January 12, 2019

Cracker Graham fails to fool Trump

Timothy Birdnow

Ever since Lindsay Graham unloaded on Senate Democrats in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings many Conservatives have seen him as the new Messiah, a guy who has seen the light, hallalujah brothers! But he's the same old Graham, and we shoud not forget that.

His latest was an attempt to end the government shutdown by caving. Thankfully Donald Trump had the good sense to decapitate that particular serpent.

From Politico:

On the 20th day of the shutdown, the GOP group tried to jump start bipartisan talks before Trump declares a national emergency to get his wall. But the president rejected their idea to allow congressional committees to sort out his border wall request while the government reopened, deeming the idea likely to leave him with nothing to show for the shutdown.

Vice President Mike Pence and acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney had been consulting with senators about the matter on Thursday. Pence and Mulvaney took the idea to the president, who shot it down, according to multiple people directly involved in the talks. While the congressional committees could still take up Trump's border wall plan, the president opposes the idea of opening the government before serious wall negotiations have begun, the people said. He told Senate Republicans he believes he is winning the fight and will not sign any stopgap bills at this point.

"I think we're stuck. I just don't see a pathway forward. I don't see a way forward," said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who had been leading the effort. "I have never been more depressed about moving forward than I am right now. I just don’t see a pathway forward."
Now, why isn't the GOP trying to capitalize on the shutdown? They could be out there accusing the Democrats of holding government workers hostage, and of caring more about trespassing aliens who come to steal our jobs and social services than Americans. Pelosi and Schumer are looking very bad with this, and the proof is in the fact that we have been given no polls of the American People on this matter. Why? Because Trump is winning this fight, and the media knows it. But the GOP won't stand and fight with him because they want Trump to lose as badly as the Democrats. They have always been on board for open borders, and they don't want an outsider too succeed.

Trump, the Democrats, and even the GOP all know that this is the final stand; if Trump wins this he will likely be re-elected. If he loses he is finished. They all know it, and as a result every effort is being made to get Trump to surrender.

Politico continues:

Earlier on Thursday, GOP senators met with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Pence to pitch their idea: First, the Senate Appropriations Committee will take up legislation meeting the president’s $5.7 billion border wall request. That bill would be open to amendment in the committee and then come to the floor; meanwhile most or all of the shuttered government would be reopened while the Senate begins a broad immigration debate aimed at passing a bipartisan bill.

The hope was that the long shot effort would end the current dynamic of Trump feuding endlessly with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. But Trump is continuing to seek guaranteed wall money, and the senators' idea could have easily reopened the government while a bill funding the wall died in the Senate or the Democratic House.

As a starting point in the immigration debate, Graham suggested providing temporary protections, renewed every three years, for some young undocumented immigrants and those who came to the country after natural disaster. In exchange, the president would get billions in fencing.

Democrats would not support the idea, though Graham and his allies argued it would just be a starting point and the Senate would be allowed to work its will and shape the bill to be more amenable to Democrats.

End excerpt.

Ri-ight. Any fool would know that the Democrats will crow victory as soon as the President's pen stop dribbling ink on the page. And they will tie the Senate up and eventually twist the bill into a defeat for the President. Trump knows this.

Graham OUGHT to know this, too, and I suspect he does. But he has always been waffler on immigration issues. He supported amnesty for DACA. He was part of the Gang of Eight, after all. So it should come as no surprise that Graham would spearhead a backstabbing of the President and his voters and the American People in general.

Look, any deal must involve an actual fait accompli. Ronald Reagan signed an amnesty for three million illegals on the promise of border security and got nothing for it. Promises are cheap. And what Graham and his buddies in the Democratic Party and the RINOs are offering are promises for something concrete right now.

I really wish Trump would have done this while the Republicans still controlled the House. They were far more likely to cave - especially if it was before the elections - than a newly elected Democratic-run governing cabal. He would have angered many in his party but he at least would have gotten the wall, and that would have gotten him huge support from the People, who are Trump's base of support. Now he's up against leaders who don't care about the people of this country and are willing to leap off a cliff rather than knuckle under to him.

The fact is, Trump will win this if he keeps walking away from the traps they are trying to set on him. And another thing Trump could do is actually declare a state of emergency but keep the government shut down anyway. Start building the wall and force the Democrats to go to court to stop him. Lay out their naked bones for all to see.

For the first time ever government workers are going to miss a paycheck. That has never happened in any government shutdown, and after a couple of pay-free weeks these workers - almost all of them Democrats as few in government support the GoP - will howl for the Chancy (Chuck and Nancy) to settle this. Helping illegal aliens invade the country is not the hill to die on, and in due time I think it will be apparnet to the Chancy.

Oh, and do we really need these government workers in the first place? This shutdown illustrates their inconsequentiality.

Keep it shuttered, sez I!

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