October 25, 2020

Kamala's Bad Math

Timothy Birdnow

Kamala Harris said 220 MILLION Americans have died of the Coronavirus.

See it here.

Slip of the tongue, you say? I think this was a strategic slip (as so many other Democrats have made) designed to panic the ignorant base of the party. In short, I think it was an intentional lie.

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Courts O.K. Vote Fraud

Timothy Birdnow

The vote theft goes live in Pennsylvania.

Pa. Supreme Court tosses ballot signature-matching rule

Pennsylvania is a critical state and now their supreme court just greenlighted vote fraud.

From the article:

With Election Day just 10 days away, Pennsylvania is a key battleground state. President Trump won the state by fewer than 45,000 votes in 2016.

It has been reported that about 26,500 ballots were rejected during the June primaries due to apparent signature defects.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has also said that if voters do not place their ballot in a "secrecy” envelope their votes would not count.

Pennsylvania’s Democratic Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar had requested clarity on ballot rules in the Keystone State. Boockvar and the Trump campaign had sparred over the law’s interpretation, with the court eventually siding with the secretary.

"[We] hold that county boards of elections are prohibited from rejecting absentee or mail-in ballots based on signature comparison conducted by county election officials or employees, or as the result of third-party challenges based on signature analysis and comparisons,” the court wrote.

And if we didn't need more proof of the importance of getting Amy Coney Barrett on the high court, there is this tidbit from the article:

The U.S. Supreme Court handed another win to Democrats in Pennsylvania after a deadlocked court, 4-4, shut down a GOP-led effort to block an extended period for counting ballots.

In the event of a 4-4 deadlock, the lower court ruling is affirmed and upheld.

We desperately need Trump to win and appoint more constitutionally minded Justices.

John Roberts (who else?) joined the liberals on the Court to cause the deadlock. A pox upon him and his house!

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The Hidden Damage of Wuhan

This from Andrei Piriutko:

"Over 80% of the manufactured goods that we produce and consume are shipped in containers,” says Shamika N. Sirimanne, director of UNCTAD’s technology and logistics division.

Maritime shipping saw a dramatic slowdown earlier this year as government measures used "to curb the COVID-19 pandemic”restri cted economic activities and travel. The world merchandise trade suffered a historic year-on-year fall of 27% in the second quarter.

The start of the decline coincided with the World Health Organization’s decision on 11 March to classify COVID-19 as a pandemic, while the gradual recovery reflects the timeline when some countries began easing out of lockdown.

-27% globally (including the countries which haven’t imposed lockdowns and travel restrictions).
What are the real numbers of decline in economies worldwide?!

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Flatheads Fattening the Curve

Timothy Birdnow

I went out for the first time in a long while. St. Louis - both the city and the county by the same name - have had strict Wuhan edicts and they are still in force. But some old friends wanted to get together and so we met at a brewpub in the Dogtown neighborhood of the city.

Two of my friends had been at a prayer vigil in front of Planned Parenthood in the area, so it was a convenient place to go.

We got there and there were a lot of people sitting outside, even though it was cold and blustery. We went in and had to wait at the end of the bar where the bartender was hiding behind plexiglass. You could not go to the bar itself to order. This made no sense; the bartender still took your credit card, reaching around the glass. The did not accept cash. So what makes a credit card cleaner than a bill?

C'est la vie. We went and sat at one of the tables, which were spread well apart. Everything was fine when it included just four of us, but the two who were at the prayer vigil showed up and suddenly we were Violators!  The barkeep came over and told us we couldn't have six people because we were somehow "superspreaders" and endangering others by sitting together rather than spreading out and breathing on multiple people.

So we ordered another round and went outside. It was cold and I pulled my chair up to one of the fire pits they had.

After having sold us another beer, the guy comes out and demands that I not sit by the fire, and says that we still can't have our entire party sitting together, even though we were outside.

Needless to say we were pretty angry, especially since he sold us a beer knowing full well our plans. We were discussing them in front of this guy.

He defended himself by claiming it was the city regulations. Maybe. But he could have told us we couldn't even be outside with six people.

So we left and bolted out of the city. Out of St. Louis county, too. We went out to St. Charles county (which is run by Republicans) and it was absolutely no problem! The place we went was full, and the crowd was merry. We left there and went to eat at a restaurant that had a live band and people were dancing. The city lost a lot of money because of their pig headedness.

