May 26, 2019

California Spiritually Sodomizes School Children

Timothy Birdnow

California kindergartens may soon be teaching children that there are fifteen genders.

Close your mouths, please, or you'll catch flies.

According to this report:

The California Department of Education’s proposed Health Education Framework for K-3 students, which would be mandatory with no opt-out option for parents, promotes a decidedly liberal perspective on gender and sexuality many parents would likely disagree with, and some educators are speaking up, Christian Headlines reports.

Chapter three of the proposed guidelines encourages teachers to "discuss gender with kindergartners by exploring gender stereotypes and asking open-ended questions, such as what are preferred colors, toys, and activities for boys/girls, and then challenging stereotypes if presented.

The "brights" running the California board of ed are promoting books like "my princess boy" to further destabilize and dehumanize young minds. I would call this child abuse, but it would insult most abusers who have the decency to just beat the kids. This is a far worse act.

This is psycho-sexual violence on a mass scale. It is psychological and spiritual rape.

This is where Humanism has carried us; we now deny the existence of sexes, as we think ourselves gods.

Last time I checked gods don't prance about in women's clothing and hang around in bars.

This is the end result of placing human desires and human pride ahead of Nature and Nature's God. Once the Left eliminated God from our schools and drove Christ from our public spaces there was a vacuum, and it had to be filled. A vile, perverted god now occupies that space. And still these people push boldly forward, demanding the right to sodomize our youth in mind and spirit.

What gets me is that many of the people advocating this are the same people who would attack the catholic Church for hiding pedophilia. If pedophilia is wrong (and that is the understatement of the year) than how much more is transgenderism? In both cases you are fundamentally violating the rights of the child.

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Gillette continues to committ Hari-Kari

Timothy Birdnow

Gillette, is determined to put itself out of the shaving business. Not content with insulting men everywhere with their "toxic masculinity" adds, they now have an ad showing a guy teaching his "transgendered" son aka daughter how to shave her face.

It is no longer possible to do parody in the modern world; the most biting satire is mild next to what is actually coming out of the Progressive mind these days.

I don''t kno who is pushing this at Gillette, but the board at the venerable company needs to intervene soon or they will "woke" themselves right out of business.

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Brennan Still has Security Clearance

Timothy Birdnow

Despite revoking John Brennan's security clearance last July, Deep State operatives prevented it from happening, and Brennan still has his clearance as of today.

According to Gateway Pundit:

According to a report out by the New York Times, John Brennan still has his security clearance because the White House never followed through with the complex bureaucratic work it would have taken to strip the clearance.

Attempts to revoked Brennan’s security clearance were "hampered by aides who slow-rolled the President and by Justice Department officials who fought Trump, warning he was jeopardizing national security,” reported the Times.

Tom Fitton, head of Judicial Watch, confirms that Brennan still has access to top secret information.

What kind of government allows a man who has launched a Jihad against the sitting President to have access to information he can use against him? This is banana republic stuff.

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SCOTUS Stays Redistricting Orders

Timothy Birdnow

The U.S. Supreme Court has set aside lower court rulings that overturned Congressional redistricting maps that did not favor Democrats, pending a SCOTUS hearing.

According to this article:

Republicans in Michigan came to the Supreme Court the same day, asking the justices to block an April 25 order that barred the state from using portions of its legislative and congressional maps on the ground that they too were the product of unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering by Republicans. The officials emphasized that the lower court’s order – which would require the state to draw new maps by August 1 – was "on the brink of throwing Michigan’s political system into unnecessary chaos” and would require the state to "devote massive resources,” which would ultimately come out of the public purse, to comply.

All four requests went first to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who handles emergency appeals from the geographic region that includes Ohio and Michigan. Sotomayor referred them to the full court, which today granted them. Each of today’s orders indicated that the lower court’s orders would be put on hold pending either "the timely filing and disposition of an appeal” to the Supreme Court or "further order of this Court.”

