December 31, 2016

Donald Trump's Goldman Sachs Administration

Timothy Birdnow

The Donald promised to drain the swamp. Why, then, does he keep appointing employees of Goldman Sachs to important offices?

The latest is his transition head at State. Erin Walsh, a former State Department official (and the State Department is hopelessly politicized and corrupt) who moved to Goldman Sachs is now responsible for doing the draining.

Here is part of her bio:

"Prior to Goldman Sachs, Erin served as Senior Advisor in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs at the US Department of State. She established extensive programs focused on the empowerment of women across 16 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Previous to that position, she was head of International Strategies and Partnerships for Cisco, bringing an education technology curriculum to 90 developing and emerging market countries through public private partnerships. Erin has also worked for the United Nations Mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the US Mission to the United Nations, the Blair House and the White House. Erin earned a BA from Georgetown University and a MSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Erin serves on the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, USA advisory board, and as a Woodrow Wilson Center, "Women in Public Service Project” Champion."

End excerpt.

So, she works for GS, but prior was active in "empowering women" in foreign countries and screwing with education. She worked for the utterly corrupt U.N. and even more corrupt White House.

Doesn't sound much like a swamp drainer, rather like a swamp rat in her element.

Trump has appointed a host of Goldman-Sachs employees or former employees, including his Chief of Staff Stephen Bannon. His list includes Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, a former GS partner, Gary D. Cohn, former GS #2 as head of the National Economic Council, Anthony Scaramucci - a member of the transition team, Monica Crowley was a former GS associate and a member of Trump's National Security team. There are any number of these swamp rats moving into positions of power despite Trump saying Goldman Sachs robbed the working people of America.

You do not drain a swamp then pour stagnant water back in.

Goldman Sachs is sometimes called "Government Sachs" because it has had a heavy hand on the levers of power inside the U.S. government for decades. Here is a rundown of the decades of GS connected bigwigs in top government posts. The influence of Goldman Sachs goes back to the left wing Johnson Administration and includes such luminaries as:

Henry Fowler, LBJ's Treasury Secretary
Deputy Secretary of state John C. Whitehead
Treasury's Robert Rubin
Stephen Friedman George W. Bush's chief economic advisor
John Corzine
Gary Gensler, Bill Clinton's Commodity Futures Trading Commission at Treasury
Kenneth Brody, Clinton's president of the Export-Import Bank
Bush Jr. White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolton
Robert Steele, undersecretary of Treasury
William Dudley, head of the Federal Reserve in New York
And Henry "Hank" Paulson, Bush's Treasury Secretary, the man who, along with Timothy Geitner, was most responsible for the economic collapse in 2008 that ushered in the Great Recession and gave us 8 years of Barack Obama.
(See William Been's Masters of Audacity and Deceit to see how Paulson was at the heart of the disaster and likely working with the Democrats.)

It's a strange swamp draining that puts the water back in.

The whole point of Trump was to rid ourselves of the influence of these types of people, yet here we are with Trump appointing the same people he promised to chuck. This does not make me feel comfortable at all with him; it's as though we have been successfully fooled and business as usual will resume. Please note that most of these Goldman Sachs people hold internationalist views.

State may be headed by Tillerson, an outsider from Goldman Sachs, he holds a number of internationalist views, as I pointed out in my article on him.

I realize it is hard to find people who are qualified outside of the swamp, but surely they could try. There are lots of talented executives and administrators in the heartland who do not need to work their way up through Goldman Sachs, or through the other power brokers. There are other universities besides Harvard and Yale, and there are other government people outside of Washington and New York. Why not go to the states, find some ex governors or lieutenant governors? Why not look to midwestern companies? Younger, non Wall Street entities? I don't like what is happening with these appointments at all.

If I wanted to be beholden to Goldman Sachs I would have applied for a job there. Americans are supposed to own our government, not a fat-cat corporation.

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EPA Threatens Alaskans over Burning Wood to Survive

Dana Mathewson

Government overreach?

