June 16, 2024

Steal II; The Return of the Vote Thief

Murray Stewart

Watch this crucial 20-minute video featuring prominent Democrats, computer science professors, and election security experts discussing the vulnerabilities in America's election system.

They warn that the system is online, easily hackable, and often operates on outdated Windows 7 or older systems.

Key Points:

Easily Hackable Voting Equipment: All electronic voting equipment can be hacked as they must receive programming before each election from memory cards prepared on election management systems. These systems are often connected to the internet and run outdated Windows versions.

Spread of Malware: If a county election management system is infected with malware, it can spread to USB drives, which then transfer it to voting machines, scanners, and ballot-marking devices throughout the county.

Programming Practices: Most U.S. election systems are programmed by local county officials or third-party vendors. They use previously used USB drives on internet-connected computers before plugging them into scanners, tabulators, and voting machines.

Outdated Systems: In 2019, the Associated Press reported that most of the 10,000 election jurisdictions, including swing states, were still using Windows 7 or older systems for ballot production, vote programming, counting, and reporting.

End of Windows 7 Support: Windows 7 reached its end of life on January 14, 2020, with Microsoft stopping technical support and security updates.

Remote Access and Modems: Voting machine manufacturers have installed remote-access software and wireless modems, connecting voting machines directly to the internet. NBC News reported in 2020 that ES&S, the largest U.S. election machine vendor, had installed at least 14,000 modems.

Dominion Voting Systems: The second-largest vendor, Dominion, has publicly acknowledged using modems in their machines and running remote-access software during the 2020 election. For example, in Georgia, election worker Susan Voyles testified that Dominion employees operated remotely on ballot-marking devices and poll pads.

Findings from Wisconsin and Michigan: Investigations found Dominion and ES&S machines online and connected to the internet. In Michigan, a modem chip was discovered in an ES&S voting machine, potentially allowing hackers to intercept and manipulate election results.

Conclusion: Hackers can potentially infiltrate elections through vulnerable USB cards, election management systems, and voting machines themselves. This underscores the urgent need for securing America's election infrastructure.”

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Confirmed; No Grounds to Prosecute Merrick Garland

Daniel Jupp

In a shock move, Merrick Garland has announced that he will not prosecute Merrick Garland for contempt of Congress.

"I have investigated Merrick Garland thoroughly and I can tell you that Merrick Garland has done nothing wrong”, Merrick Garland stated to applause from Merrick Garland.

We asked Merrick Garland for an expert opinion on Merrick Garland, who confirmed what Merrick Garland said about Merrick Garland was absolutely true. "If anything, it’s clear that Merrick Garland is more innocent than Merrick Garland suggests, but I guess that’s the beauty of our system. You don’t just have to rely on Merrick Garland’s word, any other Merrick Garland can also tell you that Merrick Garland is right.”

In explaining his decision Merrick Garland stated that nobody had ever prosecuted anyone for refusing a subpoena before. When it was pointed out that Merrick Garland had agreed that Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon be prosecuted for the exact same thing that Merrick Garland had done, Merrick Garland patiently explained that Peter Navarro was not Merrick Garland, and that Steve Bannon was not Merrick Garland either.

Merrick Garland was unavailable for comment, while Merrick Garland said a strong signal had been sent that the US justice system was working smoothly and would continue to do so as long as Merrick Garland gets to decide if Merrick Garland should be prosecuted.

Merrick Garland agreed. "Nobody is above the law, and contempt of Congress is a very serious crime every time someone who isn’t a Democrat, or Merrick Garland, does it.”

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Gulping God

Carlos Velazquez

As Werner Heisenberg, 1932 Nobel Prize laureate and father of Quantum Mechanics, who was by all accounts one of the most brilliant minds of the twentieth century, said: "The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”

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Death and Taxes

Diane M. Kimura

For most of American history, tariffs dominated taxes as a source of federal government revenue:

May be an image of text

Tim adds:

Yep and that was right and proper. There was no direct taxation by the federal government allowed in the Constitution. The Tariff was it. That kept the Feds in their proper place by limiting the amount ofmoney they had to make mischief with. Since the adoption of the income tax the feds have become an imperial government because they control all of America's money and if you buck them you will suffer. That was never the way it was intended.

