November 27, 2018

Obama Judge lets Terrorist off with Alford Plea

Timothy Birdnow

A judge in Obama's adopted home town of Chicago has accepted an Alford Plea in a terrorism case. An Alford Plea is a plea where the accused does not admit wrongdoing but admits there is enough evidence against him to get a conviction in a trial.

This is highly unusual in a terrorism case as it generally leads to a weaker sentence. more...

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Loose ends -- from Power Line

Dana Mathewson

Power Line contributor Steven Hayward is a conservative college professor from California. Indeed, he must be the ONLY conservative college professor in California now that Victor Davis Hanson is retired. Hayward is the guy who compiles the Week in Pictures (and, it appears, creates most of those "Hitler Discovers" videos).

This is ALL mandatory reading, including the picture, and especially his deft skewering of Light Rail. So I'm sending it to the whole gang. Enjoy!

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Some More Hidden Truth About Wind Power And Why It Costs More Than We're Led To Believe

Dana Mathewson

From an article on Power Line

In Wisconsin, a wind turbine farm is being decommissioned and disassembled after only 20 years of operation. It turns out that this is typical.

What’s really surprising about these wind turbines being decommissioned after 20 years is the fact that people were surprised by it. You’d be astonished at how many people I talk to have no idea that wind turbines only last for 20 years, maybe 25. In fact, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory says the useful life of a wind turbine is only 20 years.

The short usable lifespan of a wind turbine is one of the most important, but least-talked about subjects in energy policy.

In contrast to wind, coal, natural gas, and nuclear plants can run for a very long time. Coal and natural gas plants can easily run for 50 years, and nuclear plants can be updated and retrofitted to run for 60 years. This has profound implications for the cost of electricity on a per megawatt hour basis that seemingly no one is talking about.

When the federal government puts out their cost projections for energy, the numbers they produce are called the Levelized Cost of Energy, or LCOE. These numbers are supposed to act as a measuring stick that allows policymakers to determine which energy sources will best serve their needs, but these numbers are wrong because they assume all power plants, whether they are wind, coal, natural gas, or nuclear will have a 30-year payback period.

This does two things. It artificially reduces the cost of wind power by allowing them to spread their costs over 30 years, when 20 would be much more appropriate, and it artificially inflates the cost of coal, natural gas, and nuclear by not calculating the cost over the entirety of their reasonable lifetimes.

There's more, but you're not really surprised to learn that the government is gaming the system, are you?  Article is here:

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Hysterical Rivera Rants about Caravan on The Five

Timothy Birdnow

The media and their Democratic allies are all wee-wee'd up (to borrow a phrase from Obama) about the use of tear gas on the so-called "refugees" at the border.

Fox News' Hispanic answer to Elizabeth Warren's Cherokee nationalism, Geraldo Rivera (aka Jerry Riviera) exploded on The Five Monday on Fox News: more...

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Barbara Steisand thinks Women are stupid

Jack Kemp

I've got a few choice words for Barbra involving street Hebrew, Arabic and Russian - but I won't repeat them here. What I will say here is that Barbra is as ugly inside as she is on the outside. The entire ground floor of Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's combined don't contain enough makeup to cover up Barbra Streisand's ugliness because it is soul deep.

Barbra Streisand: Pro-Trump women too weak to think different than husbands, intimidated by articulate Hillary


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Geo-engineering: Ignoring the consequences

Paul Driessen

Thanks to excitable and irrational claims by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we are starting to see a revival of ‘geo-engineering’ proposals, attempts to modify the Earth’s climate on a global scale. These ‘solutions’ to the supposed global warming crisis include potentially catastrophic plans like trying to mimic the cooling effects of volcanic eruptions by seeding the upper atmosphere with sun-light blocking particulates.

In this article Tom Harris and historical climatologist Dr. Tim Ball note that equally extreme solutions were proposed during the 1970s, when the world was worried about global cooling. Had these plans actually been carried out, the warming trend that followed would have been amplified.

This raises the question: What if we artificially cool the Earth just before it heads into another natural global cooling period, which many experts say has already started?


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New Democrat Party protest song

Jack Kemp

Most of you have heard this before in another context..

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Obama tried...

Jack Kemp

Obama criticized Christianity and America at a White House Prayer Breakfast - and also tried to force nuns to pay for abortions. Pres. Trump does this...

