March 07, 2018

"Racial Dog Whistling" is Telling the Truth to a Liberal

Dana Mathewson

THIS is why we can't have a "conversation."

Because when somebody -- in this case a Republican, surprise, surprise -- brings up inconvenient truths, he's accused of "racial dog-whistling." We won't be able to have a conversation until we refuse to accept this.

I keep getting requests to contribute money to this fellow's campaign. If it weren't for the twin facts that (1) I don't have any money to give any politician and (2) I think it's really immoral, if not sort of illegal, to give money to the campaign of a politician who's not from my state, even if I think he/she is the greatest thing since single-malt Scotch. But now that I've heard this guy talk about something more than just "Help me beat Tim Kaine," which I admit was almost enough to begin with, I REALLY wish I had a few thousand shekels to send his way!

David Dickinson adds:

...and all of the fainting couches in the Chamber were occupied.

From Tim:

The left are the biggest dog whistlers of them all, from "sensible gun regulations" to "marriage equality" to "Dreamers", everything they do is a dog whistle to some group that wants power and their hands in our pockets. They have some gall.

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