Trump can't assume office too soon!


Yeah; the EPA has been at war with wood burning heat for years now. That is interersting, since wood is a renewable resource, thus "sustainable" by the eco-left's own definition. They should welcome wood heat, but they don't. The EPA has set increasingly high standards for wood stoves and has made many of the ones people used to use illegal. Why?

It's all part of the plan to implement Agenda 21 and get the public off the land and into the corrals of teh cities, where energy can be regulated and doled out as government sees fit. It's a variation of the hydraulic empire where the emperor or Pharoah doled out water as he chose - or not. Gave him absolute control. Doling out heat in winter does the same thing.

These people aren't just wrong but evil. As you say, the new administration can't get here soon enough.

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John McAfee Says it wasn't a Russian Hack

Jack Kemp forwards this:

´It´s a FALLACY´ John McAfee shuts down´
manipulative´ FBI claims of Russian hacking

Daily Express [UK], by Ajay Nair Original Article
12/30/2016 12:09:17 PM
CYBERSECURITY tycoon John McAfee has blasted claims Moscow was involved in hacking the US presidential election, insisting it was "not the Russians”. He called the FBI’s claims of the Kremlin hacking the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta a "fallacy”. Speaking to host Larry King on RT America, he said any number of agencies could have been behind any interference. "When the FBI or when any other agency says the Russians did it or the Chinese did something or the Iranians did something – that´s a fallacy,” said McAfee. "Any hacker capable of breaking into something is extraordinarily

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December 30, 2016

U.S. Redeploying Volcano Landmine System in Europe

Timothy Birdnow

The Bolshevik newspaper Pravda is reporting that the U.S. is redeploying tank mines in Europe.

From the article:

"Pentagon blackmails Europe with minefields. Miner

The Pentagon has decided to resume use of the Volcano mine dispenser system in Europe, which has not been used since the end of the Cold War. Volcano is to be restored to fully mission capable status in 2018 and to become an important suppression tool for a potential adversary.

Vladimir Anokhin, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems told Pravda.Ru what this decision is connected with.

Are they afraid of a tank breakthrough in Europe? Our tanks, are they still a suppression weapon?"

End excerpt.

Defense news confirms that, yes indeed, the U.S. is dusting off this system.

Here is a description of the Volcano system.

"The Volcano Mine Dispenser provides soldiers with a scatterable mine capability delivered by helicopter or ground vehicle. The Volcano dispenser contains 960 anti-tank/anti-personnel mines and is capable of rapidly laying a minefield 1100 meters long by 120 meters wide. In addition, the mines have a timed self-destruct capability.

The VOLCANO system can be configured as both a heliborne and ground delivered mine system. The M139 mine dispenser, with various adapter kits, is capable of being mounted on UH-60 helicopters and a variety of ground vehicles. The dispenser racks accept and launch mines from the M87 mine canisters which contain five GATOR anti-tank (AT) and one anti- personnel (AP) mine each.

STATUS: The ground mounted VOLCANO systems are currently being fielded. The Air VOLCANO contract was recently awarded to Brunswick Corp. Air VOLCANO production started Jan 95 and completed Jul 95. First Unit Equipped (FUE) date was Aug 95."

End excerpt.

This system has only one purpose; to stop an invading armored invasion. Apparently someone thinks the Russians are going to invade Europe.

Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War. Obama, in his role as the anti-Reagan, has restored the neo-socialism of the 1970's and brought back the bad old days of Cold War hostility. History will curse him for it.

So what has changed in U.S. Russian relations? Why are we worried about Russia invading Europe?

In international relations a provocation must be met with a response. One cannot allow an enemy to deploy a system without countering it. So every time something like this happens we ratchet up the tension, since Russia must respond. Granted, there have been some provocations by the Russians, but Obama has been slapping them for some time. This is a serious development, folks.

And Congress has no serious people as was the case during the Cold War. Mr. Obama, in his veniality and self-aggrandizing narcissism, could drag the world into a war that will make the Second World War look like a July 4 fireworks display.