The article in the Left wing Scotusblog kept referring to it as "unconstitutional Gerrymandering" which is a.not in violation of the Constitution as nowhere is the practice mentioned in said document and b. in the eye of teh beholder. The fact is the Democrats are the sorest of sore losers and are angry they don't control redistricting. There is a reason why redistricting is left to the individual state legislatures; the peoplle of a given state have spoken by electing their state reps and thus it is THEIR will. As always, the great Progressives love the will of the People as long as it comports with their own. When it does not they immediately go to the unelected courts, as in these cases.

Redistricting is entirelly a political act and courts of law should have little if anything to say about the matter. That is part of Separation of Powers, and of Federalism.

It's always all about power to the Left.

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Double Standards

Timothy Birdnow

Here is a story that got me thinking; a county board member in outstate Illinois is being charged with felony charges for putting a tracking device on a highway department employee's car.

From the Belleville News Democrat article:

Nordike, 52, of Aviston, was charged with official misconduct, a Class 3 felony, and unlawful use of an electronic tracking device, a Class A misdemeanor. His first appearance in court is scheduled June 18 for a preliminary hearing.

Charging documents state that Nordike is accused of tracking Ron Becker, who works in the county highway department, through the county car he drives.

Why did he do it? Well, he wanted accountability:

"Mr. Nordike campaigned for the position of Clinton County Board member on a platform of fiscal accountability to the taxpayers of Clinton County by the officials and employees of Clinton County,” the statement read. "Since first taking his oath of office, Mr. Nordike has strived to fulfill that campaign promise.

"It should come as no surprise that, in pursuit of that objective, Mr. Nordike has ruffled some feathers within the county, and he has encountered some resistance.”

Nordike declined to comment further on the charges when reachAnyed by phone Friday. According to the statement, he pleaded not guilty.

My guess is he knew this individual was not doing his or her job and he wanted to prove it.

So why is this interesting? A local county board member may well go to prison for spying on employees, but the very top of our national security and law enforcement apparatus - men like John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, James Baker, Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, etc. can spy on a Presidential candidate and then set out to destroy him when he becomes President, and we are supposed to just ignore that. Why does a low level guy get held to strict account but not the top brass?


They used a fake dossier produced by a British spy and commissioned by Trump's opponent Hillary Clinton to justify getting a warrant to spy on Trump and have used the last two years to completely paralyze the Trump Administration with endless accusations and sent numerous people to jail or worse to hide their crimes.

Joesph Goebbles would understand; a small lie will not do - you have to tell the Big Lie.

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Bart Starr - RIP

Timothy Birdnow

Bart Starr - the great Quarterback of the GrenBay Packers during the old glory days of Vince Lombardi - has passed away. He was 85.

Starr had suffered a heart attack and two strokes and was in poor health.

Starr was the last of a bygone era, where football was a ground game and was enforced by the shoulder and the the arm - not the mouth. In those days it was the John Wayne sport; now it's the Eddie Murphy.

Starr will be missed; another great, red blooded American leaves the scene. How long before there are ftoo few such Americans to hold the tapestry together?

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Don't want no short people...

Timothy Birdnow

A very old friend posted this on Facebook, where she referred to them as "disgusting creatures". I was shocked;  I misread the title and thought it was about an invasion of Little People. Sure glad we cleared that up.

Midges return to Northeast Ohio.

Anyone remember the Randy Newman song?

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May 25, 2019

Trump Declassifies Swamp Docs

Fay Voshell

Well; well. Declassification at laaast…

Trump Orders FBI, CIA To "Fully Cooperate" With Barr; Grants "Full And Complete Authority To Declassify"

Dana Mathewson responds "Yes. And wouldn't you know it, Brennan, Cra... excuse me, Clapper and the other usual suspects are up in arms about it. You'd think they'd welcome the chance to clear their names and show they were being good little Boy Scouts all the while, wouldn't you?

But apparently not.

Former CIA Director John Brennan and former DNI James Clapper blasted President Trump on Friday night for directing Attorney General William Barr to declassify documents related to the surveillance of his campaign during the 2016 election, calling it "outrageous."

"I see it as a very, very serious and outrageous move on the part of Mr. Trump, once again, trampling on the statutory authorities of the Director of National Intelligence and the heads of the independent intelligence agencies," Brennan told MSNBC host Chris Hayes. "And it's unclear to me what Mr. Barr is actually going to do. Is he investigating a crime? Well, what's the predication of that crime? Or he is just going to be looking for information... that Mr. Trump can just give to his defenders on the right and cherry-pick information that could be taken out of context?"