And is it helping? We should see many more deaths from Covid in St. Charles county than in St. Louis. We don't.

These rules and regulations are nothing but an overreaction by tinhorn dictators who are enjoying their season of power. This is doing little to protect the public.

But they have government-funded scientists who are giving them the excuse to do this. And if anyone dares point out the utter folly of so much of this they accuse them of being "anti-science" or of not caring about other people.

They scoff at the Barrington Declaration, for instance, where over six thousand epidemiologists and other doctors said the overreaction is pointless at best and not helping protect anyone. See, they aren't real scientists because they aren't doing the government's bidding!  They sneer at anyone who points out that facemasks do very little, that viruses are far smaller than the gasps between threads in a cheap cloth mask. They roll their eyes at anyone who says social distancing is of little value because the virus is mostly caught by hand to face contact from an infected surface anyway. And they rage against anyone who dares point out that we want young healthy people to catch this so as to reach herd immunity, that there is no other way of ending the pandemic and that people are going to catch it one way or another anyway. They hate anyone who reminds the world that the whole point of all of these measures originally put in place was to "flatten the curve" so medical people would not be overwhelmed; it was never intended to somehow "fight the virus" as if the virus is a plague of locusts or something. The original purpose of everything has slowly changed and now people think they are doing The Lord's Work when they wear masks and yell at others about social distancing.

And in most Democratic-controlled areas they are keeping strict guidelines, shutting down businesses or hamstringing them as they did with this brewpub. Why?

I don't believe for a moment it's because they want to fight the disease. The Left rarely worries about a few lives in other areas - my friends were protesting abortion, after all, and that in the same city that won't let six people sit at a table in a bar because they might maybe catch something. So you can murder babies but can't take a slim risk.

The point, I suspect, is not about protecting people but controlling them, and trying to keep the economy down in the hopes of defeating the Orange Peril.

In other words, it's power politics and not public safety.

That's why they keep emphasizing "cases" as opposed to deaths. Cases keep rising while deaths do not. Why? Because we are testing more and finding more people who have had the virus and were asymptomatic. It stands to reason that the more tests you do the more positives you will find. And that's not even addressing the matter of false positives, of which there are a great many.

New York has hollowed out because of the ridiculoous overreaction to Wuhan. This is an unfortunate fate for so many of our Democrat-run cities. They are betting on a Biden win and then a bailout. If there is any justice in this world that won't happen and they will have to face the consequences of their actions.

And so we had a really nice time outside of the gulag. And St. Louis lost a lot of money.

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October 24, 2020

Chelsea Handler explains shaming of Trump-backer 50 Cent: 'I had to remind him that he was a Black person'

Dana Mathewson

I must have misplaced the memo, but I was under the distinct impression that you couldn't say things like this anymore, even if you were a flat-out raving leftist! I thought this sort of thing got you sent to a reeducation camp somewhere in a mosquito-infested swamp.

Apparently not.

Chelsea Handler offered an explanation as to why she publicly scolded her ex-boyfriend 50 Cent for supporting President Trump during her Friday night appearance on "The Tonight Show."

The comedian had been feuding with 50 Cent-- born Curtis James Jackson III -- since Monday when he shared an image from a news broadcast on Instagram that depicted the rates at which certain places would be taxed under Joe Biden's plan. The broadcast highlighted New York state (58%) and New York City (62%).

[...] (for profanity; it's how liberals express their deepest, most heartfelt thoughts)

Handler insisted the 62 percent tax hike "isn't a plan" under Joe Biden, calling it a "lie" during her interview with "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon.

"So he doesn't want to pay 62 percent in taxes because he doesn't want to go from '50 Cent' to '20 Cent' and I had to remind him that he was a Black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump and that he shouldn't be influencing an entire swath of people who may listen to him because he's worried about his own personal pocketbook," Handler said.

The remark seemed reminiscent of Biden's "You ain't Black" comment, during an interview with radio host Charlamagne Tha God, for which the Democrat was heavily criticized earlier this year.

Handler said she "hasn't heard back" from Fiddy but told Fallon she's willing to "seal the deal in more ways than one" in order to get her ex-boyfriend to publicly denounce Trump.