One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day.

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The Russians or Obama?

Timothy Birdnow

James Lewis says what I have been saying for a long time; Obama did it and not the Russians.

I've said all along that the Chicago WAy would enver voluntarily cede power to the Dixiecrats, and I believe it was our national intelligence agencies that hacked the DNC and the Hillary server. Talk of Russians makes little sense, as Hillary would have been a far weaker President than Mr. Trump - and she had a good relationship with them, having sold a quarter of all the uranium in the U.S. to the Russians in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Why would they prefer Trump?

That is what makes blaming them so dangerous; they are apt to get angry, and when angry they are apt to do something rash.

From meddling in the Baltic States to kicking out Russian diplomats to our ramped-up oil production driving prices low and thwarting the Putin oil monopoly strategy, the Russians have much to be upset about. Low oil prices have squeezed them financially, and the war in Syria is costly. They are fighting a proxy war with us, I might add, as we are supporting the other side in the conflict. Tensiion is much higher in Russia than the American media is willing to report.

Blaming them for Hillary's loss is just one more provocation. And it is patently absurd.

Hillary lost because she is a power-hungry old witch, a true Lady MacBeth with fat thighs. She could not say why she should have been elected President; she offered no vision, no program, no reason to elect her except that she had an opening where most men do not. But, in this modern era where boys can be girls, why does that matter? Gender, we are told by the Left, is a social construct, so why should we care about the "first Woman President" anyway? No, Hillary was a terrible candidate. She clearly lusted after power, the type of person who should always be kept away from it. She was unlikable, shrill, phony, kleptomaniacal, bullyish, disagreeable, and incompetent as well as terribly unhealthy. The primary argument for Hillary was that a. she was a girl b.she had experience in government. But that was a detriment in this era, where people have had enough of professional political hacks promising the moon and delivering the Earth's core.

No; Hillary lost because she stunk like a dead fish on a blistering hot day. The e-mail hacks only exposed how bad she was, showing that she cheated and that she lied and that she held the public in contempt. At worst the leaks told the truth about her, allowed the public to have more information on who they were voting for. The media, in the tank for her lock, stock, and barrel, somehow thinks it unfair. Isn't it unfair that they hid this information? Isn't it unfair that they never tried to find anything out about her? Isn't it unfair that they attacked Donald Trump for trying to get Miss USA to lose weight so she wouldn't be stripped of her crown, or ginning up fake controversies like Trump's supposed "attack" on the Khan family or his saying that Mexican rapists and criminals are, well, rapists and criminals. These were all phony stories, examples of fake news. The media completely ignored the real stories, which involved the Clinton Foundation, the selling of access to the Secretary of State for her personal enrichment.

But Hillary and now Obama are blaming the Russians, and the Russians are apt to not take this lying down.

Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize when he was first elected. He has now started open warfare throughout the Middle East and is threatening to trigger a world war. The Norweigians should send out a strike team, invade the U.S., and forcibly pry the prize from the BHO's clutching hands.

For the time being, the Russians won't expel any American diplomats in response to Bambi's expulsions of Russia's, but they are quite clear that they will respond if sanctions are adopted.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

"Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the White House had two aims: "to ruin once and for all Russian-American relations, which were already at rock bottom and, apparently, to strike a blow against the foreign-policy plans of the future administration and the new U.S. president.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mr. Peskov added, would formulate Russia’s reaction. "The principle of reciprocity applies here absolutely without alternative,” he said."

End excerpt.

And that is exactly correct; Obama is using this to hamstring the incoming administration. He's also settling a personal score with the Russians, who have embarassed him on more than one occasion by not kowtowing to his exalted brilliance. Apparently "Vlad" took him at his word when he said he would have "more flexibility after (the 2012) election" and put that flexibiility to the test. The worst thing you can do with Obama is to hold him to his word.

