March 15, 2019

Republicans Vote with the Democrats to demand Mueller Report be made public

Timothy Birdnow

The Republicans in the House of Representatives joined the Democrats in demanding the Mueller report be made public. There was not a single no vote, and only four Republicans voted present. They were: Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar and Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie.

Had this thing been flipped, had it been a Democrat, they would have all fought to allow their man to keep the report confidential. Republicans are both monstrously poor at this and double dealing at the same time. Frankly I prefer the Democrats; they at least make no bones about their partisanship. Republicans are nothing but weasels.

And then they wonder why they lost the House in the last election...

North-Central States Editor Dana Mathewson gets his two pence in: Well, Tim, there are a huge number of people who hold the belief that this "report" is a great big nothingburger and want proof of it. (Yes, I'm one of them, although my beliefs count for precious little, of course.) If this truly is the case, it weakens the Democrats, the Drive-By Media -- and the entire Establishment -- who hoped it would contain the ammunition to drive Trump out of office, and strengthens Trump. It will pretty much pull the rug out from under the Maxine Waters's of the world, along with those loathsome creatures Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff.

But if the report remains under wraps, all those people can and will keep up their yammering and manage to hamstring Trump's attempts to keep the government running. That way nobody wins anything. And we citizens don't get to find out what our money got spent on.

Get the word out in the light, say I. Then, although it's a pretty sure thing our money was wasted, at least we can affix the blame properly.

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