"I might be willing to go for another spin, if you know what I’m talking about," Handler added.

The pair dated briefly in 2011, according to Us Weekly, and appeared to be friendly with one another long after their split.

However, things appeared to have soured after 50 Cent made headlines with his support for Trump.

"You used to be my favorite ex-boyfriend," Handler replied to his tweet on Tuesday.

"Oh my God this is effecting [sic] my love life now," 50 Cent responded." @chelseahandler I love ya Gator, don’t let Trump and Joe Biden come between us girl."

In response, Handler has offered to pay the rapper's taxes should he reconsider his support for the president.

I find it really hard to believe the chutzpah of these people who consider themselves elites. Why do they think they know so much more than the rest of us? Anyhow, the rest of the article is here: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/chelsea-handler-50-cent-trump if you can stomach it.

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Biden: If you like your gas station, you can keep your gas station

Jack Kemp

Here's what Larry O'Connor said at TownHall.com today...

It can't be overstated: Trump getting Biden to admit that he will end the oil industry was a seminal moment. It was the perfect confirmation of just how radical, out-of-touch and destructive Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have become.


Let's put this in perspective today. What Biden said, looking at the changes the Electric Vehicles are are bringing IN STAGES, is that Biden thinks the government has no interest in protecting or supporting those currently in the gas driven vehicle industry. That means not only abandoning oilfield workers but also gas station owners and their mechanics who don't know how to fix a Tesla. It also means - as the state of Insanity...errr....California has "ordained," the elimination of all gas powered vehicles by Government Fiat. During the debate Biden also talked about his wanting to have the government build a large nationwide chain of electric vehicle charging stations. Why would we need so many charging stations IF WE WEREN'T GOING TO HAVE THE GOVERNMENT CLOSE ALL THE GAS STATIONS?

So Biden said he wants to force Americans to buy an electric vehicle starting with his first day in office.  I sound ridiculous, you say? Well, Biden has said he wants to eliminate fracking and gas powered cars and oil companies. So where would your neighborhood gas station get its new deliveries of gasoline? Will unicorns deliver them as they pull the Budweiser Clydesdale wagon? The EPA and the Federal Highway agencies could declare tanker trucks of gasoline headed to gas stations to be a safety hazzard on our roads.

You think Biden and the Bigger Government advocates wouldn't do that? Ask your buddies at your local bar or favorite restaurant. Oh wait. Most of them are closed by government decree. So if you are thinking of voting for Biden, just look between the cushions of your couch. I'm sure you'll can find an extra $35,000 or more for a new Tesla.

If you don't have an extra $35,000 or more between the cushions of your couch, you'd probably be better off voting for President Trump.

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October 23, 2020

Sudan to Recognize Israel

This from E. Calvin Beisner:

Another historic achievement for the President now nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Trump Announces Sudan Will Join UAE, Bahrain, in Recognizing Israel

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Trump Reaches Pre-Wuhan High

Timothy Birdnow

Trump's approval rating is back where it was before the Wuhan Virus.

Trump Approval Back Up to Pre-Coronavirus High of 52%

This is the magic number needed to win re-election, I'm given to understand.

From El Zoro:

Friday’s Rasmussen Reportsapproval rating for Trump was 52%.At the same time, 48 percent disapprove. Strong feelings for the president are equal on both sides-- 42 percent strongly approve of the president’s job and 42 percent strongly disapprove.

The last time Trump hit 52 percent approval was late February, weeks before coronavirus lockdowns kicked in.

The article points out that Rasmussen differs with other polls. Five Thirty Eight has Trump's disapproval rate at 52.1% to 42% approval.

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Biden Advocates Child Abuse

Selwyn Duke

My latest.


"Joe Biden probably wouldn’t let an eight-year-old drive, buy alcohol, or even decide to make ice cream a regular dinner, but he’s all for allowing a wee child to choose to "be” the opposite sex. This was made clear last Thursday at ABC’s town hall event, where the Democrat presidential nominee essentially claimed that such a position was rooted in compassion. Yet the many victims of childhood "transgenderism ” — now living with scarred bodies and psyches — may beg to differ."