And so Obama will ruin U.S./Russian relations out of personal pique and a desire to subvert the Trump Presidency. Obama is the quark of human character.

If the Russians retaliate, I hope it is something aimed directly at "the one we have been waiting for". Mr. Obama has tried his level best to wreck the country and force his vision of America on an unwilling public. If anyone deserves a smackdown it is him. I think even Hillary would agree.

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Questionable Hand at the Tiller(son) of the Ship of State

Dana Mathewson

Maybe Trump's choice for SecState isn't the best, after all.


I suppose it could be argued you need to set a thief to catch a thief, but this is a bit much. At best Tillerson will be soft on the Russkies in the interest of keeping the petrorubles flowing.

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Huckabee; Defund U.N.!

Dana mathewson

Mike Huckabee's got the right idea:

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John and Lindsay McHam Meddling with U.S. Foreign Policy

Timothy Birdnow

John McCain and his creepy cracker Lindsay Graham have gone to Estonia with promises of support against the Russians.

Voice of America has the story:

"A leading American senator is telling Baltic state leaders they can count on continued U.S. support from the incoming Donald Trump administration in the event of any Russian aggression.

Sen. John McCain, a member of President-elect Trump's Republican party, also said Tuesday in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, that he does not foresee any easing of sanctions imposed on Russia after its annexation of Crimea in 2014.

"I think the presence of the American troops here in Estonia is a signal that we believe in what Ronald Reagan believed, and that is peace through strength," said the Arizona senator, who is visiting the three Baltic states this week accompanied by fellow Republican senator Lindsey Graham."

End excerpt.

Now why is "Still in Saigon John" McCain overseas interfering with U.S. policy? Why is he slapping the Russian Bear's muzzle?

And bear in mind that McCain, virtually alone among GOP officials, is all on board with the Hillary/Obama fake news claiming the Russians stole the election from Her. Despite a complete lack of evidence - and the fact that the intelligence flacks appointed by Obama have all refused to testify before Congress to give their proof, McCain happily joins the chorus of Democrats in blaming Russia for, oh, I don't know, TELLING THE TRUTH that Hillary so desperately tried to conceal. IF the Russians did the hacking all they did was make known that which the Democrats sought to hide, thus actually allowing Americans to make a more informed choice in the election. What bastards!

This is nothing but an attempt to deligitimitize Donald Trump's Presidency, and mcCain and Graham Cracker are happy to betray their own side.

Frankly, this is teetering on a legal precipice. While President Barack Hussein Obama (peace be upon him!) may be happy to threaten Russia and possibly ignite a nuclear war, Donald Trump is not. He is the guy who really wants a reset, as opposed to the Obillary "reset" that featured cardboard buttons for the Hill to press but little else. Trump has said quite plainly he intends to scale back NATO, since it is primarily funded by the U.S. and serves US very little in a post Soviet era. NATO no longer has a function. It is an alliance without a purpose, having actually achieved it's end. Trump wants to re-evaluate NATO and other things that are part of the post WWII era that need revamping, but too many have vested interests in these institutions and many Internationalists use them to promote their ultimate goal of world government. Trumps reforms threaten the establishment and their whole order. McCain and Graham, by interfering in Estonia just prior to the swearing in of Trump, are dangerously close to violating the Logan Act, which prohibits individuals from conducting foreign policy without approval.

McHam could go there and say they have friends in Congress, but they have no right to promise NATO backing over the objections of the new Administration.

What are they doing? This is more of what we have been seeing from Obama, an attempt to narrow Donald Trump's options, to force him to follow the script written by the Establishementarian elites. McCain, Grahm, and the Democrats are working hand in claw to screw Trump over, in other words.

