off, but close enough for government work (especially the current government, which couldn't even drive a nail if it had to).

By now I was a bit tired. I lack stamina these days.

So I planted myself on my porch and relaxed.

It was quiet there, more so than is usual. No ticks either (thank the good Lord) although I did get a few chigger bites, as is becoming evident now.

But the animals were quiet. Few bird sounds or anything else. I sat on my porch until sunset (getting my kerosene lamps serviced and lit) and then past sunset. Where were my armadillo friends? Usually they come out at dusk for a snack.

Eventually I heard one come out. I had only seen one the last time too; I hope his or her mate didn't die. They used to always come in pairs. But this time it was just one, a very large shelled critter. He was quiet, too, which is unusal; they usually make a lot of noise as they really aren't adapted to life in the woods, being desert and grassland creatures. But this fellow was very quiet and he was only visible for a short time.

I wish him well. Hope his wife is still around. It's sad to think of him losing his life partner, even if she has a face only a mother could love and a body covered with shell.

Once the sun went down it got pretty darned chilly. I put on a shirt (I usually go shirtless down there because I can and I get a modest exposure to sun when the trees blow or whatnot) and then put on a jacket. I started shivering, so went inside.

It was comfortable enough inside; the kerosene lights put out a fair amount of heat. Bad on hot days, but fine in this sort of weather, true sleeping weather. I went into the "inner cabin" for a blanket. Some critter had made quite a mess in there. It was clearly not another visit from a person; only a varmint would knock this kind of stuff over or overturn my blankets and the like.

I imagine it got in through the floor, which I never did have properly sealed.

So many things on that cabin need proper finishing. I had so many big plans for it, but congestive heart failure threw a monkey wrench in all of that. It makes me sad the place will never be done. I wanted to build a screened porch/kitchen, and have the bones of it but nothing else. I wanted a big storage shed, and to clear out the cabin. I wanted a better heating system. I wanted a good cistern filled by gutters. But none of that has happened and now won't.

But it still pleases me to have what I have there.

At any rate, I stuck in a move and sat in my easy chair. I bring down a portable DVD player and a 12 volt battery to run it well past the factory battery charge. If I have it plugged in correctly it will run all night! I watched some video for hours after going in - right up until 3 a.m. when fatigue overcame me. I stay up late when I go there; I want the experience to last. I can watch movies anywhere, but there is something special about watching them in the wilderness.

I used to bring books down and read. I can't see well enough to read anymore at the best of times, and the low light level there would make it utterly impossible. I really miss reading! But it is what it is, and I have to adapt. My eyesight isn't going to get any better.

And so I awoke, used my cinder block toilet (self-cleaning; the animals think they've hit on a five star dining experience when they find my gift to them) and packed up for home.

A little trouble with the door; it would close but was easily pushed open. I'm going to have to do something about that. At worse put a hook latch on it. Don't want the critters opening it and making themselves at home.

It was a pleasant drive home, and the time past quickly. I was glad; I was very tired and longing for my lazy boy/bed. I've taken to sleeping in that since my wife's illness. I am actually happy to sleep there; my back feels much better than when I sleep in our bed.

At any rate, I came home, unloaded, and studied the back side of my eyelids for four hours after.

As always a visit to the Ozark Hilton is a refreshing, happy affair. Granted, the problems that arise make for great storytelling, but even then I am always so relaxed there and enjoy everything. Problems are not odious but rather they become puzzles. The peace of that place is something I just couldn't do without.

I'm going to miss that place so very much when I can no longer drive. It will be a sad, sad day.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed this.

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June 27, 2022

Witches, not Humanitarians

Timothy Birdnow

Another crisis pregnancy center is torched by radical pro-aborts.

The terrorists scrawled on the walls "if abortions aren't safe neither are you".

The First Life Choices clinic of Longfront Colorado (near Boulder), a Christian clinic that aids pregnant women, was burned and graffitied, proving what many of us have always said, that these people are not interested in women's health but in keeping their blood sacrifices to Moloch. They are witches, not humanitarians. If they were humanitarians they would protest perhaps but not try to destroy a clinic providing medical and social services to expecting mothers.

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Boyscouts for Gay Pride!

Timothy Birdnow

" On my honor I promise to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight."

That is the Scout Oath.

So how is marching in a gay pride parade and waiving rainbow flags "morally straight"? How is it "mentally awake" for that matter?

It's amazing how the Left has flipped everything on it's head. No doubt these Scouts believed that homosexuality is like hair color and that what they are doing supporing "gay pride" is heloping other people. But it is immoral. There is a reason why they are called queer - even by themselves; they know this doesn't qualify as "morally straight" but they desperately want to redefine the term.

Looks like they are succeeding.

And what of the Scouts as an organization? They are always under attack for molestations of the boys yet people can't see that that is an inevitable biproduct of the thinking shown here. You can't dance with the Devil and not expect to get burned.

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SCOTUS Sides with Coach who Prayed

SCOTUS sides with a high school football coach in a First Amendment case about prayer at the 50-yard-line. In a 6-3 ruling, SCOTUS says the public school district violated the coach's free speech and free exercise rights when it barred him from praying on the field after games.

— SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) June 27, 2022

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