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Unreason Leads to Unkindness

"He who has got used to unreason is ready for unkindness. When you have accustomed men to what is mentally wrong, you have half-accustomed them to what is morally wrong."
--GK Chesterton

Hat tip: Warner Todd Huston

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And the Dumb Shall Speak

This from my friend John P.

There are stupid people and then there is this Georgia State Rep .
Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Dar'shun Kendrick @Dar... 9h Did @realDonaldTrump just say 545 kids they can't find their parents for came over through 'cartels and coyotes'?! How the hell does a coyote bring a whole human across the border?! Lord-----stop talking. #FinalDebate 32.8K 2,434 12.7K'

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Lockdowns a "Crime Against Humanity"

James Doogue

Covid-19 Response - Crime Against Humanity?

A German Investigative Committee is all set to launch a legal action against those responsible for COVID-19 crisis. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is one of the top trial lawyers in Germany having been involved in successful actions against major global corporations in the past. He is one of four members in a group of lawyers who has investigated and is prosecuting global officials for what he calls the COVID 19 scandal, a deliberate crime against humanity.

Dr. Fuellmich released his video on October 3rd, 2020. He describes how there is no legal doubt about the possibility of a class-action lawsuit against those responsible for the lockdowns.

'Those responsible for [the corona fraud scandal] must be criminally prosecuted for crimes against humanity and sued for civil damages… On a political level, everything must be done to make sure that no one will ever again be in a position of such power as to be able to defraud humanity or to attempt to manipulate us with their corrupt agendas.'

You can watch the video here:


If you don't want to watch the video, you can read a summary, or access the text of the video here: https://theplantstrongclub.org/2020/10/14/testimony-of-german-attorney-those-responsible-for-corona-scandal-must-be-criminally-prosecuted-for-crimes-against-humanity/

There's an excellent Australian-centric critique of the video by Sanjeev Sabhlok. https://www.sabhlokcity.com/2020/10/reiner-fuellmichs-video-about-covid-crimes-against-humanity-hes-on-the-right-track-but-has-missed-out-many-things/


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The Map of Piri Ibn Haji Memmed

Timothy Birdnow

I wrote about this a while back. Andrei Piriutko goes into greater detail. It makes one wonder what else has been forgotten throughout our history.

Andrei Piriutko:

The map in question dates from 1513 and was made by a man named Piri Ibn Haji Memmed, otherwise known as Piri Re’is. This man was an Admiral in the Turkish navy, and he made his map from approximately 20 very ancient source maps, including maps captured from the Portuguese. He claimed the western portion of the map was obtained from Christopher Columbus. He also claimed some of the source maps were dated from the time of Alexander and that some of the others were based upon mathematics.
This map was drawn using the Equidistant projection method. Instead of using the standard markings of latitude and longitude that are common on todays maps, the map used the "portolan style” (using a series of points from which a series of lines radiate outward). One such mechanism for drawing these maps was the "Eight Wind” system. Others including the Sixteen Wind system were also used. The reasons for such drawing methods have long been assumed to benefit the mariner because these lines seem to correspond to the points of the compass.
It is interesting to note that other portolan maps that surfaced in the AD 1300’s were highly accurate mariners’ charts of the Mediterranean area, sometimes including the Black Sea, made by Portuguese, Venetian, Spanish, Catalan and Arab seamen. They are extremely beautiful maps, with a high degree of accuracy. How could medieval sailors, with no navigational aids but the compass, have prepared such accurate charts? It seems that these highly accurate maps suddenly appeared in Europe without any evidence of earlier development, and thus, some people assume that the methods used to make them were developed in a much earlier time. Interestingly enough, throughout the next several hundred years these maps did not show any further development. Further to this, these maps are all drawn from the same scale. This suggests to some, that the maps were not being developed as a result of mariner survey activity, and that the lack of variance in scale may suggest that the understanding of these maps, and the mathematical principles behind them, was not understood but rather copied from one or several original maps. The Finnish scholar, Nordenskjold, the leading authority on portolan maps, claims that all portolanos appear to be based on a single prototype, that has since vanished. It is assumed that the source map would have been an ancient Greek map. The problem with this, is that back in 200 B.C - 100 AD the knowledge of plane geometry and trigonometry had not been developed in the Greek world. And without knowledge of geometry and trigonometry, no one could have produced such accurate maps.
The map is composed of a large number of separate source maps. Piri Re’is claimed to have used about 20 source maps. Among them were eight maps of the world done in the time of Alexanders (400 B.C. to 100 AD), an Arab map of India, four Portuguese maps of the Indian Ocean and China, and a map drawn by Colombus in the western region.” He did not, however, say what the other six source maps were.The resulting map provides remarkably accurate latitude and longitude locations of coastal features in Africa, North and South America, and a portion of Antarctica. The source maps must have utilized the principles of plane geometry and an ability to account for the curvature of the earths surface. The knowledge of longitude suggests that the people who drew the maps used a mechanism that was currently unknown to the west at that time. (This ability to determine longitude with any degree of accuracy was not known at this time in Europe, although it may have been known to ancient Arab mariners. The most interesting thing, is that the map in question is based on an equidistant projection which has its center on the meridian of Alexandria in Egypt.
Piri Re’is Map of 1513 contains accurate mapping of the coastline of the Americas, and amazingly enough, a portion of Antarctica. (Of course there is significant debate about whether or not this is actually Antarctica.)
The degree of accuracy contained in the Piri Re’is map is extraordinary. Given that the author of this map himself claimed to have based this map, not on his own surveying skills, but rather on ancient maps, serious questions about the development of navigation as we currently understand it.
Notice what appears to be Arab dhows sailing in the Atlantic, along the South American coast, and near Antarctica. An inscription near Antarctica describes night as "two hours” long,” which certainly does suggest Antarctic latitudes.
Also notice that the map clearly shows mountains in the interior of South America, something even the Portuguese had not discovered by 1513. Some have suggested that the animals portrayed in the mountains are llamas, even though they appear to have horns, and amazingly enough, a note says "The gold mines are endless. Did the map makers know of the gold in Peru?