This is a very serious situation, and as the days wind down it grows more serious. The Russian government is doing civil preparedness drills for it's population, rehabbing old Soviet era nuclear bunkers and getting the public ready to use them. They have been increasingly aggressive in Syria, where we have been at cross-purposes with them. Obama and McCain, by ratcheting up the "Russia stole the election" rhetoric, are pushing us closer to war with Russia than we have ever been in decades. And don't think it would be a cakewalk for us; Russia's nuclear arsenal consists of over 2.000 deployed nuclear weapons (and possibly over 7,000 with weapons that could be deployed easily according to the Federation of American Scientists) and those weapons are new, going back to the last decade. Here is a rundown of Russian nukes, including some new weaponry such as trident-type missiles for subs and the like. They have the RS-24 Yars Intercontinental ballistic missile which can strike anywhere in the U.S. and carry up to ten warheads. The only thing we have comparable is the Minuteman III, which is also hypersonic, but it carries only one warhead and was developed in the 1970's. Our nukes are old, most dating back to the Reagan era buildup. Some still use vaccuum tubes! We keep them shined and polished, but would anyone choose a 40 year old machine for dependability? I don't think so.

We have 4760 nukes, so they may have more than we.

Here is another interesting point:

""Russians love to put missiles on trucks," said Lewis, while the US prefer land-based silos, which present a reliable target and lack mobility. During the height of the Cold War, the US did at one point try a truck-launched ICBM, but US safety and durability requirements far exceeded that of the Russians rendering the platform unreasonable.

"If you look at the truck [the US] built for missiles, it’s ten times more expensive. It's radiation hardened and way less vulnerable," explained Lewis. "We gold plated the thing," he joked."

End excerpt.

Well, the Nazis learned the value of mobile missiles with their V2; Hitler insisted on bunker-based launch platforms against the advice of the weapon's creator, and the Allies were able to wipe those bases out, taking the V2 out of the game. As George Patton said "fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of Man" and one wonders if the same can't be said for nuclear launch facilities that do not move.

At any rate, a nuclear exchange with the Russians would be every bit as devastating as it would have been with the old Soviet Union. OBama, you may remember, killed the Strategic Defense Initiative, refusing to deploy a nuclear shield in Eastern Europe. We are vulnerable.

And the Community Organizer in chief, with his little pet Republicans McHam, are in the process of pushing the Russians to the brink.

Real smart!

If McHam want to protect this country they would get on board with the PEOTUS and help him reassert American authority in the world. But McCain and Graham value their media kudos and their "maverick" status above all else. Sadly, both won re-election when last they were up.

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Easy Breezy Beautiful Cover Dude

Timothy Birdnow

Another stilleto heel spike in the gonads of America's sexual identity.Now cover Girl is featuring a dude, or sort of, for the first time in their long, until recently feminine history.

This is ultimately the sin of idolatry; choosing your "gender" is making yourself a god. A person's sexual character is biologically determined and then confirmed through education and social activity. The Left, ever ready to destroy, wants this "artificial construct" gone. But try as they might they can't change the fact that men and women are born with different sets of chromosomes or that they have different brain and body chemistry. Hormone replacement, surgery, and counseling might make a girlier man, but in the end he's still a man.

One of the terrible things the Left does is unmoor people from the permanent things, set them adrift and watch them drown. The idea is to throw a lifeline to them and then pull them aboard the good ship lollipop. It's how they seek to remake the human species, by breaking down the psychological and spiritual character of the People and replacing it with their own deviant ideas. They don't care how much suffering they cause, because they hope that their "rational" reformation of Man will lead to some sort of idyllic Golden Age. It won't; it will lead to suffering, to warfare and hatred, to death. But the Left is mad, having rejected the God of their fathers.

There's only room for one God in any person, and you aren't Him. But liberals, mesmerized by the glories of science and the slick philosophy of modernity, think otherwise.

Even the Romans never fully accepted this sort of thing. We have moved beyond Rome in decadence.

Hat tip; A Thinking Housewife.

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December 29, 2016

California Charges Man with DUI for Drinking Coffee

Timothy Birdnow

Giving yet another reason why the People's Republic of California should be encouraged to Calexit, the Sunshine State is prosecuting a man for driving while under the influence of - caffeine!

