October 28, 2022

Waukesha Verdict Blackout

John Lees

How amazing that the mainstream media ran such a comprehensive and effective campaign to downplay or outright conceal what should in normal circumstances have been one of the major stories of the year's news.
Instead, the sentencing of this mass murderer is barely mentioned and only receives minor coverage on a few local news outlets.
Just weird.

Waukesha residents react to Darrell Brooks guilty verdict

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Pfizer's Record

James Doogue

Pfizer has been convicted of over 90 offences and has been fined over US$10 billion since 2000.

Our health authorities trusted Pfizer's drug trial data on efficacy and adverse reactions. We shouldn't be surprised that the real world data on their vaccines and Covid-19 treatment turns out to be dramatically underperforming their claims.

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The Washington Pinocchio

C. Greg Carroll

The Wash. Post told an outright lie in this morning’s front page account of Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase. "Musk represents a different kind of owner from Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey, or his now rival Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, who generally try to stay politically neutral,” the poisonous paper states without evidence. Anyone who has paid a moment’s attention to Twitter and Facebook knows that explicit political partisanship has been the M.O. with which these two corrupt powerful Big Tech monopolies have put their massive thumb on the scale of public discourse.

Dorsey and Zuckerbucks took it upon themselves to ban a duly elected President from their platforms. They collectively decided that something as American as lying about an election should, in effect, be made illegal even after Zuckerbuck’s own wife embedded voting equipment and actual personnel in overwhelmingly Democrat local election offices around the country. The incontrovertibl e existence of a laptop which contained possible evidence of Biden family corruption wasn’t just "moderated” and contextualized; those who tried to publish the story were demonized and falsely labeled as dupes of Russian "disinformation .” And why are Twitter and Facebook, ostensibly neutral public fora, telling us to vote in the first place? Or to get vaccinated? Or that context must be added to Biden’s and Fauci’s occasional "misinformation ” about vaccines and masks?

Twitter and Facebook enjoy particular legal protection (Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act) from users’ comments. They are platforms, not content publishers, and the Supreme Court must eventually put a stop to these massive Big Tech monopolies as they clearly and illegally (?) attempt to put their massive footprint on both sides of the line. Twitter and Facebook cannot continue to have it both ways, at once claiming to provide a public forum and yet producing censorious content of their own.

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The Fall of Facebook

Mark Musser

A Seattle judge recently nailed Facebook for 25M for breaking campaign finance laws.

In the realm of campaign finance, it was the biggest fine ever given. The judge took special note of the arrogance of Facebook.

Facebook has lost 2/3 of it's stock value since last year.

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"Right" to Block Traffic?

Selwyn Duke


This is an example of how everything in Western society has been turned on its head. No one has a "right" to block traffic in a protest's name. The demonstrators need a serious chiropractic adjustment.

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October 27, 2022

Black Players Need Not Apply

Russell P. Green

Last year, Major League Baseball moved the All-Star game from Atlanta because of the thoroughly debunked belief that Georgia's voting laws discriminate against black voters. This year, MLB will be celebrating a World Series with ZERO blacks playing for either team. How come there aren't screams of boycotting the Series because of racism?

Taylor Ramsey replies:

Who the hell cares? You hire people based on qualifications and character NO MATTER THEIR IDENTITY. GEEZ.

Russell responds:

It is meant to be a rhetorical comment showing what hypocrites liberals are. Georgia has record voting turn out, and election deniers like Stacy Abrams are celebrated for their despicable, unwarranted attacks on the state under the guise of defending blacks. In the meantime, you hear just silence from the same racists when this unusual fact about the World Series happens.

Tim adds:

In Rules for Radicals Saul Alinsky admonished his disciples to hold their opponents to their own standards because they couldn't live up to them. We are not radicals nor trying to make some sort of case - just want to watch our sports without being harangued by a bunch of woke people who don't like standard American political views. So Russell is employing Alinsky's rule here, holding these woke activists to their own standard. THEY are the ones who have endlessly pushed this sort of nonsense, even lying about what the Georgia law said to strip away the All Star Game from a predominantly black city. It was all to make them feel good and to virtue signal. Well, we can point out their hypocrisy here too. Now MLB is silent because they don't want to cause people to not watch it and lose money. Pure hypocrisy. They are not living up tot heir own standards. But they demanded WE live up to their standards when it cost them nothing. It has nothing to do with who is the best man for the job Taylor, but rather about the ideology being promoted by the League and the insults to their customers - baseball fans.