BTW the income tax was first levied by the Republicans and Abraham Lincoln to fund the war. They had lost considerable revenue from not collecting tariffs in the South. It was unconstitutional then and repealed before the Supreme Court could strike it down (which iswhy it took a Constitutional Amendment to give us the Income Tax.) Lincoln created the precurser to the IRS at the same time.

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June 15, 2024

Inching TowardsWar


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The Devil and Mr. Jones

Timothy Birdnow

Lawfare has completely ruined Infowars' Alex Jones.

The judge in his billion dollar lawsuit has ordered his personal assets liquidated.

Jones ws destroyed only for what he said, not for anything he did. And no higher court of law stepped in to stop this travesty.

Jones covered conspiracy theories that suggested the Sandy Hook shooting was a fake. Apparently in America you can't challenge the veracity of anything the media reports, especially if it involves children and guns.

There was a time when people would rebut Jones and laugh at him but now the Law is used to bludgeon speech some find offensive. America is no longer a free nation.

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Social Security to Be Insolvent in Nine Years

Diane M. Kimura

The Social Security Trustees released their annual report on the financial status of Social Security and it is nine years from bankruptcy.

According to the report, Social Security will run cash deficits of $3 trillion over the next decade, the equivalent of 2.3% of taxable payroll, or 0.8% of GDP.

According to the Trustees, lawmakers could restore 75-year solvency with a 27% payroll tax increase, a 21% reduction in all benefits, or a 25% reduction in benefits for new beneficiaries if they act today.

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The Difference Between Left and Right

Timothy Birdnow

On Facebook a man named Gil Carvalho asked:

What's the difference between ultra far left and ultra far right?

I reply:

We labor under a delusion about left and right these days. A scale was created by those on the left that placed communism at the extreme left end and fascism on the extreme right and we were told these were opposites but that is patently untrue. There is no place for the libertarian or anarchist on such a spectrum.

The reality is left is any statist. Fascist, Nazi, are equally left-wing. Yes, the Communists are the extreme left wing of the socialist movement but the Nazis and Fascists are also socialists and fellow travelers. They just argue about how to implement socialism.

If you realize that you understand the differences between far left and far right are actually enormous. The far right believes in the rights of the individual while the left believes in collective rights. The right believes in natural law and a moral order that is derived thereof while the leftist believes rights are arbitrarily assigned by society and are derived from group consensus. The right believes liberty is allowing the individual to make his own moral choices and bear the consequences while the left sees it as allowing him to do as he pleases and then providing guardrails to protect him from the folly of his ways. The right sees rights as not obligating anyone to do anything for them while the left sees rights as being given by the group and requiring positive reinforcement and aid from the group.

The right believes in the sanctity of private property, that a person has a God-given right to own that which he has worked for and obtained legally. The left sees property as ultimately belonging to everyone and any private property owned is merely at the pleasure of the state (which is why fascism is socialist; it allows private individuals as custodians only, and it controls all property as it sees fit.)

The right generally believes in God and the left believes in Man.

The right believes in a concrete reality and the left believes reality is subjective and malleable and can be changed by an act of collective will.

The right generally believes in not throwing out the baby with the bathwater while the left wants to tear everything down and reinvent the wheel.

The right seeks to persuade with reason, the left seeks to persuade with emotion, and failing that, to suppress and strongarm opposition into silence.

The right believes in the wisdom of the group and the benefits of an informed public opinion while the left believes in the rule of experts and believe the masses must be "prepared" and "guided" by their betters.(Interestingly enough the left always promotes "democracy" which is NOT about the wisdom of the group in it's modern incarnation but about the power to demagogue using mass media and their control of the flow of information. When the public rejects their program they try to force it on them, whereas the right does not do such things except where there is an obvious moral imperative i.e. the right would ban euthanasia even if the public thought it wanted that because there are absolutes.

By these metric it's obvious fascism and naziism are solidly on the left. Shoot; Nazi stands for National Socialist. They weren't just kidding when they chose that name. And it must be remembered Benito Mussolini was the editor of Italy's socialist magazine before becoming a Fascist. He explained the difference as embracing a kind of spirituality that was excluded by most socialists. But that spirituality was the deification of the People and the State was their church. This comes straight out of Jean Jacques Rousseau, who advocated making the State supreme. Mussolini rightly called Fascism Totalitarian in that it is, as he pointed out, intimately involved in every aspect of life. That is not "right wing" at all. It is merely a competing socialist doctrine to Communism.