The U.K. Guardian tells the story:

"After being pulled over on 5 August 2015, Schwab was charged by the Solano County district attorney with misdemeanor driving under the influence of a drug.

Almost 18 months later, Schwab is preparing to go to trial. The only evidence the DA has provided of his intoxication is a blood test showing the presence of caffeine.

Shcwab was driving home from work when he was pulled over by an agent from the California department of alcoholic beverage control, who was driving an unmarked vehicle. The agent said Schwab had cut her off and was driving erratically.

The 36-year-old union glazier was given a breathalyzer test which showed a 0.00% blood alcohol level, his attorney said. He was booked into county jail and had his blood drawn, but the resulting toxicology report came back negative for benzodiazepines, cocaine, opiates, THC, carisoprodol (a muscle relaxant), methamphetamine/MDMA, oxycodone, and zolpidem.

The sample was screened a second time by a laboratory in Pennsylvania, according to documents provided to the Guardian, where the sole positive result was for caffeine – a substance likely coursing through the veins of many drivers on the road at any given time."

End excerpt.

The prosecutor is saying Mr. Schwab is not being prosecuted for coffee drinking, but he has failed to provide any alternate information as is his legal duty under disclosure laws.

I suspect the "agent from alcohol beverage control" was probably not obeyed by Schwab, who doubted her legal authority to harass him. This appears to be an act of petty vengence on this agent's part.

And why did they send the sample to Pennsylvania? You mean to tell me the state of California doesn't have competent labs?

This is what happens when Progressivism reigns triumphant. Busybodies metastasize into tyrants, and innocent people are victimized by a bureacratic state run amok. It is always so.

California, like Carthage, must be destroyed. I am of the opinion that the Central Valley ought to secede from California and become a state while the rest of that corrupt hellhole can form the People's Republic that the losers there long to create. Let them stew in their own juices; they will be begging to be re-annexed by the U.S. in short order.

But that is the way of things; liberals are never content to suffer under their own policies but must have the whole world to oppress. That's why they all threaten to move to Canada before a Republican victory then welch on the promise; they know in their hearts that their ideas are crackpot, and don't want to face the reality. They want rather to push their crackpot ideas on others.

This is a classic example.

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Obama Screws the Public Again, bans guns for SSI Recipients, Seizes More Land

Timothy Birdnow

Barack Obama, in his furious effort to screw the American People for not electing his successor, has now banned ssi recipients from purchasing firearms.

Gateway Pundit has the 411:

WHILE NO ONE WAS LOOKING: The Obama Administration Just Took 2A Rights Away From SSI Recipients

Aleister Dec 28th, 2016 6:52 pm 187 Comments
2nd Amendment

The Obama administration is in overdrive these days. They’re trying to pack as much of Obama’s agenda into his final weeks as possible.

While no one was looking, they just took gun rights away from people on SSI benefits.

PJ Media reports:

Obama Administration Yanks Second Amendment Rights from SSI Recipients

Last week, the Obama administration put the finishing touches on a new policy that would deprive recipients of disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) of their Second Amendment rights. The administration will now characterize those citizens as "mental defectives,” thereby having their ability to own a firearm subject to the federal Gun Control Act."

End excerpt.

And the BHO has also stolen 1.65 million acres of Utah and Nevada from the People to create a "national manument", despite being a lame-duck President.

This man is beyond a jerk. Congress should censure him and withold his pension.

The Federal government owns a full 28% of all the land in the United States - roughly 640 million acres as of 2012. If Trump were to sell off a sizable chunk of this land we could go a long way toward paying the national debt, or at least funding some things - like saving Social Security. Seizing land rather than selling it not only takes the land out of useful circulation but also causes a loss in tax revenue.

Obama's seizure of property is a malfeasance of duty.

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At last! Strong-enough words on the Middle East situation!

Dana Mathewson

From Townhall. This author has guts!

