April 04, 2024

Biden Did Not Disclose Gifts

Timothy Birdnow

Remember the big stink they made about Clarence Thomas and the visits he had with his personal friend who happened to be a billionaire? Much was made about Thomas "taking undisclosed gifts" and a lot of noise was made about Congress (illegally) passing laws regulating ethics for judges.

Well, guess what?

Biden did not disclose free vacation stays at wealthy donors' homes on his federal disclosure forms, the group alleges

Yes, this is what Biden and probably other Democrats have been doing all along.


Russ Vought, president of the Center for Renewing America, is asking the Department of Justice to investigate Biden for alleged "serious ethical lapses" in failing to disclose free vacations that do not appear to qualify under certain exemptions in the Ethics in Government Act (EIGA), according to a complaint addressed to Attorney General Merrick Garland and obtained by Fox News Digital.

"Since at least the time he was Vice President, Biden has demonstrated a concerning and systematic trend of accepting lavish vacations as gifts from wealthy individuals with business before the government. And he has failed to disclose these gifts in violation of EIGA," wrote Vought, who was director of the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under President Trump.

"Whenever Biden wishes to celebrate a holiday or go on vacation, there seems to be a billionaire whose interests can be benefited by the President waiting to offer a vacation home. The potential for conflicts of interest are vast," he continued.


Liberals always exempt themselves from laws they impose on others. Biden is no exception.

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April 03, 2024

College Harvest

Diane M. Kimura

Founded with the support of the Obamas and Joe Biden in 2015, and led by former Obama staffers, Civic Nation now boasts a partnership with 1,700 colleges and universities and a reported budget of more than $16 million in 2020.

Its stated goal is "fighting for gender equity, social justice, and more,” and it leads the "All In Campus Democracy Challenge” that engages with university administrators to get them to sign up student voters.

All In runs school get-out-the-vote competitions in all 50 states. According to its website, it has partnered with 994 institutions and signed up more than 10 million students. As part of the "challenge,” schools agree to share student voting data.

Civic Nation receives much of its funding from a network of progressive charitable funds managed by Arabella Advisors, which oversees a network of nonprofit vehicles that finance left-wing political campaigns.

Under the Biden administration, however, the student get-out-the-vote campaign is now being run with federal funds, spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Education.

Behind Election Rhetoric, Democrats Utilize Little Known Strategy to Win 2024

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Too Real for the Housewives

Timothy Birdnow

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Annemarie Wiley has been fired from the show - for supporting Donald Trump.

Yes, they really did sack her for her political views and for supporting a former President of the United States in his re-election bid.

This is not America.

And it is grounds for an unlawful termination suit. But it seems unlikely she'd win in an L.A. court.

See, they don't want REAL housewives, they want the phonies who do not stand with middle America.

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Protection Racket

Timothy Birdnow

Yes, democracy DOES need protection - from Judge Colleen Kollar Kotelly!

This leftist dimwit grandstanded while sentencing a J6 tourist, saying that our democracy "needs protecting". She sentenced the poor schlub to 27 months in prison.

The partisan hack mentioned "insurrection" ten times even though not one person has been charged with insurrection.

This is the kind of kangaroo court that you see in Latin American countries or in Africa, not in the united States.

The kind of protection she offers is more akin to the protection one gets from La Cosa Nostra.

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Judge Blocks Biden Greenhouse Gas Rule

Timothy Birdnow

Biden's draconian greenhouse gas rule has been blocked in 21 states by a federal court ruling.

A federal judge in Kentucky overturned the rule, which would require industry to measure and report all greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles operated on interstate highways.

God bless him!

Biden and the Democrats bit off more than they can chew, methinks, and are now taking some hits. But will the public remember in 7 months?

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Zuckerbucks Bucked

Timothy Birdnow

Wisconsin voters just said no to Zuckerbucks.

The proposal amended the Constitution making it illegal for private donations to be used to fund voting in any referendum, election,or primary.