From this we can assume that Piri Re’is constructed the portion of the map showing Antarctica and South America from ancient Arab maps dating from the time of the Ptolomies, as well as additional information gained from the Portuguese of his day, (Columbus and others), who mapped the northern part of South America as well as islands in the Caribbean.

The question is this: If the southern part of Piri Re’is map of 1513 was based on earlier Arab maps, who were these Arabs who had such navigational technology to sail there and produce maps? And if the original Arab maps were based on an equidistant projection which has its center on the meridian of Alexandria in Egypt, then might this not have Nabataean implications? If the Nabataeans were already sailing to Palk Bay in Sri Lanka to obtain Chinese goods, might they not have sailed farther? If Nabataean entertainers had entered China by 120 - 130 BC then surely they were in a position to sail even farther? It would only make sense that they would use Alexandria as the center of their maps, as Alexandria was the center of learning, as well as the center of Nabataean trade.
Under Ptolemy II, (308 - 246 BC) Alexandria played a leading role in arts and science. Throughout the whole Mediterranean world Ptolemy II acquired a reputation for being a generous patron of poets and scholars. Surrounding himself with a host of court poets, such as Callimachus and Theocritus, he expanded the library his father started and financed the Alexandria museum, so that they became the leading research centers of their day. Learning was not confined to philosophy and literature but extended also to include mathematics and natural sciences. The age of Ptolemy II coincided with the apex of Hellenistic civilization. A prudent and enlightened ruler, Ptolemy II found his strength in diplomatic ability and his satisfaction in a very wide scope of learning. Thus it would not be surprising if Ptolemy II funded an expedition to explore and map the eastern world. His father had been with Alexander the Great in India, and so Ptolemy’s curiosity and desire for learning may have led him to finance exploration journeys to the far ends of the earth. His desire for learning corresponds with the exact same time when the Nabataeans supplied the city with many exotic goods from Asia. Thus, it would only seem that if Ptolemy II financed the exploration, that he would have used Nabataean sailors to carry it out.
The source maps for Piri Re’is map might be themselves based on earlier maps, compilations of which were made at the Great Library of Alexandria (Egypt). However, there are others who argue that this could not be true, as the traditional Ptolemaic atlas not only omitted the western hemisphere, it did not show anything above 63 degrees north or below about 16 degrees south. There was little reason to do so as long as it was thought that great heat or cold, or the vastness of the ocean, would prevent anyone from traveling beyond these bounds.
But supporters of the Nabataean theory argue that perhaps the Nabataean sailed to Antarctica, and produced maps and records that were all stored in the Great Library of Alexandria where they were lost to the world in the fire of 48 BC. They claim, however, that perhaps one Nabatatean map did survive until 1513, when it was incorporated into Piri Re’is Map. When challenged about the scientific knowledge it would take to produce this kind of map (such as plane geometry and trigonometry) they quote Abu Bakr Ahmad ibn Ali ibn Qais ibn Wahsiyah an-Nabati, who was a physician and botanist around 900 AD. He was not only a great scholar of his day, but perhaps the greatest spokesperson on behalf of his illustrious ancestors, the Nabataeans, to whom he attributed nine-tenths of all scientific knowledge known. His books are known as Al-Filiaheh an-Nabatiyah (904 AD) and As-Sumum wat-Tiyaqat (900 AD). Ibn Wahsiyah claimed that his ancestors, the Nabataeans, were held in low regard by the Arabs of his day, when in fact they were the ones who brought to the Arabs knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, animal husbandry and more. Then to top it off, they point to an acticle in Scientific American, (1900) where archeologists discovered an astoundingly advanced gearing system in a Greek navigational instrument that dated back to 65 B.C. Sadly, this discover was noted, written up, and then filed away and is seldom referred to today by historians.