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MLB Hippocrites

Russell P. Green

Last year, Major League Baseball moved the All-Star game from Atlanta because of the thoroughly debunked belief that Georgia's voting laws discriminate against black voters. This year, MLB will be celebrating a World Series with ZERO blacks playing for either team. How come there aren't screams of boycotting the Series because of racism?

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Plug and Play Nuclear Reactors

Timothy Birdnow

What's not to love?

U..S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy

NUCLEAR 101: Microreactors are factory-built, plug-and-play reactors.

➡️ They can be used to power military bases, disaster recovery efforts or remote locations where traditional infrastructure doesn’t exist.
➡️ These mini reactors can provide between 1-20 megawatts of thermal energy used directly as heat or converted to electric power.
➡️ They fit on the back of a semi-truck 🚛and will not require a large number of people to operate them.
➡️ Microreactors can integrate seamlessly into distributed grids to complement renewable power and are expected to run continuously for about 10 years without refueling.
➡️ Once the core is spent, they can be exchanged for a new one.

Learn more: https://bit.ly/2BwsYQR

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Wither Tax Cuts?

Warner Todd Huston

If you want to see a MAJOR change in how politics work in the USA today, look at the discussion about taxes. Have you noticed that the GOP has pretty much stopped focusing on tax cuts? Trump was the last person to talk about tax cuts, but even when he was doing it, the party itself was not really pushing the idea very hard.

Why is that?

Because "the rich" are edging more toward the Democrat Party, and the GOP is becoming the party of the middle and lower classes. Therefore, tax cuts are not a priority when the rich people who would most benefit aren't voting for you already!

This is a big change in our political culture.

Tim adds:

Of course tax cuts have always triggered prosperity in the country, which is undeniable. The SHOULD talk about them even if they have no further political use for the 1% class. We all benefit from tax cuts if only indirectly. The GOP should continue to stand for that, as well as fiscal responsibility. And they should explain why they need less in terms of taxes when we are in an inflationary period, how that reduces the government's power over everyone's wealth and forces government to reduce it's power. But sadly the leaders of the GOP don't want tax cuts either at this point. They are fellow travellers with the Democrats, I fear.

It does indeed show the GOP is now the party of the little guy and the Democrats of the rich and powerful as well as the revolutionaries (amazing how that works; communists supposedly have little in common with big capitalists, but history shows the monied classes have often supported the radicals.)

I really don't know how the Democrats have fared so well since rejecting their base. But habits die hard, I guess.

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Immigration Revolt

Across the pond Phil Taylor observes a revolt among Tories against loose immigration policy advocated by Britain's Indian Prime Minister:

Honeymoon over for Rishi Sunak as furious Tories demand ministers end Channel migrant crossing 'farce' as it's revealed Government is spending nearly £7m EVERY DAY on hotel bills and just 4% of 28,526 asylum claims were processed last YEAR.

Taxpayers are paying nearly £7million a day to house tens of thousands of people after the Home Office managed to complete just 4 per cent of asylum claims last year.

Homeowners and care homes are asked to take in illegal migrants as cost to keep asylum seekers in hotels hits £2.4billion a year.

Private contractor Serco is reportedly offering potential landlords rent and maintenance costs for up to five years as well as covering tenants' council tax and bills.

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The Real Fauci

Selwyn Duke


This is the excellent documentary "The Real Anthony Fauci." I don't know how long it's going to be available to watch here, but it's active right now, anyway.

Tim adds:

I'm eager to see the musical when it comes out!

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Starlink Can be Used as a GPS

Carlos Velazquez forwards this:
Starlink Signals Can Be Reverse-Engineered to Work Like a GPS - Whether SpaceX Likes it or Not

Tim adds:

Which means it can be used to track users.

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How Health Authorities Failed Us And Prolonged The Pandemic

James Doogue

(Warning: long read.)

In March 2020 the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration ATGA, banned physicians from prescribing Hydroxychloroqu ine HCQ for the prevention or treatment of Covid-19. In September 2021 they applied a similar ban to Ivermectin. Both drugs were cheap and readily available, and very safe when used at prescribed or normal dosage rates.

Similar actions were taken in many Western countries and big tech and the mainstream media censored anyone for suggesting HCQ or Ivermectin had any efficacy in preventing or treating Covid-19.

Meanwhile the world's big pharmaceutical companies raced to release treatments which they could charge hundreds or thousands of dollars versus a few cents or dollars for the banned drugs they didn't hold patents for.

It turns out that the new approved and very expensive drugs, are as effective as a placebo and/or more dangerous than the drugs ATGA banned.


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October 26, 2022

Businesses Flee San Francisco

Timothy Birdnow

Go woke go broke!