I don't know if this will stand up to a challenge in U.S. courts; seems to me it would be ruled a violation of the Citizens United ruling.

But it is a welcome development and suggests that Mr. Trump may well win Wisconsin. Clearly there is great dissatisfaction in the land of cheese.

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The Hydrochloroquine Crime

James Doogue

When will those in authority be held to account for letting people die from Covid-19 in Australia and around the world by banning the use of safe hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin early in the treatment of Covid-19 as part of a suite of treatments, or as a preventative medicine for those at risk of serious outcomes should they catch Covid-19?

We now know without doubt that both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine could have been used successfully against Covid-19.

Thankfully many third world countries which knew mass covid vaccination would be expensive and unlikely. Instead they allowed their doctors to use Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin which was saving thousands of patients' lives at the front line.

Many countries also delivered health packs to every home containing Ivermectin and/or Hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D, zinc and vitamins D with instructions on how to use as both a prophylaxis or treatment of Covid-19. This is why the Covid-19 death rate is actually lower in most third world countries compared to developed nations.

Will we ever see apologies from our politicians and health leaders and bureaucrats who stopped doctors prescribing these drugs to save their patients lives?

Instead we were told lock-down, isolate and wait for the approved vaccines and treatments because there was nothing available to treat Covid-19.

We also had ordinarily sensible citizens who averted their eyes to the facts, and applauded out politicians and health authorities for 'keeping us safe'!

The pharmaceutical companies lied to us, and they managed to also control the policy of the WHO, the various county's drug approval bodies, (in Australia the TGA), and our medical practitioners.

It was criminal how they acted and treated the public, and still is.

The curious tale of hydroxychloroquine

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Freedom's Just AnotherWord for Nothing Left to Screw Trump With

Maurizio Morabitu

More defense of democracy

"Trump is banned from talking about the judge's family. Why? Because the judge's family was paid by the Biden campaign. The judge's family is currently being paid by Adam Schiff over $10 million."

"The judge is threatening to put Trump in jail for pointing out that his liberal family is getting rich off this trial and richer if he's convicted."

"The judge's daughter isn't seven. She's 34. He's not attacking her. He's just saying what she does for a living. How's that an attack? He just wants a new judge. One whose family isn't funded by Democrats.”

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How Government Screws Everything Up

Warner Todd Huston

You want a perfect story to describe how government is NEVER a "solution" and is ALWAYS an impediment?

Remember in the 1970s when fax machines first came on the scene?

Well, the U.S. Post Office at the time claimed that faxes were "mail" and demanded that congress pass a law that forced people to send all fax messages inside a Post Office to someone who would also have to go to a Post Office to pick up the fax... and naturally both would have to pay the Post Office to do this.

Fortunately, congress decided not to bow to the Post Office's wishers on that one.

Regardless, this is the perfect example of how government works to ruin everything.

Tim adds:

I had to send a form to the IRS over fees they charged me for their mistake in sending me the wrong return. They screwed up then billed me for their mistake. I was trying to get them to waive the charges.

So I can only send the form by fax, even though faxes are now old tech and nobody uses them anymore.

I had to hunt all over the city to find access to a fax machine, and had to drive ten miles or more to the Fedex store to use it.

This is government in action. And I'll probably STILL get stuck paying them the six hundred bucks they are cheating me out of because of their mistake.

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Too Little Too Late

James Doogue

The FDA Forced To Remove Advice Against ​Ivermectin

It's a shame Aussie doctors didn't take similar action against the TGA. I wonder how many lives would have been saved had Australian doctors not been banned from prescribing Ivermectin for the prevention or treatment of Covid-19.

​​​​​​​​​​Unfortunately like all the other rights which were breached during the Covid-19 pandemic over-reaction, there will be no consequences against individuals and organisations who overreached their ​, and no apology or compensation to those who suffered unnecessarily.

