February 08, 2019

Son of Souter; Roberts Betrays Pro-Life

Timothy Birdnow

When George W. Bush nominated John Roberts I was one of the few conservatives worried about it. Roberts had been in Washington virtually his whole life, was completely acceptable to the Democrats at the time, and had no paper trail to speak of; all signs suggesting a stealthy liberal. Roberts was very much like David Souter, the man appointed by Bush's father on the advice of RINO John Sununu who turned hard left after joining the Court.

Roberts is the new Souter.

He betrayed us with Obamacare, casting the deciding vote upholding that horror's constitutionality on the basis that it was a.a tax (the Obama Administration sold it as NOT a tax) b.it was the will of Congress and hence a conservative move to find a way to make it work - going so far as to rewrite provisions aka make law rather than rule on the law as it was written. Roberts is the worst of all things; a quisling, an activist who pretends to be an Originalist. Making law is not what Justices do; they only rule on the laws as made. Roberts had to know that forcing citizens (and noncitizens, for that matter) to purchase a product is a clear violation of the Constitution. You are forcing people to buy a product or pay a penalty - an existence tax. Neither meet the tests of the Constitution, which authorizes limited taxation. The only reason we have an income tax is because Congress passed a Constitutional Amendment authorizing one.

But Roberts betrayed our side, siding with the liberals on the Court to place this yoke on the American shoulders. If you accept the premise offered and accepted by Roberts, then the Federal government essentially owns American citizens and can force anything else they think is for the public good on the People. If you don't own your own body you are a serf. (Funny, the liberals love to use this argument when discussing abortion, but hate it anywhere else. And with abortion you have a separate entity - an unborn child.)

Oops; he did it again!

Roberts sided with the Left on the Court to stay a Louisiana law requiring basic health and safety standards for abortion facilities. Gee; who'd favor basic health and safety for women getting dangerous medical procedures?

From Lifesitenews: Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh indicated they would have denied the application and therefore allowed the pro-life law to go into effect. The Supreme Court still may take the case, in which case it would be heard sometime after October, but in the meantime, the law mandating abortion facilities uphold basic safety standards remains blocked.

Justice John Roberts, previously thought of as a reliable pro-life justice, joined his liberal colleagues in preventing the law from taking effect pending a ruling on the decision.

Kavanaugh dissented from the grant of application for a stay, focusing largely on technical points.

If the Supreme Court does end up taking the case, it seems likely Roberts will be the deciding vote. If the Supreme Court ultimately decides not to take the case, then the stay will be lifted and the pro-life law will go into effect.

End excerpt.

See, one of the provisions of the law was that there had to be a hospital within thirty miles of the abortion center and an on-staff physician who could get a woman admitted should he puncture something with his rusty knife. Oh, the humanity! When pro-abortion advocates claim they are concerned with the health and safety of the mother they are lying, because they have bitterly opposed this sort of reasonable protection. They don't care about health or safety; they want death, plain and simple.

And by his actions Roberts has kept these unsafe facilities open.

The article continues:

Despite Hellerstedt accepting the abortion industry’s narrative that admitting privileges are medically-unnecessary burdens, 32 nonpartisan medical associations – including the Federation of State Medical Boards and National Committee for Quality Assurance, and covering fields from surgery and anesthesiology to dermatology and radiology – affirmed at the time that admitting privileges are a legitimate medical standard. The pro-abortion justices also ignored the plaintiffs’ own record of health and safety violations.

Last year, a Texas Department of State Health Services report identified numerous offenses at Whole Woman’s Health from 2011 to 2017, including rusty equipment, failing to properly disinfect and sterilize instruments between use, lacking proper written operation procedures, improper storage of hazardous chemicals, unsanitary surfaces, failing to follow up with patients, holes in the floor, and more.

Today’s ruling helps reassure those still unsure how pro-life Trump appointees Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are – but indicates that Roberts may now begin to rule with the Court’s liberal, pro-abortion bloc.

In December, Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh joined the court’s liberal wing in declining to hear Kansas and Louisiana’s appeals defending their efforts to cut off Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood. Justice Gorsuch voted to take the case, although his own position on abortion remains unknown.

End excerpt.

Indeed, I suspect Kavanaugh may wind up another John Roberts, and we may see no movement on this, the most abominable issue in America for over forty years. A nation with so little concern for the weakest and most vulnerable is, rightly, eventually to face the judgment of History and History's God. That babies are inconvenient is no defense.

And we have seen the Democrats promoting expansion of abortion to outright infanticide in recent days, with proposed laws alowing a viable fetus, one in the process of being born, to be murdered. Where is the dividing line? If we are to assume sentiency as the dividing line (as radical anti-life people usually do) then children can be killed until they reach their teens - and possibly after that.. Anyone with a lax memory can be killed. There is no end to it.

When Westerners first encountered China they were horrified by the treatment of infants; often the Chinese would simply toss a baby into the trash because it was inconvenient. That we have now become the decadent Chinese, murdering babies, smoking narcotics, whiling away the hours in hedonism, should be evident. Decadent societies collapse; it's what they do. China did. Where is the Emperor? Today China is a completely different country, and it did not change for the better. Well, it did; it rid itself of a lot of corruption. But China's time will come and go again, because China still has not learned the lessons of history. I don't believe china is the future, nor do I believe America is either, because of this very issue. An anti-life culture will never be blessed of God.

The same holds true for the aboriginal civilizations in America; the Aztecs, Mayans, Incans, Mound Builders, etc. all had little value for life, and neither did the migratory tribes. They fell before the white men quite easily, and because of their indifference to life. The white men outbred them, and outorganized them.  The Judeo-Christian view of the sanctity of life, particularly of the children (and most especially of THEIR children) , made all the difference.

Ditto in India. Ditto in Africa.

And if you don't believe in God? Well, let's just say the forces of history will lead to decline. The entire West has lost her vitality, and that in no small part because the populations are declining, thanks to abortion and contraception. How long can a nation survive with declining birthrates? The Third World will eventually overtake the West, despite being poorer and less innovative. In the end they have people who face the future with a certain optimism, because they love and cherish their children. American and the West hates children as a bother, and indulges narcissistic tendencies.

John Roberts has just helped drive another nail in the American coffin.

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