Unfortunately, none of the very early maps from the classical world, have survived. The maps accompanying Ptolemy’s great work on geography, for example, were totally lost and the maps that are included in his later published books were drawn 1,000 years after he wrote. An early Arab author, moreover, reported that a globe of the world by Ptolemy (the geographer) existed in Cairo in the 14th century. Arabic literature also contains numerous tantalizing mentions of "lost maps.” The 10th century author Ibn Nadim, for example, speaks of a Persian map of the world drawn on silk in colored paints, conceivably a copy of a classical map, but in any case lost to history. But perhaps some day, an early map will be discovered. In 1955, a cartographer named M. Destombes announced the discovery of Ferdinand Magellan’s own chart of his epochal circumnavigatio n of the world. No one had known it existed, but Destombes found it in the archives of the Istanbul library, very near where Piri Re’is map of 1513 was found.
Did the Nabataeans reach Antarctica and South America?

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False Positives

James Doogue on the Corny Virus here in the U.S.:

The percentage of 'positives', clearly shows the first and second wave, and that numbers, in terms of percentage positives have turned the corner.

The total number of daily deaths hasn't climbed with the absolute number of positive tests being returned. In fact it follows a similar pattern the the percentage of positives. In the graph you can see the two waves.

With the number of positive tests increasing in the US, when the number of deaths aren't, that can be a reflection of how many asymptomatic positives there are as well as improved treatment regimes. But the latter is less likely to be a key factor, because it it were, the number of deaths would still follow the number of positives results, just at a lower gradient.

So we can only conclude that either the second wave is less virulent, or there are a lot of false positives.

I'm leaning towards the false positive scenario the more I understand the RT-PCR testing method.

What is clear is that the higher the number of amplification cycles when the test threshold is reached in the RT-PCR assessment, the lower the likelihood the subject is infectious.

When testing to see if live cultures could be grown from samples taken from subjects who were tested positive based on the RT-PCR assessment, it was found that nearly all patients were not infections within 8 days of the onset of any symptoms. But it was found that using the RT-PCR process, patients could be deemed Covid-19 positive up to 47 days from symptom onset. That's about 5 weeks after they ceased to be infectious.
https:// www.cebm.net/ covid-19/ infectious-posit ive-pcr-test-re sult-covid-19/

Many other studies have concluded that the higher the number of amplification cycles needed to get a positive test, the lower the amount of virus present.

Of course many testing positive have never had symptoms so may never have been infectious. Yet the policy is to treat everyone testing positive as infectious and quarantine them for 14 days. And sometimes with a requirement to have two negative RT-PCR tests within 24 hours of each other as well, to be considered virus free.

Many people testing positive to Covid-19 and being compulsorily quarantined, may never have had an infectious level of Covid-19, or were not infectious at the time of the test.

Not only does this mean those people have been placed in quarantine unnecessarily, but governments have been obsessing over positive test results which are meaningless.