"Today’s settlement with the FDA is a major win for the doctor-patient relationship,” Marik said in the statement. "It vindicates our position that the FDA overstepped its regulatory authority by trying to dictate appropriate medical care.”


Share this with anyone you know who scoffed at using Ivermectin to prevent or treat Covid-19

Also note the weasel words of the FDA which states there are no clinical trials which prove Ivermectin​ is effective against preventing or ​ treating Covid-19, Firstly, there are hundreds of papers reporting the success of Ivermectin as a prevention or treatment for Covid-19. Secondly, there are plenty of medications such as anti-virals and anti-bacterials which are ​prescribed by doctors which haven't been clinically proven against a particular illness it's being used to prevent or treat, which haven't undergone a clinical trial for that illness.

Licensed drugs can be prescribed for conditions they haven’t been tested for in a clinical trial. This is known as "off-label” prescribing – and it’s very common. One US study found that one in five prescriptions was off label.

Obtaining a new license for a medicine (to treat a different condition) is time-consuming, often taking up to eight years to get approval. It is also very expensive, with the new revenue for the additional uses often not being enough to offset the cost of running new clinical trials, marketing and re-labelling the drug.

To determine if a medicine can and should be prescribed off-label, a prescriber may consider several factors. There may be common features in two similar conditions that ensure there should be a degree of cross-effectiveness. For example, a medicine licensed for anxiety might reasonably be used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. And a drug approved to treat one type of cancer could reasonably be expected to target other types of cancer.

Some off-label uses have been found by accident. Beta-blockers were licensed in the 1960s to treat heart conditions. People who were prescribed these drugs and who suffered from migraines found that their migraine symptoms improved after they started taking the drug. Today, these drugs are commonly prescribed for migraine.

On occasion, off-label medicine use can become the primary treatment option for a particular condition. Amitriptyline, an older type of antidepressant, is now often used to treat nerve pain.

Usually, a prescriber will have considered all other medical options for a patient and will have reviewed the evidence to support any off-label prescribing. This includes "evidence summaries”. These are available to GPs to support safe decision-making. The summaries look at current guidelines and reviews as well as research and observational studies, and expert opinions.​

Early in the Covid-19 pandemic when there was no known prevention or treatments, Hundreds of expert front line medical practitioners achieved great success with Ivermectin as part of their treatment protocols and wrote up their findings.

It's believed that the reason the FDA and in Australia the TGA banned the use of Ivermectin to prevent or treat Covid-19 is because they wouldn't have been able to give emergency approval of the range of Covid-19 vaccinations which had not undergone typical clinical testing, In order to approve the vaccines under 'emergency use' there had to be no other available treatment for Covid-19. Since Big Pharma weren't making big money on Ivermectin their powerful lobbying ensured Ivermectin was banned. In addition, had Ivermectin been widely available to prevent and treat Covid-19, the Government would never have been able to get away with their harmful vaccine mandates.

Boyden Gray PLLC: FDA Agrees to Remove "You Are Not A Horse” Posts In First-of-its-Kind Win for Doctors | Boyden Gray PLLC

Tim adds:

Too little too late - as they planned.

This way they can say they corrected their mistake and try to regain some credibility "we are men of science" but it lets them off the hook. It's like the government dumping bad news friday afternoons in a huge pile.

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April 02, 2024

Not Open for Debate

Cornelius Carroll forwards this:

Auron MacIntyre - "The reason that you never put axioms, fundamental truths, up for public debate is that they will inevitably be destroyed by the dialectic

The left lives by this process and the right dies by it

Somethings must be sacred, so true that it does not matter who they offend."

Tim adds:

"we hold these truths to be self-evident..."

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Fire Hazzard

Jim Church

Millions of Recalled Hyundai, Kia Cars Still on the Road

In September, Hyundai and Kia issued a recall of 3.4 million of its vehicles in the United States with an ominous warning: The vehicles should be parked outdoors and away from buildings because they risked catching fire, whether the engines were on or off.

