February 28, 2021

Sky News Host Demolishes Davos Elites And 'Great Reset' Scheme

Dana Mathewson

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Why Bother?

Timothy Birdnow

"It is a waste of time trying to have a conversation about world events on a propaganda outlet. Back when Twitter was masquerading as a "public forum,” it was a venue for the free exchange of ideas. Now that it’s the in-house organ for America’s one-party system, why bother?”

James Wood

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The Deeper Purpose of the Paris accord

Timothy Birdnow

Here is an interesting discussion from Facebook. Kenneth Walsh and I discuss the Paris Accord and it's purpose.

I observe:

I don't believe the Paris Accord was ever intended to stop the rise of carbon dioxide or end global warming. I believe it was a redistribution of wealth scheme and a way to create a framework for world government. As such it will succeed now that the U.S. is back in. America has always been the target, along with the richer European nations and Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Kenneth Walsh says:

I am not sure about that but there it is definitely a power play of some sort. There has always been this group or tendency that believes they should be calling the shots. They believe this because they believe they are better equipped morally to make decisions of basically for everybody in the world.

And I think to there has always been a loathing of western civ and its supposedly evil intentions and actions among the climate obsessed. Some of them are actually anti-human.

I replied:

Agreed Kenneth Walsh! Climate alarmism is a secular religion to the upper class. Having rejected the Judeo-Christian faith many of them have grasped onto environmentalism as an alternative religion. It has everything; a creation myth, an apocalypse, salvation, and sacraments. As Rousseau argued to deify the State and it was that which was the impetus for Fascism and Naziism, so too this is a way to create a false religious narrative. I believe it is promoted as such to get as many on board with the socialism and internationalism that has been a fond dream of the Left for a century or better. I wrote about this at American Thinker a while back (in a lengthy article.) https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2007/08/the_return_of_the_old_gods_a_c.html

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Curtains for Coronavirus

Warner Todd Huston

Absolutely hilarious thing at CPAC... we have a booth on radio row for Breitbart. The booths are only separated from the general public by a little curtain stand that is about 3 feet tall. But, all the guys on radio row are not wearing masks as they do their radio shows and perform their interviews. Yet, only a few feet away everyone has masks on by order of Orange County, Florida health officials. So, we are laughing that it is apparently "science" that a knee-high curtain somehow blocks coronavirus from getting to us on radio row. LOL

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Google Censoring Race Shootings

This from Willis Eschenbach:

Fun with Google:

A search for "black man killed by police" (in quotes) yields 137,000 results. Same search but with "black woman", 29,300 results

A search for "white man killed by police" yields 69 results. Not 69 thousand. 69 results. Same search but with "white woman", 32 results.

In 2020, 432 white and 226 black people were killed by police.

Curious world we inhabit.

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Mr. Potatohead to Keep His Gender

Timothy Birdnow

Hasbro apparently took it on the chin with their dccision to neuter Mr. Potatohead and has relented.

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A Failure to Coordinate

Russell Cook

What we have here is a failure to coordinate. Naomi Oreskes says she undertook her 928-to-0 consensus study all by her lonesome, initially as just an act of curiosity. Gore says otherwise. Now the question here is, which of these two are less trustworthy about their remarks?
"So … Mr Gore … can you explain why your statement here doesn't match the statement over there?"

Keep the larger picture in mind here, though: as I pointed out in my prior blog post http://gelbspanfiles.com/?p=11478 , Oreskes' initial raison d’être is the anti-science notion that a show of hands validates ANY science conclusion. She immediately parlayed that meteoric fame into an excuse to go after 'crooked skeptics' who criticized her silly study, and Gore used her study to say there was no valid dispute over the consensus on man-caused global warming and the few naysayers out there were corrupted crooks on the payroll of the fossil fuel industry. Set aside how studies in general are undertaken -- that whole Oreskes / Gore situation all by itself is what looks hugely suspect.

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The Iran Deal

This from Lance Sjogren:

All Biden would have to do to save face regarding the abominable Iran nuclear deal is abandon it on the grounds that too much has changed in recent years for it still to be relevant.