White House Invites Singing Nuns forAnnual Christmas Tree Lighting

House has invited a renowned group of Catholic nuns to sing at this year's National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony along with other performers. The Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist have released three Billboard and Amazon number-one, classical chart-topping recordings, including a holiday album titled Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring: Christmas with The Dominican Sisters of Mary. (Snip) although the sisters just celebrated their 20th anniversary, they have already grown to over 130 members with an average age of only 28

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Ocasio-Cortez' next Presser

Jack Kemp

Reporter: Do you like Mars Bars?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

The U.S. has no business sending spaceships to set up the selling liquor on another planet when poor people here don't have enough to eat! And just how does Trump think he can stop the liquor - and tips - glasses from just floating away?

Jack observes:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks a Julian Calendar is something on the wall at Orange Julius stores.

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Graham V. Ocasio-Cortez

Jack Kemp

From Townhall:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted this message:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @Ocasio2018
Asking to be considered a refugee & applying for status isn't a crime.

It wasn't for Jewish families fleeing Germany.
It wasn't for targeted families fleeing Rwanda.
It wasn't for communities fleeing war-torn Syria.
And it isn't for those fleeing violence in Central America.


And Sen. Lindsey Graham had this reply tweet (to the twit):

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) doesn't see it that way. The migrant caravan approaching the U.S. border and Nazi Germany don't compare, he told her in a tweet on Monday. To witness real suffering, he invited Ocasio-Cortez to pay a visit to the D.C. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.


She's also wrong about that business about Jews fleeing Nazi Germany. Did Occasional-Cortex ever hear of the S.S. St. Louis? That was a German liner full of Jewish refugees who were denied any entry into the U.S. That was not uncommon; the official Roosevelt policy was to turn Jewish refugees away. Occasional Cortex seems to be unaware of this little detail.

She also seems not to understand the difference between refugees and economic immigrants. These "migrants" are clearly the latter; they want in to feed off of the economic success of America and for little else. They are in no immanent danger.

She also fails to understand that they are breaking the law by climbing over the fence rather than coming in an authorized port of entry, and that throwing rocks at border patrol agents is hardly a way to ask for help.

BTW, many of us were against letting the "Syrians" in too, because they were clearly being sent out as a type of invasive force by ISIS.

This woman is horrendously ignorant.

Mr. Kemp concurs:

Alexandria doesn't know her gluteus maximus from her olecranon fossa (her a** from her elbow).


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November 26, 2018

What Could Possibly Go Wrong With This Method of Vetting Gun Purchases?

Dana Mathewson

I mean, if you trust everything you read on social media, I suppose this is a good idea. Maybe it even rates a "3" on a scale of 1 to 10 -- but only if you're using a logarithmic scale like the Richter Scale.

That's why a Democrat politician from New York City is pushing it (tell me you're surprised). And it appears that the guy has some skeletons rattling in his own closet. But that's no problem, as Democrats are afraid of guns, as we all know; they hire others to carry guns for them.

Be careful what you tweet,if you hope to someday lawfully own a firearm in New York state.

A Democratic state lawmaker from Brooklyn has submitted a bill calling for all gun-license applicants to let the government review their social media posts going back three years and their internet searches going back one year.

Investigators would then look [for] "any good cause for the denial of a license," such as racial slurs, threats of violence and terrorism-related posts.

But the bill's sponsor, state Sen. Kevin Parker, has a history of his own legal skirmishes.

Parker was convicted in 2010 of roughing up a New York Post photographer-- and allegedly did the same to a traffic agent in 2005, but avoided punishment by agreeing to undergo anger management training.

In addition, government records cited by the Post in 2017 indicated Parker owed more than $50,000 in property taxes and water bills.

As for his background-check bill, gun-license applicants would surrender their passwords for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and subject to scrutiny their search histories on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.

Nope. I don't think so, folks. But I have a counter-offer. Let's require the same kind of scrutiny for people who wish to hire armed bodyguards -- make them justify them.