Six months later, most of those autos remain on the road — unrepaired — putting their owners, their families and potentially other people in danger of fires that could spread to garages, houses or other vehicles.

Hyundai and Kia have acknowledged that there's little hope of repairing most of the affected vehicles until June or later, roughly nine months after they announced the recalls. (Hyundai owns part of Kia, though the two companies operate independently.)

The two companies attributed the delays, in part, to the huge number of vehicles involved, among the largest recalls they’ve ever done. The fires, they say, have occurred when brake fluid leaked onto the circuit boards of antilock braking systems, triggering an electrical short and igniting the fluid.

The companies say they've been unable to obtain enough of the needed parts — fuses that reduce the boards' electrical currents — to fix most of the affected vehicles. Among them are some of their top-selling models for the 2010 through 2017 years, including Hyundai’s Santa Fe and Elantra and Kia’s Sportage and Forte.

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By their Fruits

Diane Kimura

Nihilistic charlatans like Gore, Thunberg, and others, aided by a compliant MSM continue their fear mongering for over 100 years warning about the end of the earth while they sell massive wealth transfer schemes to the gullible while enriching themselves immensely.

Bill Gates: "I probably have one of the highest greenhouse gas footprints of anyone on the planet. My personal flying alone is gigantic."

The fact that none of these unelected globalists practice what they preach should be all the proof you need to demonstrate that they don't actually believe any of the climate claptrap they insist on foisting upon the rest of us.

It's all just a pretext to exert control over every minute detail of our lives, under the mere guise of "saving the planet.”

The fact that it took two decades for them to decide if it's global warming or global cooling and finally settled on climate change like it's not normal for the temperature to change like the weather, should have been enough for most people to say "I'm out". But here we are.

According to the International Energy Agency’s annual update on global CO2 emissions, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in advanced economies fell to a 50-year low on the back of a clean energy boom in 2023, while energy-intensiv e economic growth pushed emissions.

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Dancing with Iris

Dancing with Iris

by Timothy Birdnow
April 2, 2024

There are devils in this world my friend, and some we can't escape
they'll pursue you to the end and your bankroll they will rape
I once danced with such a one, a demon out of Dis
Let me tell you chum that it's no fun to dance with old Iris

She'll take all of the meat and will leave you just a bone
and if you think she cheats just leave a message at the tone

You do not want to feel the love of one such as Iris,
Nor wish her tender lips to grip you with her venom poison kiss

she'll drag you to the edge and toss you off the great abyss

Iris came to me one time, and wanted me to dance
she lured me in with her mistake, a victim of circumstance
but the romance was short and soon she sunk into my flesh her sharp red devil's claws
and rendered my account a mess to pay for all her flaws

Stay away from Iris, get as far as you can go
if she sends you any gifts my friend you'd better tell her no
You had better pay her promptly or the pentalty will grow
she'll feed upon your carcass like a buzzard or damned crow

I got caught by evil Iris and she played an evil game
she sucked away my money and she left me broke and lame
I called her on the telephone for advice from her to tell
but she laughed at me with her demonic glee and told me to go to hell

Well if I do go there I have this single consolation
Iris and all her devilish friends I'll find in the
how many poor souls has she tormented and brought to

she'll be trapped in the bowls of the firy Tartorus, to

burn in eternal immolation

There are devils in this world my friend, and some we

can't escape
they'll pursue you to the end and your bankroll they

will rape
I once danced with such a one, a demon out of Dis
Let me tell you chum that it's no fun to dance with old


Stay away from Iris, stay out of her path
for she is just the tool of Satan and the instrument of his wrath

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April 01, 2024

Fraud in Fulton

Timothy Birdnow

More proof the fix was in in Georgia and that Trump is innocent of the charges in Fulton County. Oh, and Trump won and is the rightful President.

‘There was no signature verification done in Fulton County in 2020. None.’