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Naomi Wolf screws up whole book

Warner Todd Houston makes the following observation:

This is hilarious. Naomi Wolf wrote an entire book to scold Britain for its past practice of executing men because they committed the crime of sodomy (because they were gay).

But in this interview she learns that the executions she claims occurred probably did not occur because she did not understand the legal term of sentence passed on them.

In the British court records, the term "death recorded" shows up over and over again in cases of sodomy and Wolf assumed it meant the sentence of death was carried out and their "death was recorded."

But it turns out that the term DID NOT mean a death sentence was carried out.

It turns out "death recorded" means that the sentence was imposed BUT NOT carried out because the state wanted to AVOID executing the men convicted.

So, she attacks Britain for executing gays when Britain did not execute gays at all!

She is confronted about this in an interview and it is totally hilarious:

Edmund Hochreiter on Twitter

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AOC Beclowns herself over Tornadoes; is taken down by Meteorologist

Timothy Birdnow

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks that tornadoes in Washington D.C. are somehow proof of Global Warming.

From the Blaze:

"Apparently the tornado moved/missed the city so quickly that they ended the warning shortly after," Ocasio-Cortez continued. "Apparently this is a thing that happens in the summer here? With increasing intensity?"

The freshman lawmaker went on to share a PBS story that examined a study trying to determine whether climate change worsens the effects of tornadoes. She quoted the piece, writing, "Rather than lie squarely in the Great Plains, America's tornadoes appear to be sliding into the Midwest and Southeast."

Ocasio-Cortez told her followers, "Tornadoes are challenging to link to climate change links due to their nature (geographically, limited, acute patterns, how they form, etc.), but we DO know that tornadoes HAVE been changing. They are no longer limited to the Great Plains, and are shifting to other regions of the country."

"The climate crisis is real, y'all," she added. "Guess we're at casual tornadoes in growing regions of the country."

AOC is from New York and does not use the phrase "y'all. What a pretentious liar.

She was quickly taken to task by meteorologist Ryan Maue :

On Twitter, Maue wrote, "The Congresswoman @AOC does not know the difference between weather and climate. Let's try an easy analogy: Weather is what outfit you wear heading out the door. Climate is your closet wardrobe."

He also added, "I thought this was fake but it's from @AOC Instagram story. No idea what she means with 'casual tornadoes' and how this line of severe thunderstorms is proof of any 'climate crisis.' It's just the weather in D.C."

The word fool comes to mind, but that would insult fools everywhere. This woman is shallow as a puddle. She reads mainstream media for all her information, because she's too lazy to dig any deeper. The fact is there have been tornadoes in the south all along. If she'd bother to do her own research rather than rely on biased media reporting she would know that. She would, for instance know of the March 21–22, 1932
tornado outbreak in the deep South which killed more than 330 people. This was not in Oklahoma or Nebraska or Kansas; it was in Alabama and Mississippi, Tennessee and South Carolina, etc. and caused massive devastation.  In fact here is a list of major tornadoes in the U.S. in wikipedia - certainly she knows how to use that? You will notice that a great many tornadoes were in New England, in Minnesota, and in the Deep South.

One thing you can say for AOC, she sure isn't afraid to expose herself for a fool.

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Dems sue Little Sisters for Abortion and Contraception - Again!

Timothy Birdnow

They're at it again! Democrats are suing the Little Sisters of the Poor AGAIN demanding they provide free contraception for employees in violation of their religious beliefs.

Life Site News has the story:

After fighting a lengthy battle against the Obama administration to defend their religious liberty, their ministries to the poor and elderly, and their very existence, the sisters had finally found relief when the Trump administration granted them an exemption.

Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro now wants to take that exemption away from the Little Sisters of the Poor and again force them to comply with the Health and Human Services (HHS) birth control mandate. If Shapiro prevails and the sisters resist, they will be forced to pay tens of millions of dollars in fines.

