May 16, 2018

Ukrainian Collusion in Knoxville

Timothy Birdnow

A cyber attack against election computers in Knoxville Tennessee was perpetrated by a IP based in the Ukraine,  according to a story in the Associated Press (Ass PR)

A private security firm - Sword & Shield Enterprise Security - was hired by the Knox County Board of Elections to determine what happened. The "denial of service" was the result of "a suspiciously large number of foreign countries" accessing the system. Strangely enough, the Board never requested help from the FBI.
No voting data was effected, according to officials, but the election was won on a razor thin margin by a former pro wrestler named Glenn Jacobs aka Kane by just 17 votes in this Republican primary.

The voting machines involved were Hart InterCivic's eSlate electronic voting machines, which do not create a paper record of the votes. Interestingly enough, a major shareholder in Hart is Mitt Romney and his family. While there is no reason to suspect Romney, one has to ask why a politician running for public office owns part of a voting machine company. Isn't there a law against such a thing?

There should be.

This quote has been (probably wrongly) attributed to Joesph Stalin:

'Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.'

It is a truism in a nation with actual elections. Granted, Stalin had no need for such skullduggery; anyone who didn't vote for him would be shot - after a fair trial, of course. But in a nation like the United States counting the vote is everything.

Knox County is in the Second Congressional District, a safely Republican seat. Knox County and the city of Knoxville are one in the same. Like st. Louis Missouri, it is a city with home rule and the Mayor of Knox County is the term for the County Executive. Knox County voted 58% Republican in the last election.

No doubt the Democrats would love to choose the nominee for this position by getting a weak GOP candidate.

Interesting that this should go back to an Ukrainian IP, as the Ukrainians tried to help Hillary Clinton win the election last year. In fact Congress is investigating the DNC/Ukrainian connection. There is considerable evidence Ukraine colluded with the Dems, and in fact they appear at the heart of the fake Steele "dossier". If Ukraine is helping Democrats in hacking election computers, I would not be a bit surprised.

Bear in mind, while this appears to be a minor episode, the idea is to erode public confidence in our voting system. Next election the Democrats will resurrect the "stolen vote" lie they used against Trump. It is in their interest to do this.

The vote is far too important to leave to computer systems, which are subject to hacking or malicious intent. There were stories in the last election of people voting one way and having the machines change their votes. Without a paper trail it is easy to steal elections. If we are going to bother to have them we should, nay, must do them right. The Democrats have for years claimed there was no vote fraud, even while they were busing illegal aliens to the polls or taking people across state lines. Now they are trying to complain about the very thing they denied ever happened. Well, it does, and it profited them for years. They made this bed and continue to try to make it via easy voting, no i.d. required, etc.

Ukrainian collusion is the real story of the last election. The Democrats created the "Russian collusion" story to hide their crimes. I fear we may be seeing the Ukrainian collusion is still up and running.

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