Rousseau was the father of socialism as everyone agrees - all forms.

I would add that the Communists had a slogan prior to Hitler's attack on them "first Brown then Red"; they believed Naziism was the final stage before Communism and were quite happy with it. As soon as Hitler betrayed Stalin their tune changed and they disavowed the Nazis and convinced a bunch of commie professors in college to teach the false dichotomy of left and right as we now believe it to be. Naziism and Fascism being evil makes anyone who champions civil liberties and individual rights suddenly a genocidist and oppressor by association. But it's a lie.

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June 14, 2024

67% of Palestinians Think the Hamas Attack ws a Good thing

Timothy Birdnow

Two thirds of Palestinians still support Hamas' attack on Israel.

This is what  happens when a war is fought in so sanitary a fashion. The public hasn't suffered, so they still want to continue the fight.

Wars are won or lost only when the people themselves feel beaten.

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Look for the Union Label

Timothy Birdnow

In a discussion on Facebook about the problems in education and the need to dismantle the Department of Education I made the following observation:

Get rid of it and break the teacher's unions. Those are the two prerequisites for fixing our broken education system.

An argumentative Facebook friend disputed that:

Dita Sullivan:

The Teacher’s Union isn’t really the problem. And, frankly, it’s kind of ignorant & stupid of the non-left to keep repeating that meme.
Teachers need protection, just like any other people who work. The real problem is the very concept of government education, which in America reflects our society’s anti-intellectualism, and is suppressive and conformist . And because it is by definition not selective, is designed to be mediocre to accommodate the stupid. A system like that requires teachers who are barely educated (except in kindergarten marxism and psychobabble) and of course those teachers will throw their weight behind a union that’s more of the same.
The Teachers’ Union doesn’t create the crappy curriculum - that’s done by the school boards. Getting rid of the Teachers’ Union isn’t going to give us a better curriculum or
intelligent, educated teachers.
Parents who haven’t taught their children how to tell time on a clock or how to write with a pen don’t have the right to cavil about unions. Parents who don’t have books in their home, who don’t read for pleasure and don’t read to their children, don’t have the right to cavil about unions. Parents who think that the government should be in charge of their children’s education are getting the results they deserve.

I reply:

Dita Sullivan

Teachers are government employees and no government employee should be represented by a labor union. You have nobody negotiating for the people who are actually paying them. The union works for the teachers(well, for themselves) and the negotiators work for the political class. It is a case of a wolf and a lion asking a sheep what's for dinner.

The teacher's unions have labored to dumb down education so as to protect teaching jobs and to get more money. And they also promote radical causes which attract terrible people to education.

As Albert Shanker, former president of the United Federation of Teachers, said " When school children start paying union dues, that's when I'll start representing the interests of school children." Of course they DO pay union dues indirectly as the taxpayers pay the teachers to pay the dues.

I agree; public education is designed to promote mediocrity at best. It's purpose is to train unskilled labor to be capable of following simple instructions and little more. And to produce people who will vote the way they are expected.

I abandoned a teaching certificate back in the early nineties I was working on because I couldn't take the stupidity any longer. My fellow students were complete imbeciles, I would add.

But the teacher's unions very much do influence the curriculum and the qualifications required by the state. https://education.stateuniversity.com/pages/2485/Teacher-Unions-INFLUENCE-ON-INSTRUCTION-OTHER-EDUCATIONAL-PRACTICES.html They lobby for more than just money. They promote practices used in education, as well as push for what they see as "proper" curriculum. They spend money to get leftist politicians elected. They pressure their members into promoting things like DEI.



who do you think helps get the bad school board members elected Dita?

I agree; the first and primary educator is and should be the parents. They need to teach their kids to read and enjoy reading. They need to do a better job.

But the fact is parents are lazy only because we made it easy for them with public education.