"Despite a 2016 victory at the U.S. Supreme Court, an Executive Order, and a new rule that protects the Little Sisters of the Poor and other non-profit religious groups from the unconstitutional HHS mandate, the Little Sisters are still in court,” notes a statement by Becket Law, the attorney group representing the Little Sisters of the Poor. "In November 2017, after the federal government issued their new rule protecting religious groups from the mandate, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and several other states sued in federal court to take away the nuns’ hard-won religious exemption.”

"This lawsuit, and the one similarly perpetuated by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, exists solely to stomp on the religious liberties of a group of women serving the poor and needy,” wrote Washington Examiner commentator Nicole Russell. "It has nothing to do with anyone’s violation of the law.”

The case will be heard by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit.

George Soros knew what he was doing when he established his Prosecuting Attorneys Project; if you can file lawsuits, no matter how ridiculous, you have the power to impose your will. If nothing else you bankrupt your opposition while using taxpayer dollars. Nobody had thought of that. And so now we have out-of-control prosecutors going after people like the Little Sisters, violating their First Amendment rights.


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Amazon Backs Down on sSale of Hizbollah Book

Bob Redmond

Amazon Pulls Hezbollah Deputy Leader's Book After Israeli Media Outcry

This week Amazon pulled a controversial book being sold throughitswebsite after Israeli media led an outcry against it,charging the US retail giant with hosting Hezbollah propaganda containingincitement to violence against Israelis written by the group's second in command.

"Hezbollah: The Story from Within" was published in 2010 byNaim Qassem, the deputy head of Hezbollah, who is a designatedinternational terrorist by the United States. The rare "insider account" of Iran-backed Hezbollah has beentranslated into several languages and had reportedlylong beenavailable in English through"

End excerpt

I Looked on Ebay and they have a few copies for sale, tried to send the seller a message but the message center to the seller was shut down.

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Hypocritic Oaf

Timothy Birdnow

Tim McNbbb forwards this

'I’m an OB/GYN—All Abortions Should Be Legal. No Exceptions.'

I make the following observation:

The Hippocratic Oath this oaf swore to uphold specifically forbids abortion. How does Dr. Ripper resolve that little conflict? The purpose of medicine is to save lies, not take them.

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Missouri Capitalal hit by Tornado just as they pass abortion ban

Timothy Birdnow

A friend on Facebook lives in the Jefferson City Mo. area and pointed out:

First the tornado, then the flooding in North Jefferson City near the capitol. As of yesterday afternoon, it had already begun.

I started pondering this. You know, the Missouri legislature just passed a strong anti-abortion bill despite strong opposition - even from Republican donors. Governor Parsons signed the bill and it is now Missouri law.

For now.

I find it interesting that Jefferson City should be smote by this tornado at this time; it's as if Satan wants to punish them for doing the right thing. I know it's passe' to discuss such things, but the fact is oftentimes when doing something moral one is beset by endless troubles, as though some entity doesn't want you to do it. If you don't like the term Satan -fine; call it negativism, or the cult of death, but in the end the Missouri Republicans stood fast and strangely are being punished by forces of nature. I can tell you it isn't God doing the punishing here; He's the one who sent the baby to begin with.

No good deed goes unpunished, the old saying goes. Was the tornado just a tornado?

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A Bronx Veggie Tale

Timothy Birdnow

Selwyn Duke's latest:

Anti-white "Vegetableism”? AOC Compares Growing Cauliflower to "Colonialism”

From the article:

As Fox News reports:

Cortez said Sunday that growing cauliflower in community gardens is part of the "colonial” attitudes that her Green New Deal will stamp out.

The New York Democrat, who introduced the proposal to tackle climate change by radically transforming the economy, posted a series of Instagram videos filmed in her home state talking about community gardens as a "core component” of her proposal.

"What I love too is growing plants that are culturally familiar to the community. It’s so important,” she said as she filmed a community garden in the Bronx.

"So that’s really how you do it right. That is such a core component of the Green New Deal is having all of these projects make sense in a cultural context, and it’s an area that we get the most pushback on because people say, ‘Why do you need to do that? That's too hard.’”