From my research, the US CDC and the UN WHO do not proscribe the number of amplification cycles at which people should no longer be considered infectious, other than to apply a maximum of 40 cycles. There is also no requirement for testers to report the number of cycles before a positive test was reached.

It's clear from available research that a more accurate assessment on infectiousness would be to have a lower amplification cycle cut-off along with determining the onset of any symptoms.

A high amplification cycle, and more than 8 days since the onset of any symptoms would mean the subject is not infectious, and does not need to be quarantined.

If the number of cycles is high, and the subject is asymptomatic, then they should isolate for 5 days and then be re-tested. If the test is negative, then clearly the person is not infectious and can come out of isolation. If they are positive, and the cycles are still high, but they are still asymptomatic, then again they are not infectious and can come out of isolation.

This common sense approach to testing would significantly reduce the number of people in Quarantine and also calm the panicked policy approach of some governments.
Image may contain: text that says 'Coronavirus disease United States OVERVIEW STATISTICS TESTING HEALTH INFO Daily change COPI Deaths United States All regions 3,000 All time 2,000 1,170 21 October 1,000 30 Apr 23 Jun 16 Aug 9Oct Each day shows deaths reported since the previous day Updated less than 30 mins ago Source: The New York Times About this data'

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Biden Flipped the Byrde

Jassy May doesn't pull any punches:

The senator Byrd KKK cyclops eulogizer, racist senator fulbright sycophant, segregationist enthusiast used the N word back in the day. Then he went on to be a pathological serial liar, copycat serial plagiarist, chronic fondler of girls breasts and midriffs, hair sniffer extraordinare, etc. Recently he has spent 12 years selling the interests of the USA and it's citizens for a family fortune to China, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq/Iran etc. Yet today he is The Great White Hope of the Democrat Party and the Billionaire Globalists pulling the strings.

Senate Transcripts: Biden Used N-Word Two Additional Times in 1970's

This summer, Breitbart News reportedthat Biden used the n-word a number of other times in the 1970s and 1980s in Senate hearings while quoting other people. But these two additional 1970s Senate transcripts show him using the derogatory term for black people while not quoting somebody else–and have not yet been reported here.

In a 1973 Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee hearing, for instance, Biden said the "less educated” members of his "constituency” would say things like "We don’t want no n*ggers here, boy. You understand me?”

The full quote from Biden, as it appears in U.S. Senate transcripts from that July 16, 1973, hearing, is as follows:

And you say things time and again-I-don’t mean this in an argumentative sense. My point is you say if a program is to be meaningful to the community the best test is to place the responsibility on the locally elected official who will not remain in office for long if the city decides the program is not meaningful enough. Meaningful to whom? I grant they will not stay in if it is meaningful to the needy poor and it happens to infringe upon their lovely locality. They stand up in areas like mine, the area where I live – and mine is as enlightened as any other area in the country – the educational standard I think is the second highest on a county basis nationwide – and you’re going to get people standing up and saying, ‘I love my fellow man. I am concerned about his housing. But we happen to have a sewer problem here,’ or, ‘We happen to have a school problem. We happen to have six million other problems.’ And they are saying the same thing in those areas as my less educated constituency down on a particular side of the city says, ‘We don’t want no n*ggers here, boy. You understand me?’ And they are just two different ways of saying the same thing. And I have yet to see many local officials who want. to appear in the second version of ‘Profiles in Courage.’ There aren’t a whole lot of them around.

Biden did it again in 1976 while invoking George Wallace. From a March 11, 1976, U.S. Senate transcript from a Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee hearing, here is the full quote from Biden, again using the n-word:

I’m going to say it another way I think you would agree – discrimination I’m going to say it another way I think you would agree – discrimination has become very, very sophisticated. It’s not much in vogue to be a George Wallace of the 1950’s and say we don’t like no n*ggers. You don’t say that kind of thing any more. We say we care about our black brother and we’re very concerned, while we’re doing in a surreptitious way the same thing we did when we came flat out the other way and used discriminatory language. Discrimination is harder to ferret out today, in my opinion than it ever was before because those that are in fact prejudiced have become extremely sophisticated in the way in which they can avoid the law. So that makes your job more difficult.