The article is found here:

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Hillary Blasts Europe's Open Border Policy

Dana Mathewson

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally -- and is criticized when it does. he-blasts-europes-open-border-policy

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Even "The New Yorker" is getting why Trump won

Jack Kemp

An article about Ron Shaich, the founder of Panera Bread, and his slow growth philosophy that treats customers like...well, customers....instead of commodities in The New Yorker magazine also has Mr. Shaich explaining why Donald Trump won the Presidency. For a magazine that often has a snarky front cover illustration mocking President Trump this article is an incredible reconnection to the reality of life in America beyond the confines of Manhatan

Here below is a significant quote from the article. I suggest you read the whole piece here.


I more...

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Give thanks that we no longer live on the precipice

Paul Driessen

Thanksgiving is a good time to express our sincere gratitude that we no longer live on a precipice, in hunter-gatherer, subsistence farmer and primitive urban industrial societies – where backbreaking labor and wretched poverty were the norm; starvation was a drought, war or long winter away; and diseases and infections were addressed by herbs, primitive medicine and superstition. Our lives were certainly "eco-friendly,” but life spans averaged around 40 years.

Then, suddenly, a great miracle! Beginning around 1800, health, prosperity and life expectancy began to climb … eventually reaching the point where the average American today lives longer, healthier and better than even royalty did a mere century ago


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Fox News reporter responds to woman calling her a "Barbie"

Jack Kemp

You go, girl.

A great response to a cheap shot catty attempt at an insult, made by another woman, no less. It is summarized below from a website:

From the article:

"Bream had responded to a tweet about her comments on former President Obama being critical of the U.S. Supreme Court when another Twitter user chimed in, calling Bream "Barbie'. Even more worthy of an eye roll than the intended insult was the fact that the person tweeting was a woman.

"Barbie, criticism allowed. Deliberate destruction of the reputation of one of the foundations
of the Republic to sow dischord to gin up his base to come to his aid should Mueller or impeachment make it necessary, that is new by Trump and unacceptable"

Bream dropped an explosive reality check on Halli Casser-Jayne, who is herself an author, blogger and talk show host.

:I'm never sure if people calling me Barbie is supposed to be an insult? I mean she has been a surgeon, paleontologist, served in every branch of the military, firefighter, architect, pilot, computer engineer, astronaut, etc. I'm just a measly law school honors grad"

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Casino Night at the Church

Dana Mathewson

This of course reminds me of the joke, which you all probably have heard, about the minister, the priest and the rabbi (oh, what a wonderful joke genre) who used to meet once a week for a penny-ante poker game and chat about the week's events. Sure, it was illegal on the face of it, but I'm not sure they even kept their winnings. Doesn't matter. But somehow the local cop got tipped off (probably by somebody who was annoyed that he wasn't included) and he came clumping up the stairs, leaving the worthy clergymen just time to hide the cards and the coins.

The cop was annoyed as all get-out not to see any actual evidence of gambling, but he trusted his source, and decided to interrogate each one singly. Starting with the Protestant minister, he boomed "Rev. Jones, were you gambling?"

Rev. Jones quickly asked the Lord's forgiveness for telling a lie, crossed his fingers behind his back and said, "Why, of course not, Cap. Murphy. How could you think such a thing? These gentlemen and I get together once a week to discuss current events and the state of our respected houses of worship, that's all."

Cap. Murphy isn't convinced, but he's unwilling to publicly question the word of a man of God, so he turns to the priest and says "Father Bill, were YOU gambling?" The priest resorts to the same dodge as the minister -- indeed he has been doing so ever since the confrontation began -- and he replies, with dignity, "Of course not, Officer. It's exactly as Rev. Jones has stated. And the three of us find it valuable to get each other's opinion on the state of affairs in the world today." And he nods his head firmly as if to say "And that, Sir, is THAT!"

Murphy's heard the decisiveness of Father Bill's preaching before -- this is his church, after all -- and realizes he will get nowhere with an argument. So he turns to the rabbi and says "Rabbi Schwartz, were YOU gambling?"

The rabbi looks at the cop, shrugs his shoulders and asks "With who?"

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5 handed boggie woogie at the mall

Jack Kemp

Clearly a setup, but a great one.

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November 25, 2018

Democrats urge Mississippians to chose disgraced former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture over Cindy Hyde-Smith

Jack Kemp

The internet is all abuzz over Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith's alleged racism to basically cover up the fact that the Democrat candidate running against her in a special election was forced to resign his position in the Clinton Administration. "Look, a squirrel!," the Democrats are yelling, as they claim to be without sin.