But instead he insists on bitterly clinging to it. In doing so, he jeopardizes world peace.

Tim adds:

It would be easy Lance. But this is a cornerstone of the internationalis
t policy, making a regional power of Iran to act as a counterweight to Israel and to thwart the American ability to act in the region. It makes sense if you think you are brilliant and can pull all the strings and believe Western culture is evil and needs to be taken down several pegs.

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Washington Post Provides PR Rationale for New Cost of Carbon Initiative

This from Stephen Heins

Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) called the move Friday "a backdoor carbon tax” that would lead to higher energy costs. "The administration is laying the traps to justify punishing new regulations," Barrasso said in a statement. "Since the president can’t rationalize the crippling costs of his climate policies, he needs to exaggerate the benefits.”


In a recent interview, Biden’s national climate adviser, Gina McCarthy, said the administration is setting an initial price to inform its policies "and then work more diligently about what the actual cost might be as we move forward, and get the information that we need to be able to do that.”

Excuse me if Gina McCarthy has lost credibility with me:
During hearings in Congress (2013, 2014, 2015), Gina McCarthy admitted that "Clean Power Plan" had no measurable climate impact: One hundredth of a degree. But she claimed the Clean Power Plan was symbolically important.

The EPA did an original Cost/Benefit analysis of the Clean Power Plan, with the annual cost of $10 billion (many experts deemed far too low) and an annual benefit of about $9 million, but justified the Clean Power Plan by claiming $37 billion of "indirect health benefits,” annually.

Yes, there are several other McCarthy

Tim adds:

Why is this such a crisis now, while the world's economy is still hurting from the international vacation we all took? Shouldn't this braying jackass deal with Covid and the economic problems caused by his party's policies first, then worry about a long range problem (if one concedes it exisrts, which I do not)?

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Crashing Currency

This from Chester McAteer:

Today it takes $26,422.42 Federal Reserve Notes to buy what $1,000.00 U.S.Gold-Backed

Dollars bought in 1913. The value of the Federal Reserve Notes in terms of currency markets is very different from the purchase value the currency holds.

A U.S. Gold-Backed Dollar had the purchase value of 100 Cents, today each of those Federal Reserve Notes, or money substitutes, which are each a double liability on both sides of the ledger, has a purchase value of approximately 0.0378501135503 40651022 Cents each, that purchase value is decreasing with the expansion of the Money supply, it's called inflationary depreciation.

Thus, since 1913 the currency inflation rate has been about 2642%, that is the amount of wealth that has been effectively stolen from the people of this country. The question is what happens when the purchase value falls close to 1Cent per Federal Reserve Note? When the confidence of the people for these Federal Reserve Notes is abandoned, what does history show?

In 2019 the Treasury released a fiscal health report on our government, it's not pretty. Essentially, deep in the figures is there revelation that by the end of 2024 every "dollar" borrowed by our government will be required to pay just the interest on the Federal Debt. GAME OVER!

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Chicken or Egg or Cradle?

Timothy Birdnow

I've got an argument going on Facebook. In a post about a psychological study on how Westerners raise their children differently than in other countries, I state:

But what is more successful? The West has advanced science and engineering and produced enough food to feed the world. We have been doing something right, it seems to me. I notice the article brags about parenting in India and Indonesia and such places. Given that the Third World is poor and unhealthy I do not think they are the model to emulate. (I rather suspect much of the parenting strategies employed there - like bed sharing - come from that very same poverty.)

Don't get me wrong Kenneth; I liked the post fine and found it quite interesting. I am just picking at it. I know most psychology is done with a political goal in mind and I suspect this was done as a subtle effort to make Western culture appear backward. It is to me a great analysis of how many in our society these days think.