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Prying Eyes

Timothy Birdnow

And of course your cell phone tracks you even when turned off. Other surveillance most people don't think about include your television which has a camera you don't know about and can be turned on by the authorities even if the t.v. is off, and your roombot, which actually maps your home. Technology is increasingly nothing but a spy mechanism. Everyone knows their laptop has a camera on it,and their smartphone too, but cameras are EVERYWHERE now and so are GPS systems.

Cornelius Carroll forwards this:

Champagne Joshi - "Surveillance is far beyond what most people conceive it to be in the Moderna era. For instance if your car was manufactured in the mid-2000’s to present, it can be tracked via the tire sensors.

This is an excerpt from the new book "Means of Control” by Byron Tau that extensively details this new American Surveillance State:

"I told Jardines, for example, that I had been chasing rumors that the intelligence community had learned how to exploit the fact that modern car tires broadcast a unique identifier. Ever wondered how your car’s computer knows the pressure of each tire? Well, those aren’t hardwired sensors. There is a tiny wireless tire pressure monitoring sensor, or TPMS, device inside each tire. And it is constantly broadcasting something like "I’m Acura tire k192e3bc and my tire pressure is 42 psi.” The message is meant for the central computer of your own car, but anybody with an antenna can listen in. Car manufacturers have never bothered to secure the transmission with encryption or any other kind of privacy mechanism.”

"In 2020, a Finnish programmer named Tero Mononen placed a digital radio near his window that was programmed to capture transmissions in a certain frequency for seventy-five days—just to see what he might get back. The answer was 1.5 million rows of data, mostly from devices in his own home like car keys and smoke detectors. But to his surprise, he was able to capture 75,000 readings from 10,000 unique tires from passing cars. He concluded in a blog "post that "TPMS data capture could be utilized by researchers, spies and people who are being followed.” He was right.”

"Multiple officials have told me that the intelligence community and the military have figured out how to collect tire pressure data from specialized sensors for tracking purposes—usually just by placing a software-defined radio somewhere, often on choke points like bridges or tunnels where a target must cross. How far has this capability penetrated into a mass surveillance technology? I never quite got the answer. One contractor, which claimed to be doing work in Ukraine, sold a system that it promised could detect TPMS transmissions, along with more than a hundred other common kinds of wireless signals including the low-frequency signals emitted by modern tap-to-pay credit cards and the kinds of key fob entry cards we all use to get into our offices or apartment buildings.”

"The same vendor sold "emerging radio frequency sensor nodes” to the Department of Homeland Security’s Border Patrol. Another company, based in Utah, is blanketing cities and counties in the United States with sensors attached to lampposts that detect TPMS and other wireless signals ostensibly for the purpose of studying how traffic flows—but there is serious surveillance potential for that kind of data. It even promises local governments that it can pinpoint the origin and destination of car trips based only on the wireless data. But don’t worry, the company is committed to protecting privacy by giving everyone a random identifier devoid of personally identifiable information.”

"And it’s not just modern cars. All those Bluetooth devices that people are carrying around? They’re constantly broadcasting unique identifiers called a MAC address. ”"

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The Future Container Ship Problem

John F.DiLeo

I don't want to scare all of you people who are sitting at home planning on ways to protect our bridges from crashes - either accidental of intentional... but please keep this in mind:

The Dali is not a big ship by today's standards. It's an average sized ship.

Containerships are measured in TEUs - 'twenty-foot equivalent units' - because almost all intermodal containers are either 20' or 40' long. (most are actually 40's).

The Dali is a 10,000 TEU containership, meaning that when fully loaded, it holds about 10,000 twenty foot containers. Since most containers shipped internationally are 40's, this means it holds about 5000 of them. In this case, the ship had just under 4800 containers at the time of the impact.

But many of the new builds coming out of the shipyards nowadays are massive ships that dwarf the Dali. The new ships are about 20,000 TEUs, double the size and capacity of the Dali. Some are even bigger. I think the biggest is about 24,000 TEUs, almost 2.5 times the size of the Dali.