The point is though we can't simply eliminate public education; it's not going to go away. It has to be reformed. I would add public education worked fine until the sixties and the radicalization of education began. it's not the thing itself that is the problem (although education was better when it was all private) but the execution. And we simply won't be able to just break up public education all at once. The best we can hope for is to reform it and hope it withers over time.

Eliminating federal standards is a big start.Things like No Child Left Behind have made a mess of it.(I know. NCLB is largely dead now, but it has been reborn under different names and remains as an idea.) The answer is to make it more accountable to parents and less under the thumb of state governments and especially the feds.

But most certainly the unions are a big part of the problem. They are the ones promoting much of the nonsense being taught in schools these days, and stand in the way of any real reform.

Dita, there has been a movement to force homeschooling parents into the teacher's unions, and force them to follow the woke guidelines. Also, the unions are pushing to make homeschooling illegal in places like California. Those are two examples of things the teacher's unions do to mess up education. The unions also fight against charter schools even while trying to unionize them. https://americanschoolchoice.com/teacher-unions-fight-charter-schools-still-want-their-teachers/ and they have long done that with private education.

So yes the unions are a big part of the problem.

BTW it is fine to say the parents are getting what they deserve but the fact is it is a societal problem whether we like it or not and if schools are putting out neanderthals then all of America suffers. It's part of why we can't get our orders right at McDonalds, or why we have to use self-serv for checking out these days. The lower end workforce is too stupid to work. And they live off our dime via the "social safety net"

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Saudi Arabia Disses Ukraine, West

Sandy Thrasher Ourso

Wow! Just...............wow! Looks like Zelensky is not a very good salesman. The U.S. and NATO are totally screwed.
After meeting with Zelensky, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, abruptly refused to participate in the G7 summit, which began on July 13 in Italy, citing "religious reasons."
Instead, he has committed to attending this year's BRICS summit in Russia, hosted by Vladimir Putin.
This is all unfolding as Saudi Arabia's 50-year-old petrodollar agreement with the United States has expired, with no new agreement in place.

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June 13, 2024


Chester McAteer

Judging the efficacy of an institution by its policies, decisions, and outcomes reveals that the Federal Reserve System has been a significant failure. Despite the adoption of a fiat monetary system leading to severe currency depreciation, the Fed has also failed to stabilize the economy, instead fostering numerous boom and bust cycles since its inception in 1913.

The long-term monetary policies promoted by the Fed, supported by the government and other nations, are inherently destructive. These policies are predicated on the illusion of value and the false notion of wealth through debt, creating a catastrophic situation. Relying on a system that perpetuates gradual monetary depreciation is profoundly unwise and short-sighted, posing a significant threat to the future well-being of society.


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Dominion On the Hot Seat Again

Timothy Birdnow

Just when you thought it was safe to vote with Dominion machines....

Domion Machines Under Scrutiny After Hundred of Discrepancies Detected in Primary

They stampeded the cowardly Fox to settle for big bucks and fired Tucker Carlson and now we are finding increasing proof they were guilty of fraud all along.

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Monkey Poxalypse

Timothy Birdnow

No wonder they got all jacked up about monkeypox:

Dr Fauci led a department of dangerous miscreants that are a threat to world health
Dr Anthony Fauci's department hid plans to create mutant monkeypox virus that 'could've started pandemic,' bombshell Congress report find

Dr Anthony Fauci's former department 'deceived' Congress over its plans to create a Frankenstein monkeypox virus that had pandemic potential, a new report says.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) submitted plans to create a more transmissible and more lethal strain of Mpox in 2015, when Dr Fauci was still in charge of the agency.

The plans only received widespread attention in late 2022 - amid concerns that Covid may have been borne out of similar experiments using US government grant money in China.

This guy should be in jail for this. Someone needs to hold to him to  account.

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A Bad Precedent

Timothy Birdnow

He's absolutely right on this. This set a very dangerous precedent.