John Brady retorted:

Perhaps as the "west" through "guns, germs, and steel, (slavery) to use Diamond's thesis title, made it possible for Europe's development by enriching a class and providing it with the time to devote toward advancement ie, education, invention, culture, etc. This, exploitation of those peoples without the power inherently developed by wealth . . made it possible for technologies ie food production further exploitation etc. It's clear that the "west "advanced the world into warp speed in a few centuries, but how? if we are comparing. along the way did the west also develop traditions different, which have not been "advanced"?

I reply:

John Brady you say:

"Perhaps as the "west" through "guns, germs, and steel, (slavery) to use Diamond's thesis title, made it possible for Europe's development by enriching a class and providing it with the time to devote toward advancement ie, education, invention, culture, etc."

Except everybody else had much of that too. Do you think slavery was an uniquely European institution? It was ubiquitous on every continent. The Native Americans all held slaves. So did the expansionistic Asians like the Mongols. And it was common in Africa.

The Chinese invented gun powder but did not invent the gun. Why?

The Chinese also had an age of exploration that went nowhere and was canceled by the Emperor. Again, why?

In point of fact Medieval Europe was rather backward compared to other places, but something clicked and it had nothing to do with slavery or guns. In fact, the Arab world had inherited the best educated and most creative part of the old Roman Empire, but it was in the West Science flourished and that led to the invention of the University, and eventually the Industrial Revolution. Again, why?

I do not agree that it had anything to do with a wealthy class having the time and money to pursue such things. Medieval Europe was far from wealthy or leisurely and yet we saw the rise of modern Science during that period. Yes, the Renaissance saw an increase in trade and exploration, but it was rooted in something in the Western culture that was unique; it didn't happen in China, or India, or Japan, or in Africa, or even in the civilizations in the Americas. Japan became a power only after eschewing their traditional culture in favor of Western values and techniques. And in Asian today much of what they do is derivative of Western ideas.

It had nothing to do with "exploitation". The peoples in those other areas were happily exploiting their own people. The rise of the West was based on a culture that fostered independence, original thought, and an orderly society not restrained by law but by the Judeo-Christian religious tradition.

John K. says:

Does it need to be all one way or another ? It’s beyond dispute that progress across the board in the west has improved many conditions for people world round. Does that mean though, that nothing can be learned from other cultures ? Does it have to be zero sum ?

I reply:

Joe Kearney we certainly CAN learn from other cultures if there is benefit. What I am doing here is questioning the benefit. I suspect there is more a political and societal goal in mind with studies like these to advance collectivism in the West, not to make life better. As I pointed out earlier, much of what was done in this regard was done out of necessity. Poor people share beds, and bedrooms, because they don't have the resources to NOT do so. Does that make them better? It makes them different. And yes, first generation immigrants and perhaps some second generation may carry on the tradition but it will end just as it ended in the West long ago thanks to greater ability to provide. Now, that doesn't mean it's somehow wrong to do it either way. But it does make me ask the question of which societies are more successful and wonder if there isn't a causal relationship. Having been teetering on the brink financially and growing up in a very modest middle class background I can assure you poverty is no great honor. That said, you may be right in that it doesn't need to be a zero sum gain necessarily, but what are we using as the criterion for deciding which is better? I do know that how a child is raised has a lot to do with how the adult will think, and if a child is not raised to independent thinking and self-reliance he will wind up being a collectivist and seek the protection of the herd. It seems to me this is sort of thing will lead to people who feel dependent, be it on the State or on some other person. I may be wrong, but as I say history tends to argue in my favor.

Kenneth Walsh states:

Timothy Birdnowthanks for the concise mini-essay. You are correct, I think, that aspects of our civilizational line going back to the ancient mediterranian have become an important part of universal culture: scientific method, industry, enlightenment values, relentless technological progress etc. This process has gone so far that othr geopolitical actors are trying to beat us at what was originally our game. but enough of idle commentary from me. I am off to the beach.

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February 27, 2021

Potato Heads

This from Jim Church

Hasbro drops 'Mr.' from toy brand, introduces 'genderless' Potato Heads to reflect society’s growing insanity.