Where am I going with this? Only to say that, no matter what precautions you hope for, it's critical to remember that ships keep on getting bigger, and there's no reason to assume we've hit the maximum size yet. Maybe in 10 or 20 years the average will be 30,000 TEUs. Maybe 40,000. I have no idea. Our ports couldn't handle ships that big today, but Singapore and Rotterdam could, and eventually more and more ports will be refitted to handle these bigger and bigger vessels.

And that's why I believe we have to make tradeoffs in life. I don't believe there's a way to secure a bridge like the Key Bridge against a crash with the size of containerships today or in the future.

I think we just just say, no more bridges outside of containership ports. Period.

Structural engineers and government types will say I'm wrong because they can design for any eventuality. Maybe they can. But in my opinion, the risk is too great.

We simply can't afford to keep throwing tax dollars we don't have at every crazy desire and hoping we can engineer our way out of it somehow.

Tim adds:

It wasn't just the bridge in Baltimore; it's been happening other places too.

But Isee no way they won't have a bridge like the FSK bridge OR will allow ships into the harbor that far.

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The Silence of the Lamns

Jerry S Rainforth

Come to your own conclusion, but it's not so far-fetched to believe that we will not hear too much about these daily occurrences until things really get out of control and a series of deadly attacks take place, no longer able to be quietly hidden. That is where all this is leading. Sadly, by then, it will be too late for those who might have been spared had this news been broadcast throughout the world, so that civilized people could have risen up to demand an end to the scourge which has taken hold of Europe.

The scourge in Europe that is going unreported

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The Most Dangerous Idea

Cornelius Carroll forwards this:

Bill Muehlen - "Questioner from the audience: "What dangerous idea has the greatest potential to change this world for the better?”
Peter Hitchens: "The most dangerous idea in human history and philosophy remains the belief that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and rose from the dead and that is the most dangerous idea you will ever encounter.”
The compere: "Why dangerous?”
Mr Hitchens: "Because it alters the whole of human behaviour and all our responsibilities. It turns the universe from a meaningless chaos into a designed place in which there is justice and there is hope and, therefore, we all have a duty to discover the nature of that justice and work towards that hope. It alters us all. If we reject it, it alters us all as well. It is incredibly dangerous. It’s why so many people turn against it.”
This question was asked of the panellists at the end of a "Q&A” show at the Opera House during the "Festival of Dangerous Ideas” in November 2013."

Tim adds:

Agreed! It overthrew emperors and empires and stifling systems of government. It overturned religious systems and their rulers. It created a moral code that had to be at least bowed to. It overhauled all of society. There would be no Magna Carta, no U.S. Constitution,no Bill of Rights without it. Limited government never would have been born.

It led to the invention of the scientific Method and the creation of universities. It led to universal literacy and the rise of the kingdom of rational thought (sadly those institutions are now the bitter enemy of the very thing which gave them birth.)

It gave us the free market.

We are now rejecting the Good News and this is leading to a reassertion of all the old ills of the world that we thought were gone. The darkness of paganism and sexual perversion have returned and with them the suffering caused by oppressive government and exploitative controlled economies and trampling of human rights.

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March 31, 2024

Arctic Ice Keeps Growing

Timothy Birdnow

Arctic sea ice is growing, even now when it is past the melt date.

Extent is higher than 1996, and is one of the highest of the 21st century.

May be an image of text that says '15500000 15200000 OSI Arctic Sea Ice Extent 14900000 14600000 M 2024 14300000 14000000 13700000 2000-2024 Average 13400000 13100000 12800000 12500000 1/11 1/24 1/21 1/31 14067700.00 2/10 2/20 DAILVERAGE 3/1 AL ALL 3/11 Day Count 99 3/21 Average( 14410614.667 1426650852 3/31 Trend Trend Series Count 4/10 Count'

Strange how the media isn't reporting this.

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