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October 22, 2020

Comedian who traveled country speaking to voters says polls don’t reflect ‘unprecedented support' for Trump

Dana Mathewson

That title is a bit awkward. What it means is that there is unprecedented support for Trump out there, but that the polls don't reflect it. This is something I have suspected for a long time

From Fox News:

Comedian Tim Young spent the last several months traveling across America, speaking with regular people about the election, and he has arrived to one conclusion: Mainstream media outlets who don’t think President Trump has a shot at reelection are dead wrong.

"He has unprecedented support... I wouldn’t believe the polls at all,” Young told host Steve Doocy Thursday on "Fox & Friends.”

Young, a Washington, D.C. resident, has visited California, Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Maryland, Florida, South Dakota and North Dakota since the start of the corona virus pandemic.

He recently penned a Washington Times op-ed headlined, "Why I don't believe in the polls, and you shouldn't either,” which details his encounters with voters across the nation.

"The silent majority is alive, well and growing in America — and they are staying silent or flat-out lying because they’re afraid they’ll be attacked or canceled by the left if they speak out,” Young wrote.

He explained to Doocy that it all started in a Minnesota barber shop.

"I just kind of talk to everyone around the country when I’m traveling about what they think about the polls, how COVID has affected them and I asked if anyone had been given a poll, and the barber spoke up and said he and his wife had been called by pollsters and they lied,” Young said. "They said that they were voting for Joe Biden because just down the road there were a lot of riots, not just in Minneapolis but in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and they were afraid.”

Young explained the barber and his wife were not only concerned about violent mobs, but they also feared that their business could be targeted if they admitted to being Trump supporters.

The article is here: https://www.foxnews.com/media/tim-young-trump-polls-comedian People are becoming increasingly skeptical of polls and pollsters as well. Is this a good thing? Hard to say. I won't talk to them; actually, I don't answer the phone if I don't recognize the caller-ID.

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Harris Ties to Biden/China

Timothy Birdnow

Lookie here!

Report: Kamala Harris Listed as 'Key Contact' for Biden Family Business Venture in China

The plot thickens!

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Chinese Dark Money Meddles with Elections

From Joe Bastardi

The other (even bigger) Biden scandal: "The Chinese companies donating money to the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement include: China National Aviation Holding Co., Ltd., China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd., E-House (China) Holdings Co., Ltd., Longfor Group Holdings Ltd., Noah Holdings Ltd., State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, KWG Group Holdings Ltd., Shanghai Institute of International Studies, Bank of Communications Co., Ltd., Ping An Bank Co., Ltd., China Zheshang Bank Co., Ltd., Hainan Airlines Co., Ltd., SAIC Motor Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Pearl River Enterprises Group Ltd., China Everbright Group Ltd., etc., and the total amount of funds from identified donors reaches over $25 million.” The U.S. Department of Education has been asked to investigate why these payments from a foreign hostile country were not previously reported.

How CCP Meddles with U.S. Elections with Dark Money

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The Hunt for Red Octjoeber

Timothy Birdnow

Got this from James Covington:

Image may contain: text that says 'BIDEN HARRIS Three Red Banners Three Red Banners (Chinese: 三面红旗) was an ideological slogan in the late 1950s which called on the Chinese people to build a socialist state. The 'Three Red Banners' also called the 'Three Red Flags,' consisted of the General Line for socialist construction, the Great Leap Forward and the people's communes.1[2)3'

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Collapsing Covid

This from Walter Ohlinger:

This graph is published daily on the Johns Hopkins site. It caused quite a stir last week. We are now covid testing up to 1.1 million people each day with a positive rate of about 5%. Deaths "with"covid are now approximately 500 per day. If 5% of us have covid, that means that 16.5 million could have it on any given day. If two weeks is the run time for covid that means that, perhaps, over 1 million more people per day are done with covid and walking around with antibodies. End the fear. Politely social distance. Carry on.

Image may contain: ‎text that says '‎1.2M 1M 0.6M D.8M פ MA 0.4M 20% 0.2M 15% no 10% Apr 2020 May 2020 Jun 2020 Jul 2020 Percentage positive tests (7-day moving average) Aug 2020 5% Daily total tests Sep 2020 Oct 2020 Daily positive tests‎'‎

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