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Psychobabbling Assault on the West

Timothy Birdnow

But what is more successful? The West has advanced science and engineering and produced enough food to feed the world. We have been doing something right, it seems to me. I notice the article brags about parenting in India and Indonesia and such places. Given that the Third World is poor and unhealthy I do not think they are the model to emulate. (I rather suspect much of the parenting strategies employed there - like bed sharing - come from that very same poverty.)

Is the Western Way of Raising Kids Weird?

From the article:

This isn’t the only aspect of new parenthood that Westerners do differently. From napping on a schedule and sleep training to pushing our children around in strollers, what we might think of as standard parenting practices are often anything but.

Parents in the US and UK are advised to have their babies sleep in the same room as them for at least the first six months, but many view this as a brief stopover on their way to a dedicated nursery.

In most other societies around the world, babies stick with their parents longer. A 2016 reviewthat looked at research on children sharing not just a room but a bed with one or more of their parents found a high prevalence in many Asian countries: over 70% in India and Indonesia, for example, and over 80% in Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Research on bedsharing rates in countries across Africa is patchy, but where it does exist suggests the practice is near-universal.

Debmita Dutta, a doctor and parenting consultant in Bangalore, India, says that despite Western influences, bedsharing remains a strong tradition in India – even in households where children have their own rooms. "A family of four has three bedrooms, one each for each child and for the parents, and then you would find both the children in the parent's bed," she says. "It's that common."

Communal societies are always poorer and less flexible than independent societies like the U.S. That's because everyone comes to lean on others and rely on others to meet their needs rather than learn to take care of themselves. It is why socialism fails.

The West teaches children to be self-reliant, which should be the goal of any parent as they will not always be there and it may be there won't be family around. Liberals have been pushing smaller family sizes for generations out of fear of overpopulation. So how do you rely on an extended family if every family is a one-child family as was the case in China?

You rely on the government, of course! Which is what this article is not saying but is clearly promoting.

The article continues:

But Rashmi Das, a professor in paediatrics at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar, and author of a review on bedsharing safety, says that a lack of high-quality research on the topic makes it difficult to say whether bedsharing itself increases the risk of SIDS in the absence of other risk factors like smoking and drinking. "We could not tell whether bedsharing is actually increasing the risk of SIDS," says Das.

Studies on the topic mostly come from high-income countries, where bedsharing is less common. But low-income countries, where bedsharing is traditional, also have some of the lowest SIDS rates in the world.

It doesn't seem to be a simple issue of geography: when someone living in the West has imported their cultural practices from elsewhere, they bring the lower SIDS risk with them too. Families of Pakistani origin living in the UK, for example, have a lower SIDS risk than white British families – despite mothers commonly sharing a bed with their baby.

Or is it that the Pakistani parents don't go into that when they take their dead kids to the hospital? I believe this happy horse hockey about as much as I believe in the Tooth Fairy. You will notice no mechanism is postulated to explain why Pakistanis don't have higher rates of SIDS than do other British, except to say they don't smoke or drink. This is purely anecdotal; the article did not supply any hard factual evidence to prove this assertion.

This is just one more piece of psychobabble designed to rebel against Western culture and traditions in favor of orientalism. It is another attack on our way of doing things, the most successful way of doing things in human history.

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Battery Operated Airliners?

This from Steven Milloy

LOL... airhead Center For Biological Doversity lawyer believes passenger jets can be powered by electricity. https://apnews.com/article/scott-kirby-climate-climate-change-airlines-pete-buttigieg-6bed112b680f66762efe9a6ebf476c31

Jet fuel provides about 43 times more energy than the same weight of batteries.

The jet fuel for a 747 weighs 413,000 pounds.

So replacing that jet fuel with batteries would take 17.8 million pounds of batteries... about 18 times more weight than a fully loaded 747.

Forget about lift problems, such a beast couldn't even taxi.

Bottom line: The only way airlines have to reduce emissions is to fly less.

Not a very good business strategy.