The entire article is wonderful. Good, bracing writing, and it all boils down to this: "President Trump: Defund the UN, and denounce this Two-State solution nonsense for good!"

Hear, hear!


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Now Debbie Reynolds has died

Jack Kemp

Following on the heels of her daughter's death, now Debbie Reynolds has died of a stroke. This is really sad.

In the late 1990s, Debbie owned a small casino-hotel-movie memborabilia museum in Las Vegas, halfway between the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Strip. I got to see her one woman show there and hear some of her life stories, even accepting her gracious offer after the show to all the customers who wanted an individual photo with her. I still have it. The show was mostly Debbie reminiscing and showing film clips from her movies. We learned that Reynolds' problems with husbands didn't end with the breakup of her marriage to Eddie Fisher. Her next husband, Harry Karl, was a businessman who got involved in wild spending ventures, losing all his money. And since he convinced Debbie to cosign his ventures, she gave this advice to the women in the audience: "If your husband puts a paper in front of you and asks you to sign, DON'T SIGN." After Mr. Karl, Debbie then had to go back to performing on the road to pay off her cosigned debts. She admitted she knew nothing of managing a business, joking with the audience that when someone suggested she advertise her casino-hotel with a billboard costing $30,000, she replied, "Thirty thousand? I could buy a new hat!" Yes it was an exaggeration but you get the idea. She was a performer at heart who loved to put on a good show and was not a businesswoman. Also during the show, she also (proudly) told of men from some military reunion group who came to her Las Vegas show, listening to them imagine that they saw her in some movie when they were in the service. This story didn't fit the timeline of either her work or their age or Debbie's age. But she didn't contradict the veterans because the story drew them together with her, an American pop culture icon.

So how did Debbie Reynolds get to be a hotel owner? She got to own the hotel by convincing her friend, comedian Rip Taylor, to buy the distressed property for her for $25,000. She fixed it up a bit and put her movie costumes in glass cases in the lobby for everyone to see. Rip lost his investment but it probably didn't bankrupt him.

Debbie Reynolds told a joke during her show, saying that when she dies, she will be stuffed like Roy Rogers' horse Trigger - then put in the lobby of her hotel. Well, the hotel closed down a few years later but Debbie Reynolds has two stars on Hollywood Boulevard, one for Motion Pictures and one for Live Performance. ; Not too many people have that honor.

Rest in Peace, Debbie. Now you be with her daughter. But I bet also that you, Debbie, will be putting on some shows for your many fans who both preceeded you and who will join her later on. And there will be no promissory notes to sign, only notes to sing.

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You Know We're Coming so Bake a Cake (or Else)

Jack Kemp forwards this:

But Bake That Cake, Bigot
By Erick Erickson

A business in Hawaii is announcing no Trump supporters will be allowed to eat there. The Democrats cheering on the "bold” stand want Baronelle Stutzman, however, to provide flowers for a gay wedding even though doing so violates her religious beliefs.

Liberals are outraged that the Rockettes are going to perform for Trump. They think any Rockette who objects should be allowed to bail on the performance. In fact, Rockettes will not be compelled to perform, but the initial leftist outrage was premised on compulsory attendance. These same leftists think Sweet Cakes by Melissa should have to bake a cake for a gay wedding or be put out of business.

The left thinks performers who are refusing to lend their talents to Trump’s inauguration are heroes, but any Christian small business owner who refuses to lend his talents to a religious ceremony that violates his beliefs is a bigot who should be punished by the state.

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An uplifting story to end the year.

Wil Wirtanen

The three links below the first link are the links in the article.

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December 28, 2016

Snow in Sahara, Arabia; Proof of Global Warming?

Timothy Birdnow

Ah, Global Warming is on the march again! This time it is picking on the Islamic world, where a snowstorm carpeted the Sahara Desert, the first snowfall in 37 years.