The dangerous precedent of the Trump-Bragg trial...an FEC Commissioner lays it out
EXCLUSIVE: FEC Commissioner Rips Biden DOJ’s ‘Dangerous’ Decision Not To Intervene In Bragg’s Trump Prosecution


Republican FEC Commissioner Trey Trainor will criticize the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) "dangerous” failure to intervene in Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of former President Donald Trump, according to congressional testimony obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

During the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on Bragg’s case against Trump, Trainor will explain that the DOJ’s decision not to intervene in the case sets a "dangerous precedent of local prosecutorial overreach in matters of federal concern” and unpack how Bragg "usurped the jurisdiction that Congress has explicitly reserved for federal authorities” when he attempted to enforce campaign finance law. A violation of federal campaign finance law was one of three possible crimes Bragg alleged Trump sought to cover up by falsifying business records.

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Leftists Storm Congressional Baseball Game

Timothy Birdnow

Remember a few years ago when a radical leftist from Illinois shot up the Congressional Republicans practicing for their baseball game?

Apparently nobody learned their lesson:


You would think they would have had adequate security to stop this.

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Record June Snowfall

Timothy Birdnow

Not only was snow supposed to be gone, we were also told it was the hottest year ever by the Gang Green. So how is this possible?



Many European ski areas that have remained open since last autumn owing to the incredible snowfall.


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Our Cup Bubble Over

Carl R Franklin

New FHA Loan Requirements Repeat Mistakes of 2008 Crisis

Biden directed Fannie May and Freddie Mac to loosen loan requirements (lower interest rates, lower down payments, shift payments to balloon payments) for those with low credit scores and make up the difference by raising rates for those with higher credit scores. Banks are complying. Sounds like Communism to me.

UH OH: Banks Are Going Full "2008" With Frightening New Loans - Survival 101

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Garland in Contempt

Timothy Birdnow

The Republican House has held Biden Consiglier, er, Attorney General Merrick "The Moyle" Garland in Contempt of Congress for his willful refusal to turn over tapes of the interview between Joe Biden and Special Prosecutor Robert Hur, the one Hur used to determine Biden was too senile to prosecute for his mishandling of top secret documents going back to his days as a Senator and Vice President (with an emphasis on vice). Mr. Garland apparently has taken the fifth, or at least simply refused to turn the tapes over for Congressional oversight.


"The Committees need the audio tapes to verify the accuracy of the written transcripts given this White House has been known to heavily edit the President's statements," Johnson said. "This is a simple matter -- we have the transcript, and we need the audio."

The contempt resolution directs the House speaker to refer the case to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia for possible criminal prosecution.


So basically it goes back to the DOJ. Why do I think that nothing will happen?

IF that is the case then Congress needs to completely defund the Department of Justice. Cut it's budget to the bone. Maybe find new quarters for them - like a decomissioned prison (which is where they belong anyway at this point.)

Every Democrat voted against the charges and accuse Republicans of playing politics. REALLY!

The reason Garland stated for not releasing the audio in the first place was he claimed Republicans would edit it and make a deep fake to make Biden look bad. But we have the transcript so we know what he said and they can compare the two. It's a damnedable lie.

Garland reminds me of an old Mafia Consiglier testifying there is no La Cosa Nostra.

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June 12, 2024

Putting the Squeeze on Orange Juice

Timothy Birdnow

I'll mention the elephant in the room. WHY are these diseases sweeping orange groves worldwide? Could it be, just maybe, that it's because we are using "environmentally friendly" pesticides and not effective ones to kill the hosts? I suspect DDT would eliminate the insects spreading this, but so too probably many others our overlords won't let us use.

Warner Todd Huston

Price of Orange Juice Has Spiked Worldwide - Now We Know Why

Also,"Green" policies about flood control and water management probably has a lot to do with it as well.

I wonder if the WEF has put out a policy paper about the need to get rid of citrus fruit in favor of more "friendly" substances like ground up worms or crickets?

I wondered about this and it appears weed problems make citrus crop failures worse. Guess what? The war to ban Roundup has led to weed problems in most citrus growing areas and this contributes to the spread of the insects that spread this disease.

When anything bad like this happens they blame climate change but it's almost always bad policy by government promoted by the Gang Green.

I found this So as of this winter Florida's orange juice output is unchanged. Brazil not so much. What is the key difference? Florida has Governor DeSantis and Brazil the Leftist Lula de Silva. This suggests to me bad management policies to promote "justice" and to reduce the "human footprint".

I strongly suspect weather is secondary to activist policies in the squeeze on orange juice.

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