She went on to add.... "But when you really think about it — when someone says that it’s ‘too hard’ to do a green space that grows [yuca] instead of, I don’t know, cauliflower or something — what you’re doing is you’re taking a colonial approach to environmentalism,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

The congresswoman continued, "That is why a lot of communities of color get resistant to certain environmentalist movements because they come with the colonial lens on them” (video below). Or, I dunno’, it could be that they’re preoccupied with the drive-by shootings, rampant drug use, high illegitimacy rates, and other evils characterizing the Democrat-run cities in which they must survive.

I guess milk is out, too, since it clearly is white and is made by repressing cattle, forcing them into pens where some crusty old white dude pulls on v arious body parts.

Selwyn ends in a flourish:

It’s a good reason to make sure that the people you take advice from have more wisdom than ego — and are at least somewhat smarter than a vegetable.

Isn't THAT the truth!

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May 23, 2019

Establishment Nixes Space Force, Promotes UFO Investigation

Timothy Birdnow

The Deep State has killed Space Force.

From American Greatness:

Every delay due to bureaucratic inertia or petty partisanship weakens the military’s ability to defend itself in space. American space policy continues toward atrophy while the military and civilian (one in the same) programs of Russia and China grow stronger and more efficient—posing hitherto unimaginable threats to our country’s essential satellite constellations, as well as to our national prestige.

When Russia deploys space stalkers—tiny, fast-moving satellites with powerful grappling claws designed to push the Army’s critical Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellites (there are 10 of them) out of orbit—before their tanks blitzkrieg into another Eastern European state (something likely to happen soon, unless the administration can negotiate the mother-of-all geopolitical deals with Moscow, yet another thing our foolish "Deep State” is preventing), blame Congress. Or, when China blinds the Navy’s Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) constellation in geosynchronous orbit before they invade Taiwan, just remember that it was the petty politics of the NeverTrumpers in Washington, D.C. who made these new age surprise attacks possible.

The author is absolutely correct; the Russians and Chinese have been working to develop all manner of space-based weaponry and intel systems. They have satellite killers. They have ways to trick our satellites. We grow increasingly vulnerable as we become more dependent on systems that our rivals can destroy or manipulate. This is not a stable situation.

What gave America her post-WWII dominance? It was our victory in the skies. We didn't try to fight with battle ships or large troops as was done in the past, and we wound up becoming the word's great air power. Space is an extension of that, the true "high ground". Whoever controls space controls the future. That's why the Russians and Chinese are trying so hard to do so.

Just the idea that we were going to modernize, to create a space force, put great pressure on the Sino-Soviet Axis. They know that if we get serious we will win. They need to keep us complacent while they move steadily forward, and at some point we will find we have lost the space race. Sadly, our "leaders" in America are too intent on puny political scraps.

This hyper-partisanship is going to cost us dearly in the years to come.

Oh, wait; we have been spending money on space defense! The Pentagon has researching UFO's. Clearly they have their priorities straight; we need protection from those tall, skinny green dudes with the giant heads (well, Obama may have been one of 'em, so maybe we really do!)

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Facebook Election Tampering in Europe

Timothy Birdnow

Facebook colludes to tamper with the E.U. election.

From the article:

Facebook has taken down nearly 80 pages spreading fake news or using tactics that appeared aimed at unfairly influencing the European Parliament vote this weekend, an NGO reported Wednesday (22 May).

The US-based Avaaz online activist group said it had alerted Facebook to more than 500 pages and accounts suspected of fuelling disinformation campaigns.

"Together, they were followed by 32 million people and generated 67 million ‘interactions’ (comments, likes, shares) in the last three months alone,” Avaaz said.

As a result, Facebook shut 77 pages and 230 accounts, mainly spreading inflammatory far-right fake news, in Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Poland, it said.

The pages alone had a total of six million followers, which Avaaz said was nearly three times the number of followers for all the main far-right and euroskeptic parties in Europe combined, including Italy’s League, Germany’s AfD and France’s National Rally.

So Facebook, at the behest of a left wing American organization, is simply erasing opposing viewpoints in Europe.

And in case there is any doubt about who the target is in this little electronic putsch:

Facebook and other social media have been under intense pressure to crack down on fake news ahead of the European Parliament vote, which opinion polls suggest could see far-right parties make significant gains.

The social networking giant has set up a multilingual team in Dublin to monitor for illicit or fake content and block any suspicious activities, such as fake accounts or spamming.