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February 26, 2021

Biden Approves Russian Oil Pipeline

Timothy Birdnow

From American Thinker:

Biden Admin Approves A Pipeline For Russian Energy After Killing Keystone

President Biden blocked the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the U.S., ostensibly due to environmental concerns and claims about global warming, even though the long-planned project had cleared all environmental hurdles.
Yet the Biden State department just effectively approved an energy pipeline from Russia to Germany.

According to the Wall Street Journal:
The State Department in a report to Congress didn’t name new companies as targets for sanctions related to an $11 billion pipeline designed to transmit Russian natural gas to Germany, allowing work on the pipeline to continue unabated for now.

Some Republican lawmakers criticized the State Department over the Nord Stream 2 report, which was required by Congress, and both Republicans and a key Democrat requested an explanation of the administration’ s position.

Count that as a win for pipelines — for others, just not us. The rest of the press is focusing on Biden making his "decisions,” but with this news, the direction of this administration is clear.

It is clear that jobs in Europe and Russia are more important to Biden than jobs in the United States. Energy from fossil fuels is also OK in Europe, just not here.
Therefore, when Biden blocked the Keystone pipeline, it was purely catering to his special interest groups and had zero to do with science.

When is a journalist going to ask global warming "czar” John Kerry, Joe Biden, and all the other Cabinet members for one piece of scientific evidence to support the radical leftist policies that will destroy the U.S economy by making energy prohibitively expensive, especially for the poor?
Maybe they can start with asking if a one- to two-degree-rise in temperatures over 140 years after a Little Ice Age ended would be normal and cyclical. I would love to see their answer.

Aren’t journalists curious?

Tim asks:

Who's colluding with the Russians now?

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Racism in Buffalo

This from Mary Kay Barton

This is what #Buffalo schools are teaching our children?!? How many others are doing the same while these students' reading, writing, and math proficiency is at abysmal levels of only 20%?!?

Buffalo schools teach that all White people play part in systemic racism: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6235119117001

Buffalo Public Schools’ Critical Race Theory Curriculum - Buffalo’s school district tells students that "all white people play a part in perpetuating systemic racism”—while presiding over miserable student outcomes.


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Texas Grid was Four Minutes from Total Collapse

This from Steven Kipp

Texas was less than 5 minutes away recently from a total collapse of its grid system...which would have been a 100% blackout for weeks! (This is the true threat of over-reliance upon green energy) https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/texas/ercot-texas-power-grid-total-collapse-blackout/285-ae35263d-dfad-49b5-aa6b-26f12c3e1654?fbclid=IwAR0HCpNe_oHbfm56nnfq6KQPNqQF6BPIa9gB63MwAExZ-SWjzt0ZClQ8VDE

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Destroying America with Lies

Selwyn Duke

The electorate is as a computer: garbage in, garbage out. And the mainstream media are malevolent programmers obsessed with creating viruses to feed into the system.

Destroying America with Lies: Wrong Information Means We Fight the Wrong Battles

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Unilateral Biden

Timothy Birdnow

This courtesy of Ira Blacker

Joe Biden Randomly Revokes 7 Trump Executive Orders, Offers No Reasons

The Courts overturned many Trump Executive Orders by saying he didn't give proper justification for his actions. Funny; Biden gives NO justification and nothing happens.

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America's Spanish Civil War

This from Jim Church:

Orwell’s views on the nature of political control and totalitarianism

were further defined by his time fighting in the Spanish Civil War for a Marxist militia, where he witnessed first hand the corrosive and bloody influence of Stalin’s Russia on the Republican war effort. He came to understand that tyranny – whether arising from an Empire, a political creed, or the will of a strongman – rests upon the institutionaliz ation of lies. Language must be habitually abused, corrupted, and bent to serve the demands of political authority. America’s newly installed leadership merely provide the latest evidence of this grotesque process: Calling the riots, mayhem and murder of 2020 "legitimate protest” while excoriating the mayhem on Capitol Hill as "treasonous insurrection”.
I cannot say I support either but the narrative of today proves Orwell was bang on. Today’s America more resembles the worst of Stalinist Russia than many would care to admit.

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