There are more than 20 Salesforce Towers worth of office space available in SF

This is what happens when you try to run a city on "social justice" policies. You wind up emptying it out.

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About that Rap Crap...

Warner Todd Huston

So, we are thirty years into the benighted era of rap "music," and have you noticed something? No rap songs are making it into the commonly used songs for TV, commercials, and movies.

Once in a while you hear "Hammer Time," or "Baby Got Back," or "Ice, Ice Baby," but you almost never hear and other rap songs as a backdrop to a commercial or movie soundtrack. And most of the time those particular songs are used more for comic effect.

But you always hear Rollings Stones songs, Beatles, songs such as "London Calling," "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "Singing in the Rain," "Born to be Wild," "Back in Black," etc., etc. But never much of any rap at all.

Why? Because rap is garbage. It has no wider appeal past a subset of people. It isn't melodic, it isn't memorable, it is rooted in hate and avarice, and it just has no capacity to be a greater cultural touchstone like the old standbys of 50 years ago and more.

It's just more evidence that rap music has no redeemable traits.

Tim adds:

Rap was not an organic, natural phenomenon. It was, rather, a creation of the big cultural gatekeepers to promote societal change. The music industry pushed it for years before it "caught on" - something it really didn't ever do with the general population. As a result it does not have any real presence in our culture outside of the approved channels.

Most people just don't like it.

It is misogynistic, sexually deviant, violent, and does not even speak to the culture which is at the root. Most black people do not have any real affinity with what is being promoted and discussed in rap "songs". Some of the kids want to, and try to emulate the rappers, but even that is nothing but phony baloney fake posing. All it has done is encourage bad behavior by kids who don't know any better. But it has no real cultural roots.

I will be glad when it finally dies the death it deserves. It only exists because some Progressive dipwads want it to influence our culture.

One last point; there is not a single rap Christmas song as far as I'm aware. Or Patriotic rap song.  Unless you can discuss killing people and having sex with "hoes" you have no rap. Does anyone think this music will be remembered by future generations? It will be, but as a cautionary thing, something to show the decadence and mental breakdown of America.

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Whose Choice?

Richard Cronin

To all good men who were drafted into the meat grinder of the American Civil War, Vietnam or WW-ll, did you have an opportunity to say: "My body, my choice” ?

If you even entertained or spoke such things, would it have mattered ?

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What are they Doing?

Nikki Grac

The Covid Regime is a cult, and one that constitutes a clear and present danger to the public. There’s no other way to put it. You can explain the CDC decision to attempt to backdoor mandate the injections for little kids as a cynical plan to provide immunity for Big Pharma from lawsuits, to shield them from responsibility. But these universities and colleges? It’s a cult. Will there be a price to pay? The public is concerned, and possibly angry:

CDC's Child Vaccine Move Puts Dem Candidates On The Hot Seat

Authored by Steve Cortes via RealClear Wire,

The CDC just made the closing weeks of 2022 campaigns a lot more volatile for some shaky Democrat candidates, especially for incumbent, pro-mandate Democrat governors like JB Pritzker, Kathy Hochul, and Gretchen Whitmer.


Well, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just delivered a stark rebuke to America’s parents. In a unanimous decision, its Committee on Immunization Practices voted to add COVID-19 vaccines to the regular immunization schedule for all children, starting at the age of 6 months old.

People just can't go through with this. I pray.

Tim adds:

Why do this before the election? Something isn't right here. They wouldn't be so dim as to put the Dems on the spot like this. And they clearly wouldn't want the Republicans to win.

This suggests to me they know the GOP will continue the status quo. It may be they fear the Democrats might change tactics and perhaps go after the drug companies.

I don't know but it's clear there is something rotten afoot.

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October 25, 2022

Jab Exiles Ordered Reinstated

Timothy Birdnow

Covid has always been about power and control, not health, and this proves it.

New York Supreme Court reinstates all employees fired for being unvaccinated, orders backpay

Naturally it's too late to make any real difference.

My own eye doctor got sacked for refusing to take the jab. Now he's coming back.

If the vaccine were as great as they claimed they wouldn't have had to fire these people in the first place. Everyone would have been willing, nay, eager to get poked.

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False Virtue

"At its heart, wokeness is divisive and hateful. It gives mean people a shield to be mean and cruel, armored in false virtue." Elon Musk

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Indian Now Runs Britain

Timothy Birdnow

Great Britain - once the colonial ruler of India - is now ruled by an Indian.

Britain's next Prime Minister will be Rishi Sunak, a Hindu.

My how the mighty have fallen.

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