"Every day we block millions of fake accounts, and continue to deploy smarter technologies and better defences. But we are in an arms race against sophisticated and dedicated adversaries that want to attempt to manipulate public debate,” Facebook said in a statement to AFP.

So, the Establishment in the E.U. is out to suppress the "right wing" aka those who want to retain their nations. And Facebook is happy to oblige.

If Facebook can materially influence European elections, how is that different than the Russians trying to influence American elections? And isn't it clear that if they can do it there they will do it here as well?

Facebook seriously needs to be broken up as a trust.

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Nexit or Nix it?

Timothy Birdnow

Coming up - Nexit!

From the EU. Observer:

A Dutch EU exit, or Nexit, is not an option on the ballot box and MEPs have nothing to say about individual member states' membership.

But Rutte argued that the EU vote were very important elections, because of the possibility, suggested by many polls, that Baudet's party would emerge on top.

Forum for Democracy is the main challenger on the right, doing much better in polls than the other, perhaps better known, anti-EU party, Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom.

Rutte called for the debate between him and Baudet after Forum for Democracy, only 31 months old as a political party, came out as the largest party in the country's provincial elections two months ago.

This from one of the founding members of the European Union. There should be no debate about this.

But there is, and it ultimately goes back to the E.U. policies on immigration. The Dutch have always been easy on immigration, but now they are starting to see their culture being swallowed up to provide cheap labor for the wealthy elites.

Bear in mind, this is a pro-E.U. website, so it is going to pump up the "remainers". The fact that they've had to address this speaks volumes.

Time is running out for the West. These big multinational entities are sysematically erasing Western civilization, and nations like Holland need to act now to survive. But people are foolish, and people are selfish, and I fear the majority won't get it until it is too late.

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A Thousand Pardons for Light Blogging

Timothy Birdnow

Dear readers; I apologize for the skimpiness of The Aviary this last week. I've been under the weather, Dana has had to take a job, and Jack has been otherwise occupied. I promise to get this thing back on track in due course.


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Democratic Midgets and the upcoming Election

Timothy Birdnow

Here is a conversation between myself, Fay Voshell, and Dana Mathewson. I thought readers may be interested in it.


Fay Voshell observes:

Beto and the other couple dozen candidates have already lost the nomination
>>>because Biden, backed by the Obama/Clinton syndicate want a toady of their own
>>>making--but one who appears jolly and harmless. Biden gives an avuncular
>>>appearance while embracing every idea of the radical Left, including abortion on
>>>demand throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy and beyond.
>>>He is the current puppet of choice for the puppet masters. If he won, he would
>>>not be president. The puppet masters would be president.

Dana replies

>>AMEN, dear sister! You have hit the nail squarely on the head. Such would be the
>>>case even if Biden had all his marbles, instead of having to have his wife -- or
>>>an aide -- pull the instruction sheet out of his dresser drawer and show it to
>>>him every morning. You know, the one that says:


>If the GOP had anything on the ball they would mention Joe's brain problems and
>>use that to argue against his being President. Of course, they will try to go
>>the high road, meaning let Octoplugs off the hook....

Dana Replies:
>>I hear ya. Ever Trump was the only one who ever dared go after McVain for HIS

tim replies:

>Yep - Trump was the only guy with the cajones. I don't know why the GOP ibecame
>so timid. Politics isn't for the squeemish, and the Democrats never shrink back
>from these sorts of attacks, but he Reopublicans seem to think they are somehow
>above them. That they have done as well as they have in national politics is a
>testament not tot heir ability but to the radical nature of the Democrats.
>Nobody would vote Reopublican by choice.
Dana Mathewson

>We have to hope the economy holds, because "real people" will vote for that.
>Trump keeps pulling them in to his rallies, and he'll keep on having them.
>That reminds me, I must check my popcorn inventory.

Tim repolies:

That's why I suspect a dirty trick to crash the economy between now and 2020. Watch the Fed; there was a reason why the Democrats resisted putting two Trump nominees there. Right now the Fed could crash this boom.

Also, watch for something overseas. Should Iran close the Strait of hormuz or something similar happen that spiked oil prices just before the election, the public might turn on Trump.

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