This follows on the heels of last month's snowfall in Saudi Arabia, a rare occurance. Delighted Saudi citizens went out and built snowmen, and had a fatwa declared against them for their troubles:

"But while the building of snowmen may seem innocent enough, Saudis who took part in the activity during a freak snowfall in January 2015 were condemned by a cleric who called it sinful and "anti-Islamic." He issued a fatwa (religious ruling) forbidding the activity - though clearly his opinion is not shared by everyone in the country."

End excerpt.

And Karen cried when Frosty melted...

Fear of being stoned to death by icicles aside, what does this say about thermogeddon and our melting planet?

No doubt Judah Cohen is trying to figure out how global warming is making it snow in Africa and Arabia, but nobody outside of a few desperate climate fakkirs who hope to convince people it's cold because it's hot and if we keep warming the planet we will freeze. (See more on old Jumpin' Judah here.) But rational people know that a. it hasn't warmed since 1995 is not appreciably warmer than it was ten years ago c. people have been warning of a coming mini-ice age, and this is more in line with such claims than with some mystical air conditioning system caused by heat.

Sometimes it's cold because it's cold. I image the Saudi or algerian peoples aren't at all confused by THAT.

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All U.S. Warming Fake News

Timothy Birdnow

Here is an example of fake news by our mainstream media and "science" Establishment; all of the "historic warming" in the U.S. is fake - a matter of data manipulation by NOAA.

As the Deplorables Climate Blog points out:

"The problem with the NOAA graph is that it is fake data. NOAA creates the warming trend by altering the data. The NOAA raw data shows no warming over the past century

The adjustments being made are almost exactly 1.5°F, which is the claimed warming in the article"


He backs this up with a lot of graphs and other evidence. Be sure to read it all.

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Give California What they Want

Timothy Birdnow

A number of Calexifornians are bellyaching about the Mexican beans and bad water, er, the disagreeable nature of American Constitutionalism and want a Calexit. As was pointed out today at Gateway Pundit they will never do it and face losing the subsidies they receive to pay their entitlements and union pension debts. This gives me an idea...

San Francisco and other "sanctury" cities are playing brinksmanship with The Donald, threatening to go to the mat and daring Trump to do anything. What Trump should do is say "fine, you want to be a sanctuary city you can be one" and then round up all illegals and deport them to, drumroll please! San Francisco!

If they want them why not give them the whole basketful! Send all the "refugees", the "Dreamers", the illegal laborers and whatnot and promise not to arrest them inside of the city limits of these brave municipalities. Then cut off funding and what the cries of desperation as California goes bankrupt.

Oh, they'll raise holy hell, but the old saying "be careful what you wish for' will be proven correct; they ASKED for it, didn't they?

You may say I'm a DREAMER...

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More Democrat Soul Searching

Dana Mathewson

Good article, I'd say.

But there's a big point that is left out. It's one thing for the party to get straightened around on addressing economic issues, as the article hints needs to be done. It's something totally different for voters to be convinced that the Left understands just how to fix the problems. Because things got progressively (to use their favorite term) WORSE under the Obama administration, no matter what they try to tell us. Everything they tried for eight years just screwed things up more. More unemployment (no matter what dishonest government metrics were used). Fewer jobs created, and by that I mean real, full-time jobs that would stand the test of time. The housing market is still in tatters except perhaps in pockets around the country.

Bottom line: the Democrats can talk all they want about these things, but who believes they can actually DO anything about them even if they try?

And don't even get me started on illegal immigration, Muslim or otherwise.


Essentially all these "soul searching" articles are not about the Truth so much as "how do we fool them next time" and "how did they get out from under our thumbs?" The Democrats have no intention of changing, just rebranding. They'll spend more time in Wisconsin and Michigan and pay more lip service but if they get back in they'll pull the same stuff. Sadly a lot of blue collar voters will fall for it - just as they did when Bill Clinton showed up claiming to be a "new" Democrat.

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Thomas Sowell Retires

Dama Mathewson

We shall all be poorer for his absence! This man possesses true wisdom, and has shared it unselfishly.

Here are his last two columns on Townhall.

See our website at:

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