The conservative Blaze website states:

GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith is once again under fire for a race-related issue, after the Jackson Free Press in Mississippi reported Friday that she graduated from a high school segregation academy.

What happened?

The newspaper published a photograph from the 1975 edition of the Lawrence County Academy yearbook that allegedly shows Hyde-Smith with a group of cheerleaders and a mascot with a Confederate flag. The caption identifies a sophomore student as Cindy Hyde...

Additionally,  a Facebook post this week showed Hyde-Smith in a photo wearing a Confederate soldier’s hat and holding a rifle. She wrote: "Mississippi history at its best!”

Gov. Phil Bryant appointed Hyde-Smith to fill retiring Republican Sen. Thad Cochran’s seat. She faces Democrat Mike Espy in a runoff election to determine who will serve the remainder of the term, which expires in January 2021.


So a Southern teenager made the choice - and paid the expenses - to go to a private academy all by herself? One would think this was the action of her parents in 1970s Mississippi. So what paragon of virtue is she running against in this special election. It is Democrat Mike Espy. Mike Espy was a Secretary of Agriculture in the Clinton Administration who was forced to resign for alleged improper gifts from Tyson foods of Arkansas.

In 2006, I broke news about Mr. Espy in an American Thinker piece
concerning Espy's being named to the board of Alternative Energy Sources, a startup ethanol producer.

As I also stated then, according to Yahoo Finance (unfortunately, the old link doesn't work),


Alternative Energy Resources has no profits, no revenue, cash of $8.75 million, and a share price of $1.10 as of Dec. 26, 2006. The company, founded in 2006, hopes to build ethanol plants, according to its Yahoo Finance Profile.

You can read more details of Mr. Espy's questionable activities and connections with other Democrat "environmental company" dealings here.

So, Mississippi voters, who is more fit to win this special election, a GOP woman proud of her Southern heratage or a Democrat who was forced to resign as Secretary of Agriculture back in the Bill Clinton Administration? The choice is yours - but I would advise you not to buy into this Democrat attempt at virtue signaling. As the old saying goes, don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Cindy Hyde-Smith has never been forced to resign from national office for good reasons.

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November 24, 2018

New WH Press Protocols

Dana Mathewson

Awright, here's how it's gonna go:

Put Sarah (and her successors) in an isolated studio with plenty of creature comforts and put the dudes like Acosta in a set of bleachers (sound isolated from the studio, just speakers) with microphones over their heads where they can't touch them. Bleachers, like we had in high school. Boards to sit on, no backs. As in, "uncomfortable." Give them buzzers where they have to "ring in" and be recognized by Sarah. If they ring in more than a set number of times, and especially if they keep ringing after somebody else has been called on, they get a shock. If they keep doing it, the shock gets greater. If they make a habit of it, the shocks start out at a higher level.

This is called "Behavior Modification."

If they object, their press pass is eventually revoked. If a judge sticks his nose into it he gets fired. Or, better yet, is obliged to take over for the fired press jockey, with all the "privileges."

It's high time these friggin' children learned about the real world.

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Catholic Nun who saved Jews in Poland dies at age 110

Jack Kemp

Sister Cecylia Maria Roszak, who saved Jews during the Holocaust, dies at 110

From the article:

"Roszak, or Sister Cecylia, who was known as the "oldest nun in the world" died on Nov. 16 at a convent in Krakow, the Archdiocese of Krakow confirmed, the Catholic News Agency reported.

Born Maria Roszak in 1908 in the town of Kielczewo in west-central Poland, she entered a cloistered convent of Dominican sisters in Krakow, at the On Gródek" monastery, at the age of 21.

In 1938, she traveled other nuns to Vilnius, which is now in Lithuania, but then was a part of Poland, in order to establish a new convent. In Vilnius they hid 17 members of the Jewish resistance who had escaped the local ghetto, according to CNA.

In September 1943, the nun's superior, Mother Bertranda was arrested, the Vilnius convent was closed and the nuns were expelled. Roszak returned to Krakow."

End excerpt.

Sister Cecylia and the other nuns were recognized by Yad Vashem in Jerusalem as "Righteous Among Natins" in 1984.

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